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White guilt, Cultural Marxism and public monuments

All white people are racist” – Head of Cambridge University equality group ‘praises’ Rashan Charles protesters after clashes with police.’ Evening Standard.

A common enough statement today, often made together with pointed requests to ‘check your privilege’ and exhortations to avoid ‘cultural appropriation.’ We are learning the jargon of the Cultural Marxists, courtesy of an alternately ‘outraged’ and blithely supportive media, which is busy nibbling away at the edges of our fading recollection of ‘Empire’ – through their twin obsessions of perceived oppression and ‘inequality.’

‘Empire’ could mean anything nowadays to these people. It could mean men in red tunics marching across Africa a century ago, or it could mean the full panoply of Donald Trump’s USA. It really doesn’t matter to them, the important thing is to try to instil in the unwary a narrative that the history of the West, most particularly, the Anglosphere, is somehow evil – tainted with the blood and tears of ‘inferior’ races. A great evil that remains to be eradicated from the history books and for which reparations, physical and spiritual, should be continuously sought.

Sadly, this is no exaggeration. It has been a short step from the 80’s – when earnest ANC activists successfully implored this young student to condemn the dehumanising effect of Apartheid – to today, when entitled young Rhodes Scholars demand the removal of their benefactor’s statue from the college that he endowed. In the intervening period we, the public at large, have unthinkingly taken on the proposition that we, individually and collectively, are somehow responsible for the historical treatment of the ancestors of those who would live among us and benefit from our civilisation, while at the same time trying to undermine and destroy it.

Many 80’s students sympathetic with the ANC activists were sold the proposition that Apartheid was evil and that the world should unite against that evil and create a movement that would change us all for the better. An attractive and worthy cause. At the same time, many of us were sold ‘critical theory,’ a Marxist philosophy that framed much of our history and literature as distasteful and best forgotten. Indeed, Apartheid remains indefensible through to the current day, but its removal left a vacuum that has been occupied by a different, possibly lesser evil – but evil nonetheless. To sponsor such change would suggest a responsibility to ensure that it ended well. Our ‘no longer young,’ well-intentioned ex students continue to enthusiastically virtue signal – while forgetting to make sure that those nice men from the ANC have actually delivered on the promise of that better world.

From the 80’s on, no opportunity to present our history in a poor light has gone unexploited. There is a new language of dispossession and victimhood, with academic courses promoting ever more ridiculous and contorted positions when ‘discussing’ important race related issues which demand serious adult consideration and settled debate.

A recent Guardian editorial about Confederate statues in Charlottesville says it all. ‘To tear them down is not an assault on the past. It has become a necessary defence of the present and an act of resistance to forces that would terrorise the future.’ 

The same editorial bemoans the fact that the ‘settled opinion’ that the Left claim as their own is deplorably unsettled and that their program of revisionism is under threat – as ‘while the numbers of neo-Nazis might be small, they channel a sense of grievance and racial animus that fuels a much larger proportion of Mr Trump’s electoral base.’ So – because there was a large group of Nazis at Charlottesville, running around with torches playing pantomime villains to the baseball bat wielding heroes of the Left – many Trump supporters are Nazis? This is a big non-sequitur in my book – I would argue that the event was tragic and that the whole underlying issue is historically and politically complex – begging no simple interpretation and requiring calm, rational examination across a broad range of interest groups. Not in the Guardian. The Cultural Marxist playbook was out for all to see, with a reference to the Holocaust and a pompous claim that the best place for inconvenient historical artefacts were ‘the classroom and the museum.’ Where, no doubt they will add grist to the revisionist mill, to be presided over by the sons and daughters of the revolution.

A week or so on in the USA and people are smashing up statues of Christopher Columbus in Baltimore. So we have the Shibboleths of the moral high-ground. Apartheid and the Holocaust. Both pointing an accusing finger at all things White. Meanwhile, back in Blighty, our esteemed Government are busy once more protecting us from ourselves in the tricky area of ‘hate crime.’ Ensuring that no one offends anyone else online, and in so doing ensuring that no-one criticises anyone else at all. The inference being that the ‘hate’ offence is likely to be racially or culturally based. The fact being that while the raising of racial and cultural issues are a distinct possibility, if the whole spectrum of human thought and opinion is polarised into two camps, and the one camp made illegal by the other, then we will all either think in the same way, or not at all. A disturbing conclusion and one that we are rapidly moving towards.

Part Two of ‘White guilt, Cultural Marxism and public monuments’ to follow on UKIP Daily.

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17 Comments on White guilt, Cultural Marxism and public monuments

  1. Here’s a video that highlights our need for AMW.

    “Europe is lost”

  2. A few notes on these topics. The men who raped the white girls in the North of England were racists. We can quote that without fear because it was stated as being so by Sir Ken McDonald, the former DPP on the BBC Radio 4 programme “Today”. As he is an expert on law, who would care to take him on? Yesterday, again on the ‘Today’ programme, experts discussed the extreme difficulty in recruiting teachers and revealed that 37,000 teachers left the profession in the UK last year (retirees not included). Many it seems go overseas (probably for better pay and conditions) but might some just regard the Cultural Marxism that they have to spout to be beyond the pale and they vote with their feet? Many children as a result are being ‘taught’ by people who are unqualified to do so. Who knows what they are told to teach? The cultural nonsense that The Guardian peddles sometimes has it’s amusing side. For ages now they have refused to use the term ‘actress’ but uniformly use the term ‘actor’ as of course do the BBC now they’ve cottoned on to this latest fad. (Sorry, could ‘cottoned on’ be mistakenly interpreted as a reference to Southern USA states slavery – I apologise for any offence caused. It was unintentional). Where The Guardian takes a prat fall in this is when the Oscar (and similar) presentations take place and they have to report on the awards for ‘Best Actress’ etc. They have no way around it. They also seemingly have to refer to the women’s English football team (who have achieved some success recently I’m told) as “The Lionesses”. What a choker for them. This pantomime is far from recent though. In the early ’80s English Police Forces were obliged to change their monikers to ‘Police Service’ at huge cost (the term ‘force’ was considered too aggressive) and the “W” in the rank structure was dispensed with in order to promote equality. So “WPC” (Woman Police Officer) was substituted by “PC” and so on. BTW, has anyone heard the new Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Cressida Dick, make any public comment on any topic at all in the past, say, 8 weeks? She would seem to be an appointment that gives poor value for money.

    • Yes, Roger, a useful new phrase should enter the vocabulary and be included in the OED.
      ‘PC contortionist’ (adjectival noun): (1) a person so intent on conforming to political correctness that they habitually contort or distort their thoughts and language into grotesque forms, often resulting in the verbal equivalent of shoving one’s head up one’s bottom and muffling all sense and meaning. (2) a person who eschews stating the truth in favour of euphemism, denial or outright lie; eg Government ministers and politicians of a Liberal or Left persuasion.

  3. This ideology variously named as postmodernist-Marxism, cultural Marxism, social justice, intersectional feminism, political correctness – should be one of the key targets for UKIP policy.

    That ideology is a threat to civil society directly through its destruction of reality and raising of feelings above facts and it makes dealing with other problems even more difficult.

    We are descending into a new age fascism based on an ideology that is a fairy tale.

    If we make this a key issue of UKIP there are large numbers of people who would join the party or help fund it as I explained:

  4. On the subject of educating (indoctrinating) the young – slightly off topic but so important and I think relevant – Scott Anthony did a Periscope yesterday on what his 6 year old son is being taught in ‘Religious Education’, and how the lessons will progress.
    He asked the school to let him know what they were being taught – here is a short extract of the paper he was sent:-

    ‘We are going to watch a video about Mohammed who is an important leader of Muslims. In fact he is so important that we can’t have anyone act out the story, as it would be disrespectful to this very important man. Muslims say Peace be upon him – why do you think this is?

    Mohammed worshipped one God when most people worshipped many Gods. This meant people hated him and tried to kill him.
    Explain that Mohammed was persecuted because he believed in one God – does everyone have to believe the same thing?
    Recap on the story of Mohammed and the (spy?spider?) and how Mohammed was very brave.
    What makes Mohammed special?

    Scott says that every time the kids say Mohammed they also have to say Peace be Upon Him. Tommy Robinson has reported the same thing – his daughter does this.

    I simply don’t know what else to comment – this is very frightening for the children’s future.
    They aren’t simply brainwashed in University.

    Our Primary School is Church in Wales and I do a Bible Story each week with them – so I imagine this is in England.

    • Dee, why aren’t the parents protesting against this indoctrination? If I were the parent of one of these children I would withdraw them immediately from Religious Education and bring what’s happening to the notice of other parents. The governors need to be alerted and the Headteacher questioned. Do schools deliberately employ dhimmis?

      • Scott put the answer he had got, only received yesterday up for discussion, Panmelia – and asked what people thought he should do. I said if everyone withdrew kids from RE it would make a protest – but I think where he is there are probably many kids from the ROP. Scott has read the Koran and will re-educate his son anyway, whatever he decides about RE, but many parents won’t even be aware of what’s going on. He is, because he is fighting against it. Many haven’t the time or inclination.
        And even back in the day when because my son was allergic I withdrew him from school dinners – there was a heck of a fuss and disapproval, so will his son be targeted – another worry.
        It’s very difficult in many areas where the kids are even a large minority ROP.

        • Dee, it’s worrying, isn’t it. Very young children are impressionable, malleable and tend to believe everything teacher tells them. When the parent knows better than the teacher, it’s difficult to correct mistakes without setting up a conflict in the child’s mind. One example that sticks in my memory from when my elder son was five: I was looking through his exercise book and he had consistently misspelt ‘Britain’ as ‘Britian’. When I asked him to correct it, he insisted that it must be right because the teacher had spelled it on the board like that and he had copied it carefully, along with all the other children in class. This was confirmed when I saw ‘Britian’ in the teacher’s handwriting elsewhere in the book. So I corrected all the mistakes in the hope that she would see them and realise HER mistake. This didn’t go down well with my son; he thought he’s get into trouble!
          As for all the other kids, perhaps most of them continued to misspell the name of their country until they got to secondary scchool, or even into adulthood. As a college lecturer in later life, I certainly saw this error recurring in the work of students aged 16 to 60+.
          I would advise any parent to read over their child’s writing and check what they are being taught at every stage of education.

          • Corrections! ‘he’d get into trouble’; ‘school’
            These are the kind of typos you make when someone insists on talking at you while you’re checking.

      • I think it connects with Flyers article today, Panmelia, so, when in the future these kids have to fight Merkels army, they won’t understand what they are facing.
        There is so much going on that is inter-connected, but hard to see and therefore join the dots.

  5. In the 1980s I used to read ‘The Internationalist’ and feel guilty for the exploitation of slaves, unfair trade, apartheid and all the rest. I don’t know why; it wasn’t my fault that these things happened and it’s not as if my forebears were responsible either. They were working-class: iron & steel workers, labourers, factory workers, mechanics, servants and cleaners, and if there was any ill-gotten wealth sloshing around, they didn’t get a share of it. But I was reading for a degree in Humanities as a mature student and taught by self-declared Marxist lecturers, so there might be a clue in that.

    For a long time, I fell for the ‘EU and mass immigration are good for the country’ and all the rest of the lies spun by the liblabcon political elite. The significance of the Maastricht conflict between Major and ‘the bastards’ passed me by. It’s not possible to list all the incidents, large and small, that led me to very different views; there were hundreds between 1997 (Blair & Brown) and 2012, the year I joined Ukip.

    I don’t feel any guilt now, except that I allowed myself to be influenced by cultural marxist doctrine combined with the fake democratic credentials of mainstream parties.
    Now I see Western culture and everything I value in danger from a two-pronged attack: islam and cultural marxism working hand in hand to destroy our freedom and culture in the UK; and that of our allies in Europe, America, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. There is only one option: fight for survival, support those who speak the whole truth fearlessly. That’s why I’ve voted for Anne Marie Waters.

  6. One thing we can do is to just refuse to be on the defensive over the racism slur.
    Our culture and many others have developed over thousands of years and these Cultural Marxist lunatics think they can abolish them in a few decades: ridiculous.
    When we’re accused of racism we should just laugh in the accuser’s face. The racism slur will no longer be able to be used against us.

  7. APARTHEID was not as black (sic) as you paint it.
    The Bantu majority of South Africa were invaders who transmigrated across the mighty Zambezi ca. 1500. They enslaved the khoi peoples who they encountered and probably practised cannibalism against the SanSan who fled to the desert areas to survive (source – National Geographic special edition on Africa).
    The “Afrikaaners” began to arrive from the Netherlands 1600+ as traders and farmers and often occupied empty land in the southern Cape.
    By 1960 the only two parts of subsaharan Africa with a high standard of living for the indigenous populations were Rhodesia and South Africa.The only modern progressive proto democracies with education, housing and health care were ditto. Nowhere else in Africa had modern transportation,modern functioning cities,the rule of law, and relative peace and prosperity.
    As the majority of the indigenous populations were illiterate, and living in an iron age culture with loyalty only to their tribe the best way to progress was with a white rule system.
    Now that White Rule has ended Rhodesia is reverting to tribal bush land with tribal warfare and failed harvests; South Africa is experiencing white genocide. South Africa is important as a warning to Europe as to what will happen if or when the whites become an effective minority; reprisals; retribution; confiscation of assets;gang rapes; casual murders;cleansing of large areas of white people;looting of white owned businesses as a normal part of city life; white flight of the rich ( esp the liberal elite who were active in the communist party); poor white ending up in shanty towns eking out a living in marginal arable/pastoral lands.
    Welcome to the marxist wonderland but you wont see any of this on the evil bbc – until it is too late.

  8. Purely in the interests of inclusivity, I’d like to know how many white people were included in the events listed below:

    The MOBO Awards (Music of Black Origin)
    The BET Awards (Black Entertainment Awards)
    The BEFFTA Awards (Black Entertainment Film Fashion and Arts)

    And if the answer is none, isn’t that ‘racist’ and ‘discriminatory’?

    • Ah, the MOBOs have long been a bone of contention for me…

      Considering most modern rock music has evolved from old blues music (and is therefore ‘music of black origin’ by nature), it is astonishing that no rock musicians have ever been nominated at these awards.

      Then again, I doubt that the likes of Led Zeppelin, AC/DC or even Chris Rea have lost much sleep over this. 🙂

  9. The equally wrong and destructive flip side of this is that it is not possible for white people to be the victims of racism.

    We have seen this pernicious lie advanced recently by a Labour (natch) MP who wrote in the Guardian (natch) that the mass rape and abuse of exclusively white girls by exclusively Asian* men had nothing to do with race.

    Yes, there are some things in Western history that by today’s moral values are totally unacceptable. It would be fine to teach such things if they were put in context; as a small part of a much larger, beneficial, positive role that the West has played in advancing human civilisation. But it is not.

    The result is that we have at least one generation now where many of whom genuinely believe that border controls are “racist”. Minds have been dumbed down, they have been denied the knowledge needed to make a reasoned , informed view of the world and even our very language has been corrupted to the point of meaninglessness (racist, bigot, fascist are words that have lost their true meaning, if not all meaning).

    I guess all we can do is keep calling out their pernicious lies, don’t be afraid to say what needs to be said, and never, ever apologise for telling the truth. The lies the left are selling do not have mass appeal. As we saw with Trump’s win, telling poor, unemployed white people to “check their privilege” didn’t win the Democrats many votes in the trailer parks and former industrial areas.

    *I’m not “doing a BBC” and using “Asian” as a euphemism for “Muslim”. I say Asian advisedly because although the perpetrators are of course 100% Muslim, we’re talking about race, and Islam isn’t a race.

    • The word ‘racist’ has indeed lost its meaning. I recall something that occured a while back, where the English were being accused of being ‘racist’ towards the Scottish (for whatever reason it was).

      It has just become a ‘word’, used in the context of expresing the liberal-left’s disagreement. And yes, like ‘fascist’ and ‘nazi’ it just gets bandied about like confetti.

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