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Where are we bound?

I hope you have already spotted my title’s contronym.

Through the murk, I am beginning to see a possibility.

Clearly, deciding how to vote is going to involve a complex choice. One needs to deliver a Brexit Is Still ON message without letting the LibDems in through the slight crack in the draft proofing (which ought to have been replaced a few years back). They will be standing as a Remain party and harbouring delusions that they will pick up 48% of the vote. Playing against them is the prospect that Tony Blair is planning to support them. Most people will think that, if ‘Mr Death’ is advocating their loony Remain stunt, it will be another catastrophe. He has no route back.

So we have the enigma which is Nigel Farage. Had he stood and won a seat, then UKIP would have been immeasurably strengthened in Parliament, as he is star material on the stump. But he would have then been ensnarled as a minority MP there, maybe called to speak every three months. As MEP and Chair of Europe of Freedom and Democracy, he has a much stronger voice in the European Parliament with entitlement to be called to speak on every major issue.

He commands a wide body of respect but on occasions, he does get it very wrong. His hastily withdrawn Referendum concession was one example. Before that, his first resignation after the General Election was another. Is he over-emotional at the crucial moment? Before I unintentionally begin to sound like a decidedly dodgy marriage guidance counselor, let us look at the squares on the  board.

There is an arguable case that a suddenly resurgent UKIP could actually play into the hands of the Remoaners. People really need to think this one through. There was always going to be a problem after Brexit was won. The single aim was what kept vastly disparate thoughts together for the ride. Outside of that objective, it seemed there were more factions than there were members.

The theoretical contenders for government are Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrats. The actual sole contender is the Tory Party. The SNP has peaked and has nowhere to go, in several senses.

A massive concern is that Theresa May was firmly on the Remain side during the referendum. She did not speak a lot about it but adopted the demeanor of a nun, tucked away in some Siberian convent. So she was able to avoid taking on a huge risk of sounding as foolish as… (now what is the simile? Ah yes!) David Cameron. Crucially, she did bat for Remain and presumably would have been very happy had they won. One could imagine them, rejoicing and slapping each others backs, saying, ‘It was closer than we thought, but we did it!’

That uncomfortable mental image is not easy to dislodge from the brain – which is why I have placed it in yours! How are we meant to unpack this? Is May without any principles herself and is able to simply change horses in mid-race, by jumping from back to back in the manner of a Mongolian horseman?

If there is any traction in this, then how can we tell she would not do the same thing again? Do you feel at all queasy? Actually, I have some admiration for her, qua politician, but this nagging question will simply not disappear easily from my mind.

Now to her party. The Conservative MPs are, in the majority, Remoaners. Would I buy a second hand car off any of them? No, I would even count my fingers after shaking hands, such is my distrust. The concern is that this could be a way of turning around the will to Leave by muddying the waters. After having won by a landslide, would Mother Theresa still be in thrall to these treacherous oppressors?

Using a Machiavellian approach, I see a possibility here. A way to cut through the Gordian knot, hinted at in my ambiguous title. Maybe there is a deal to be cut with the Conservatives? There are many seats in the UK where the Tories will never stand a chance but UKIP could overturn Labour. If UKIP were to stand down in key Tory seats in exchange for reciprocation in kind, then the inevitable Conservative win would still occur but we might also see a dozen or three UKIP seats.

An ultimate two party system of Tory and UKIP could be the new dichotomy of politics. The latter would then stand up for the individual against Globalist and Metropolitan Elitism. How about rebranding it as My Party?

Maybe there is a deal to be done here with the Tories? Is Paul Nuttall up to it?

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26 Comments on Where are we bound?

  1. Where are we bound?

    By the hands and the feet, perhaps?

    Who will cut the binds?

  2. The idea is great in principle but, as you say, the Tories currently aren’t to be trusted. My MP, who is nearly as good as it gets, Tory wise, is as safe as Bentick Street, I’ll keep voting UKIP because I believe it is the party of the people. It needs to get a grip though and stay strong on key issues like tackling the Islam question and foreign aid.

  3. Clever article, but, as far as I can see, not grounded in the reality of the situation.

    UKIP is going to get an utter tonking in these 2 elections, & Farage knows it, which is why he’s sloped off out of it. I’ve been amazed by the rout developing in the ranks of its hitherto pseudo-ardent supporters that I’ve witnessed over the last couple of days online, & how many of them have become Liblabcon-quislings now saying they’re going to vote Tory, with pathetic excuses for doing it.

    The consequences of this is Treason (not a typing error) May is going to be in power until 2022 to keep the 2nd & 3rd World’s demographic invasion of England & Wales going, & there’s no organized opposition to stop her.

    Arron Banks looks to me like the only point of resistance on the national political stage. He’s to a degree an unknown quantity, & he has question marks around aspects of his political judgement, but I’m starting to see him as a potential successor to Farage, & of possible use as a political weapon to destroy Liblabcon Order, in the same way that Farage was utilized to destroy the eu’s control of England & Wales.

    • Ajax, from what I have seen people are terrified of letting in Labour and the Lib Dems, and seem to think that Tory is the best hope – I have been arguing that where possible, vote UKIP because a Tory landslide will scupper Brexit. However, there are a few changed minds today owing to the Foreign Aid spending policy announcement by Mrs May. No wonder she doesn’t want a Leaders Debate – though, with Nuttall…….perhaps we should be grateful!
      Glad you are liking Arron, I think his heart is in the right place.

      • Dee, the “Foreign Aid” (i.e. Neverending avalanche of tax receipts giveaway to foreign countries from a Treasury destroyed already with 2 trillion £’s of debt) statement today is another warning signal (as if one were needed after this woman’s calamitous track record at the highest level of Government for the last 7 years) to all those utter fools who call themselves UKIPers who are entertaining the idea of voting for her to wield power in Downing Street till 2022.

        A vote for her is a vote for the mass foreign invasion of millions that she’s been facilitating for almost a decade now, & the millions more that she has every intention of allowing to follow, as well as all the other ills that the Liblabcon political order is perpetrating upon the English & Welsh peoples, & anyone voting for this will be personally responsible for what follows, just as much as all those who voted Remain on June 23 supported the destruction of the Kingdom & its take-over by a foreign power.

        It’s amazing the extremity of what’s currently going on, and the political reaction against it needs to be fierce, regardless of Farage’s sloping off from the fray, nothing less will work.

        Regardless of the current mess that UKIP’s leadership is in after a chaotic year, a vote for anything else but UKIP is political treason in all but name in these circumstances, & ignorance is no excuse, as many of them will plead afterwards when she is let loose to do what she’s going to do for the next 5 long years.

        • And our leader would stop this “mass foreign invasion”?

          Like hell he would. He’s said what a wonderful contribution the muslim community make to our society. He would welcome them with open arms.

    • Ajax things are very bad but the fight goes on. Nobody should be under any illusions about the difficulties the People of the UK face particularly the English.Our enemies are the tory establishment, the lib dems, the labour and much of the trade union movement through their corrupt systems, the snp & plaidcymru & sinnfein/ira, multinational bigbusiness in whole or in part, most of the academic elite, most of the media esp the evilbbc.
      Our allies are most native working families in England, Wales, and poss Ulster as well as Scots Borderers, various small nationalist groups, the internet, most Poles and Magyars, many WASPs in North America, Oz, NZ.
      We will win but it is going to be difficult.
      UKIP has fallen apart and this shows the amazing achievement of Nigel Farage as so many of the rest of the party leading lights are utter tosh.
      Woolfe, James, Oakden, Crowther, Nuttall, Carswell, Reckless, Evans, Flynn for starters are failing the great movement.
      This is not the end of the world, it is simply the job of us all to join whatever we can and support whatever we can and treat the situation as the maquis treated Petain France. The Internet is more powerful than the sword of power of the elites.

  4. UKIP did best when it was the party that spoke for the people of Britain instead of simply repeating the establishment lines that Tory, Labour and LibDem shared. The legacy parties kept repeating the unbelievable mantra that Britain gains hugely from EU membership without daring to explain that these gains only apply to the already wealthy and big corporations. UKIP challenged the obvious falsehoods, UKIP gained support.

    We’ve all witnessed the carefully agreed upon lies. Immigration is a massive benefit to the economy and culture of Britain. The NHS is the envy of the world. Islam is a religion of peace. We have a commitment to help other countries with massive amounts of foreign aid. We have a moral obligation to take in huge numbers of vulnerable children and their families fleeing war and persecution. People are seeing through those lies. More and more every day. UKIP should be taking those lies apart at every opportunity. Especially the lies about islam. Because if UKIP doesn’t fight for the UK who the Hell will?

  5. Sorry Cat but your idea is dead in the water. The tories have nothing to gain by an alliance with UKIP as they probably feel that after Stoke our fox is if not dead then laim. They are branding themselves as One Nation together with a possible watered down Brexit in their manifesto which will bind in their MPs with the exception of Ken Clarke.
    Each constituency will be different depending upon the last GE result together with the Referendum result therein.
    In some cases we cannot do anything but watch and wait and write to local papers pointing out the voting record of the sitting MP. In Broxtowe the choice is I understand between remainiac tory and ditto labour and I doubt we could change it due to the negativity of the Stoke effect!!
    Gisela Stuart is retiring so Birmingham Edgbaston is up for grabs and worth a go.
    We are not going to aquire anywhere near 4 million votes; one million would be a relief.
    The Game is not over as I predict we are in for 5-10 years of struggle to fully achieve BREXIT. Indeed my most likely outcome is simply that the EU collapses due to €uro insolvency. If Marine le Pen wins the first round this Sunday then the markets will be jittery. Even if she loses the second round there is still hope of collapse as the French GE will be this late summer and the NF should pick up a record number of seats to become a third real force. All these are stepping stones. We are in a race against the clock but the race is long and extremely hard. Courage dear friends, some of us may not live to see the glorious conclusion to our citizen revolution but it will come, it will come and the Sun in the sky will be more glorious than even in your childhood memories.

    • Dear CK, you are right, I hope. I doubt if I will live to see it, much less be in a position to man the barricades, but wherever I end up, my spirit will be cheering you on!

      • Dear Dee you deserve to see the fruition of our dreams so I wish you good health. Things can change with the Black Swan effect ( totally unexpected before they occur and then so obvious afterwards.
        Go back in your memory to 2013 and consider what has happened in the last 3 and a bit years
        UKIP win the Euroelections mass discontent amongst many tory party members with cameron. Cameron calls ukippers loonies.
        UKIP start to make breakthrough in terms of members and in the polls.
        MSM and liblabconsnppc demonise UKIP on a daily basis.
        Cameron offers referendum to stabilise his party. GE jitters and malpractice in Thanet etc but UKIP garner 4 million votes. milliband resigns as UKIP second in many trad labour seats.
        The Great Referendum and victory for sanity despite Projects Fear Bully Lie Cheat; cameron resigns.
        Project Steal goes into operation with connivance of MSM esp evilbbc and funded by traitors and globalists. PM calls GE.
        Meanwhile Trump, Wilders, and le Pen make progress attacking the internationalists; and stirrings in Austria, Denmark Germany.
        The Visegrad Group in open revolt with the EU over asylum invasion.
        This coming GE is dangerous as a big libdem vote and a return to coalition politics cannot be ruled out.
        So much is happening in the country that it is impossible for anyone to control events.
        The British People will reject Corbyn despite bbc support and with luck they should lose 20-30 seats. It is just enough for them to suffer a split.

  6. Schrödinger's cat // April 21, 2017 at 10:15 am // Reply


    Hence: …in exchange for reciprocation in kind…

    Personally, I don’t think the Tories would agree to this – but it would be a valid prejudice point to keep up our sleeves for the future.

    As an ex-pat, I had the experience of voting UKIP at GE2015, only to allow the Labour Party in, one of the few gains to LAB from CON. Nothing is perfect!

  7. Tories aren’t in any mood to accommodate, Cat. Their aim is to destroy not just Labour but us too. Of course Mrs May is not to be trusted an inch.
    We should make a point and not take on the best Brexiteers of all parties (a dozen, I suggest), otherwisae fight everywhere we possibly can.
    A very basic A5 constituency leaflet can be printed for less than £400, and the Royal Mail mailshot is free. We must keep the colours flying in this battle everywhere we can.

  8. Very interesting. I don’t want to defend May and her ability to “change horses” but she was elected by her party and was the beneficiary of others notably Boris from “bottling it”. As for reciprocal arrangements and tactical voting, I think you can forget it. The Tories could have supported Paul Nuttal in the Stoke By-election but they didn’t. Tories in Stoke could have put a genuine Eurosceptic MP in Parliament and help undermine the Labour party. They didn’t because there are a large number of Tory voters who are Europhile and Tory HQ bears an enormous grudge against UKIP. They (Tories) fail to acknowledge that this huge opportunity has been delivered on a plate by UKIP. Gratitude is never a trait to be found in politics. The Tories had better not mess this up because the stakes and undermining of democracy itself will be a disaster not just for the Tory party but for the country. I’m sharpening my pitchfork just in case.

  9. At a meeting yesterday evening (Thursday 20th April) the Bath and North East Somerset branch decided to stand a candidate against Jacob Rees-Mogg.

    This really does not seem like a good idea to me, for several reasons:

    1. This is effectively a second referendum. Jacob is a staunch Brexiter, he is our ally not our opponent.

    2. Before the 2015 general election he wanted to set up electoral pacts with UKIP. Unfortunately his suggestion was rebuffed. UKIP could have won several seats in Labour areas, I believe, if he had been heeded.

    3. There is no way that he is going to lose the seat, he is well liked even by people who normally would support other parties.

    4. The branch members would do better using their efforts to unseat a Labour MP in Bristol.

    5. The thought processes in making this decision clearly could not have included the wider requirement. This is referendum number 2, it is not any normal election.

    This faulty decision seems to have come about because there has been a lack of leadership decision making, or any consistent lead regarding tactics or strategy. This must be addressed with the utmost urgency. Really UKIP should forget about how many seats might be won here and there, the key importance is Brexit.

    If UKIP were to make a central decision not to stand against any Conservative MP (with the exception of Ken Clarke and maybe Anna Soubry), then we would have the whole Conservative party owing a debt of gratitude to UKIP. That is far more valuable than a dozen seats which might possibly be won from Labour if no big picture strategy is used.

    I did email my article “Labour seats for the taking” to B&NES branch members early on Wednesday morning, so they had nearly two days to think about it. And they still made the wrong decision in my opinion.

    • Hugo, I am really livid about the decision to oppose Jacob Rees-Mogg. What sort of message does it send? In my opinion, it sends the message that UKIP does not appreciate the stalwart efforts of true Leavers, of which Rees-Mogg is a shining star. It sends the message that we have no directional organization, that we put Party Politics above the good of the country, and furthermore I expect UKIP will be humiliated at the count and they deserve to be. Jacob will fight to get the best possible Brexit, even though he is a Tory, and we aren’t in a financial position to undertake such a silly endeavor, surely the money could be better spent elsewhere.
      I suppose the man who is financing UKIP can spend his money as he likes, Unfortunately, but personally I wouldn’t pay a Leaders wages to someone who seems incapable of leading.
      Is UKIP still a Party, or now a vanity project for a few? I am so glad that Nigel didn’t stand – even he has recognized that UKIP’s constant mixed messages are a shambles even he cannot defend to the electorate, presumably. He will be far more use as a free agent.

      • Hugo,
        Expecting a tactically sound decison from the UKIP cabal is simply expecting too much. In fact I have been wondering over the past few days if they are traitors to our cause.

        • Sorry Dee that was really meant for you.

          • I too have wondered that, Jack – has Carswell left his trusty Lieutenant Evans to finish his work, with Nuttall the useful idiot? And where does the Chairman fit in? Can one be on the NEC and be Chairman of UKIP? I am frankly sick of platitudinous letters which tell me nothing. No further mention of J R-E and DD – of course now we just rubber stamp a manifesto which we could have been putting together over the past 6 months instead of dragging our feet. If we don’t like it – tough! Really, as far as management goes, almost anyone could have done better. So….who knows. We will just, as someone said the other day, have to wait and see – and resurrect something from the ashes.
            As Rick says further up, if UKIP doesn’t fight for the U.K. who the hell will? I just hope Arron sticks to giving us something – if he did well in the GE he would be in a much stronger position. We still don’t know if he represents UKIP – does anyone?

          • Good heavens, Geoffrey! I had no idea Nuttall spent 99K on Stoke! That seems frankly crazy – I just hope they didn’t pay through the nose for those ghastly tweedy gamekeeper outfits! Seriously, though, what on?

    • GEOFFREY CHARLES ELLIOTT. // April 21, 2017 at 12:42 pm // Reply
      Hugo,for the members of the Bath and North Somerset to put up a candidate against Jacob Rees-Mogg,shows their complete lack of both judgement and basic commonsense,they are indeed living in cloud cuckoo land,if they belive for one moment that UKIP are going to defeat someone who as you say is both our ally,and if not the greatest Brexiteer in the Conservative Party,Jacob is someone whom I have the greatest respect,and I have never ever voted conservative in my entire life,and I am in my 73 rd year.See from my links that the disasterous defeat at Stoke,which we can firmly lay at the door of Paul Nutall,and his dullard advisors,what with Hillsborogh,Tranmere Rovers,the uncompleted PhD,the unfurnished house named as his residence,then if that wasn’t bad enough his sickening appeasement of Muslims,and the final nail in the coffin,that absurd and most stupid Halal supporting
      leaflet,which has sent UKIP into deep decline,which we will never ever recover.See the astronomical cost of Nutall’s disasterous defeat at Stoke,cost the Party £99,445.
      With UKIP’s funding now in deep decline,how on Earth can the members of Bath and North Somerset Branch,justify what will surely be a most costly and total failure for their candidate,they are indeed most seriously deluded.

    • You are 100% right. Good leadership requires UKIP to set an example. What will be interesting is to see the list of Tory candidates. We should only oppose candidates who are remainers and where we have a genuine chance of winning.

    • And they still wouldn’t thank us then, Hugo. And neither can we trust the Tories as a whole on Brexit – I doubt they’d do much better on that than Labour, if at all.
      Tho I agree we shouldn’t take on R-M and the few other really good Brexiteers of other parties – purely as a symbolic gesture. Evereywhere else we fight wherever we can (with main effort on half-a-dozen best targets).
      HO must rein Bath in PDQ.

    • It is ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEVABLE that any branch of UKIP coud be so thick as to stand against a proven Tory Brexiteer. I imagined that as soon as the leadership got wind of this, they would immediately squash any idea of wasting resources and manpower in such a futile way. Which particular person in that branch is more interested in personal gain than securing Brexit?

      Every day a new nail is hammered into the coffin of my belief in, and loyalty toward, UKIP’s leadership, commonsense, commitment to the true British people, and their ability to run a cool drinks stall on a scorching day.

  10. UKIP needs to be careful. While it seems to be a stated aim to attract Labour voters, giving the Tories a free run may well cause the opposite to happen. We must ensure that the message is clear, “UKIP will support Brexit” regardless of political affiliation.

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