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Where are our MEPs?

Every day many of us get well researched and well-presented updates from Brexit Central with interviews and essays by key people. But nothing from UKIP. We get great output from Westmonster, Guido, Leave.EU, The Campaign for an Independent Britain,, The Tax Payers Alliance and But nothing from UKIP. We get interesting emails from Change Britain, The Freedom Association, Euro Realist, Labour Leave, Spiked and even Tory leavers like John Redwood! But nothing from UKIP. None of the above organisations or people have anything like the resources of our fabulously funded MEPs; perhaps our own MEPs don’t want the gravy train to end.

Five hundred and thirty three days have passed since the Referendum and on almost every one of those days we’ve had traitors like Ken Clarke, Tony Blair, Nick Clegg and the ghastly Anna Soubry all over the pro-Brussels, pro-immigration media, undermining British interests at every opportunity. But what have we heard from our own MEPs? Hardly anything. We get little in the way of good ammunition from our own people who should be providing persuasive arguments like this. They think that a few Tweets constitute ‘work’ and that a few ‘likes’ from their mates and each other indicates mass support. Please note, Lily Allen has 5.9 million followers, how many MEPs even have 5900? Per constituency, their Twitter numbers are pathetic, hence our General Election wipe out.

Spokesmen. What spokesmen? ‘Ah but we’ve had some emails from HQ’ I hear you say. Yes, two or three in the 70 days since Henry became leader, one telling us who the new spokesmen are – not that many of them have actually spoken. And one embarrassing email revealed the dreadful state that our membership and finances are in. Why not something positive and passionate about policy or our position on the serious issues of the day? Where are the unarguable five reasons why we must leave the EU?

Activity and achievement are two different things. Apart from Nigel Farage, the rest of our fabulously funded MEPs have achieved little prominence. They are nowhere in the media back home. Some MEPs have visited branches but this is preaching to the converted, not engaging with the public. I’ve said all this before, months ago here and many people agreed with me, including some MEPs! But in true UKIP style nothing has changed.

How hard is it to make a video? We’ve seen stunning video commentary from Paul Joseph Watson here, Pat Condell here and many, many others. Their audiences are counted in the millions – but nothing from UKIP. Our MEPs aren’t even trying, they’ve done nothing useful in 533 days; all we ever see are dismal clips from Brussels. ‘Direct to Camera’ video costs nothing, Pat Condell’s biggest expense is the occasional new jumper. Henry did put a short DTC piece onto Facebook but it was more about what he’d been doing that week, it wasn’t making UKIP’s case on anything. By contrast, listen to the fighting talk of Katie Hopkins’ here.

But what’s this? A fancy, expensive pro-Brexit video by EFDD dated November 7th! Hoorah! How much taxpayers money went into that? And how many people have viewed it? Hardly anyone! A month later on YouTube, it has a truly pathetic 168 views, let me say that again, 168 views in a month. By contrast, PJW’s Trump Tweet video has 338,000 views in a week … so what on earth is going on? The EFDD video does have more views on Facebook but there’s something very fishy going on here; I asked several UKIP seniors for the link, including HQ and no one had seen it or could provide the link. And anyway, how many UKIP members use Facebook? 10% 20% 30%?

Talking of Facebook – Henry Bolton was very good on Question Time! It takes real skill to even be heard in this hostile, BBC biased battleground. Henry’s clips on Facebook were good but 1) less than half our members use Facebook and 2) they are out of context; anyone watching the whole show will also be getting the enemies’ propaganda attacking us. It’s far better to be making our own, carefully constructed, uninterrupted, persuasive video output. We need Henry making videos which hit million plus audiences. We’ll wait another year for any MEP to make a watchable two minute video. This took a lunchbreak and a few coffees to make as a demo. Why have we had none since? Who is sabotaging UKIP’s media efforts?

Where is our millions-strong database? 17.4 million people voted to leave the EU last year, 3.9 million people voted UKIP in 2015, 4.3 million people voted UKIP in 2014. After 20 years our email database should be massive. But it isn’t. It’s been messed up, to put it politely, by the people entrusted to look after it. So, let’s get a grip of things, say goodbye to the people who wrecked it and start work on one huge, proper database.

How many MEPs does it take to run a petition? It costs nothing to run a petition and some really capture the public mood. ‘Make Votes Matter’ is over 289,000 signatures. ‘Imprison or deport people on the terror watchlist’ is past 250,000. Mike Hookem’s fisheries petition was the first UKIP petition in a long time but as it’s one of the government ones, we don’t get the emails of the supporters; isn’t that half the point of doing them? But beware poorly supported petitions. Mike’s, with 40,000 supporters, tells the Remain camp that only a fraction of the 17.4 million who voted ‘leave’ can be bothered to support Brexit petitions.

Finally, Henry, please embrace the internet age. You haven’t time to go around the country shaking hands with everyone. Far better, talk to the entire membership and the country instantly by sticking a camera on your desk, look us in the eye and say exactly what needs to be said; let’s shout about the countless positive reasons for Brexit and UK Independence!

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Russell is a successful businessman and lives in Surrey. He produces the “UKIP Bulletin” Newspaper.

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  1. I watched Nigel’s great speech on George Soros at the European Parliament On YouTube, and noticed our Ray Finch MEP sitting behind him. Although he is silent on all issues, he does appear to have had time to spend his wardrobe allowance as he has very natty new suits with matching tie and kerchief poking out of his breast pocket. Looks like he’s enjoying life in Brussels!

  2. I’ve said this before but in view of the above comments I think it’s worth repeating. A mention has been made of letters being sent to local papers. Not only is it vital but it works. One of our most valuable young branch members who works at a high level in computers told me that via my letters locally, he managed to turn the whole of his family to the Brexit cause. It’s not difficult. With a little research I comprehensively demolished Merkel’s migrant programme as being wholly inefficient and responsible for at least the first 3,000 deaths in the Mediterranean (and many later ones). On sending that letter to a newspaper which circulates in most of Western England, I was cheered by the fact that the editor stuck it up as an editorial and with a credit. Guess what the response was from senior UKIP staff to whom I sent it? Yes,let us moan but UKIP’s PTB really need to be publicly taken to task. Let them hire an auditorium in order that members can attend and put these questions of import to them personally. Our loyal branch cameraman will record the whole thing in order that all members can view it at their leisure.

    • Interesting points Roger. Most of our MEPs seem to think everyone is on Twitter but it’s the politicos chat room of mostly like minded people. They spend all day on it and enjoy the mindless support they get but 90% of the public aren’t watching their Twitter feeds, they’re getting on with life and need to be reached via various other media.

  3. What happened to David Kurten? An excellent speaker, he stood for British values which seem now to have dropped off the menu.

  4. I totally agree with all that has been said about the deplorable lack of action from the party, it’s lack of leadership and lack of effort by MEPs. The remoaners have been having public meetings where they can plough their scaremongering tactics such as “our economy will collapse” and “farmers will be unable to get labour for their harvests”. we all know this is pure crap but what have UKIP done about it ………NOTHING. I left the party over the way the leadership dealt with an allegation of fraudulent use of branch funds, which is basically the same as they dealt with Brexit ………nothing. Unless the new leader gets a grip and bloody soon it will be too late and Theresa May will have sold our country down the swanny. Until he does I will not even consider re-joining the party.

  5. Thanks Russell, there is no one saying anything about anything from ‘the top’. Why oh why has Mr B not grabbed last week with both hands and congratulated DEP, run rings round Mrs May(not) and kicked off with huge positivity like a raging bull? But no, total silence…. The MEPs (majority) are soooo lazy. I contacted my local MEP years ago before the Referendum kicked off asking if she could give me (or our Chairman or our Secretary) a weekly update we could put in local papers and circulate for other areas to get in the media etc to help Brexit happen with information for the people of the U.K. I wrote 3 times but never once had a reply – in 2008 when I was campaigning to keep Cadburys in Bristol (where chocolate making began in 1728) and to try to stop production moving to Poland every single MEP answered me very quickly, most really positively to help ( there were no Ukip MEPs at the time) and I wasn’t a Kipper either. How come those MEPs were on the ball but Ukip MEPs are a total waste of space. Come on Ukip get up and fight!

    • That’s shocking Amoree. Come on UKIP indeed! Our MEPs should either show some FIGHT or go back to whatever they were doing before they got on the EU gravy train.

  6. Like many I am very dsiappointed with the lack of leadership and output shown by the ‘new’ team of seniors and in particular our MEPs, with a few notable exceptions. I receive a constant stream of informative emails from Britain First, which quite frankly resonate with me more than anything I have heard from UKIP since the Referendum. They seem to have political conviction about patriotism, free speach and Islam, issues which will be at the top of the agenda post-Brexit, if we ever get it.

  7. I added it up recently and of the 35 or so people in Henry’s cabinet (which is already a preposterous number) 21 were MEPs or AMs, and their annual salary from those positions (paid by the EU or Welsh/London Assembly) was £2.2 million. I think Henry’s error was in assuming that this well-paid group of people would be of assistance to him. In fact he should simply write most of them off as lost causes (notable exceptions like Batten and Hookem, and maybe even Nuttall deserves a pass) and bring in a new set of people who actually want to get things done. At the same time clear out the so-called ‘management’ hangers on, fire the Chairman YESTERDAY, say adieu to the donorocracy, and put out a call to all party members ‘Looking for Help’. He would be surprised what came back to him. Get the right people on the bus before you set off on a journey. Right now he’s let mostly the wrong people occupy all the seats with predictable results.

    • Purple Potty Mouth // December 11, 2017 at 4:22 pm // Reply

      Graham, after explaining himself lucidly and credibly when asked WTF he had appointed all these spokesmen whose track record suggested they were useless chumps or gravy train afficionados at the Surrey Dinner our boy is under surveillance here in the Democratic Republic of Surrey. We know what he said and we’re holding him to it – we expect him to assess their performance and give them the G.O.B to be replaced with those formerly spurned experts (the ones not seduced by the slippery rhetoric of For Britain & Britain 1st) Yes it was a ‘quick fix’ Henry but if they don’t pull their weight FFS get use that treading water time to put someone in who will. You can’t carry the whole burden on your back, even Nigel couldn’t which is why we are up whatsit creek now.

  8. Our MEPs must realise that they were elected to defend British interests and act accordingly. Going local only helps the EU

  9. Dear Russell (Hicks),

    Thank you for your great and timely article.

    The Daily Telegraph 11.12.2017 contains a letter:

    “Yes, Mr Gove: we can vote for a spineless Conservative Party or a near communist Labour Party.

    UKIP, please don’t die on us”.

    Regards, Toby, 01932-873557

  10. I endorse the subject content in Russell’s article!
    I would further add that the BREXIT result was a surprise not received with acclaim by some of UKIPs MEPs, and said so at a branch meeting! Cynically, I thought I saw persons who would have been quite happy to continue as highly paid ‘protesters for ever and a day.’

    UKIPs lack of meaningful public profile is quite shameful, and in my opinion quite unnecessary, e.g. when Hugo Jenks, a contributor to your column was a member of UKIP he maintained public awareness in this area by assuming the role of Press Officer, and by writing to, and encouraging others also to write a weekly letter to our local press. He awarded a prize to the writer of the best letter published.

    I suggested that MEPs should write to all the MSM Newspapers in Europe explaining the UKs position, and why , for EU Federalists, it would be in their interests for the UK to leave, and in the interests of all concerned for the leaving to be amicable. NOT A WORD WRITTEN! Not that I am aware of anyway.

    If MSN will not publish letters there is a case to buy advertising space to continue with the need to keep a presence. In this area I negotiated a heavily discounted rates for space if we (our branch) paid for a weekly/ monthly advertisement, in colour. A subject of our choosing would have been seen by at least 16000 readers every week/ month. Sadly, nothing happened! Endless talk in committee, sound familiar?

    However, I think UKIP leadership should ‘start the ball rolling’ by introducing a national campaign of advertising, and encourage also every branch to do the same throughout the UK, and instruct UKIP MEPs to do the same in Europe. Letters should also be written!

    There are so many subjects about which UKIP could show real leadership, and which in my opinion would resonate with the public at large, I sent a list of subjects which I had raised at branch level four years ago to UKIP HO, I’m not sure they were even aware of what I was talking about. The Tories did, and I again reported to my branch, and HO that there are areas of attack where the Tories are weak.

    But, with lack of leadership and turning a ‘blind eye’ to the ISLAMIC threat to the UK, I have decided there is no place for me in UKIP, and left the party.

    • Thanks Ernie, another good Kipper let down by the UKIP ‘management’. As you say, so many subjects to shout about. I reached my word limit on the above article but wanted to add: THERE ARE COUNTLESS ISSUES THAT UKIP SHOULD CAMPAIGN ON – where do we even begin? 1) Immigration overwhelming our Public Services and worsening the housing crisis. Of course, Labour love the chaos and easy votes. And Tory landowners love seeing their land banks multiply in value. 2) The National Debt carries on expanding, as do the ridiculous excuses for 3) Foreign Aid and 4) idiotic HS2 spending. Police tell us 5) that there are over a million uninsured car drivers on the roads and 6) many of them don’t even have driving licences but rather than deal with real crimes 7) like rape, robbery and FGM, the police now spend their time 8) on the ridiculous new ‘hate crime’ laws which, perversely, are more about protecting preachers of real hate.

    • Dear Ernie (Blaber),

      You say “for EU Federalists, it would be in their interests for the UK to leave”.

      Good point.

      I would like UK’s negotiators to say more about what is in the interests of the whole EU. Theresa says the recent (8.12.2017) deal will be in the interests of the whole UK. I would like her to mention the whole EU.

      Recently Schultz supported a United States of Europe and said that “Any state that declined to ratify the treaty ‘will automatically leave the EU’.

      So the EU will need to have a deal in place for other countries that are leaving.

      We are seeing the EU suing Visgrad members re migrants. So maybe we can expect more countries to leave the EU fairly soon.

      Now is the EU’s chance to put arrangements in place. Using UK as a guinea-pig.

      Regards, Toby, 01932-873557

  11. As a Brexit campaigner – not a UKIP member – I find the silence of the party’s MEPs (other than Mr Farage) odd beyond belief. What on earth are they doing other than drawing the large salaries and expenses that membership of this fantasy parliament gives them?

    • Henry SHOULD be alarmed at the number of very good people who’ve given up on UKIP and who should we blame? Theresa May? Jeremy Corbyn? Or the enemies WITHIN UKIP? Staggering ‘internal’ incompetence is the problem. It’s HQ and the MEPs, it certainly isn’t the members that I meet, most of them are brilliant, real fighters. Lions led by donkeys!

  12. Apologies Viv. 100 word limit was unknown to me but that is entirely my failure not yours. Keep up the great work.

  13. Well said Russell. Another superb missive, falling upon the all too stony ground of MEPs, NEC, HQ and ultimately Henry Bolton. We know many of them agree and dislike the status quo but none have what it takes to stand forward and drive the Party. Henry Bolton is not leading the Party, nor apparently driving the MEPs forward in any constructive and public manner. Local elections (05/18) are on the radar and the racing certainty of a total annihilation of UKIP Cllrs is on the cards. The odds of a 2018 GE have been slashed as Teemay’s train crash of a PMShip comes off the rails, Corbyn is on track in the sidings waiting and UKIP has taken several months to announce sub-committees. In short, all looks hopeless.

    However, remembering that complaining without offering a solution is simply whining let’s consider what can be done:

    Dear Mr. Bolton,
    1) Get a grip, get the lead out of your pants, retrieve the “sense of urgency” you must have once had in the Army and employ it.
    2) Re-Read the story of General Slim of Burma for pointers from the Master on how to turn disaster around.
    3) Task the MEPs with specific deliverables in short timescales. Be clear and be bold. Those unwilling to work, cooperate, earn their massive salary, contribute financially to UKIP should be named, shamed and fired from the Party. Skulking in Brussels on per diems, polishing the carpets and chair seats is not fighting for Britain.
    4) Wise up. Get trained in presentation (or get someone on your team who can), use the internet to communicate to the people as all other comms will be jammed/misrepresented by the MSM.
    5) Build alliances with other like minded groups as a force multiplier to counter the Left and Islam. (Sun Tzu – The Art of War – Direct and Indirect Forces, you really should know this stuff with your claimed background.) Understand that no one in the establishment you come from is now your friend, unless you are here to destroy UKIP.
    6) Tackle Brexit, Islam and the Globalist destruction of our country head on, loudly, repeatedly and with courage.
    7) Clarify your vision for the Party and Country now and start sharing it with people. Hint: If this is pro-mass immigration, supporting Islamic Hijrah/Jihadis/Sharia Law, continued rule by the EU and paying them Billions, etc. you are in the wrong Party.
    Continue with your dynamic inactivity and ride UKIP into the ground as many suspect you are here to do.
    UKIP must be a Party of revolutionary thoughts, words and deeds to counter the threat we face. If you are not that man, you are wasting everyone’s time. UKIP needs a leader with vision, who unifies, inspires and courageously leads from the front. Not a wooden figurehead that is screwed to the front of the foundering Good Ship Kipper for its final voyage. Lead or leave. Either way get it done.

    Lastly Mr. Bolton, in case you feel this is an unwarranted email from someone hiding behind a comments section, you can easily contact me directly via UKIP Daily or Russell.


      I’ll let this pass because it’s Monday, but won’t be as benign again for the rest of the year.

    • Fabulous post Mike. The gauntlet is well and truly thrown down. It’s now 73 days since HB was elected leader and he’s been seen here and there but not by the MILLIONS who have watched PJW/Pat Condell videos in that time. When will people get it? Emails to members cost NOTHING. Video costs NOTHING. Petitions cost NOTHING. But they do take brains, cunning and competence, all the things our MEPs have demonstrated over and over again that they just don’t have. They have had 1,299 days to fight for Brexit since may 2014. Apart from Nigel (who’s sweat they were elected on) how many UKIP MEPs have had ANY REAL impact with the general public in a positive way, (not for fiddling expenses or having punch ups?) How many have had 1-million-view YouTube videos? And WHEN are we going to change that appalling website?

    • “Continue with your dynamic inactivity”!

      Made me laugh but I agree with all your points.

  14. Since Nigel has gone UKIP has become the headless chicken of politics.

  15. Russell. I think if we had more people like you at the top of the party we would have had plenty more to read about. What is the point of a party such as ours when we appear to have become impotent as regards comments on Brexit. I am still on board with UKIP but next year at local elections for me will be a hard time telling people what we are doing as we have been so quiet. Still could be worse, the limp dims could be in government!!!

    • Thanks Martin. I’ve long been of the opinion that ‘the top of the party’ is in fact run by idiots or people in the pay of the EU, the net result is the same, dismal communications of quite simple issues and little impact on the public. If UKIP had been doing its job, the referendum would have been a walkover and Labour would be the laughing stock they deserve to be, not inches from power.

  16. I have to admit that with some notable exceptions there is not much from our spokesmen. I do understand that the lack of funds and deliberate attempts by the MSM to deny us publicity, coupled with the mess left post referendum and Nigel’s resignation, makes it hard to get the message over.
    It is more or less obligatory for elected representatives to get stuck into local matters, after all that’s party policy and what we were elected to do. I personally joined UKIP primarily to help escape from the EU and to try and shake up local democracy.
    Right now my workload is not sustainable. I’m on two councils, one as vice chairman and also chair my branch. Local people are now concerned with local matters, not so much national ones. In fact many are sick to death with Brexit and don’t want to talk about it. Politics is not “sexy” just now.
    The recent loss of our membership secretary has reduced communication with members to my facebook page, essentilal work with the committee and so on. We are desparatly short of activists to share the load.
    I do understand the huge amount of work required to put our party right but time is limited, Henry does his best but he’s unpaid, with very limited resources and we continue to fight amongst ourselves on various levels.
    We ALL have to pull our fingers out quick sharp, especially at the top.

    • Great post Icini and I hope those in UKIP’s ivory towers but don’t hold your breath for any useful assistance from the boys and girls in Brussels. A Tweet a day is about all they can manage before a long, liquid lunch. Tweeting your mates is NOT an election winning strategy, not even close. And here’s a thought. The second most important person in a political party is the Shadow Chancellor (it’s the economy, stupid) can anyone even name UKIP’s economics spokesman/woman? Maybe I blinked but can anyone direct me to this spokesman/woman’s intelligently produced and/or shocking output? Our economy is built on QE, massive borrowings, phony figures warped by the lie that endless immigration supports GDP and a debt bubble that could burst at any moment. Bottom line, if UKIP ‘seniors’ don’t produce some out by Christmas, yes Christmas, sack them. They’ve had enough time. Either piddle or get off the pot.

      • Purple Potty Mouth // December 11, 2017 at 4:35 pm // Reply

        Yes Russell – all the smoke and mirrors we have failed to highlight – the role QE played in the ridiculously high house prices in some parts of the country for example & don’t get me started on the borrowing – to fund the 0.7% GDP going into despots pockets (probably using it to buy up prime London property and leave it EMPTY, while developers & dodgy councils like Tandridge plot to concrete over the Greenbelt) Take your eyes off the net migration = city size of X equation for a moment and read the article in the Telegraph about ‘accidental landlords’ People renting homes they can’t sell! Can’t sell ‘cos folk can’t afford I presume- how much of the lack of houses is hyped up by the developers in bed with their Tory chums? I am proud of the 3 members of my branch who requested a motion on root & branch tax reform – sorely needed after Brown’s meddling. Get tough on the economy UKIP – people understand that.

  17. Steven Wolfe is in my twitter feed daily and has a reasonable presence on YouTube.

    Oh wait…he’s no longer UKIP!

    As you were Russel.

  18. Re: UKIPs poor media output.

    At least Suzanne Evans did 7 YEARS 92-99 …AT THE BBC eh?

    I don’t think you have to look far for one of the bent spokes fixed to UKIPs Hub!

    • Not sure I fully understand the metaphor, but at least she got regularly on TV and radio, and she managed to defend our policies firmly but politely. Frankly she did better than PN or HB in this respect.

  19. Well said Russell.

    The Youtube contributors with huge numbers of viewings (Pat Condell, Paul Joseph Watson) often speak about the topic which UKIP tends to avoid, namely Islam. With notable exceptions such as Gerard Batten and Lord Pearson.

  20. Hear hear. The fact is that Henry, or any leader, can do nothing about the MEPs. Once their elected, they don’t even need to be members of UKIP any more, the jobs are still guaranteed with or without UKIP. However, this makes it very difficult to understand why he just chose the same old people again to be the spokespeople. What made him think that they would certainly change their behaviour just because he was leader? They don’t need him. Sorry but UKIP needs a bout of total destruction and re-creation, it is bogged down in a swamp of its own that needs draining.

  21. It’s no wonder membership is daring away, the silence from the top of the party is deafening

  22. To be fair, Russell, Jonathan Arnott is tweeting every week.

    And, when it comes to UKIP Surrey, motes etc. springs to mind..l 🤓

    • Rob, the fact that you think Tweeting matters suggests you didn’t read my article before posting. Jonathan Arnott is not Donald Trump or even Lily Allen, the numbers of followers our MEPs have is mostly pathetic. And Jonathan is one of the better ones. You are the ultimate twit, keeping on about the Surrey website. Let me say it again because you are not listening. That was made as a demo years ago, it doesn’t get much traffic, it’s not the national website. But YOU had/have a lot of involvement in the national website and it is appalling. You should be booted out of UKIP for continual, dismal, 3rd rate failure. You are another reason UKIP has gone down the pan and pontificate from Switzerland.

      • Heartily agree. Rob and his “technical committee” which he created for himself have proved themselves incompetent even in Henry Bolton’s eyes. He should fall on his sword.

      • I have had actually very little involvement in the national website, more’s the pity…

      • Actually, I was referring to a different site, Russell – I have been corresponding with Helena and hope for progress soon…

        • Rob, before you go sniping at other people’s output, can you show us some examples of what you have actually produced for UKIP? And then we’ll give you an opinion. It’s very easy to snipe at other people’s work but between a few people in Surrey we have produced the best newspapers, best leaflets, best poster trucks BY A MILE, even the best coffee mugs. We lead by example. Show us what you have actually produced other than hot air.

          • I had plenty, but they were discontinued by the branches concerned, so no longer online. In the past, I’ve done UKIP Surrey, UKIP.ORG, Lisa, Jane Collins, Nigel and about 20 branch websites over the years…

            There’s a new Kipperpess template from Chris Mendes being finalised – it’s currently undergoing limited trials and Helena seems to like it – due soon… Chris will be writing an article for here when it’s ready 🤓

        • Purple Potty Mouth // December 11, 2017 at 4:40 pm // Reply

          Nope – sure Russell is talking about the UKIP Surrey website, you know, the one where the lion was a bit distorted when it uploaded & some of the links need tackling as they don’t work. But by ‘eck – when we needed him, when the F-wits on our local council came up with their ‘garden village’ scam Russell was right there naming and shaming the b-rs

      • First class comment
        McWhirter must go
        He does not own the party
        His record of longevity cannot protect him
        UKIP has months to save itself
        It needs to act with passion and determination
        The situation of the country is dire
        Catastrophe is at most 2yrs away

    • Dear Rob (McSpon),

      You say “when it comes to UKIP Surrey, motes etc. springs to mind”.

      If you think that UKIP Surrey has done something wrong, please be specific.

      Regards, Toby, Treasurer, UKIP Surrey, 01932-873557

  23. I am totally disillusioned with what the useless bunch of them have not achieved. The once bright shining torch held aloft by Nigel when we won the Euro Elections in 2014 is all but extinguished now.

    Our MEPs together with the so-called management bear the total responsibility for that, especially as they shunned the many others of help from professionally competent and motivated members, who it seems they feared rather than embraced – I speak from my own experiences in this area here too.

  24. AMW is putting up an hour-long video every fortnight to tell her supporters her thoughts, on a budget of £0.

    It’s not rocket science. But it’s apparently beyond UKIP’s leader and the vast majority of his well-paid spokesmen and MEPs.

    And they wonder why people aren’t bothering to renew their membership.

    • The thing is Keith UKIP doesn’t have anything to say so why bother doing a fortnightly address. Islam was too hot to handle so that’s out the window. The ‘Out Now’ campaign lasted less than an afternoon after the leadership result was announced. There isn’t a public demanding more tanks for the British army. Banning religious slaughter is too difficult and may lose at most a few hundred votes spread thinly across the country. All in all UKIP hasn’t a role to play. It isn’t even making any noise from the sidelines. I feel for those that invested time and money.

    • Yes, Sean, and for all the wrong reasons.

      • Or, more accurately, from the link:

        wonkotsane • a day ago
        It was 6 members of the committee who resigned, not the branch. They had already joined the EDL’s political wing, they had no choice but to resign.

        So a bunch who want to be more extreme — which means they intend to move in a direction which will make them unelectable — have decided they might as well stop pretending to be UKIP and thus avoid having to adhere to the ideals of the 2015 manifesto. They are wrong.

        I have said before, and I will no doubt say again, being strident about the need to control immigration and about ensuring that minorities integrate with a modern western society will lose votes not gain them. This is politics, and while many, even most people understand that control of immigration is central to the future peace of these islands, they will refuse to back us if we put that message baldly and badly. Those traitors and fellow-travellers we are opposing have the big guns on their side, they command the press and the media and almost unlimited funding. Each whinge, each hasty and unconsidered statement on the internet is a hostage to fortune, a handing of ammunition to those who put their own interests before those of their people and their country. Help their propaganda and the voters, the mass of people who do not join political parties and believe the information they get from press and media, will be fed hostile messages about UKIP.

        There are lots of options for those who do not understand this simple political fact. For those of us who appreciate the political reality there is only one.


        • With intelligent messaging it would be VERY easy to get the vast majority of the British public onside for much stricter immigration controls including immigrants/recently arrived because MORE immigration means MORE problems for them at the bottom of the pile. The only people who want more immigration are 1) Labour’s silly students who don’t understand a thing about real life issues other than virtue signalling. 2) Labour’s cunning backroom boys who gamble that more migrants means more easy votes and welfare dependents to bankrupt the system and bring the chaos that they dream about. 3) Tory landowners who would sell every scrap of Green Belt and their granny for a bit more money, thinking it brings them eternal life. 4) Soppy liberals in nice neighbourhoods who haven’t a clue about who we are letting walk into Britain because house price apartheid keeps them miles apart and 5) some daft business owners who think that cheap Labour has no downside, again because they live in ‘nice’ areas. BUT these groups are a tiny minority, most people don’t want more immigration and IN THE PRIVACY OF THE POLLING BOOTH they will support the party that promises to tackle it.

  25. It’s no good blinking the facts. It has been even quieter at the top since Torquay than it was before.
    The only good commentary on events from UKIP is on UKIP DAILY.
    Only Farage saves the day with pithy humour, like: q” “Well done Theresa. You have made some progress and we have decided to let you sit your A levels next Summer”.

    • Thanks Tony. I think most of the MEPs have ‘gone local’, they’re hooked on EU handouts, as are MEPs from all the other countries. They’ve all been sucked into the system. If you look at each MEP’s output month by month, it’s shameful.

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