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When Called, They Rose

Another attack and more evasion from the thought police apologists’ on the motivation, the ideology of the death-cultists.  However, for the revelers no such opportunity to evade the rampant butchers.  They had to act – to hurl chairs, block doors and fight.  Now is not the time for sloping shoulders but for pushing back against the “Sad” Khan’s, the evaders and the atrocity-worshipping ideologues so enraged by modernity and moderation that they must feed and gorge on blood and terror.

When we were menaced by totalitarians in the past we sent our airmen aloft, our vessels to range across oceans and our warriors to storm beaches.  In this new conflict, this infernal and internal confrontation, we are all intimately involved and events demand that each of us play a part.  You may ask, but what can I do?  What can be done?  What is to be done?  First we defend and contain, then we take the initiative and overcome.

After centuries of battling to be heard and to have some say in the laws and mores that constrain us, our forebears earned us rights which are now threatened.  These rights may seem scant return for so much blood and toil but they are fearsome when intelligently directed.  Doing so now we can use them to cleave though the Gordian knot that the PC-compliance brigade has been enforcing in this seemingly endless conflict.  As Brexit and Trump have demonstrated, our power can be deployed to peaceful but almost revolutionary effect.  You can feel the winds are now blowing in favour of those who demand change; no longer do empty words and condescension wash.

We can use our rights as tools to pull us together and to focus our energies to make the supreme effort to peacefully, from our side at least, transform and reform the dark forces ranged against us.  Ultimately our aim is to directly confront and defeat the ideology powering the attacks against our young girls and diners.  This conflict, this Jihad against our community is motivated by a supremacist ideology inspired and energized by adherence to the Sharia, the Quranic law, the foundation of Islamic faith.  It should be borne in mind that the European Court of Human Rights stated in 2003 that Sharia was incompatible with democracy.  Islam means submission – they submit only to Allah, and the rest of us to them – and that needs to be honestly understood and addressed.

Yes we can demand restrictions on those with demonstrable evil intent, the watch-list Jihadis, their supporters, the hate-preachers, the prison-propagandists and snide “community leaders” who mis-represent Islamic law, history and the long-term goal of a global Islam, but we actually need to do more as this only contains the problem, it does not take out the base from which the attacks emanate.

We do not win back our streets and our “normal” life by accepting the restrictions that are being suggested.  We must ensure blowback to the opposition by calling for reform of the ideology that powers the Jihadis, and that is Islamic law.  500 years ago this year the West began to deconstruct the society that unmercifully executed those who protested against the single official understanding of the Christian faith.  It is time the Muslims did the same, and a good start would be their reforming the law supported by all 5 law schools of the Sharia and by all their major universities and institutes, that is the law that prescribes death for apostates, those leaving Islam.

By allowing apostasy they start to demonstrate they will accept human rights’ laws and norms that are actively supported in all other nations and cultures, and they begin a true reformation to allow Muslims to choose their belief rather than being cowed into remaining.  This will immediately take away the energy of the supremacist Jihadis and their supporters, and demonstrate to those of other faiths that they are genuine in their desire to confront the terror that emanates from the faith.

There are 8 Muslim nations at the UN in which apostasy is still a capital crime.  Unceasing pressure can be mounted on our politicians to get our diplomats at the UN to call for these killer-states to rescind their laws.  Such pressure helped significantly to undermine and remove the apartheid regime of South Africa, so such efforts can be rewarded when applied consistently enough.

In addition, marches on the Embassies of the apostate-killing states – particularly the Wahhabi hub, Saudi Arabia – would give a focus for action and apply pressure in support of Muslim reformers and those demanding change.  Afghanistan, Brunei, Mauretania, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, UAE and the Yemen, all need to be called out, the Hateful 8 demonstrate their adherence to the Sharia and why we must reject it completely.  Only then will the threat be confronted and dealt with.

Without reform there will be no diminution of the animosity, it will remain and will simply take on another form.  By reforming, allowing apostates to live without fear and for Islam to compete with other beliefs and non-belief is the only true measure of peaceful intent on their part.  Without this, it is simply more words and the time now is for action, not words.  If there is no reform then the inevitable counter-force will arise.  For centuries when Britons were called, they rose.  Once more, the call is echoing across our once pleasant land.  Will you rise?  Will you do something?


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20 Comments on When Called, They Rose

  1. Come on everybody, stop talking and put your money where your mouths are.

    The very brave Anne Marie is trying to raise 10.000 pounds and till today she has received 6.329 pounds from 147 donations. See

    I am a Scottish pensioner and if you can quickly help Anne Marie reach her target, then I will immediately put another 1.000 pounds on top.

    Come on, lets go for it!

    • Well said, Rob C! You are a generous gentleman

    • I have done, Rob, and will do so again today.
      The problem I foresee is that John Rees-Evans and Anne Marie are both outstanding candidates which could split the vote and allow a less able candidate in. We cannot afford that to happen, and I don’t quite know what to do about it. Does anyone?

      • Could we persuade JRE and Anne Marie to stand on a joint ticket? To sort out between them who is leader and who is deputy after the election? Or even have joint leaders, like the Greens?

        • Hi,
          Really my mind was only on Anne Maries fund for the moment.
          If we can get that fund up to the 10.000 pounds that she is trying for, then I will be happy to turn my attention to JRE.

          We have to back these brave people or our traitors in government will have us all attending mosques in the very near future.

  2. flyer says: …”they want what’s ours, but it’s only ours if we can defend it.”

    These words have been true in every place in the world, throughout the whole history of the planet. It is true in nature, in the animal world and in the human world.

    There are too many naive people today who insist that if we all get together forgive, and ‘Choose Love’, everything will turn out fine. If only that were true!
    But I’m afraid those sentiments don’t cut any ice with the psychopaths who have used their ruthlessness to get to the top and rule collectives, cults, states, countries, sometimes whole continents. I don’t need to mention names, you already know most of them.

    Vigils, tears, candles, balloons and teddy bears are nothing but signs of weakness to our current enemies – enemies that our traitor leaders pander to instead of doing what is necessary to control and defeat them. I suppose we’ll have to watch it get worse and worse before they wake up.

    It’s just like the years leading up to the outbreak of WW2 all over again, with the same horrendous loss of life resulting from their denial, refusal to see what is happening in front of them, futile appeasement and sheer funk.

  3. “Modern Day Trojan Horse: Al-Hijra, the Islamic Doctrine of Immigration, Accepting Freedom or Imposing Islam?”

    Suggested reading, a cheap book available on Amazon.

    The Counter Jihad Report

    “Europe will lose 100 million Christians. Islam will win.”


    The fact is, I could keep posting links all day and I would just scratch the surface of all the information out there, regarding Islam, Hijrah and Jihad.

    It is impossible to contemplate the fact that our government don’t know the truth, this invasion is being facilitated by our own government, the greatest betrayal in human history.

    These people will kill you and with the blessing of our government. Time to wake up and understand the truth about our successive governments.

    • Simply our government has every fact available at their finger tips they have been monitoring the population makeup of our country since the 1970s.

      We know that the Government are continuing apace with a race replacement scheme.

      The replacement scheme works easily as people cannot even comprehend that their elected Government would destroy the future of the indigenous British people and their children.

      The British people must stop the doubt, the facts are staring at us even from official Government documents.

      Forget wondering why and forge a movement to put an end to it.

  4. I often feel in despair. For centuries it was well known that Islam is a serious threat. Today politicians of all main parties are quick to deny the root of the problem.

    If UKIP is to save the UK then it must first save itself.

    How many years has Anne Marie been a member? How many years must someone be a member for them to be a leadership candidate? Does she qualify? Can someone check please?

    We are in mortal danger without a shadow of doubt. Our leadership in UKIP is execrable and the combined political/media/educational/police elites are working against us. Children are being raped and if you intervene it is you who will go to jail.
    Have faith because we will win and events will gather fast momentum in the coming like the Tower Block burning that drags the elites to fear the people’s revenge for their(the elites) aiding and abetting of mass murder.
    There is a man perhaps the only man alive here in England who can lead us to freedom. A man who is fearless, intelligent, and committed to the ordinary people and if an exaggeration then as near as dammit someone who has dedicated his life to our cause. Step forward
    Support him at rebel Media and donate to his campaigns. Turn up to one of his rallies if it is 50-70 miles from your home ( depending upon mobility and transport).
    Numbers count – we need boots on the street – we need a rally attended by at the least 50,000 preferably 100,000. Only then will the bbc be obliged to report it – and if they dont they too will have their St Martin’s day.
    This is all an unprecedented experience for the UK. We are in grave danger as a country and a culture similar in strength to the evil French Revolution where a red alliance overcame the old regime which included hundreds of thousands of ordinary people in eg La Vendee who were butchered.
    We may face a red-green revolutionary force that seizes an opportunity to overthrow our rule of law.

  6. There’s only one solution to this now and that is to vote for Anne Marie Waters.

    …There’s an enormous mountain to climb, and it’s all the way to the top. When we are only half way up we’ll be neither up ‘nor down.

    It isn’t going to be easy, and we can’t please all of the people all of the time. We can’t say one thing, and mean another. We can’t turn a blind eye because it’s easier. We can’t use the language of our enemies ‘islamism’ ‘islamaphobe’ ‘extreme islam’….Words invented to deceive us. Use them ourselves and believe we can win victories with them. There’s only one mohamed and he didn’t have a brother’mohamedist’. You can’t say mohamed was basically a good guy, but his brother ‘mohamedist’ he was a real evil f—er.

    The country needs someone sincere, honest, aware of the issue and prepare to tread the path all the way.

    That person is Anne Marie Waters.

  7. Howard Keating // June 16, 2017 at 7:32 pm // Reply

    It appears Richard Dawkins agrees with the writer. As do I.

    • Dawkins is a clever man, but 12 years ago I was saying the same things he is saying this month, including supporting Christianity as a bulwark against islam. I used those very same words to a colleague of mine as we chatted in the staff room.
      Unfortunately, most of our clergy, bishops and archbishops are too damn wet to be a bulwark against anything. They ‘reach out'(recently popular, but cliched expression) to bloody-handed imams who are doing atrocious stuff back home in Pakistan; they invite muslims to spout the koran in churches and cathedrals; they say nothing about the true nature of islam. The Church of England is as useless as our politicians and media.

      So I’m afraid Dawkins’ hope of Christianity coming to the rescue in the UK is a vain one. It might work better in the USA. Even the Russians are better off than we British: at least they have a leader who recognises that muslims are nothing but trouble and warns them that he won’t stand for any nonsense from them or islam in its global ambitions.
      Who’da thought that migration to Russia might look attractive?

  8. The fact that we are increasingly having our free speech closed down, peaceful marches disrupted by police-protected Antifa and Sharia Law enabled by our Government makes it increasingly difficult for us to act. MSM, Brainwashed lefties as well as Government completely refuse to accept that there is any problem with Islam. We must start with numbers. Luckily some young brave leaders are emerging, Tommy Robinson, Anne Marie Waters and now wonderfully a young gay man called Tommy English has begun to motivate the Gay community with GAS, Gays Against Sharia. As they continue to inspire, these marches will grow, which helps everyone to come together and, unlike Antifa, actually know what it is we are fighting.
    However, what is missing is a Political Party that will represent these people.
    I urge all in UKIP who agree with what Poacher has written to understand that this existential threat simply has to be the most important thing – what good will Brexit be, if Britain loses its identity and is consumed by Islam? We have to ensure that UKIP is the Party that gives people a voice – UKIP was born to protect Britain – we cannot fail Britain now.
    The only person with the knowledge, expertise and courage to lead UKIP is Anne Marie Waters. I am confident that other able people would support her, she is known internationally and has the support of alternative media – Jamie Glaznov, America, Ezra Levant, Canada, she has spoken in Sweden and many other places.
    UKIPPERS, if you care for our country, allow UKIP to become the voice of all who are joined in this unprecedented struggle for our very way of life.

    • Dee, Britain First has become a political party. They are raising money for a hi-tech way of gathering data on possible voters and I sent them £20. I won’t commit to anything more until I see how things work out with Anne Marie and her bid for the leadership of UKIP. If Sponplague’s recent article is anything to go by, it seems we’re all ‘batshit-crazy’ for hoping that she will win. Apparently, you have to be a ‘name’, you have to be rich or have a private income in order to win. Sounds like the ‘same old, same old’ situation of who you know and how much money you have to me – to hell with honesty, integrity, commitment, courage, selflessness, patriotism.
      Anne Marie is fund-raising too, and she needs every true patriot’s support; she’s getting mine regularly, every month.

      But I’m not putting all my eggs in one basket, because after her disgraceful dismissal as a PPC and all the other attempts to sideline and demonise her, I don’t trust UKIP to bring forward a leader that will expose the mainstream parties for the lying, islamophiliac, three blind, deaf and dumb monkeys that they are.

      We need a leader who puts Britain first, acknowledges the danger we face as a nation and people, and DOES SOMETHING ABOUT IT – NOW. We need another Churchill and I don’t care if that person is male, female, gay or straight, as long as they have the guts to fight for our survival and future freedom.

      • Panmelia, are you sure we’re not related?! I have done the same!
        My worry about the Leadership contest is detailed above in reply to Rob.

        • Dee, we might be related: my paternal grandmother was Welsh (Ann Jones) and came to this area with her English husband who sought work in the steel mills after Army service.
          I also have Welsh ancestry on my mother’s side: my grand-dad’s name was David Llewellyn Ffoulkes; as well as Northern Irish forebears who moved to Manchester.
          As I often point out, the four nations of the UK are inter-related by blood and marriage, making us one British people. My younger son has Scottish forebears, too,, giving him the full inheritance.

          The only other explanation for thinking along similar lines is that great minds think alike!

  9. Yes, I’m going to vote for Anne Marie Waters as leader of the Party and donate to her cause. Ukip can put the same pressure on our useless government leaders as it did formerly when Brexit was at stake.
    Part of that pressure should be to demand that the UN sanctions and blocks the participation of the ‘hateful 8’ in any global dialogue/decision-making until they abolish the use of the word ‘apostasy’ and reject the very concept. The UN should have done this a long time ago if they really believed in their much-trumpeted Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but they seem to prefer to pander to these ghastly states instead. Another useless, complacent institution in need of drastic overhaul.

    What really matters is what we do in our own country and the first step is the complete abolition of sharia law with a rider that any mention of apostates or apostasy in mosques is punished by heavy fines and prison, followed by deportation.
    Police stations need to be set up in every muslim ghetto with the firm message that British Law rules here, all complaints and crimes to be reported to the police and dealt with in our courts, whether criminal, civic, or family. Failure to report FGM butchers, and the practice itself to be punished by immediate deportation, the goal being to wipe it out entirely in this country by a certain date. This goal should have been set as soon as the laws forbidding it were passed, 30 years ago, but as I said before, our leaders are useless and cowards to boot. They will have to be forced into doing what is necessary.

  10. Such passion and not without cause but the truth is that most people will move away and avoid the invader especially when goaded by our own police and PC brigade who do not allow us even to speak that we dislike the invasion.

    They move in and we move out, it is like a creeping cancer and by the time we become angry enough to stand up and fight the invader it will be too late.

    Frankly UKIP went into the recent election spouting about burkahs and nehabs, FGM and VAT on female sanitary products. No-one is going to vote for that rubbish. it may be a bit controversial but it is completely below the radar.

    You need to align with Anne Marie Waters and together make yourselves extremely unpopular with the main stream media.

  11. We live in very frightening times, in the past, as you say we’ve fought wars cohesively as a nation, never before have our own leaders betrayed us and turned against us, their own people.

    Islam aside, immigration into the UK is out of control, it’s just a little island that is already overpopulated. The British economy can no longer support the amount of people living here, we’re descending into the Third World, yet our politicians refuse to see or choose to ignore the obvious truth.

    This leads nowhere good, as economic conditions deteriorate, ethnic tensions will rise and the fighting will really get going. As you say, the Muslims are here to invade us anyway, they want what’s ours, but it’s only ours if we can defend it.

    Until people wake up and realise the full extent of our politicians treachery and until they can admit that Islam is the enemy, we have no chance.

    The violence is coming, but what matters now is how well we’re prepared for it; sometimes, a good offense is the best defense.

    Like it or not, this is the harsh reality, our politicians brought us to this sorry state and I doubt they’re going to change now. What happens next is not our fault and we’ve been far too tolerant already.

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