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What is Populism

When elections and referendums don’t go the way of the establishment the lofty socialists claim with disdain that it was a Populist Vote. Clearly Brexit was more than just Leave the EU, it was about rejecting a metropolitan elite who had been dominating the political agenda that benefits mainly the capital cities in a network of globalisation.

Now that Donald Trump has succeeded in the USA they are organising violent uprisings, claiming that the vote was not fair or in the interest of the nation. Trump also tapped into the general discontent amongst mainly rural communities where the focus is on usually declining manufacturing and farming.

According to the Compact Oxford English Dictionary, ‘populist’:

adjective, intended to appeal to or represent the interests and views of ordinary people; noun, a member of a political party that seeks to appeal to or represent the interests and views of ordinary people.

Ordinary people are presumably not representatives of big business or corporations or bankers or highly paid executives or high power lawyers.  Indeed you can pretty much exclude all the highly paid people who inhabit the commercial, legal, and civil service sectors of large cities.

Strangely I was always under the impression that Members of Parliament were elected by the people to represent them and their views. Unfortunately what has happened since at least the 1970’s is that political parties have pursued political science agendas that focus on assisting the corporate interests of the metropolis and large cities.

The politics of the establishment parties all have been turned to the dark side, to support globalisation, either in the form of a socialist World government or control of the World through massive supra-national corporations.

This agenda completely ignores the towns and villages in the industrial, rural, and coastal areas. Whereas the cities have for many decades been multicultural, multilingual, and multiethnic the rest of the country was not.  Until fairly recently areas away from the big cities still were populated with predominantly indigenous people.

Whilst the cities hardly notice increased immigration because their culture is already heavily mixed, the rural communities become unsettled by massive influxes of foreigners, most especially if they look different, speak their own language, dress differently and bring with them an alien religion. This recent unwelcome invasion into our towns and villages has completely disrupted the community spirit and created a ‘them and us’ relationship.

In these relatively poor regions there was previously a strong sense of community where the focus is local, county, state and possibly national but hardly international.

The UK Governments for more than half a century have repeatedly turned their backs on these areas by destroying the coal and steel industries, have given our territorial waters to the EU, have not invested in required road and rail infrastructure, and have ignored UK manufacturers by regularly awarding huge contracts to overseas suppliers. Then they have started to cover the landscape and seascape with industrial size wind farms, often against the wishes of the locals.

The result of the UK referendum, like that of the EU Parliamentary Elections and the last two general elections showed the red of left wing support in Northern Ireland & Scotland and in the major English cities, whereas rural Wales and most of England was blue.

A similar situation has occurred in the USA and the result in the recent American election showed the cities, towns and villages in industrial and rural areas coloured red [Ed: the US colour representing the Republican Party], covering at least ¾ of the country geographically and the remainder in blue. I really have to have a talk with Donald and tell him that in future Republican is right wing and conservative and that should be blue, whereas Democrat is left wing and socialist and communist and that should be red! That’s the trouble with these ex colonials – sometimes they get a little confused.

Understanding this leads us to the meaning of populism. It means feelings of local community, national identity, and of patriotism.These feelings are not right wing or left wing, which is why UKIP appeals to disaffected Conservatives and Labour supporters as well as large numbers of the electorate who have not voted for many years.

Conversely the political agenda of globalisation is creating massive immigration, upsetting local communities, watering down national identity, making us ever more dependant on other countries for gas and electricity, and constraining every aspect of our lives with regulations and directives.

There are now nearly two whole generations of people indoctrinated into ignoring the country of their birth and upbringing and who believe the small proportion of CO2 emissions by mankind is causing global warming climate change. By 2016 we have had about 40 years of left wing bias amongst teachers, both here and in the USA.

Demographically the cities have a lower average age group because the young people flock there for the best job opportunities. Unfortunately the advantage of city life is an illusion. Even surrounded by millions of people they can be the loneliest places on earth. The wages are high but so are rents, services, and dining costs. The traffic is a nightmare and parking is expensive.

Here in the UK the rail service is almost prohibitively expensive to commute in from a place that a person can afford to buy or rent. Working in the cities has become so competitive that the majority of employees now dare not take time out for tea and lunch breaks. Together with the long commute home this makes working in the city like being a rat running in a cage.

What someone needs to teach the young people before they flock to the city is that there is a difference between quality of life and standard of living. Instinctively many people working and even living in the cities know that it is less stressful to live in the country, which is why so many of them intend to move to the country when they retire.

So when the majority of the electorate who live in the countryside vote for a person who speaks about their situation and offers to improve it, or tries to throw off the yoke of an oppressive and undemocratic foreign regime that favours the cities but devastates the rural areas, it is a message that we the people have been ignored too long.

To fight back requires activists outside the regular mainstream party structure and that is why both Nigel Farage and Donald Trump have succeeded because they speak to the ignored population about issues the mainstream parties won’t talk about.

The seeds of discontent against the failed EU project is likely to see the establishment parties of Europe swept away in a domino effect, possibly before we actually leave and before 2020.

Woe betide Theresa May and the Conservatives if they renege on Leaving the EU, and on the rest of the MPs who might fight against the will of the majority.

I just hope the Supreme Court will make a sensible decision and allow the Royal Prerogative to the Government to invoke Article 50.

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About Antony Nailer (104 Articles)
Antony Nailer is a Design Engineer & Author, qualified with an HNC in Electronics and BA in Physics & Mathematics. He was on the UKIP Approved Candidates List for the 2015 General Election but is now a lapsed Member.

15 Comments on What is Populism

  1. Having analysed what ‘populism’ is I have also tried to define the opposite. Of course it is globalism, and also the pressure from those in the metropolis who run the banks and big business and of course the House of Commons & the House of Lords, and since 1973, Brussels.

    It has taken me a while because of the similarity and complication of the Trump victory in the USA, which is not part of the EU but heavily endosed by Obama and the Clintons.

    We knew all along that this was a fight between the ordinary people and the ‘elite’ in Westminster. So there it is, ‘elitism’ staring me in the face all the time.

    It is because this elitism is a function of the EU distancing itself from the people it governs and also been a growing discontent between the metropolis and capital city in most western nations and the rest of the ignored population.

    History does repeat itself;-
    The peasants revolt of 1381, against the ‘elite’.
    The Civil war of 1642, people against the ‘elite’ king & his Court.
    The War of Independence, 1775-1781, colonists against the ‘elite’ British Government.
    European elections of 2014, UKIP against the ‘elite’ of Westminster & Brussels.
    Referendum 23 June 2016, the people against the ‘elite’ of Westminster & Brussels.
    Presidential Elections 7 November, a Republican outsider against the ‘elite’ of Washington.

    I look forward to the coming general elections in Europe where outsider parties are preparing a serious challenge against the elite ruling parties. Its not a left or right thing at all, its a classic them and us. And now its our turn.

  2. Thank you all for your comments, so far. When I had written this article it begged the question that having now started to turn the tide against the establishment how do we now address the areas of the country that have been ignored.

    It is a long time since we had pride in our work sufficiently to add a sticker Made in Britain, or Made in England, though we make precious little these days. I am going to again label my hand crafted electronic products Made in England. Lets bring the pride back.

    My wife and I expanded our business in the mid 1980’s only to find that we were run off our feet trying to keep everything running smoothly and keep product quality up. After just one year with lots of employees it became glaringly obvious that they were consuming all the additional turnover and we were no better off. So we wound the business back down to just the two of us again and have carried on that way ever since.

    Anyway the national problem is that all big organisations and government departments and financial institutions are located in the big cities or the metropolis itself.

    So the answer is the decentralise and ensure where possible a big business or government agency employing large numbers of people moves to the town or city where it is lacking such an employer. It makes sense for the business to do this because housing costs will be lower, rates lower, parking easier and cheaper, and a greater feeling of community for the employees. Just like when a shopping centre is planned a big retailer becomes the anchor store, so it must be for our towns. With the anchor business the whole town will start to revive and will cause a steady regeneration.

    If we ever get free of the EU and Theresa doesn’t agree to letting them keep our territorial waters in exchange for access to the single market then we can look forward to a revival of our fishing fleets and fishing ports.

    If we ever get out of the EU and our obligations towards the Common Agricultural Policy we should see an actual reduction in the costs of many foods and have an opportunity for more diverse food grown or reared in Britain.

    Government contracts must be given in future to indigenous manufacturers. Even if it isn’t the cheapest quote because the knock on effect for our industrial towns is worth the extra cost.

  3. Schrödinger's cat // November 17, 2016 at 1:11 pm // Reply

    ‘Populism’ is a very clever-clever term which the ‘liberals’ use. (Liberals are not liberal by the way)

    It carries massive pejorative overtones for those on the left, whist many on the right will say “Hang on! Isn’t democracy populism?”

    Thus it is a Trojan horse in linguistic terms and a particularly nasty one. What about all those trying to tell us that Clinton won by over two million in the popular vote.

    They are still counting it and will, no doubt, carry on for years. All those dead sure take a long time to cast their votes. It is a massive fraud in which they claim ‘We must count all the votes’, as if there is a huge number which eluded them on counting night. It always happens in Democratic only states.

    It seems fair to me that anything which is not actually waiting to be counted on election night should be turned away. There was plenty of time to vote earlier, especially with all the “Vote early’ schemes in place.

    It also seems to me also that proof now needs to be provided in the face of this massive fraud. That should happen in the UK. I was against it two decades ago but never envisaged the rise in fraud which occurs, especially in communities who have immigrated from other places where voter fraud is the norm and tacitly accepted.

    Whilst the system should prevent anyone from identification as to their vote, it should easily be able to track double voting and the like. That could be eliminated at one stroke. US precincts where this was discovered to be rife would have their vote conducted in future at Federal level until confidence is regained in their ability and probity. Any precinct where there is a turnout of 150% is ripe for investigation. This applies to the UK as well mutatis mutandis.

    Still, what do we know? As Deplorable, populist, racist, uneducated, anarchist, agrarian, xenophobic, anti-intellectual poujadists we are lucky to be allowed to breathe the same air, which incidentally, we are wilfully polluting.

  4. Well I certainly agree with Anthony’s comprehensive summary having always felt that I seem to have lived my entire adult life (ie the last 45 years) living through some kind of ghastly social excitement. (although I don’t share his confidence in the Supreme Court)

    But in a previous article recently, Anthony pointed out a very powerful statistic, that 79% of govt spending is committed to 4 things; health, pensions, welfare and deficit interest, so that EVERYTHING else that govt spends comes from the remaining 21%.

    And one very far reaching impact (of not challenging those sacred cows of govt expenditure) is that working for a modest living is becoming obselete. Likewise trying to run a small business that relies on employing modestly paid staff. The costs are becoming too high, witness automated checkouts.

    Too many welfare recipients are significantly better off not working at all, or for no more than 16 hours a week, and that viscous circle that has, amongst other things, brought my present labour intensive business to its knees, risking everything that I previously worked so long and hard for.

    Please note I’m not writing this for sympathy. I understand “laugh and the world laughs with you….”. But I do ask that the UKIP minds that contribute to this site start giving serious voice to how our children are supposed to flourish if most of them are unable to work.
    What needs to change, what sacred cows need to be “slaughtered” and specifically what UKIP’s policy targets to achieve that should be?

    And then who and how ukip, and we 60 somethings sell that message to the Electorate, most of whom have neither the experience or interest, even though they too fear the future.

    I wonder if our best hope lies in being very radical, yet very calm. Led by a latter day Enoch with a broader message perhaps? He was dragged down for standing up against the pro immigration tide. But I wonder what he would stand for now.

    More of the same? (A la Paul N / Suzanne E?). Or radical change a la JRE? Or even something TBA beyond like a 5 star, post ukip version ?

    Most people would settle for modest, economic viability at a guess. But for too many that doesn’t include working for a living. Something’s got to give.

    • Your situation is the lot of millions of British people, whether you have a low or even averagely paid job or a small business, you can still live below the poverty line. We’ve become the new Third World.

      I’s amazing isn’t it, how simple arithmetic seems to be beyond so many people. Offshoring jobs, allowing the mass immigration of often uneducated and unskilled people was always going to be a disaster. We’ve imported the Third World and low and behold, we’ve become the Third World.

      Generations of our politicians, in their starry eyed subservience to the globalists have committed treason and sold us out. There is no easy solution now unfortunately, all we have to look forward to is poverty and violence, things are coming to a head very quickly now.

      • Flyer thank you for this. It’s not a solution but there is one simple thing that would at least help which I’ve tried to interest ukip in for a while.

        I’ve been VAT registered for about 25 years and there’s a very simple tweak that would benefit a lot of small businesses. Not massively. But enough to help And that means a significant number of electors. Without costing much. But VAT is a bit like a club, if you’re in it you understand and if you’re not (as most electors are), they don’t.

        So while I do agree with AN’s article and the thrust of it, I also think there’s more that could be done, some of it quite simple, which relies less on the immigration-cheap-labour argument and a bit more on removing barriers and costs put there for political gain, living wage for example.

    • Alan, It is almost too obvious that the EU brought in the Working Time Directive through Health & Safety by qualified majority voting. Then of course both the Conservatives and Labour offered significant minimum wage legislation in order to buy votes from the lowest paid employees.

      It didn’t actually matter to the government because as the minimum wage increased incomes they backed off the government low pay subsidies. The result of course was and is that many labour intensive industries could no longer compete with low wage countries in eastern Europe and the Far East and South America. Another nail in the coffin for the biggest employer in the UK, small businesses. One way and another they have been destroying and asset stripping the UK since it joined in 1973.

      Do the politicians not care about Britain? Are all they interested in is being a cog in the European or World government? Cannot they see that the EU project is failing and that there is a lack of unity to make serious decisions? Cannot they see that the United Nations is still as useless and powerless as the League of Nations was? Do they not realise that you can only force people into political unity if you have sufficient power over their lives to contain them?

      No such forced grouping ever survives for long as eventually the cracks get too big and it breaks up, like Yugoslavia did, and like the USSR did, and that’s how the EU will go. They can either wind it done step by step in a peaceful fashion or they can hold it together by force. Maybe that’s what the European Army is for. Going that route will only lead to the Third World War. As already we are approaching the sort of tensions that existed in the lead up to the 1st World War in 1914.

      • Anthony,

        That is exactly what the EU army is for and the reduction of our own armed forces likely part of that plan. However maybe Cameron also feared that our own army would take the side of the people so their number had to be reduced below that necessary to mount a coup.

  5. Thank you, AN.

  6. What makes me fume the most is the purveying of the views of A downwards list actors, musicians and other artistes as offering special expertise on how the country shoulod be run. Most of it is just their career building virtue signalling to keep in with the likes of the BBC.

    I much enjoyed Joan Baez once saying that people regularly asked her ‘Will Bob Dylan be on the demo’ during the great demo age. Bob was never on the demo she said. He wrote songs he thought would be popular and make him money. It’s entertainment for God’s sake.

    • MK. I share your anger with these people who seem to think that because they are popular singers, actors, whatever, they have some sort of special dispensation to preach to the rest of us about what is right, wrong, politically acceptable and PC. Recently, even David Attenborough joined in on Brexit, saying that the mass of people were ‘not wise enough’ to make huge national decisions and such matters are better left to the wise monkeys who sit in Parliament. He immediately fell in my estimation and I won’t be able to view his wildlife programmes with the same unalloyed enjoyment as before.
      Why can’t they, simply from a preservation-of-career point of view, keep their opinions to themselves instead of behaving like amateur politicians or part-time human rights activists? If they believe that it enhances their popularity or career prospects with the people that really matter (us, NOT the BBC), they couldn’t be more wrong.
      In the case of actors who simply must perform their virtue-signalling, they should reverse their usual adage of not working with animals and do their very best to highlight the plight of species endangered by the appalling criminals who murder our wildlife and steal it from the world.

      • Panmelia – just to ensure that you watch future Attenborough programme on mute, he also said publically that Donald Trump should be shot.
        Thank you Anthony for another wonderful article.

  7. “Ordinary people”. Says it all really. Presumably the world is for extraordinary people and the rest of us are not worth listening to. The great and good would be advised to find a better adjective to describe the vast bulk of the population. Wealth, fame and membership of an elite does not give more weight to the needs and desires of a very small numerical minority. Even “education”, whilst doubtless of value in the area in which people have trained, gives no automatic skill in other fields. I know some very stupid graduates. there are certainly many of them in local politics.

    What use is democracy if the needs and aspirations of the majority are ignored ? The extraordinary have rigged the system heavily in their own favour and when even that fails to protect their intrenched position, they sneer at “the Plebs” and try to overturn their collective judgement on the grounds that we are too stupid to understand. We understand only too well, it’s our masters who have lost touch with reality and they are now paying the price as the information revolution allowed us to see their ineptitude and mistakes more clearly.
    The TV and papers are no longer the prime and only source of easy access to news and information, they need to change and if they fail to do so “ordinary people” will make the required changes for them.

    • icini: Exactly – what use IS democracy if it is not practised genuinely on the principle that every vote counts and that what the majority votes for is what must happen. I don’t think we’ve ever had proper democracy in this country, just a bowdlerised version of it which is easy to manipulate. This became very evident during the recent referendum when what the ‘great and good’ expected to happen didn’t happen and they’ve been outraged at the plebs’ ‘stupidity’ ever since.
      The sooner we reform our voting system so that ‘marginals’ don’t exist any more and every vote DOES determine how many MPs of whatever colour sit in the HoC, the better. Then it will be up to those MPs to respect the ‘ordinary people’ who voted for them and represent them properly instead of being more amenable to career-boosting pressures and cliquey influences in the so-called top echelons of society.

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