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We’ve Had Enough, Mrs. May!

“Enough is enough” said Theresa May; just before she went on to tell us how these incessant terror attacks represent a “perversion of Islam”.  Once again, she offered no scripture to back up her claim.  Yes, Prime Minister, enough is enough.  Enough platitudes.  Enough political correctness.  Enough pretending.  Enough talk.

I am not going to say how terrible this is, we all know.  While part of me expected this, it has still left me stunned.  Three terror attacks on the British people inside of three months.

Theresa May talked tougher than usual yesterday, but nothing will really change, we know this.  We know it because Theresa May, or any other major political figure in Britain, will not tackle this in the way that it needs to be tackled.  They are far too concerned about “alienating” Muslims or upsetting Saudi theocrats. What we need is a leader who prioritises neither of those, but who stands for the British people, no ifs or buts.

Here is how we do it:

  • Internment

This is a very serious situation and it needs a very serious response.  We need emergency legislation to remove the scourge of Islamist ideologues from our streets.  Those who are not British will be deported – now.  No lengthy appeals at taxpayers’ expense, no activist judges allowed to interfere.  The British government must step up and govern.  If a Jihadi’s home country doesn’t want to take them, then that country will never receive a penny from the British taxpayer again.  If we don’t know where a person’s home country is, they will be held in detention until they tell us.  All deportees will be banned for life.  Those who leave to fight for ISIS can stay there, no more returning fighters to the UK.

  • Prioritise spending on policing and defence

Money is needed to fight this, and it must be our spending priority.  Police, security services, and indeed the military, must be given what they need to end this.  They will have the resources they need as a matter of priority.  There is plenty of money in this country; all we need to do is spend it on ourselves for a change.  End all Foreign Aid (except for genuine emergencies) and stop mass immigration of benefit-dependents.

  • Scrap the Human Rights Act

So often we are hampered by our own legislation, the main culprit being the Human Rights Act.  This gives rights (in Britain) to anyone from anywhere.  Merely being human qualifies a person to live in Britain it seems.  No more.  It is British citizens that will have rights in Britain,including the right to be prioritised.

  • Raid known Jihad mosques

We already know some of the mosques that are propping up the Jihad in Britain.  We know mosques that preach death to the West, death to us.  Go in to these mosques, seize literature, arrest imams, look closely at who they are, what their record is, and then either throw them out of the country or jail them for any criminal offences.  This applies to Sharia councils as well.

  • Stand up to Saudi Arabia

We must stop all Saudi funding of mosques in Britain, now.  But lets not make the mistake of thinking this will solve the problem.  It’s easy to contain all of this within a safe “Wahhabism-is-the-issue” box.  But Wahhabism is not the issue.  The religion is the issue.  The Islam of Iran, UAE, Qatar, Afghanistan, Egypt or Somalia, is also incompatible with Western democracy.  We must say so, and reject it.

We must also commit, as a nation, not to support Saudi Arabia on the international stage.  Saudi must be stopped.

  • End (or severely restrict) immigration from Muslim countries

In the long-term, seriously restricting immigration from Muslims societies is a must.  We must accept that the two cultures are incompatible, and that forcing large numbers together has resulted in conflict.  We must also stop the growth of large benefit-dependent migrant families.

  • Write a British constitution

This one essential for the health of the country – it is needed if we are to ensure that the Britain we know survives in to the future.  Given the years of change, it is time for Britain to take a breath.  We need to define who we are, and enshrine our values in a constitution for generations to come.

  • Acknowledge the root of the problem

This is the most important thing we need to do, both for the long and short term.  We must stop throwing around flippant statements like ‘Islam is peace’ or ‘the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful’ and start backing these up with evidence and debate. The question ought not to focus only on terrorism, but on Sharia law, because that is the root of the problem.

Whether Sharia is brought about by the bomb or the ballot box makes no difference, the fight is against Sharia law.  We must condemn and oppose it at all costs.

Finally, we must stop apologising for our existence and find a bit of confidence again.  We should remind ourselves regularly what is great about Britain, about Europe, and about the West.  We are lucky to have it, and we shouldn’t throw it away.

It is time to get tough; three attacks in as many months means we cannot look away any longer.  “This is for Allah” said the London Bridge Jihad attackers to their victims.  We must now fight back – if they attack us for Allah, we will respond for Britain.


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41 Comments on We’ve Had Enough, Mrs. May!

  1. One point, rather than “raid jihadi mosques” I would close them down as Tunisia has done. Sequester the building and land to help fund counter-terror measures and build housing on the site for essential service personnel-NHS, Fire, Police & ex-military.

    On the fight against sharia, we need to start fleshing out the issue. Tackling sharia law was spelt out on ConservativeHome some 6 years ago but the coalition under Cameron and Clegg took no notice.

    • A Lancaster,

      A good idea but we know it will never be done, also Didsbury mosque used to be a church so to me it is sacrilege to have allowed it to be converted to a building of hate.

  2. Sharia Law should be prohibited. A country cannot be run on 2 different laws.

    • Gail,

      I think we all agree with that and it is one of UKIP’s policies, you would think that people would vote for that alone would’nt you considering present events.

  3. Please do donate to Anne Marie. She really does know what she is talking about regarding Islam.

    Our future, and the future of our children and grandchildren is at stake.

  4. Well UKIP. You won’t let Tommy Robinson join your party. You can listen to what Tommy is doing…Tommy…Not UKIP party. You wouldn’t do this would you?…

    • Thanks Fen – signed up to Rebel but haven’t seen that – Tommy is an absolute diamond.

      • Dee and Fen,

        Just watched that video of Tommy at the Manchester mosque, someone needs to wipe the smirks from those c”””ts slap a”””e faces, as someone quite famous has stated:DRIVE THEM OUT! by any means possible.

    • They won’t let anyone join Fen who has spoken plainly about what is being done to us in our tiny country and removed AMW as a candidate. You have to wonder eometimes if UKIP is designed as a mere safety valve. Nuttall runs it like that whether intentionally or not.

  5. Dear Contributers and readers,

    If you will go to Anne Maries website at you will see that she is trying to raise 10.000 pounds and is currently standing at only 2.146 pounds.

    I am a Scottish Pensioner and yesterday I dug in and sent her 1.000 pounds.

    Anne Marie is the only chance we Ukippers have and so I am appealing to everyone to put your hands in your pockets immediately and to back her strongly.
    Let,s see how quickly we can break that 10.000 mark!! and tell all your friends to get involved.
    Many thanks,

    • Thanks for that Rob – I have contributed a small amount but tonight I will dig deeper – we have to support her, the new chair covers can go!! Who needs them!

      • Many thanks Dee,

        I checked this morning and the total is now 3.646 pounds (so 500 pounds only on top of my 1.000)
        Lets all start speaking out to all our readers and see how quickly we can get Anne Marie to the 10.000 pounds.
        She is one brave lady and needs all the support that we can give.

  6. Well we can all thank Nuttall & Co. for making sure voters did not have the opportunity to put a cross by the name of AMW in the election this week. Well done Paul, you must be so proud.

  7. Anne Marie, you are a star and should be our Prime Minister. Maybe you will be one day when this country comes to its senses and votes for a Party that cares only for Britain and the true British people 100%.
    In the meantime, your plan of action above needs to be sent to Theresa May, because I don’t believe she’s capable of thinking of those measures for herself. She’s prepared to risk more British lives while she witters on about a ‘perversion of islam’. If she hasn’t realised yet that islam IS the perversion of everything we hold good, decent and humane, she really is hopelessly naive and we need someone with a greater sense of the realities.

    I hope Paul Nuttall will receive your article too. He is doing better today, saying the ‘unsayable’ about internment and so forth on the news and I emailed a positive comment. If only he would get you on his team ….

  8. More power to you Anne Marie, I agree with everything you’ve said. There will be no peace here or anywhere else unless Islam is brought under control by the laws of this land. If that is not possible, then the only alternative is to Proscribe Islam and ban it in this country. This is not a religion it is a ideology for complete way of living, encompassing all aspects of life and thought, based on total control and submission under an alien law system called Sharia Law, which is totally incompatible with our laws created over centuries based on Christian culture. It is madness to try to pretend there is any compatibility between them, and to say there is, as May has done, only highlights her willingness to bend the truth for political purposes.

  9. Thank you, Anne Marie, once again. The fact that your article has had so many visits says it all. I always tweet out articles, however despite numerous tries, this won’t come up on my timeline. Sorry, but hopefully others have.

    I think all of us who understand the threat to Britain, of which terrorism is only a part as Anne Marie says, Creeping Sharia is as great a threat – also agree that Anne Marie must, post General Election, at least be Deputy Leader if not Leader, so that she can be UKIP spokeswoman on this issue. Personally I think that Leadership might mean she cannot concentrate on her area of expertise, as UKIP won’t be a single issue Party if it is Seriously to offer an alternative, and I wouldn’t want to pile too much on her shoulders.
    Paul Nuttall did quite well on LBC this morning, and callers, all but one, were glad he was speaking out on Islam, but he floundered on the Burka, and was weak on other Islamic questions, which can’t work, going forward.

    If, post General Election, we set to immediately and get John Rees-Evans to completely overhaul the on-line stuff, install a Chairman worthy of the name, and a new top team, I think UKIP could become very relevant for the next Election. But the work has to begin NOW, its no good leaving it until the Conference, every week that goes by is a week wasted, and,there is a huge amount to do. On the plus side, there are people willing and able to do it – members cannot sit back, we need to grasp the nettle, as the current cabal may be hard to dislodg, although, if they cared about the Party, they wouldn’t be.

  10. Italian papers have identified the third terrorist. He was a Moroccan with an Italian mum, born in Fez.
    Of course this is inconvenient for our authorities, and that’s why they tried to keep his identity secret until after the elections: people might now start asking questions about ‘EU Free Movement’ and, horror, Brexit – something which they all have conveniently brushed under the carpet for the last few weeks …

  11. Yes exactly that… ‘Interment doesn’t work because it didn’t work in Ireland with the IRA’.

    There is no comparison with the two situations. The comparison is war with outside forces, as in the second world war with Italy and Germany. You cannot have a fifth column living among you, at war with you, and risk them being free. If the islamic population of Britain was greater than the unbeleivers, then interment would be a risky venture best avoided.

    They are not.

  12. Theresa May talks a good talk – but she invariably fails to deliver.

    She claimed she was going to be tough on crime (and then wasn’t).

    She claimed she was going to cut immigration (and then didn’t – in fact it increased to record levels).

    She claimed at least five times that there would be no snap General Election (but we’re currently fighting one).

    She claimed Remain was the way and we were safer in the EU abd campaigned for Remain (but now is trying to bring about Brexit, or pretending to).

    A rather better-known physicist than myself defined something as being doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    That thing was *insanity*.

    And with Theresa May’s track record of dishonesty, we would be *insane* to trust her to deliver.

  13. Mrs May is presently trying her best to talk tough. She cannot do it. She is a nicely brought up middle class daughter of a Vicar.

    Anne Marie Waters is a street wise, intelligent, articulate Irish girl who as far as I know is not middle class or was not brought up in a Rectory !

    As far as I am concerned I concur with every word Anne Marie has written here.

    We in UKIP should be using her undoubted skills far more.

    Jeff Wyatt

  14. Please add me to your mailing list.

    • j, sometimes the mailing system works, but sometimes it doesn’t, as in my case, so then you just have to Google UKIP Daily every day, as I do. Come the revolution (within UKIP!) hopefully there will be a much easier system set up. Best wishes Dee

  15. My only disagreement is in what to do with muslims who refuse to tell a deportation agency their home country. No need to incarcerate them. Drop them off anywhere on the African coast. They found their way HERE. They can find their way home. Do not give them ANY excuse to remain, even in our prisons. Muslims have to be shown that there is NO way that they can stay here.

  16. Anne Marie,

    A great article but May and others in government are obsessed with the idea of the perversion of Islam rather than Islam itself. It will take many more such attacks before they consider the need for your solutions.

    Internment is a necessary solution, preferably on redundant cruise ships moored well offshore an guarded by the navy.

    We also need the mosques and madrassas removing in their entirety; Islam should have no place to hide in our country.

  17. The Three MusketeersMike FitzGerald // June 6, 2017 at 9:39 am // Reply

    Correct AMW. Again we have a choice of two main parties: Labour pro-EU and infiltrated by Islam, and the Tories who quietly pro-EU and will not deliver Brexit, and who are in the service of Islam. Oh, and the LibDems who are utterly pro Multiculturalism (Islam) and utterly pro-EU. It is time for a referendum on the Govt. backed Islamification of the UK. And let us showcase what Islam, Sharia and 1,400 years of Jihadi slaughter, rape and enslavement really means.

  18. Internment in Ulster in the early 1970’s took some Irish terrorists out of circulation for a while, but at the expense of creating tax-payer funded ideological training centres for them, with bed & board provided.

    There’s a quasi form of internment (Anjem Choudary – in Belmarsh still I believe? – case in point) in our prisons of wannabe jihadists currently, & in many of them they are controlling wings & fermenting Mohammedanism among the inmates, & there’s little the prison authorities can do to stop it.

    Creating a bigger system for them along these lines would seem of little utility other than to help them organize & concentrate their energies, & in the absence of an actual paramilitary unit of them forming and starting a military campaign it wouldn’t seem to be a good idea. If actual paramilitarism does develop of scale rather than the pin-prick amateur terrorist incidents were currently seeing, then it’s a new ball game.

    Immigration is the priority, stop any more coming in to reinforce their numbers.

    Post this election – which has been an utter disaster for UKIP, in as much as there hasn’t been one from Head Office that I’ve been aware of – UKIP needs to revise it’s immigration policy. It’s the centerpiece of the politics that lie ahead for Engalnd & Wales & UKIP needs to dominate this ground in a way that it’s not doing currently.

    The 2nd & 3rd World’s mass migration into the 1st must end. The much lauded (but with increasingly diminishing returns, as people aren’t convinced by it & switch off now when they now hear it uttered) “Australian Style Points System” should be replaced by a system mirroring Japan’s Immigration system, which has an iron-clad immigration policy. Japan does not allow foreign migration of any substantial scale, end of, & that’s what England & Wales needs now, or what we’re seeing sparks of in these minor attacks will get a lot worse in the century that lies ahead.

  19. Anne Marie
    It’s wonderful to see you back and on form. If only our politicians would heed you. As usual, we will get the same old excuses though.
    Thank you for your courage in speaking out for us all.
    With sincere respect,

  20. ‘It is an ideology that is a perversion of Islam and a perversion of the truth.’

    Islam is islam – there is no perversion. It’s in their book.

  21. So the terrorist attacks are growing in frequency, there are dead bodies that are hardly cold and all Theresa May can do, is is rant on about regulating the Internet. I wonder if this includes UKIP Daily?

    Too late Theresa Sharia May, closing down the Internet won’t save you and your pernicious agenda, we’ve already identified you as the disgusting, lying, duplicitous hustler that you are.

    Were on to you Sharia May!

    • Flyer
      Just to let you know that Tommy Robinson is still posting on Facebook. He put up a post on 4 June saying that twitter has suspended him for seven days for saying that all those suspected jihadists on the watch list should be locked up.
      Even if you are not on Facebook (I’m not) it is still possible to read his posts.
      Hope this helps clear up the twitter suspension mystery.

      • Flyer, Please accept my apologies. I should have addressed this post to Donald Duck. I will be glad when this awful election is over. It’s clouding my usual efficiency as I am generally more on the ball. Regards. Brenda

        • Brenda,

          Don’t worry I am bang up up date with Tommy, the only person telling it as it is, that’s why they have stifled him. Expect it to happen to us soon, we may have to find another way of communicating. In the meantime I am telling everyone I meet to watch Rebel TV.

    • Of course it includes UKIP Daily. The whole principle on which May and her like operate is that no one will do anything bad unless other people have expressed ideas they don’t like. So it’s all our’s and similar’s fault if terrorists murder people.

  22. My email to Ben Howlett, the Conservative candidate for Bath. We should all write similar emails to the Conservative candidates in our constituencies. Maybe the message can get through?

    Dear Ben,

    See my letter to the press, below.

    The Lib Dems seem to think they are in with a chance of winning Bath. A few weeks ago I would not have thought it too likely. However Theresa May is seriously damaging your chances. Particularly her nonsense statements in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks.

    Politicians cannot get away with deceiving the public now. It is plainly obvious that Islam is incompatible with Western freedom, democracy and human rights. Why on earth does Mrs May say that they are compatible? The voters are NOT fools and do not appreciate being treated as fools.

    I really am in despair now. We urgently need a Churchill figure and we are just getting hopeless inadequates instead.

    Best wishes
    Hugo Jenks

    • All they are interested in in their careers. They’ll say whatever they are told to say. Anyone disagreeing is an ‘extremist’. Waste of breath.

      The destruction of the British people is no accident. It’s a plan.

      • We should at least make an effort. Do what we can. Then when your younger relatives ask you why they are living as Dhimmis, you can at least say that you tried to prevent it.

  23. My letter to the Western Daily Press:

    Sharia democracy

    Whoever is advising Theresa May on Islam is making her look foolish. Does she really believe what she has said about the compatibility of Islam with Democracy? If so, it is no wonder that voters are losing confidence in her. Here she is criticising Islamist ideology:
    “It is an ideology that claims our Western values of freedom, democracy and human rights are incompatible with the religion of Islam.”
    There are a number of points just in this single sentence, For example sex slavery is permissible and clearly enabled within the Koran, so Islam really is incompatible with human rights. She should know this basic information, she was Home Secretary for years.
    You only have to ponder the topic for a few moments to realise that Sharia Law really is not compatible with Democracy. The laws of Allah are regarded as superior to man-made laws. It is impossible to have a fully functioning democratic process under those circumstances.
    Why do we have such hopeless politicians today? They are seemingly incapable of even basic logical thought. Time is running out and we urgently need politicians who are clear-headed and not blunderers such as Mrs May.


    Then, when the sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, and take them (captive), and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush.

    May in 2017: “It is an ideology that claims our Western values of freedom, democracy and human rights are incompatible with the religion of Islam. It is an ideology that is a perversion of Islam and a perversion of the truth.”

    Quran (4:24) – “And all married women (are forbidden unto you) save those (captives) whom your right hands possess.” Even sex with married slaves is permissible.

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