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Watch: Nigel Farage tells the EU they are behaving like gangsters

This morning the EU Parliament has been discussing “Negotiations with the United Kingdom following its notification that it intends to withdraw from the European Union…
Here’s what Nigel had to say…



This video appears courtesy of the RobinHoodUKIP YouTube Channel

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19 Comments on Watch: Nigel Farage tells the EU they are behaving like gangsters

  1. The never to be developed world is on welfare and we are paying the bill. In addition they are being allowed to come here. The result (unless the unlikely event that immigration is stopped and reversed and we start looking after our own interests) will be the collapse of our welfare states and western economies. The source of third world aid will dry up as the West becomes poverty stricken and people will starve here, and there. We are, most of us, dependent on the import of food.
    The American UN representative said yesterday that if the countries of the UN couldn’t cooperate on solving global problems the US would have to go it alone.
    Which is my prescription for world peace and universal “love” and cooperation.
    Independent homogeneous nations, taking responsibility for themselves.
    And, universal cooperation through trade and mutual respect.
    Clearly defined borders according to ethnicity.
    We have to get rid of the idea that we must be selfless. It does so much damage and benefits no one. Self interest is the core of the solution to the problems humanity is experiencing these days. I do not claim to have reached these conclusions by myself, the thoughts and utterances of people that I consider wise and that I respect are my sources.
    But we have to come to a conclusion and a cohesive philosophy that is truely wise.
    There is so much that is obviously wrong, but dogma prevents common sense from triumphing.
    I believe that any reasonable and objective person will see that uncontrolled mass immigration is causing great harm to stable societies and cultures. Yet none in power dare say so and any that do are crusified. so they drone on about human rights and integration, while the giving of rights and the idea that we are all basically alike is the problem. But then who would dare to come out and say that discrimination and “racism” is actiually the solution to many of the woes and a means to end terrorism and injustice.

  2. I see a troll has appeared…


    So maybe another of the “principled” NuUKIPers may be deserting. At this rate there will only be true Kippers left, just a few more to go – hopefully!!

  4. isn’t it about time to send all the quisling M Ps a white feather,
    and change from saying radicalised to brainwashed,
    and for goodness sake tell Paul to get rid of that beard he looks like Corbin mark 2,

  5. Guido Pfeffermann // April 5, 2017 at 7:48 pm // Reply

    Great Job done, Mr. Farage ! Go ahead !

    Like in a well known, old danish fairytale of Hans Christian Andersen, the GANGSTERS and MAFIOSIS of the EU(SSR) are naked and have no clothes on !
    The last thing they can’t stand is to be confronted with someone, holding up the mirror to them.

    Greetings from EU(SSR) colony “Germany” that currently will be ruined by a former GDR-STASI-member called MERKEL and with sympathy to all those British, who voted against this bunch of lunatics and alcoholics like JUNCKER from Luxemburg !

    • Thank you Guido, greetings from us here to you in Germany! We do feel for you, however, except for Nigel, we have had successive Governments equally bent on sacrificing Britain in the same way as Merkel is doing, only ours has been done with stealth. Our current Prime Minister is a Globalist Remainer, and not on the side of Leavers. But, as you kindly say, at least we can be proud of our wonderful Nigel Farage.
      Will Germany be any better off after your next elections, do you think? And how long do you think the EU can survive? Very best wishes, Dee

      • Guido Pfeffermann // April 6, 2017 at 9:20 am // Reply

        Dear Dee,

        I don’t expect that the EU will survive in the long run – and Nigel Farage mentioned it accurately in several speeches – because it’s reigned by non-elected COMMISSARIES (like in former SOWJET-times in the USSR, that’s why I wrote EU-SSR), not democratic elected by hard working, “simple” people, but by elitist circles.

        A Europe of / from the people – not from “above”

        In Germany the people NEVER had beens asked by polling, neither concerning “more european integration”, nor invention of a ailing currency called EURO or any other important issues the last 60 years since the ROMAIN CONTRACTS.

        It was quite a moronic decision from German governements – regardless, which party or coalition you might look at in recent decades – to give up the German “Deutsche Mark” – once one of the most stable currencies in the world – in exchange to a waxy “EUROPEAN” Lira.

        B.t.w : ANY (!) monetary union ever established the last 2000 years on the continent was bound to FAILED completely and so the EURO will do in the end.

  6. n.f. a rare species of real democrat in the eu parliament

  7. Why can’t Nigel speak up about the hangers on in UKIP, boot them out and lead UKIP from the front where he belongs. I’m sure many ex members and new members would flock to the party. Whimps like myself are prepared to make the necessary scarifices if we have a leader we can believe in. How can anyone feel confident with the likes of Nuttall as leader? He may be a very nice bloke but I can’t see him on a charger leading the troops into battle and that is exactly what our country needs IMHO

  8. News starting to break in the MSM that Reckless is slinking off behind Carswell back to the Tories.

  9. Bristish on their way down into a failed state.
    Nigel is an exeption, but the masses are not.

  10. Brill! Nigel embodies all our spines.

  11. Oh! I WISH Nigel was our PM! At first I could see Paul Nuttall fidgeting behind him and I thought he should sit still and watch the master. Luckily, he settled down after a bit and started listening properly.
    They didn’t like being called mafia or gangsters, did they? But Nigel is spot on: the EU is a racket and now we want out they’re sending in the heavies and making threats, demanding money, warning us we’ll be sorry and all the other vindictive guff.

    T May had better start taking tips from Nigel instead of her half-hearted Remainer Cabinet. He knows what the EU gangsters are like far better than she does.

  12. Nigel Farage is what in Spanish is called “un hombre de excepcion” that is to say he is one in a million, he is without doubt the best voice for Britain in the last 40 years, and history will adulate him. Whatever his faults he has been the engine of change for UKIP driving a gimcrack party into pole position.
    I consider it a great honour that I have met him, conversed with him and shook his hand. I can never repay the debt I feel towards him and I am sure I speak for millions when I say that he deserves the highest honours the UK can bestow him.
    Shame on Carswell for blocking a peerage. Shame on the evil bbc for portraying him wherever possible in a negative light.
    Que viva Trump, viva Farage y pronto viva Le Pen.

  13. Wonderful! Why Nigel ever had to fight against others in UKIP is something I not only cannot understand, it is something I can never forgive. If he had had the wholehearted support of all, UKIP could have been in a very different place right now.

  14. I love this, made my day. Brilliant!

    You should have heard people slagging Nigel off on Al Jazeera today. They were talking about the Westminster terror attack, how he was in fact British and was being discriminated against because he was a person of colour. We don’t need British people like that.

    These people are starting to make me feel sick: Nigel was a breath of fresh air.

    • Yes, same feeling too …… no matter what, Uncle Nige remains the best communicator in British politics and inspiring figure in British national life ….. yes, the nation owes very much for what he’s done and continues to do …..

  15. Brilliant,
    Nigel back “on form”
    It is a mistake that he is not included in the UK negotiating team – there is no way Magpie May can honestly and untaintedly represent the 17.4 million Grass Roots voter`s instructions in the UK; to get a CLEAN/TOTAL/COMPLETE?No Strings attached Brexit deal.
    (I liked his bit about they should be paying us)
    He also re-established the “Relevance” of UKIP nationally

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