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Why Voters Should Never, Ever, Vote for the Conservative, Labour or Lib Dem Parties Ever Again – Part II

Ed ~ This is the second part of the article by Jeremy Wraith. You can read the first part here on UkipDaily.

3.3 Again, politicians from all three parties are advocating more referendums in the hope that the result of the 2017 referendum will be overturned and the UK will stay in the EU. WHY? Being in the EU costs the UK an annual overhead, currently estimated at £185 billion/annum. The total overhead cost of being in the EEC/EU since 1973 could be well over £10 trillion, five times our current national debt.

Since 1973 the UK net contributions to EU budgets has currently cost us over £400 billion. This is equivalent to about 25% of the UK’s national debt which is rapidly approaching £2 trillion. In addition, as all this cash had to be borrowed the interest on this amount must be about £10 billion/annum. Even after we leave the EU this £10 billion/annum will still have to be paid until the national debt is discharged. Another adverse legacy of EU membership conveniently ignored by all politicians in the Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem parties.

This is virtually a COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY as it has been shown that there is NO “insider advantage” for trade or inward investment due to being in the EU. This MUST have been abundantly clear to successive UK governments, yet they ALL maintained that being in the EU was “good” for the UK.

3.4 So what have we now got to show for this virtually complete waste of money?:
  • A national debt approaching £2 trillion
  • Police forces severely cut
  • Armed forces severely cut
  • 350 million EU residents given legal right to live in the UK
  • NHS crisis with nearly all NHS trusts nearly bankrupt
  • NHS crisis due to being overloaded
  • Housing crisis
  • Doctor’s surgeries overloaded
  • Transport systems overloaded
  • Ghettoes and no-go areas in major UK cities
  • London a more dangerous city than New York
  • Increased terrorist activities in the UK
  • UK prisons full, with a substantial population of immigrants
  • UK unable to deport criminals from the EU as they have the legal right to live in the UK
  • UK industry transferred to EU countries using EU grants
  • The UK not allowed to negotiate trade deals
  • An emasculated UK parliament subject to EU laws and regulations
  • A UK legal system subordinate to EU judgements
  • The loss of centuries-old civil rights enshrined in the Magna Carta due to the European Arrest Warrant
  • The UK’s shameful treatment of our cousins in the Commonwealth

The above list is hardly a glowing endorsement of the so-called “benefits” of being in the EU. For all their agitation to stay in the EU, the EU’s customs union and the EU’s single market, none of the politicians in favour of staying in the EU has explained the cost of these institutions, let alone justified why it is to the UK taxpayers/citizens advantage to be in them.

So how anybody can justify voting for any of these lying, deceiving parties ever again is a total mystery, particularly as the EU gradually exposed its true intentions. The horrendous costs of being in the EU have become more and more obvious over the years.

4 Conclusions

4.1 Clearly all those people who kept voting for the Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem parties over the last 45 years should aware that by doing so, they have been supporting parties that, through their policy of membership of the EU, were and still are, intent on:
  • Destroying the UK as a sovereign nation-state
  • Making their parliament in Westminster the Mother of Parliaments, obsolete
  • Disenfranchising them
  • Costing them trillions of pounds to support the supra-national EU
  • Lying to them and deceiving them as to the eventual aims of the EU and the horrendous financial costs involved for the UK taxpayer
4.2 It is essential therefore that UKIP builds up into a strong, forceful and electable party.

It can do this by making clear to the voters of all ages that UKIP is the ONLY party which has told the truth about the EU and that all the other main parties are guilty of lying to the public for over 45 years. Who can trust them to run the country?

4.3 Hence, UKIP must start NOW to campaign hard for election as the next UK government so that it can overturn all the concessions so easily given away by the Conservative Party in its BREXIT negotiations.
4.4 I suggest that UKIP hammers home the 45 years of lies and deceit by the other parties and the costs referred to above as well as other costs involved due to being a member of the EU.

A suitable election slogan could be:





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6 Comments on Why Voters Should Never, Ever, Vote for the Conservative, Labour or Lib Dem Parties Ever Again – Part II

  1. Hi Brenda, thanks for the correction. How time flies!
    Will correct the original

  2. This article is a very cogent appraisal of the situation. The war is really about protecting what’s left of western civilisation. The left have marched through the institutions using deceit and double speak to bring us to the point in history we know find ourselves in. With Brexit we have tried to bring about a holt to endless march towards a socialist dystopian nightmare but alas they are still trying to con the electorate into believing we are leaving whilst at the same time actually just re badging the whole thing so the show goes on with Brexit as a slogan depicting something that hasn’t actually happened. At some point there has to be a showdown. We have watched as South Africa’s and Rhodesia were dismantled as safe countries for whites to exists in, now were watching Europe start to go up in flames…we can either meekly accept this or confront it..either way it will be painful and messy as it has been allowed to go this far unchallenged apart from Brexit..which is now being rendered down to nothing

  3. I don’t disagree with a word you’ve said in terms of impacts, but I despair that no-one (Except Mr Shrimpton) calls it out for what it is, deliberate treachery, that is all part of a very long term plan to destroy our nation, culture and all that goes with it. 1984 writ large. The scary truth as LG puts it.

    The idea that Parliament and officialdom have become so tainted that they’re working actively to break this nation is truly shocking, so shocking apparently that we can’t even talk about it, to expose it.

    But am I alone in thinking that discussing direction in terms of issues is playing our enemies game? Letting them deflect
    thinking away from the core of their intent to any number of distracting issues?

    If Common Purpose, cultural Marxism and Coudenhove Kalergi are the purposes of the EU, our post war political history is littered with treacherous bilderbergers from all Parties yet we do nothing to expose them. Even now people talk disparagingly about career politicians. Where have they been for the last 30 years ?

    Let’s hope GB steps up. GB for GB anyone?

  4. Jeremy, you have echoed my thoughts exactly!

    Having spent most of my life in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) and South Africa I have watched successive British Governments systematically dismantling what was left of the British Empire with each party taking turns towards that end. Although the policies differed in detail the overall plan was implemented without interruption. I also witnessed the results of their handiwork and the suffering, especially in Zimbabwe, where, despite their high-sounding platitudes about human rights etc., many lost that most basic of human rights, the right to eat.

    When I arrived in Britain I couldn’t help noticing that ‘the plan’ was in full swing here and that it was business as usual with the same usual suspects taking it in turns to implement the final phase of the plan, which is to finish Britain off.

    Our success in the referendum has come as a breath of fresh air.

    This is our Dunkirk moment. Our last reprieve.

    We at UKIP have it in our power to turn the tide. We alone can do it.

    The old political parties are all hopelessly compromised, rotten to the core.

    It’s all down to us.

  5. Thanks for the article and the data. Interesting and useful. May I plagerise? Unfortunately, people will continue to vote for the major parties under the “frightened rabbit runs back to the safety of the burrow” principle. They would rather believe a “safe” lie than a scary truth. Hopefully enough will realise staying in the headlights is not the best place. (Mixing metaphors here, sorry).

  6. In your first paragraph, 3.3, you refer to the ‘2017 referendum’. The EU referendum was held in 2016.

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