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View from the doorstep

I was out pushing leaflets for the local elections this afternoon. I was invited in for a cup of tea by a supporter I had visited before; in fact, I arrived just as her carer was delivering plates of food. This lady has cancer and is obviously in a very, very feeble physical condition

But her mind and spirit were far from feeble. She was as sharp as a tack and well up to date with many of the local and national political nuances.

Her first question was: “How do you think we are going to do?” and so the discussion ranged far and wide, particularly into the effectiveness (or lack of it) of UKIP and our relevance to local and national issues.

I told her that I had been out the past week and had been surprised at how well I had been received by a number of people I met who had no hesitation in  identifying themselves as our potential voters, and there was particular emphasis on “I would never vote Tory” (which I took to mean they were ex Labour voters who understood this coming election was all about  preserving the referendum victory – as it is just that!)

You will gather my conversation with this lady was very positive and, coupled with my public reception, was encouraging and inspiring and I came to the conclusion that we have been overdoing this business of ‘beating ourselves up’ and believing the poison that we are now irrelevant and thus finished – a poison that has been put down by the contaminated legacy and failed politicians and their contagious establishment friends.

For years we have slightingly been dismissed as ‘just a pressure group’ and we have proved them all wrong; we are worse than that. We are  the dreaded ‘whistle blowers’ or, as the CIA prefer to call our ilk, ‘enemies’ (of democracy? ha ha ha) – strange how people don’t like hearing the truth! But I am afraid UKIP are guilty of allowing all our critics to get away with the ‘big lie’, rolling over and saying mea culpa and giving up on the 17.4 million ‘leavers’ who put their trust in us.

Magpie May has half-inched 50% of our policies and now Corbyn has taken the other half – I seem to remember it was UKIP and the peoples’ army who identified the Parliamentary and establishment swamp, not the dishonest Labour Remainiacs who knew there was an immigration problem.

Well! I for one am not prepared to lay down and die; many of those Labour voters who voted LEAVE were part of Nigel’s Peoples’ Army and voted for an end of EU in UK and an end of our Quisling elite establishment who hoodwinked us for over 40 years.

Get out there and fight, UKIP! There’s far more support than you think, just waiting for a lead.

Nigel has said he is right behind Paul so be it – let them get out and organise ‘Peoples’ Army meetings  up and down the country; re-assemble the ‘GO’ Grassroots Out gang of speakers.

This is our one chance don’t let’s blow it!

One frail little lady is depending on us!!!!

Finally (you thought I’d finished) …

A big ‘thank you’ to Mrs May – I do believe you have saved UKIP; your timing of the calling of the

General Election could not have provided a better opportunity  for UKIP to re-unite and be at the forefront once more of the daily agenda, and a superb opportunity to demonstrate the relevance of our contribution to local government and affairs with the national need for a strong Brexit.

It should be realised  that UKIP is the only political organisation uncontaminated with 40-odd years of failure and brainwashing by EU ‘think’.

Our children are being brought up and taught by their schools that they are ‘children of the EU’; their loyalty is not even to their parents or their country, not even their history is now their own. How can we expect loyalty and  service to this their own birth country?

This concept of EU ‘think’ colours every aspect of our life, not only in schools but in local government, universities, our hospitals and care services, and I cannot stress how difficult it is going to be to eradicate it from the very soul of our being. But it should not be difficult to recognise that UKIP as an uncontaminated party is the only one qualified to rid us of this cancer at grass roots level.

It should also be noted that Mrs May has also re-opened the great immigration scandal by reiterating her party’s commitment to reducing it to ‘tens of thousands’ – very brave of her. It again reinforces the value and legitimacy of UKIP in being the ‘whistleblowers’ in the face of mass vituperation of this disease. It was UKIP that said the country is ‘full up’. Yes, maybe some or many of these people have contributed to the economy, but it is sheer pressure of numbers that has led to crisis-ridden A & E services, extended times for appointments with doctors, lack of council houses for British citizens who have been on a waiting list for years – it does not appear to cross government’s minds that additional bodies require additional resources. UKIP must enter this debate at local level.

‘Change’ will not be easy and of necessity it will have to come from the top down allocation of resources, but identification of ‘needs’ can only emanate from those who experience the day to day difficulties. UKIP must be a big part of this work at local level. So at the same time as we are getting rid of EU STINK at national level, we should be getting rid of EU THINK at local level.

Fighting a revolution is heady stuff. Winning the peace is more of a slog. We’ve done the one; now we have to settle down and do the other.

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15 Comments on View from the doorstep

  1. I agree with this article and it gives me a measure of hope that all is not lost as far as UKIP is concerned. However, I would add that it is not just the pressures on schools, hospitals, housing and jobs etc that cause a problem. Overpopulation (in any country) creates other down to earth problems, eg, demands on supplies for water, gas, electricity, and rubbish creation. Nitpicking perhaps, but true nevertheless.

  2. I canvassed for the 2015 election and doorstep reaction was very good. The results suggested we could come first or a very strong second. We in fact came a disappointing third. People lie when they are being canvassed is the only concussion I can come up with

    • I think people just lose their nerve because they don’t want to be called a racist and they don’t have confidence in us. We don’t help ourselves. We allow the mainstream media to phrase every question as a moral condemnation, we have no clear message discipline and our officials fight like rats in a sack in at every opportunity.

      If UKIP wants to break through it needs to be much more confident, assertive and challenging to the media, and we need to get our bloody act together.

  3. I’d be a very happy man if UKIP could get a few MPs into Parliament. The thought of the dreaded Theresa May running the show with only a few loony Labour and Lib Dems for opposition fills me with dread.

    I’m starting to think it may be time to come home and get involved in this one way or another.

    • Yes, Flyer please come home, all hands are needed on deck for this one, look what has happened in France!

    • It worries me the number of people who are saying on the press forums we will vote for May so she will get a strong mandate then we will change back to UKIP 2022, we will not get members of parliament by voting Tory. All efforts must be made by targeting winnable seats and not standing for all 650

      • Worried or not, it’s going to happen. Brexit is more important than tribal loyalty important to many UKIP supporters. We should just own it.

        Let’s make it clear that for this election our priority is to see as many Pro-Brexit MPs as possible in parliament, regardless of rosette colour.

  4. Richard Leppington // April 23, 2017 at 5:00 pm // Reply

    I am standing for re-election to my County Council seat on May 4th and the reception I have had has been amazing. so stop beating ourselves up and get out there and ” put Britain first”

  5. I agree. This election is exactly what we needed. We’ll come our the other side with our identity crisis behind us.

    UKIP has been running before it could walk for years. We only really know how to run. We’re crap at walking. That’s something we’re going to have to address.

    • I agree as well as SK, Roger, but maybe the anger at grassroots was necessary, because I do believe that, although we haven’t yet seen the manifesto, we know that UKIP is at last going to be the party we all wanted it to be, the party of Britain. We must be, as you say, Roger, the whistleblower, as well as the guardian of Brexit. I really believe the members dissatisfaction has achieved that.
      People know we are the Brexit party, but we had to show we are much more than that. By confronting Sharia and the burka, which will engender the old tired labels from the left, we have shown that UKIP is not afraid, not a cowardly appeasing party after all, and one thing you can be sure of, these policies won’t be in any other Party manifesto. We are the party that wants integration and assimilation, it isn’t racist, it’s simply good for Britain.
      Many will support us although they won’t openly admit it – I have had many whispered comments about how afraid people are for their children and grandchildren. As yet, they darent say so openly – UKIP dares, and I believe, wins!
      We have also destroyed political correctness – we know what is wrong, and we will openly admit and confront it.
      I hope, Roger, your dear old lady is as pain-free as possible, I hope she may be able to see UKIP do well, the other message those of us on social media as well as those on doorsteps must keep pushing is ‘You Can’t Trust Mrs. May’ she is, was and always will be a Globalist Remainer – I think the message is getting through already – the 10’s of thousands immigration is demonstrably not happening, and Foreign Aid is another that may be popular with Liberal lovvies, but not with ordinary people.
      I now have HOPE!

      • P.S. The first really inclusive sensible letter from Paul Nuttall just dropped into my in-box! The times they are a-changing…

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