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Undercover Hardcash Productions – ITV, 9-11-17

Dear Editor,

I write with reference to the “undercover” programme broadcast Thursday night on ITV at 10.40pm. A programme produced by a chap called Henshaw via a firm called Hardcash Productions (nice name!)

This programme is an appalling example of biased, modern, so-called journalism. Set up as a commentary on UK Far Right politics, it merely chose footage, comments and scenarios from a variety of people and organisations that were edited and presented in such a way that showed things in a twisted, out of context and incorrect perspective. Certainly regarding the three people/organisations that I know a bit about, that is. It is these tree entities that I would like to comment upon, and about the unfairness of Mr Henshaw’s piece. I will leave it to others to comment on the treatment that the other organisations such as The BNP and the National Front received, organisations that I know nothing about.

UKIP:  UKIP was portrayed as Far Right leaning. Totally incorrect. Any good journalist, which Henshaw and his colleagues are obviously not, would have or should have mentioned that the Party is a legitimate political force, with locally elected councillors up and down the land, 20 elected MEP’s, a long history, instrumental in forcing the holding of the 2016 Referendum and with near on 4 million voters at the 2015 General Election. He could have been more impressive and fair if he had chosen to mention that the Party is presently having troubles dealing with the aftermath of the leadership election where Anne Marie Waters finished in second place with some 1,000 or so votes less than the Farage-endorsed winner Henry Bolton, troubles including member’s defecting to Anne Marie’s new party ‘For Britain’, which very much includes myself. No, this would have been investigative reporting that did not suit this fascist left winger’s agenda.

Anne Marie Waters:  So, the best they could come up with following months of secret filming by a disingenuous ‘friend’, infiltration by the ladies of ‘close circles’ and, I dare say, attempts at connived entrapment, was some footage of Anne Marie in a private social context saying the words “fuckers” and “shits” and smoking a roll-up cigarette. Well I have some news for these metropolitan media detached elites, this is what ordinary people do whilst having a social drink with what they believe to be like minded friends, they drink alcohol, they smoke cigarettes, they swear. I have heard many many words form Anne Marie both publicly and privately spoken, never does she utter anything but wise, considered, intelligent, articulate and passionate words. She is a rare breed. She is the real deal, she is authentic. Could this be why she came a close second to Henry Bolton, could this be why she has hundreds of thousands of followers on You Tube, could this be why so many have already joined her in her new Party ‘For Britain’?

Henshaw attempted to portray his piece as an expose on comments made by AMW. Sorry my friend: nothing you showed there was anything other than already spoken words in the public domain by Anne Marie. Tell me Mr Henshaw, do you want to live in a land where it is illegal to say something like “Islam is a conquering ideology”? If your answer to this is anything other than… no  … you are on the slippery slope to an Orwellian Hell.

Tommy Robinson: This guy left the EDL over 9 years ago, denouncing their ways.  And still people like Henshaw present his past membership as if it were contemporary. Robinson may speak with a rough urban accent, he may have brushed the wrong way with the law many years ago, but he attracts massive support. This man has near on 900,000 followers on his You Tube content (last time I looked UKIP has some 11,000).

This man and his like have voices that in a free country are as a valid as yours or mine, as valid as Mrs May’s or Nigel Farage’s.  Robinson is a family man, he is a succeful businessman in Bedfordshire.  He is also the writer of his recently published book “Mohammed’s Koran”, a book I am told talks about the threat to us that Islam poses.

Revealingly Henshaw chose to not mention this in his documentary or the fact that a week last Saturday Robinson was due to launch this book at a book signing event in the centre of Manchester. But following Manchester Police intimidating (yes that’s correct – I am not making this up, look it up on Robinsons Twitter account) the venue into cancelling the event, he was forced to inform the over 1000 ticket paying members of the public who were to attend this book signing event that they would have to visit him to collect their books from an outside venue. This Friday night event at Castlefield, the Police “allowed” to happen due to the massive outcry from the public. I’ve seen the video of what and who attended.

I suggest to Henshaw that if he valued his unbiased journalistic credentials this is the sort of opposite view info he could have chosen to include i.e. in a free country free speech is a good thing. The Orwellian state that Henshaw’s piece encourages is truly frightening. Ask many 20th Century Russian, Latvian or Ukrainians for their thoughts on this.   

I look forward to the Directors of ITV addressing the imbalance and invite another biased documentary to be made. This time on the true support that exists on the streets of this Country for people like Anne Marie, Tommy Robinson, For Britain and UKIP.

I also look forward to clear evidence from the Police that their role in allowing free speech, allowing a citizen to sell his book in this country is a fundamentally important role that they recognise as their major contribution to keep us free and safe from fascists manipulation and rule.

Now where did I put that OFCOM complaint hotline telephone number …

Sincerely, Jeff Wyatt, Ex UKIP PPC Milton Keynes

[Ed: see also “ITV’s “Undercover – Inside Britain’s Far Right”. A Review.”]

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37 Comments on Undercover Hardcash Productions – ITV, 9-11-17

  1. Amoree is correct when asserting UKIP’s Generals need the rank and file – PBI (poor bloody infantry) such as she. Amoree is a stalwart foot soldier and in common with others throughout the party could be found leafleting, manning stalls, and acting as cheer leader at numerous hustings during the European MEP elections, the 2015 GE, the EU referendum. She with friends campaigned outside the Supreme court accompanied with her friends. Where were the Generals then? Without her – them, the Generals will shout charge, and they’ll be no response.

  2. I, sadly, don’t think I will live long enough to hear Bolton say anything that’s good for the UK. However, I think that Bolton became Leader because the ‘Armchair Kippers’, you know the ones, they can’t be arsed to leaflet, have stalls promoting Ukip, Brexit etc, probably have never been to a meeting, were never likely to go to a hustings and probably never heard of any of the candidates, sat (I their armchairs) and read the Leadership booklet, read what Bolton HAD done, sounded ok and voted for him! He must have been the only candidate who gobbed off about what he HAD done but couldn’t think of anything he WOULD do! I’m fed up of treading water, I’m one of those real Kippers, a doer, so I am soooo (and I do feel sad, for real) I’m looking to swim for all Im worth. My country needs me and Bolton has no idea.

  3. Nero fiddles whilst Rome burns, and re-building UKIP by the new leadership will the be the political equivalent of re-launching the Marie Celeste. To be likened to a NAZI and Xenophobic extremist whilst campaigning in the towns, and on the street of Britain on behalf of UKIP was par for the course. But to be labelled by my own so called leaders in the same manner is too much. There is no room for a’ NAZI Extremist’ like me in the modern UKIP, so I am off! I would add in passing that my service as a Royal Marines on operations with – 40 Commando x 2, 41 Commando x 1, 42 Commando x 2, and 45 Commando x 1. Plus 3 x years an instructor at the RM Commando School, nor campaigning as a PPC for UKIP in NES is not good enough for the Modern – Touchy – Feely all things to all men, to be a member of UKIP. Bye Bye UKIP. Hullo AMW.

    • Ernie, you are the most courageous man I have ever known. It was an honour and a privilege to campaign alongside you when you stood as the candidate in North East Somerset in 2015.

      Anne Marie has that courage too, I am sure that you will make a great contribution to her team.

      UKIP still has some purpose, for the next year or so, to keep the pressure on Brexit. However I cannot see much purpose beyond that, if it refuses to tackle the serious threat that we are facing from Islam. All the other issues are minor in comparison. Why cannot people see this?

      I hope that UKIP will really believe in “one law for all”, however this is an empty slogan whilst it remains in favour of exemptions for religious non-stun abattoirs. Why cannot those at the top, devising the policy, understand this fundamental point?

      Of course Anne Marie is vehemently opposed to non-stun. She is a thoroughly decent person, and cares deeply about what is happening to our country. She has a good knowledge of Islam and the associated evils.
      Ernie, I may be joining you in For Britain.

    • Good for you, Ernie. Being called a “racist w***er” (as I have been) by some brainwashed young lefty is one thing; being called a racist Nazi ex-BNP infiltrator by the great and the good in UKIP is quite another.

      The last straw for me was Paul Oakden’s recent email where he said, “The NEC allowing her to stand was based on a belief that our membership had a right to decide whether UKIP should allow itself to become a single issue, anti-Islam party.” AMW’s manifesto had only two pages out of 20 on Islam.

      I’m used to being misled by LibLabCon politicians and the MSM; when top people in UKIP think they can get away with it, it’s time to head for the exit.

      • Keith, it is idiotic of those at the top to call us infiltrators. I was a member of UKIP a number of years before I had even heard of AMW. I have not been a member of any other party or political organisation before joining UKIP.

        I did not renew my membership in the summer of 2015, because of the U-turn on non-stun policy. However I did continue as a supporter, and put in a significant amount of effort campaigning to leave the EU.

        I had not heard of Henry Bolton before this leadership campaign. He has risen without trace, just as Nick Clegg did in the Lib Dems. I do have a theory that Clegg is really a Tory, sent on a mission to destroy the Lib Dems. He did quite a good job of damaging them.

        JRE, DK, and PW all have concerns about Islam. If you add up their votes with the votes for AMW, it significantly exceeds the votes for HB.

        • Clegg was/is a Bilderberger, as was David Cameron and Ed Milliband (I believe David Milliband still is). All supposedly representing ‘different’ political parties in the UK, but all singing from the same hymn sheet, doing the bidding of their unseen ‘masters’.

    • In case no one replies, I offer my thanks to you Ernie, for all the hard work you have done for the UK both as a Royal Marine and for taking fire whilst campaigning as a PPC for UKIP. I hope you will receive genuine appreciation with your new political associates. I cannot understand how the point ever arrived when UKIP leaders gave you the sense that you were viewed by UKIP as a “Nazi Extremist”.
      Once again thanks,

    • Ernie

      I’m sorry to see you go. However, I can understand your feelings.

      I wish you all the very best.

      Kind regards.

    • Re: Ernie Blaber. I hope Farage and Bolton are happy at the result of calling people like Ernie names. What a loss to UKIP. Mind you Bolton might get a “Well Done” note from Nick Clegg’s wife. On the BBC programme she said she approved of what Bolton had done so far to clear out the racists, but more progress was necessary. Is this what you call progress Bolton?

  4. Thanks John Freeman, now I know why I was suspicious of the Oakden.
    Why is he still in post? Makes Walter Mitty look like a realist.

  5. Dreadfully biased programme Hope Not Hate driven. I ventured onto their website and read their unjustified attacks on UKIP and Nigel Farage. This organisation is just “Hate”.

  6. Last time I looked, “For Britain” was a rival political party and as such I don’t support it in any way. I’ve been banned from Conservative Home multiple times, under different user names, for saying much milder pro UKIP things than some posters here do in support of AMW.
    True that Henry is very quiet and it’s over time for another progress report but I gather that one will be out soon. If he was the wrong choice then I won’t be here for a new leader, because we will be finished. It will be every branch for itself. I hope and pray he will come out with a big bang of a campaign once the party organisation is sorted.

    • From what i can sense (as there is no obvious outwards manifestation) Henry picked his team too quickly and did it on the assumption that people who are MEPs and have a salary will therefore have the financial freedom to provide more help. There are 35 members of his cabinet, 21 of whom are MEPs, a further 2 are AMs, their total salary is something like £2.5million per year. You can understand why he did this, but it seems to be a major error because (i) they are bone idle, 1-2 notable exceptions like Mike Hookem, and (ii) by doing this he basically kept the door shut on anyone else. No new faces. No attempt to identify talent and bring it in, just reshuffling the deckchairs. To reconnect with the membership he should have (i) appointed only 10-15 people in interim positions, (ii) gone out to the regions and branches and found new talent, (iii) put the new people in. Also, such a large cabinet (i) will find it impossible to function, even getting together is a massive logistical effort, and (ii) the effect is that nobody knows who any of these spokespeople are, and they haven’t exactly tried hard to raise their profiles. In the same was as he realised the David Kuerten decision was a mistake then half-heartedly corrected it, after doing his branch visits he should cut the size of cabinet down to 12, of which 7-8 should be new people.

    • I would also like to hope that Henry will start driving the party forward. Sadly his prolonged silence when we have been desperately wanting his input just makes people feel ignored. When people feel ignored they don’t feel valued. When they don’t feel valued they drift away.

      I was never a supporter of AMW and am still not. However, she is getting on with forming her party and I can understand why people are going with her.


  7. This is an interesting video.

    “The Solution To Stop Islam”
    From a woman that describes herself as a victim of Islam. Our politicians want to bring this to our country and tell us it’s a religion of peace. Madness!

  8. Could For Britain please set up a For Britain Daily, then I’ll be able to post on it about how good UKIP is and how the FB lot are useless. Fair dos, sauce for the goose etc. I know it would be boring but no more than this.


    • You keep confusing yourself for the editor. You have no right to say who should or shouldn’t post, or what they should post about. If the party (UKIP) wants an officially controlled safe space bulletin board then it can set one up. Although didn’t seem to work well last time they tried.

      • Free speech. I didn’t try to stop the AMW fnboys from posting here, I just want reciprocal rights. A chance to post the same sort of stuff on a site run by FB would mean that FB stops censoring me from criticising them. Etc etc,

        See, I told you it was boring.


    • Julian you can post anywhere on the web how great UKIP is. Problem is right now nobody would believe you.

    • ….careful of what you wish for Mr Flood.

  9. Henshaw sound like the sort of person who cannot bear the truth so avidly avoids it in case it changes his mind.

  10. In the U.S. They are doing a campaign.
    “It’s okay to be white”
    Showing a beautiful
    (white mother with baby in arms).
    Great idea, who could be offended by that? Right!
    We should do in every town and city up and down the land.Then the ordinary people will see the anti white fascists frothing at the mouth in all their hatred for our white heritage.
    And will know we are under constant attack by the freaks in power.

  11. What IS Henry doing.

    The Left has the ball and they’re carrying it well.

    We’ve got a political thing ( I hesitate to say organisation ). I can think of hundreds of things We could do. If you want ideas. watch Tommy whatsisname, or AMW or even Vote Leave ( They’ve got proper weight. ) Join ’em, Coalesce, pinch their ideas, anything, but please, We’re all desperate to help in any way.

    The lack of anything is almost enemy action!

    • AMW does a fortnightly Facebook video address. In her last one she reached out to Kippers who may be feeling disillusioned with UKIP. She said she welcomed support from within UKIP even if people didn’t cross over. There’s nothing stopping you giving a monthly donation to ‘For Britain’ in the same way as regular members. With regard to UKIP I don’t sense a master plan in the making. I could be wrong.

    • It seems to me that members have plenty of ideas (not to mention a wealth of talent) without actually needing to purloin ideas from others.

      Problem is that neither the so called leader, nor the powers that be, have any interest in us let alone in anything we have to say.

    • Actually, the easiest thing Henry could do if he lacks ideas is to simply parrot what Nigel says on his LBC shows. Act as an echo chamber to amplify the message. If Henry is a great administrator and organiser (although absolutely no sign of that yet) then he should understand his limitations and simply copy Nigel.

  12. The worst thing was UKIPs response to this documentary, taking it seriously. Oakden should have just said ‘this was a HNH hit job that we refuse to cooperate with, HNH has a history of harassing the leader of our party and members standing for election and we consider them to be a far-left hate group’. Instead, he seems to actually revel in joining HNH in their criticism of AMW, which is idiotic as they can turn on him in an instant and legitimately ask why we still have other anti-islamers like Gerard Batten snd Lord Pearson onboard. Has PO ever played chess, does he have the ability to think more than one step ahead?

    • …Graham, bravo well said. Oakdens comments about the TV program are I have to say yet more evidence of why I and others made the decision to leave UKIP and join For Britain.
      To say the words that UKIP members “comprehensively reject” AMW is, let me try to continue to be polite ( cos I tried so hard to like Paul ) incorrect and disingenuous. I’m afraid all I have seen from UKIP these past few weeks is more delusions of grandeur, more pandering to attempt to fit into the main stream, more moves away from the mantra so loudly proclaimed by Nuttall and Farage that ( quite rightly ) “UKIP must remain radical”.

      Let me say this on Oakdens condescending “absent friends” comment on this weeks official communique. I have consumed enough of my time and money on UKIP these 3 short years that I was a member. I have met some great people both locally and nationally, but UKIP turned out to be far from what I expected it would become, with far to many folk far from great, I’ll leave it at that. Bolton, Farage, Oakden et al had the chance to turn a new leaf post this latest leadership election and recognise the fact that AMW came a close second ( 1,119 votes short Paul is not a comprehensive rejection ). But alas control freakery, delusions of grandeur, narrow mindedness and ignorance got in the way. Feet shot, yet again.

      • Yesterday Nigel settled in court with HNH, who Nigel had accused of being voilent and undemocratic. In light of the fact that our ex-leader and in fact ONLY leader of any worth was being sued by HNH, it is even more remarkable that Oakden didn’t find them worth mentioning in his commentary on this hit piece, instead using several paragraphs to scratch the scab off the wound of AMW.

    • This might give an insight into Mr. Oakden’s character. Who wants someone who talks straight when you can have him.

    • I really cannot understand the email I response I have had from UKIP central office about this programme. While does the party feels the need to virtue signal particularly when it decides to give the typical boilerplate response about not discriminating about the usual identity groups. Does it mean that any criticism about the behaviour or attitudes of someone who adheres to the characteristics of this group is somehow discriminatory? We are well on the road to the false equivalency of criticising Islam equalling an attack on all individual muslims similar to the feminists arguement of criticism of their ideology being an attack on all women.

      • Why virtue signal? Because the author of the letter has been told he is on his way out and he needs to find a new job, the most likely potential employers are the tories, hence need to toe tory line. Re; identity politics, I heard it once said that the democrats in the US tried identity politics as a strategy, relying on the changing demographics there, but the genius of Trump was to understand that if he can unify the single biggest groups and form a white identity then he could win. Turns out white people can also do identity politics! And yet so many in UKIP distance themselves from Trump, it is senseless. Seriously, just follow whatever Nigel says, he is the master and if he doesn’t want the hassle of being the leader, he can still be our guru.

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