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UKIP Trolls Take a Bow!

On the 10th of May Breitbart London, for whom I also write, have an article on the success if UKIP’s online media campaign.  Managing Editor of Breitbart London Raheem Kassam noted the Labour Party gained 4,016 followers, and the Conservatives gained 2,005 followers, UKIP gained 6,563 Twitter followers.

Also UKIP’s website is currently the most popular of all political parties in Britain. UKIP was ranked the 1,813th most read website in Britain. The British National Party’s was 4,765th, with the LibDems on 6,970. No doubt Patrick O’flynn and Sam Frost can claim much of the credit, but equally UKIP’s member’s enthusiasm can also be attributed.

Starved of a mainstream media platform of print and TV exposure for many years, especially from the BBC, with the rise of online media,  Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are now owned by UKIP.  It may be best summed up with a quote attributed to Mahatma Ghandi wrote,

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

It is a testament to UKIP’s older members that they have learnt to master the internet world, many just for the sake of UKIP. Speed testing their broadband, upgrading to Windows8 and linking their URLs. The online family gives everyone a sense of belonging and a spirit of fraternity.

The downside is LibLabCon troll UKIP’s websites in the hope of exposing extremists within UKIP’s ranks. Occasionally and embarrassingly the odd lurid headline makes it to mainstream media. The press office and decisive action has not seemed to have dented UKIP’s lead in the opinion polls for the European elections.

One of UKIP’s cornerstone policies is immigration.  William Hague, 2001 and Michael Howard, 2005 tried and failed to make immigration a popular and vote winning issue in the general election. Both failed as cries of racist were bellowing around the Guardian and the BBC. The left was very adept at shutting the debate down with name calling. Then came Labour’s Gerald Kaufman accusing UKIP members of being Little Englanders and any questioning of gay attitudes was homophobic.

In 1998 just 9% of households had access to the internet, by 2013 there has been a nine fold increase to a staggering 83%.

troll photoIn my opinion, the UKIP troll has transformed the political landscape as PC ownership has grown.  The BBC’s website, The Guardian, New Statesman, Daily Mail, The Sun, Daily Express, The Independent, Daily Mirror are festooned with  yellow and purple avatars as UKIP members commentating on articles have forced the Westminster Bubble, the Metropolitan Elite to come out of their undemocratic and complacent stranglehold of opinion and what we are allowed to think.

Hague and Howard were silenced in the elections to a certain extent as they switched their focus onto other policies. UKIP members have stiffer backbones. They may insult UKIP pundits, they may continue hurling names, but they just keep coming back. LibLabCon must in despair as UKIP trolls have set the agenda and backed up Nigel Farage’s policies to the hilt. As a collective bunch if you were not aware how effective you have been, I hope I have put you on the pedestal you belong.

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5 Comments on UKIP Trolls Take a Bow!

  1. David Hussell // August 5, 2014 at 8:51 pm //

    Excellent encouraging article rightly praising the efforts of many Ukippers on the blogsphere. It’s a very good way to show our presence en masse. We must be careful to avoid being insulting or giving racial abuse of course and aim for good, clear, straightforward points. Forward the Kippers !

  2. Ngaire Lowndes // August 4, 2014 at 10:33 pm //

    One question. Why do you have a picture of innocent cosplayers – young people who like to harmlessly dress up as various characters from cartoons and comics- as your header image? They are not trolls. My daughters are both cosplayers and two more responsible, kindly and well-mannered internet individuals you could not wish to meet.

  3. Anthony Ridley // May 16, 2014 at 2:06 pm //

    As a general rule I no longer watch or listen to the BBC as they are without doubt biased in their reporting and programming and therefore can’t be trusted. I came to this conclusion way before I ever supported UKIP and it saddens me that this once great organisation should have become so corrupt and so obviously in the control of people who don’t share the views and aspirations of ordinary people. It’s also sad that the rest of the media, newspapers, TV, radio etc. should also follow their lead and actually be at odds with the very people who pay their wages, us. Without us they are nothing and if they continue as they do they will lose even more people like me who rely on the internet for their news and entertainment. Vote UKIP, you know it makes sense.

  4. Yes, indeed! Quite often I don’t bother to purchase any of the “dailys” as mostly what they print is only an echo of the same biased viewpoints regurgitated from the equally biased TV Channels!
    If I wanted to read totally untrue “truths about nasty UKIP” I would only need to go to the Government sponsered “Love to HATE” website…but then why would I bother with their Crap?

  5. The internet is bringing real democracy for once. The most promising aspect is that people are turning away from mainstream media and in doing so removing the establishment’s control of the dissemination of information.

    They hate it!

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