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UKIP – Ten Questions

Yes, this does refer to Paul Foyster’s list (see “Letters to the Editor”) which he apparently intends to forward to our postulant hustings audience, to fire at whoever of the eleven leadership candidates turn up in their area.

I read through his script and I started making mental comments. I got to the end and had so many mental notes that I thought I had better write down a few points – so back through it again I went.

I had intended to make a point or two in our comment section provided at the end of Paul`s article. Unfortunately I had a surprise: I had covered nearly four sides of note paper. And I realised I would probably exceed the maximum length and perhaps face excision …!

To put it politely, I have a few doubts. In fact I ended up asking myself if I was crazy.

I think UKIP has really lost the plot …

Do we realise we are in the “Last Chance Saloon”? This leadership election is indeed the last chance  to get it right. It is time to put up or shut up, it is time for those who cannot stand the heat to get out of the kitchen, It’s time for the NEC to “man up” (sorry, “Zed up”!)

Do we realise that if we wish to be considered a political entity, we have to exhibit red blood and fight with tooth and claw.?

Do we realise that the “real politicians” play dirty, they play for keeps, there are some of them I have heard described as gangsters?

Do we remember on the Brexit campaign Cameron and his gang of pseudo thugs threw everything at it including the kitchen sink?

Do we realise “we” have allowed the Cons and their confederates to snatch the affiliation of 17.4 million willing voters, who were united in Brexit LEAVE? Most of them “lent” UKIP their votes, many had never voted before.

What did we do to stop the Tories – nix! We at best gazed at our navels and at worst not only never even thanked them en masse, but engaged in internecine warfare. We have a lot of ground to make up. Now’s the time to shake the tree – rotten apples have to go!

Now to the questions:

First query:

On Brexit delay beyond two years – is the writer implying we should swap the instant divorce settlement (multimillions) for the two year period and, I assume, continuation of normal fees as though we have not left?

I believe the UKIP position should be zero Divorce Settlement and zero period of delay, I’m pretty sure that is Nigel’s position and, I would think, our still on-board economic spokesman Gerard Batten’s (why isn’t he in the leader race? He far outshone Paul Nuttall in the last debacle – he has presence, integrity and ideas!).

Second query:

I’m on board for proper border controls, but would also add dedicated gates at airports etc. to speed the passage of British citizens and Commonwealth entrants.

Third  query:

Of course questions on Sharia Law and FGM and Halal meat, but also some questions must be raised regarding the preponderance of Pakistani muslim men convicted of abuse of under-age white girls, and indeed the whole cultural aspect of islamic attitude not only to white British youngsters, but also to those who are treated as second class citizens in their own community, apparently at the behest of the teachings of their religion.

It should also be mentioned that the native British population are losing out where immigrants are housed ahead of indigenous ones who have been on a Local Authority list for years.

Fourth query:

Nationalisation. Ugh. An opportunity for Unions to recreate the anarchy of yesteryear and facilitate further red Corbynite insurgency towards a Republican Totalitarian state. Answers to this question must deprecate this return to the chaos of the three day week.

Fifth query:

Encouraging shale gas: why not go the whole hog and encourage  gas fired power stations – it`s cheap and there’s plenty of it! Forget double-cost Hinckley Point. And what are we going to do for increased electric supply for all the new electric cars? What about renewables needing back ups, battery storage/new technology? Candidates must be prepared to expose the whole GW Hoax.

Sixth query:

Increased funding for Local Authorities: yes, but what are they to spend it on? Local authorities are notorious for poor spending decisions, particularly those who find at the end of a financial  period that they have a surplus and know they will lose it if they don’t spend it – virtually throwing it away on frivolity! They must also be discouraged from borrowing from the market, as their indebtedness affects the national borrowing requirement. That was why Maggie turned their tap off and even Gordon Brown was pretty heavy on them. If there is to be increased spending I hope UKIP would make their first objective the “catching up” required of financing neglected, overstrained services which have never been adequately financed since the original Labour policy of immigrant swamping.

I would add there are other questions which are, in my opinion, necessary and should require answers from the candidates – perhaps from the “silent” ones at Head Office as well:

Commonwealth – I won’t repeat all I said in my article “The Commonwealth: a burning issue”, but I believe a future positive relationship with that body is highly necessary.

Education – Our children are taught they are “children of the EU”. They and the whole of our establishment, the MSM and the body politic are imbued with EU “THINK” which is 40 odd years of pernicious indoctrination, almost a form of brainwashing, deadly to the spirit of this nation, any nation – it’s the true enemy within. It is of paramount importance that work on this excision begins immediately!

In conclusion, our future leader, first off, must be inspirational, he/she must be capable of thinking on their feet and often “off the wall”. They must be prepared to drain the swamp and make not only Great Britain GREAT again but also UKIP.

If we don’t get this right this time, I’m afraid the next thing will be a winding up order …!

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14 Comments on UKIP – Ten Questions

  1. 2nd query: I’ve irritated the wife several times by standing in the other queue – it allowed me to apologise to, in particular, the Kiwis for the disgraceful way we deserted them for an organisation which was never going to be anything but a Franco-German stitch-up. Also it expressed my anger at the way loyal subjects of the Queen were being given priority over those who fought for this country when things were desperate.

    3rd query. 14th century BC Egypt and 7th century Arabia had limited scientific knowledge about the causes of unconsciousness. Slashing the throat of a living creature cuts the supply of blood to the brain but takes a few seconds to take effect and is cruel. Humane slaughter can be achieved by hypoxia, the state of unconsciousness caused by low oxygen levels. I’ve been hypoxic and it feels like nothing – one microsecond you’re there then instantly you’re back.

    During the 2017 election animal cruelty, fox hunting and humane slaughter came up over and over again in my mailbox, numbers far exceeding any other subject including Brexit.

    5th query. Without cheap energy the UK will be unable to compete on world markets. If we have shale gas then it should be exploited as a matter of national emergency. Why has it not been? Because for years the Minister for Energy was one Matt Hancock who didn’t even realise that his plans for wind and solar power needed storage. One of the major US players went from zero to half the UK’s annual consumption in five years so it can be done.

    I very much agree with the Last Chance saloon comment. After the referendum I stood as a test in a borough by election in Morton Hall, a ward which voted strongly for Brexit. I got 47 votes. The leadership shambles was a factor. I can only hope that the candidates see how things are going and the no-hopers stand down to give us a clean contest between two or three realistic contenders.


    • “Also it expressed my anger at the way loyal subjects of the Queen were being given priority over those who fought for this country when things were desperate.”

      Err…. It expressed my anger at the way loyal subjects of the Queen were not being given priority — after all, their countries fought for us when things were desperate…”

      Out bat watching until late last night. brain still not functioning.


  2. Can’t believe I’m reading this. UKIP are currently polling 3% and people are concerned weather or not to trade with the commonwealth!
    This is not high on peoples agenda I can assure you.
    Why not stop writing lists for the prospective to answer and let them concentrate on the hustings etc. You will then be given an opportunity to ask them questions.

  3. Roger, I totally agree with you about Gerard Battern.

    • Yes I wondered why Gerard Batten wasn’t standing. I looked on his personal website and twitter account but not found a mention. I decided not to email and ask.

      • Gerard Batten says he will be retiring when his MEP term runs out. He is very well up on his subject – often interviewed on Jon Gaunt – Talk2Me radio.

  4. PurplePottymouth // August 19, 2017 at 7:16 pm // Reply

    Paul also asks the candidates if they think District councils should be allowed to decide where to build new homes and how many their area requires without interference from central government. Do be careful folks! Only if the residents can hold them to account with BINDING referenda please (as in UKIP policy)
    In Surrey, as in other counties bordering Greater London we are the custodians of large areas of Metropolitan Green Belt (yes – custodians, it’s not ours to give away and when it’s gone it’s gone)Our greenbelt is under threat as never before across the country (& before you say, oh yes that massive hike in population don’t forget to include all the empty property in London, bought by overseas investors and the massive tax disadvantages to developers if they convert or renovate existing buildings.
    No, central government shouldn’t force excessive housing numbers on LAs but in Tandridge (94% Greenbelt) we have duplicitous councillors who hide behind these demands to try to push up their income with a 4,000 house ‘Garden Village’ – London overspill TOWN – on Greenbelt.

    • Lots of building and accomodation in nice middle class areas has its benefits. The middle classes have always voted for mass immigration parties – thats where the housing should go. How about lots of social housing in Winchester & Whitney. That may make conservative voters think again.

  5. All good points. One correction: It is not solely Pakistani men involved. The common connection is that they are all *Muslim* men.

    The Koran permits sex slaves. They are following what their religion permits.

  6. I agree with most of your points, Roger (not that keen on the Commonwealth, prefer the Anglosphere), but there are some that particularly chime with me. First: the zero Brexit delay and money to the EU; it doesn’t deserve a penny or a moment of our precious time.
    Second: NO immigrants should be preferred for housing before indigenous Brits. It is scandalous that Brits can be homeless in their own country. Immigrants should not be allowed into the UK unless they have work, accommodation and healthcare privately arranged beforehand. If it falls through, go home.
    Third: Local Councils with councillors belonging to political parties should not exist. Every candidate should stand as an Independent of integrity and goodwill for their ward, and campaign on what they can offer to serve and improve that ward. For weighty matters affecting the wards collectively, committees of officers and councillors reporting back to Chamber prior to a vote should be the norm. This way, all the political infighting with one party blaming the other for failures, overspends etc would be avoided. Any evidence of a councillor following a party line would result in dismissal. I don’t expect that this arrangement would be without its glitches, but if anyone has ever lived for decades under a Labour-dominated council with its policies of ‘Toe the National Party line or else’ and ‘Whatever goes wrong, blame the Tory government’, they’ll see the advantage.

    • Thanks for the approx. 90% support Pam, I suppose I am a bit starry eyed about the Commonwealth, but I think with good reason.
      First off we did the dirty on them by joining the then Common Market and ending Commonwealth preference.
      Secondly up to a point there are many who gave blood for the “mother” country in two World Wars, and even if they were not all born of immigrants to those countries were taught that GB was their mother in fact our history was their history and somebody may correct me if I am wrong they more or less had free entry to this country (I believe this changed when it came to hand Hong Kong back to the Chinese and it was realised that technically the whole Chinese colony could have ended up here – so they changed it to only those who would pay a large deposit)
      Thirdly I believe a trading relationship would benefit all Commonwealth members – I`m not sure who you would include in the Anglosphere, but if the USA was one of them so be it
      Note I am not talking about any form of Sovereignty over or by the Commonwealth

  7. It certainly is our last chance. Of course there are more than 8 questions, many dozens in fact, they were simply the things I personally found that most people in my area want to talk about, not my personal choice. At elections ordinary voters select on just a few key issues, if they bother to look beyond the that colours.

    Two years after the triggering of article 50 is the accepted time frame, it would be great to escape sooner but it’s not going to happen. There is a dangerous risk of this being extended and without a viable and electable UKIP……..

    As a matter of interest I had 5 responses, 3 candidates seem to have no easily available contact information, including AMW. The highest “ranked in terms of this contest” candidate to reply so far was David Kurten. See under.
    The other replies were along the same lines, not much clear water between them.

    Dear Paul,

    Thank you for your message and your wishes, and also your 8 policy points which are important. I agree with most of these, but I would also add self sufficiency in skill for the UKIP – we need drastic reform of our Education system with Grammar and Technical schools in every area, so that we so not continue to have 800,000 young NEETs with very few skill and then continue to import cheap labour to fill the skills gap we have created by not training our own children. We also need to stand up to cultural Marxism – particularly the push by the Conservativ in Name Only Party who now want primary school children to learn they are not boys or girls and encourage them to attend Pride marches in the name of ‘inclusivity’ etc.

    The campaign is going well, but it’s going to get very busy in the next 3 weeks with about 5 or 6 hustings a week all over the country. I’ll be in Newark tonight, and Stamford on 3rd September, so I may see you at one of those. Best wishes, David

    To be honest I still see no one who really grabs my enthusiasm though maybe 3 would do at a pinch, I hope as the campaign continues they will all expand on their positions.


  8. On your second query, I believe we already have seperate queues at Border Control at airports and at the Eurostar terminal.
    The signage will just need to be amended, and EU citizens will have to start using the ‘other’ queue. 😉

    On education, I think there needs to be a serious review of and investigation into the whole ‘academy’ system. I’m willing to bet this is where you’ll find the greatest levels of indoctrination, as well as fraudulent misuse of public funding. Are Local Education Authorities (LEAs) receiving less funding in favour of academies? Academies are nothing short of back-door privatisation of the education system.

  9. On Query No.6, why do we have to keep the mantra that local authorities must lose their funding on an annual basis? Why not let them keep it for more spending the following fiscal year, to stop the frivolity you mention?

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