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UKIP NEC Election – Candidate statements – 6th Edition

Philip Moore for NEC


Hi I am Philip Moore and I live in Leeds, a UKIP member since 2014, inspired by Nigel Farage’s vision of a Britain free from the control of the undemocratic, authoritarian super state that the European Union has now become!However, I soon realized the potential of UKIP at both a local level as well as a national level and this prompted me to stand as a Councillor on two occasions. I am immensely proud of manifesto.

I am an enthusiastic activist in the Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire region being part of the successful team of UKIP Leeds. I firmly believe it is time for grass roots members to be recognised at a national level and strongly supported by the Party Hierarchy once the leadership issue has been resolved, and UKIP has gone through the changes we must all recognise required to reinforce its position as a main stream political party. I also want the NEC to focus on the many local council elections scheduled for 2017/18 to ensure we win as many seats as possible.

My background is in senior management as a Director or Senior Executive in top end retailers such as Morrisons Supermarkets, ASDA, CO-OP and Benetton. Most recently I held a Main Board position as a Buying Director for the NAAFI, an organisation that has served our Armed Forces for some 80 years bringing them ‘a taste of home’ wherever they are in the world. My business skills coupled with an openly approachable attitude and reasonably charismatic, so I am told, will add value to the NEC and II now want to bring my passion for change in this country to be recognised at the NEC to help all activists at a local level.

We are still fighting the battle to leave the EU, Brexit is not won yet, but it will be!

But the key to UKIP is the North of England where 9 out of the 10 of our most winnable constituency seats are located, a brilliant piece of academic research published in the Daily Telegraph.

We need NEC members from the north of England which is why I am asking members from every part of the UK to vote for me.

Thanks for reading this Philip Moore

Contact me on 07873382860

I have been a member of UKIP since 2014,

Piers Wauchope for NEC

This has been a bruising time for the NEC -but I am satisfied that the NEC has not only behaved correctly, but with greater courage on behalf of the membership than in past years.

The NEC was set up under Nigel Farage’s 2012 Party Constitution. Despite those who argued that it gave the leader too much power, the membership voted overwhelmingly in favour of the change. The NEC supported the leader, promoted the party and represented the membership. There were no complaints. But within the past year, the NEC has come under attack from for three reasons.

Both the leadership and the NEC chose GO! as our preferred Brexit group. Some members stuck with Vote Leave. Pressure was placed on the NEC to expel the “Vote Leavers”. We refused, because we did not see the choice of Brexit organisation as being an expellable offence.

The NEC refused to allow the list candidates in Wales to be chosen by a small party clique. We insisted the lists be put to a vote by the membership in Wales. We are pleased that we (with me as returning officer) achieved that. It gave the final word to the membership and, if I have anything to do with it, will become the model for future selections.

The NEC raised questions about our massive expenditure (and the direction of that expenditure) during the 2015 general election. The treasurer resigned. Our current party treasurer is now an elected member of the NEC. We worked together to put things right and put the party back on track. The party’s finances, which looked miserable a year ago, are now healthier than they have been for a long time.

In each case, the NEC was subjected to pressure and threats of abolition. Under the old regime, decisions were taken not to publish minutes, nor to even publish the results of the NEC elections in the Independence magazine. The membership was not told what the NEC did, nor even the names of the NEC members.

This must change. The members have a right to know what is going on in the NEC, and the NEC members have a duty to inform the general membership

I fear that on the back of the lucky escape the party had from the wholly discredited Steven Woolfe, there are still those who, smarting under their betrayal by him, still want to abolish the NEC as if we were responsible for his actions.

In every meeting of the NEC, elected members take important, considered decisions about the running of the party, internal discipline, finance and, sometimes, policy. The NEC needs experienced, dedicated, sensible people, but above all else it needs members willing to get involved by sacrificing their time and efforts for the good of the party.

I am sure of one thing: whoever wins the leadership election will be grateful for a strong, supportive NEC.

Richard Bingley for NEC


UKIP is at a crossroads. After a decade of unrivalled, astute leadership from Nigel Farage, UKIP will change. And therefore so must the way in which we govern the party. For me the NEC is about getting the basics right. We Kippers need an enabling body that respects the pace of modern campaigns.

After management roles in security, defence and political communications, I’m now Director at a University Business School. I also set up a successful security firm in 2009 after a broad ranging career spanning 20 years of experience. For my sins, I ran the Labour Party media offices in East of England and London between 2003-06. This brief ‘insider’ experience convinced me that the oldparties and Leaders were identikit and propelled me to vote UKIP, wherever we stood, ever since. I defected to UKIP formally to help the election efforts in the key target seat of Thurrock, where I was born.

Then at the last General Election I stood for UKIP in Braintreewhere we knocked Labour into third place after building a terrific grassroots campaign – we knocked on 15,000 doors! I’m also an author of 3 published books and you can read my many articles on Breitbart US here. Due to all of this, I know a thing or two about running a successful political campaign.

I feel the NEC can again become a supportive guide, but only if a few more memberswith ‘real world’ experience step forward to serve all, without fear or favour.

Over my three-year term I promise:

100 Branch visits to ensure we actively listen to our members

Recruit to and widen our fundraising base

Energise our policy making and support our elected leader

X-ray our finances and ensure fair governance

Invite the views of all our members without fear or favour

Tackle and counter those who cause our Party harm

So if privileged to represent you, I’d promote fair governance, branch visits, widening our financial base and help build a much clearer and inclusive campaign strategy. I hope I can count on your support and we can all work together to ensure Brexit really does mean Brexit.


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13 Comments on UKIP NEC Election – Candidate statements – 6th Edition

  1. I have long argued that politicians should be required to have a decent period of experience in a real world responsible position; I also believe that government ministers should, in addition, have a relevant professional qualification.

    Maybe voters for NEC candidates should consider this too.

  2. I cannot overstate the value of candidates, using UKIP Daily to post their CV`s..

    There is at least one who has re-entered my
    “7 Up” list after my original preliminary excursion through the Independent mug shots list had eliminated them.

  3. I am excited by the quality on the candidates for the NEC elections and am studying the various candidate statements.
    I have all except Mr Rhys and Mr Chris Mendes
    Could someone please provide access to their statements or websites.
    with thanks.

  4. Well said, Piers! As a fellow NEC member, I endorse (for better or worse ?) everything you say!

    • Dear Rob (McWhirter),

      You were on the NEC when, in 2014, UKIP joined a Pan European Political Party, contrary to the result of our internal referendum.

      Did you (on the NEC) vote in favour of UKIP joining a PEPP?

      Regards, Toby

      • Dear Toby,

        Nigel was at his most “eloquent” on the subject, and, despite having run the “no” campaign website in said referendum, I was given assurrances by Jane Collins and others, including the Party Secretary that 99% allayed my concerns.

        I made it very clear that the EU would attempt to twist whatever we did, but it was equally clear that the votes for joining were there, and the votesfor another referendum weren’t.

        I am not surprised by recent events.

        • Toby: My further recollection (I don’t have minutes handy) is that I showed an EU website to the Party Secretary and argued that a PEPP would not be able to use the UKIP logo on ANYTHING.

          Jane and Mike Hookem agreed to look into it and get back to us, and it was subsequently confirmed (by Michael Greaves?) that the UKIP logo COULD be present provided it was smaller than the PEPP one.

          Hope this helps.

          Rob ?

      • Toby,

        Reading between the lines and the recent events re funding from the EU did UKIP make a blunder in joining PEPP, if so should we not have been more careful, as it always looks as if we have done something wrong.

        And why is it that Nigel always seems to get his own way in situations like this?

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