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UKIP Leadership: Hustings are a Must!

Eleven candidates. Eleven!! I must admit, when the confirmed applicants for the UKIP leadership post finally appeared in an email yesterday evening, I briefly thought Steve Crowther and Piers Wauchope had accidentally inserted the names of a UKIP charity football team by mistake!

In truth, it was a heartsink moment. Eleven seems a crazily high number but worse, as I slowly read the names of those standing, I realised that I barely had heard of most of them despite being a very active member of the local party, getting on for a decade. I was also pretty certain that any ordinary member of the public would not recognise a single one by sight or name.

Now while anonymity is not necessarily a problem for a potential leader, as demonstrated by Jeremy Corbyn who absolutely rocketed to infamous stardom (and we must hope, will suffer an equally fast plummet to earth at some point), but lack of personal knowledge about our candidates is a massive issue for a large proportion of the UKIP membership who must somehow find a way to choose the best person for the job.

The worry is that we have such a short time to make the decision and too many offerings on the plate. Of course we can read the hopefuls’ manifestos and perhaps see what we can dig up online, but much of what we read will have been carefully crafted. In reality, the only way to make a reasonably informed decision is to see our beasts close up at the regional hustings.

This is the reason I am writing; a desperate plea to all members like myself who do not know the candidates personally to look at the hustings’ dates and please, please, get out there and really test the candidates. It’s only when you get to see someone in the flesh that you can truly assess what you think of them.

Indeed, that was a lesson I learned from my first trip many years ago to a local hustings for a general election. The Liberal Democrat candidate had looked very plausible in all her press releases and leaflets. Although I didn’t share her views, I was impressed with her presentation. It was only when I actually heard her speak in an environment that forced her to think for herself that it became clear to me that she was utterly useless. Thankfully she didn’t get in, but depressingly and not unexpectedly these days, she has since been made a Baroness as a reward for failure.

Anyway, I digress. While I would love to think that our eleven would all be worth their place in the premiership league of politics, we all know that while some will be very passionate, very able, and maybe great writers, they will be lacking that oomph on a public stage that is so vital if we want our message to be heard. Our new leader needs to be politically nimble, smart, with an agile mind, able to have a broad appeal and above all, to look and sound like prime minister material.

Love or loathe Nigel Farage, he knew how to hold an audience. In combat with our many enemies, they hardly ever laid a glove on him. We desperately need a leader, yes with their own style, but with the charisma and presence to work the media and make our party electable. I would strongly argue that we can only tell who amongst our mass of hopefuls has ‘got it’ by seeing them live, in action and under pressure.

You’d be hard put to to find anyone who wouldn’t agree that UKIP stands at a crossroads, in many ways a victim of our own success in the referendum. However, there is still so much left to do. We have a Conservative Party filled with those who still put personal ambition before the country, a Labour Party who are economically illiterate and the hopeless Liberal Democrats who spend their days worshipping at the temple of political correctness. Many on all sides are enemies of Brexit.

It is vital that our new leader rebuilds our strength, drives us forward but whilst maintaining the heartbeat of UKIP; the libertarian principles and common sense values on which this party was built. Who that leader will be is down to us. This is possibly the most important decision we will collectively make and if we choose badly we will have failed the party, maybe terminally, and then by extension, the country. So once again, I beg you, please visit one of the hustings events below and encourage as many other members as you can to do so.

Many regions have confirmed details of their hustings. Please contact your Branch Chairman if you would like to find out more details about any of the following or click on the link:

23rd August – South West

24th August – Yorkshire

31st August – South East No link

3rd September – East Midlands No link

4th September – London Official No link

11th September – West Midlands

[Ed: do check UKIP Daily for announcements of Hustings – and do tell your branch chairman to send us their Hustings invitations so we can publish them!]

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About David Penn (7 Articles)
David lives in Watford and is married with two grown up children and runs a small IT company. He is a Committee Member of the UKIP Watford Branch and stood in the County Council elections in May 2012 and 2013.

57 Comments on UKIP Leadership: Hustings are a Must!

  1. Has anyone else noticed one of the headlines in the Daily Express about muslim rapists getting lighter sentences because their victims were white girls? I wonder if that is true, or fake news?

  2. Some comments here concern whether 11 candidates are too many, too confusing or a reflection of something positive.

    I think the number of candidates is about right. It’s the voting system that is inappropriate. A simple majority system, as constitutionally mandated for UKIP, works well for two to four candidates. Beyond that something like a single transferable vote system, or a two round system like France, would be a better way of distilling members’ choices.

    Two rounds would be too much for a party that has three leadership elections a year (and has limited funds) so a transferable vote system – we each indicate first and second choices – would better aggregate into our selection of a leader. Too late to organise that now.

    I will be looking forward to seeing how many members vote. The figure may not a reliable guide to the decline in membership. One has to estimate the effect of voter fatigue, late holiday takers, the number that cannot find a candidate they feel is worth a stamp, and so on. Some may fill in the ballot but a growing cynicism and general disaffection with senior party officers may mean they just don’t get round to posting. Add in the actual (undisclosed decline in membership) and we could have 11 candidates each with 998 votes but the one with 999 winning.

    • Good comments, Stout. We’ve tried STV in the past for an NEC election, and it wasn’t a happy experience. Hopefully now it could be better managed.

      • The current risk is that a winner with 999 votes (in what I hope was an extreme illustration) is not going to unite the party.

        Given the antipathy between some candidates foolishly displayed already, unity is going to be a bit of a tall order no matter the voting system.

        The competing philosophies (if that is the right term) could be reconciled, a matter of emphasis and tactics perhaps. But when, as is happening, disagreement becomes personal then the loser’s supporters will be beyond reconciliation.

        The lack of political judgement (still) from senior officers, who are either involved in shenanigans or lamentably failing to stop it, is perhaps the most chilling lesson in all of this.

  3. I’ve just tried to email all 11 candidates. 5 were no problem and had their own websites. 2 could only be contacted via Facebook.
    4 seem to have no way of contacting them at all. I did not dig hard ( nor will most people), just a simple google search, 2 of them were high profile candidates. One did not even acknowledge an earlier email.
    Sloppy guys, not good enough. If people can’t easily email you now, it does not bode well for the future.

    • GEOFFREY CHARLES ELLIOTT. // August 13, 2017 at 12:45 pm // Reply

      icini,why you feel the need to contact all 11 candidates,is beyond my comprehension,
      it really is a totally pointless endeavour,myself I would neither feel the need or indeed have the time to contact all these candidates,who the majority we will never ever hear from again.It is obvious to me that you have not read my original comment and also what I and the author of this article David Penn have said in our replies to
      Susanna Calladine.It really is quite absurd to have all these candidates,as David says,enough for a football team.I will reiterate,what I am objecting to is the sheer arrogance of most who are standing that they believe that they can be the saviour of
      UKIP,and our country,is nonsensical,their delusions of grandeur is greater than their grasp with reality.Why would anyone with even a modicum of grey cells vote for them,jwhen we have two perfectly good and able candidates,David Kurten and Anne Marie Waters,who are now emerging as the front runners.
      icini May I suggest you take time to read citizen Kane’s brilliant and comical take on on all the candidates titled PREVIOUS ELECTIONS,myself I am hoping that some of these no hopers will somehow see sense and stand down,otherwise I might press for a Candidate Cull,I rest my case.

      • I’m a branch chairman, few of my members will go to hustings, some are not even on the internet.
        As you say, many candidates are unknown so people need to see where they stand on the most important issues. Those who have websites don’t always say.
        As you comment, it’s a process of elimination and I too would like the no hopers to stand down but all UKIP members are entitled to their opinion, which they can’t form if candidates fail to communicate properly. Hence the Emails. Not everyone will want AMW or DK.

        • Icini. How will your members be finding out about the candidates if they do not go to hustings or not on the internet ? Will you be producing printed material on the candidates for your members ?
          I guess some will go for a familiar name – such as Peter Whittle.
          Makes me wonder how informed a choice this will be. It would be useful if UKIPs site had the manifesto’s etc for each candidate.
          I am looking forward to the hustings up here in the North East and observing AMW in the wild.

          • Toby Micklethwait // August 14, 2017 at 8:24 am //

            Dear Maximus,

            You say “…. useful if UKIPs site had the manifesto’s etc for each candidate.”

            Good idea.

            Regards, Toby, 01932-8735575

    • Icini,
      I have also attempted to contact them via email.
      One has no online presence at all as far as I can tell.
      Two of them have online forms on their websites.
      The other eight – I did find email addresses, but have no idea if they are out of date. They did not bounce, but are they being read?

  4. Panmelia

    May I borrow your crystal ball please for next weeks lottery. You are very presumtious in your conclusions…or all seeing, a soothsayer…

    Anyone can sit and guess what people might say but to state unequivically (think that how your spell it) that only one candidate knows enough about Islam and only one will say yes to the magical question, the only question of course, that of Islam, is amazing, bravo and well done…

    What about young people, housing, NHS, transport, defence, Brexit (of course, Brexit!) infrastructure, overseas aid, Veterans, law and order, Social welfare, social care, care for the elderly, sure start and so so many more…oh thats right, bugger them as a political party its the one and only Islam we have to be bothered about and heaven help us, we have, as you state Panmelia only ONE (1) cnadidate who can possibly talk about that, the all knowing, allseeing Anne-Marie Waters… lets all go home, call it a day we have our chosen one…Panmelia says so lol

    • GEOFFREY CHARLES ELLIOTT. // August 12, 2017 at 11:51 pm // Reply

      Mr Place, I strongly object to the condescending tone of your comments which you make to a dear friend,colleague and fellow activist,Panmelia.You indeed do yourself no favours when you ask “May I borrow your crystal ball please for the next weeks
      lottery.You are presumptuous in your conclusions…or all seeing,a soothsayer”
      How dare you continue with your crass and unkind remarks,I would go further and say that you have disrespected a lady whom I and many others here on UKIP DAILY,hold in the highest regard.Mr Place your arguments are indeed ill conceived and illogical,you fail to grasp that by practicing humility by actively listening to what others have to say,and by considering other opinions,one can earn self respect,and engage in a balanced debate.You Sir seem devoid of those very qualities,you then continue with your attack.You then go onto list a whole host of things,from young people,housing,NHS,transport,law and order,welfare,care for the elderly etc etc.
      All of those things which you list and more are all under threat due to the unrelenting rise of the death cult Islamists,who are outbreeding us by 9 to 1,we have no work for these people,but still they are allowed to pour into our country,we are then expected to keep them and their huge families and three or more wives from cradle to grave,just beneath the surface everything is near total collapse,we are now borrowing money to house,clothe and feed all of these millions.Everything else is totally meaningless,these damn people only aim in their miserable little lives is to destroy us and everything we hold dear,they seek and celebrate our death and destruction.The Islamification of Britain is the greatest threat that we have ever faced,if we don’t stop these death cult Islamists soon it really will be too late.
      Mr Place,are you too blinkered that you can not see that.As Panmelia states,there is only one person,today in UKIP and in Britain both Brave and courageous enough to stand up to these Islamists,the wonderful Anne Marie Waters,our next new leader.

      • Hi Geoff, thank you for your kind defence of me in your response to Stephen Place.
        His list of things we should be much more bothered about than encroaching islam reminds me of people’s arguments against Brexit a few years back. “Oh, why do you go on and on about getting out of the EU? No one is interested in the EU and we have much more important things to think about such as the economy/housing/defence/NHS/law and order….” – and so on.
        It took ages to make people realise that all these important things were negatively affected by the EU dictatorship’s ‘One size fits all’ directives imposed on 28 countries regardless of the wishes of the electorate in each country.
        Similarly, it’s difficult to make people realise that no matter what myriad concerns we have about improving life in Britain today, they will all pale into insignificance if we become a minority in our own land, lose control of our country and our democracy, allow islam to become the dominant force and betray our grandchildren and their children to a nightmare future under sharia law.
        The islamisation of the UK has crept on apace as it has in Europe as a whole. Muslims are reproducing at a rate that the native population cannot match. There is no evidence that they respect our laws, culture and ownership of our homeland more than the commands of their religion – indeed, sporadic surveys show the reverse.
        What issue is more important than the survival of Britain as we know it, and the preservation of the birthright and heritage of our descendants? You know the answer to this, my friend, but others are in denial, much like our ostrich politicians.

        • GEOFFREY CHARLES ELLIOTT. // August 14, 2017 at 4:33 am // Reply

          Dear Panmelia,your comment,nay a speech,is really wonderful,and a true rallying call,for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
          I therefore name you as one of the top contributors here on UKIP DAILY,the way you describe what a mess both our party and Country are in,due to the past and present traitors who still govern us,bending over backwards to this evil,vile and most cruel of people,the death cult Islamists.For the life of me I cannot comprehend why others just dismiss out of hand the dangers that now face our country.Us the indigenous people of this land,we have all been totally and utterly
          betrayed by the lunatics who run this country,these lunatics have taken over the Asylum,which is what our country is now descending
          into.if we don’t rise up soon all will be lost,all the battles and all the wars we won,will be for nothing,the traitors will have handed over everything we have achieved to the Muslim invaders.

        • Panmelia, Unfortunately Stephen Place is not doing full justice to the candidate that he is supporting.

          It would be really helpful if Ben Walker were to speak for himself on here rather than his message being filtered through Mr Place. Ben is rapidly getting up to speed with issues Islamic. He is strongly opposed to non-stun abattoirs – in itself this adds greatly to his credibility in my opinion.

    • Stephen, I do not think you are doing Ben Walker any favours by your stroppy comments such as this.
      I have met Ben and he gives an excellent impression. You are spoiling it for him, unfortunately.

    • Stephen, just to assist with your spelling and vocabulary: ‘presumptuous’ is not an appropriate word to describe someone who offers her opinion on a site designed for that purpose. ‘Opinionated’ might be a more accurate term, depending on whether you agree with the opinion or not.

      ‘Unequivocally’ meaning ‘plainly, unambiguously’ is an appropriate word to describe my style of stating an opinion. This is because I am not a Lib Dem who can hold two or more opinions on any given subject at the same time.

      We can overlook your spelling of ‘candidate’ because it’s easy to transpose letters in the heat of the moment.

      • In fairness, Panmelia, an artificial iPad style keyboard with miniscule text box/font size and autocorrect leads to a multitude of sins –

        “And on the 8th Day, God created testers, and sub-editors” ??

        Pretty-please-with-sugar-on-it can we have the option to proof and edit our posts, Viv? ?????

        • It would be nice, but right now we do not have the time to get together with the IT person who runs the technical side of this. Perhaps after the AGM …

  5. David, if it helps we in Barrow met AMW in April where she spoke 2 days after the election was announced. Venue hounded by threatening phone calls from hope not hate; nothing materialised but lots of Facebook support due to attend melted away as a result. I wrote a detailed report on here at the time.

    But the things that won me over was; on one hand, her dispassionate description of how and why she got involved with fighting sharia ( being a lawyer focussed on family law) and the other; the realisation, post election result, that we are going to need something very radical to get the electorate thinking ukip again.

    AMW doesn’t get rattled and she’s not single issue either, but because it’s SUCH a controversial subject, she’s bound to get known, by the electorate.

    The reason for writing this is because IMHO her success or failure will be down to us, not her. The MSM will go beserk if she’s elected but if kippers of a certain age, nationally, can either confront their own fears of targeting immigration, over population, etc., and get behind her as a body of support, my guess that others will be encouraged to confront their fears too and do the same.

    I don’t understand the phrase often seen here, cultural Marxism, but I do understand that as a nation we were considerably better off when kids got the odd thick ear off teachers, when telly in the 70’s and 80’s was controversial, satire reigned, and comedians told jokes that were funny.

    I have yet to see any candidate effectively join the dots and make the case, not for nostalgia per se but for the restoration of genuine tolerance which people like me remember, and VALUE, because it predates the current brand of anti fascism which is of course extremely intolerant and which most of us fear or hope will go away. Which of course it won’t.

    That’s why I hope she succeeds. She has a great deputy in Stuart Agnew and is an eloquent, intelligent speaker who has Nigel’s gift of saying much with a few well chosen words.

    But I suggest it will take the cold steel of her forensic approach to breach the dam of political correctness that stifles any conversation, let alone rational debate about subjects that have become too controversial for comfort.

    When I stood (twice) as a PPC, we were dismissed as the racist party and her attacking Islam/sharia is by definition racist. (By virtue of creed rather than race or colour).

    But it’s a brand of racism that confronts the treachery and political manipulations that have brought us to this pass, within and outside ukip. That’s why she’s got my vote. And quite a few more on this site apparently.

  6. “imho there is only one candidate who will say an unqualified ‘Yes’ to the following question:…”

    You are in for a pleasant surprise!

    • Hugo, it’s one thing to say yes in a questionnaire but quite another to have the courage to stick to your guns under questioning from MSM. If it hadn’t been so tragic it would have been funny that the burka should be banned, apparently, for many different reasons, but never for the real reason – that women are forced to be imprisoned in it to show that are compliant with the tenets of Sharia Law – and Muslim men are told that women who do not wear it are fair game in the rape and slavery department, I e Kaffir.

    • I have been struck by an idea, Hugo. When you have the results of the questionnaire, let Freddy have sight of it so that at the ‘in the wild’ London Hustings he can ask the same questions, and see if they publically reply the same way. I am serious, we need to know. Who can forget the embarrassment of our previous leader stumbling through questions he hadn’t a clue how to answer – or even taking flight.

      • Dee, I am in regular contact with Freddy. I will see what he thinks.

        Whoever is the next leader must be 100% up to speed on Islam and related matters. Members need to have confidence that the candidates have a sound response to it, hence my questionnaire.

  7. Susanna Calladine // August 12, 2017 at 1:56 pm // Reply

    A lot of comments below showing disdain for the number of candidates in this leadership election.

    I disagree.

    It shows that anyone and everyone has a chance of becoming UKIP’s leader .

    What would you prefer ?

    A political party like all the others where only ‘the face that fits’ gets into the limelight ?

    Where only ‘the groomed one’ gets to air their views ?

    Where members can shout “it’s a bloody fix” all they like – but it’ll make no difference ?

    Take a step back and be thankful that UKIP allows for a diversity of views, thoughts and opinions, and a leadership battle open to all.

    • GEOFFREY CHARLES ELLIOTT. // August 12, 2017 at 4:51 pm // Reply

      Dear Susanna,I would like to thank you for your comments,here on UKIP DAILY.
      However I am sorry that you do not agree with what I had to say,about there being far too many candidates.What you are suggesting is rather nieve,I will digress,your assumptions that anyone and everyone becoming UKIP’s leader would in reality become unworkable,your argument does just not hold water,it would indeed be most unfair if a little known canditate could become leader,with shall I say just a thousand votes,that is nonsensical.There is now a distinct possibility that as few as say just 12,000 of us members would actually even bother to vote,given by the information I have presented previously on the last two leadership elections.
      Finally may I say that this election will not be a fix,as the people we have running it for us are truly professional and above board.As I and my other friends,colleagues and fellow activists have been saying here since March the 6 TH this year,we already have the most suitable Canditate,who is both Brave and courageous in addressing the most serious threat we face in our Country today,this is even more of a danger than the Nazi’s ever were,and that is because the past and present traitors who still govern us have invited and still are inviting in the most evil people on God’s Earth,the death cult Islamists,who hate us and whose whole aim in life is to seek and celebrate our death and destruction,their terrorist attacks on our young people prove beyond doubt what murdering savages they are.I urge you to support the wonderful Anne Marie Waters,and stop this absurd nonsense in wanting to hear and support every Tom,Dick and Harriet,we are fighting for the very future of our Country.
      Thank you,Geoff.Elliott,UKIP RCT Branch,Pontypridd,

    • Susanna, I take your point that there should be clear opportunities for anyone to become leader, and I would support the principle. However, UKIP people have historically been pragmatists and common sense tells us that in practice, there ought to have been a sensible limit to the number of candidates in a final vote, even if earlier rounds were needed.

      So my concern is that eleven on a ballot paper for a straight dash into leadership is simply too many. Vote splitting amongst candidates with similar views may eliminate the person who would do the best job. We are at real risk that the winning candidate could easily have the support of significantly less than a quarter of the membership and also be a poor choice.

      That’s the reason I have begged people to look closely at those on offer. Poor performers will hopefully then get little support leaving the fight ending up between perhaps two or three who are the most credible.

  8. GEOFFREY CHARLES ELLIOTT. // August 12, 2017 at 12:39 pm // Reply

    Dear David (Penn),to have 11 candidates is farcical,the majority are doomed for
    failure,they haven’t a snowball’s chance in hell.If someone as well known as Etheridge could see how little support he had,then why can’t you lot,your delusions of
    grandeur in even contemplating that you have more to offer than the front runners is
    totally and utterly absurd.The longer you stay in this contest,the more ridiculous you will appear,also the very fact that you are all standing is weaking support for the very
    person who will actually become the new leader of UKIP,you may not get many votes,but these votes would be better cast for someone such as David Kurten,or Anne Marie Waters who are now emerging as the front runners.Whoever becomes
    our new leader I just hope and pray that these two can work together together to fight the elephant in the room-Islam,which is the greatest threat we have ever faced.The
    rise of these death cult Islamists must be halted, everything else is totally and utterly meaningless.What use is it to have Hustings,when we have as you say a
    football team,when in reality the vast majority of these no-hopers will never be heard of again,what a complete waste of time,and it serves no useful purpose whatsoever!
    Our membership is at an all time low,UKIP’s big beasts will of course refute that fact,but what no one can question is how low the number of our members voted in the last two leadership elections.On the 28TH November 2016,only 15,405 voted,
    Nutall took 62.6%,he did have widespread support,Suzanne Evans got 19.3% just
    198 votes more than rank outsider,John Rees Evans.Previously that year,on the 18TH September,18 day Diane Jones,became leader with just 8,451 votes.I dread to think how many members will actually vote for our new leader,who will be revealed to us on the first day of our Conference,Friday 29TH September,2017 in Torquay.

    • GEOFFREY CHARLES ELLIOTT. // August 12, 2017 at 3:06 pm // Reply

      My apologies,for the life of me,I don’t know how 18 Day Diane James,suddenly became Diane Jones,mind you around these parts we do have loads of Jones boys and girls,it is so popular that even our good friend Thomas Woodward,of Treforest,Pontypridd renamed himself as Tom Jones,Sir may I add.
      Everyone do you like (just a little bit) my latest saying,””Canditate Cull”.I know of late I have had plenty,my most recent being: The leaders of UKIP have become the useful idiots of Islam,this of course refers to that absurd Muslim appeasing pro bloody Halal leaflet first seen at the disaster that was Stoke,and which in fact lost us so very much support from both our members and the general public.Our new leader must reverse this absurd policy,this alone will prove immensely popular,As I have stated previously on here,that was one of the very main reasons I joined UKIP all those years ago,it was a most worthy policy,we must treat our animals with respect and compassion,and we must ban the blood lust of the death cult Islamists who are allowed to hack at those poor unfortunate animals,and slit their throats while they are still alive,these people should never ever have been invited into our country.They are the most cruelest,and vilest,and as can be seen from the many videos which I have,and which are available,show how much pleasure these Alien scum get from torturing and abusing all lanimals,We need to demand that only a full combined head and body stun to kill policy is brought in as Law ,also all Slaughterhouses should have CCTV Cameras,we organised a petition,which was successful,however sadly
      only 172 actually voted in favour of banning that most vile form of torture Halal,
      the other evil Dhimmis voted against,and sided with the most evil death cult Islamists,and their puppet,David Halal is safe with me Cam-moron,if I had my my way this traitor along with all the rest,but especially War Criminal Blair,should all be rounded up and executed for crimes against Britain and us,it’s indigenous people.
      Thank you,Geoff.Elliott,UKIP,Pontypridd.

    • Membership at an “all-time low”? Twaddle! I was around when we were glad to have reached 3,000! ?

  9. Toby Micklethwait // August 12, 2017 at 9:28 am // Reply

    Dear David (Penn),

    You say “… seeing them live, in action and under pressure …”.

    Would you regard watching a live-stream or a film of the hustings as a satisfactory way to assess candidates, or do you thing being close to them in real space is essential?

    Your posting made me think. Maybe a better type of test would be an Andrew Marr style 10 minute grilling of every candidate separately … rather than the rather unchallenging method now being used.

    Could we get Nigel to do the interviews?! (A lot of research would be needed … to prepare tough questions).

    Regards, Toby, 01932-873557

    • I think watching a live stream is the next best thing to attendance. In fact, from my own experience, I’d argue it should be the minimum a member should be required to do in order to be able to qualify for a vote in the election!

      Attendance is better as you often see so much more. For example, you can quickly pick a candidate’s supporters and be on alert if they get to lob a dolly question that their favourite will have hoped they might get to answer.

      For me, I always hope hustings will have mingle time at the end. While effective presentation on the stage is a red line that must be achieved, being able to hear a candidate’s patter in a smaller huddle lets you get a much better feel for who they are. I luckily spent some time with Nigel on the doorsteps and I learned more about the man himself in that short time than in all the footage I’d watched over years.

      I really like your idea of the ‘Andrew Marr’ style grilling. Ideally, we could do with that as an addition. Maybe a one-off streamed event could be arranged separate to the more standard hustings format? It would need to be put together rapidly by a group with the necessary facilities.

    • Grilling is a good idea, Toby, but I am not sure Nigel is the right person to be on the other side. Perhaps some generous donor with a sense of humour (or tv station) might offer to hire Pacman’s services?

    Diane James had minimal policies, negative charisma, and refused to participate in Hustings but won the hearts and minds of the large tory suburban vote within UKIP. Opponents Etheridge (bluff and bluster); Broughton (fame is the spur); Liz Jones (a sparrow when we need a raven); Duffy (sticky puffy pudding). Total votes 17,000
    Paul Nuttall had big media presence and was well liked and well known by many in the party so he had a cake walk. It turned out that he never bothered checking his facebook details that apparently mentioned a PhD in nuclear physics, a star role with Tranmere Rovers, and a major part in Hillsborough. The other candidates – Nuttall offered Suzanne Evans deputy leader before the vote took place ( I was there at the hustings) JRE was sidelined and ignored by HO which is extraordinary. Total votes 14,500
    ROUND THREE ( and apologies for my caustic cynicism as you should not be in the kitchen if you cannot stand the heat)
    Allen (goodbye Mister Chips)
    Bolton (1930s civil servant clone)
    Coburn (Macduff gone nasty)
    Collins (deserves respect but out of her depth)
    JR Evans (Mister Deeds Goes To Town – but without the humour)
    Kurten (nap)
    Mason ( who??)
    Powlesland (has suffered a charisma bypass)
    Walker (Hoppalong Cassidy)
    Waters ( a remake of High Noon but with a woman in the star role)
    Whittle ( the official candidate – will drag the party into that centre safe ground where failure beckons)
    Total votes to be cast? Anything between 12,000 to 22,000.
    I am truly really sorry for many of the candidates who will receive barely 1,000 votes. You all meant well. We all suffer from delusions of grandeur during life.

    • CK. I am laughing out loud at this. I’m another one who has had a charisma bypass – it’s hard to fix.

      • Thankyou sometimes humour is important. It is a mark of civilisation.
        Thus I consider Spain; Italy; Argentina; USA; Canada; Oz;Japan ( in its own way); Norge; Denmark; and prob France; Netherlands as being good civilisations ( although distinct).
        I do not know China plus many more countries ( I need hardly say) so I may be missing a trick or two. Sweden is almost bereft of humour and is more germanic than Germany. Germany I admire and I also know they have a wonderful sense of humour but it is hidden and only creeps out after sloshing beer down the gullet.
        Enough of my pompous know it all for today..

        • Would you believe that the favourite Swiss comedy sketch is British?

          Shown without fail every new year…

          • Also in Germany where it first became a cult.
            Monty Python also became cult in Germany and there were various attempts at copying the style by German tv.
            I used to have friends in Brussels and when left alone in their apartment I surfed the tv channels ( pre internet years)to watch snippets of Dutch German French Flemish and as well the bbc. I saw what turned out to be the first episode of Big Brother a Dutch creation. Its monstrous humourlessness and tedium together with intrusiveness appalled me. I then watched a german spoof reality tv show where a man begins to have a midlife crisis and accidentally fails to recognise his wife but chooses a czech girl instead. The combination of pseudopsychology and moments of laughter lingers with me.

          • Yes, thanks for that – I met the producer who brought the Pythons to Germany, once, at a friends party…

        • Oh yes wonderful put-downs citizenkain.
          You should try an organise a put-down ukip members competition. This would be really good for party morale. Anybody who stands for a position that isn’t your favourite candidate could get ridiculed and humiliated in print and public.
          It’s the only way to make a the party strong.
          Of course there will be the humourless types who won’t approve. But hey, you would get heaps of support for this from the BBC and Guardian etc.After all Ukip = Idiots that’s just what they want to hear.

          • So Mister Farranger what is your opinion of MEPs Hookem and Etheridge who call for the banning of certain candidates? What do you think of co Deputy Leader Suzanne Evans who openly attacks a candidate via the MSM?
            If you have a sense of humour bypass that is your problem sir.
            This shambles of an election is taking place with UKIP on a cliff edge and is showing up the major defects – a powerful and corrupt ruling clique that ignores the members, a bunch of no hoper candidates who imagine a) they could win the leadership b) they would be very good at it.
            The party teeters on bankruptcy and is losing members every single day. We are supposed to be a modern tech clever party yet the NEC is incapable of organising a first class website; We are having a shambolic election with 11 candidates standing and most of the members do not know anything about most of the candidates. I stand by my comments which are based on first hand information and meetings.

    • GEOFFREY CHARLES ELLIOTT. // August 12, 2017 at 2:00 pm // Reply

      CK,as ever your analysis of those past leaders who were abysmal failures,together with the ten hopefuls who are indeed doomed for failure,as there can only be one leader was absolutely bloody brilliant.Earlier I nearly choked on my cheese and tomoto sanwich,and crisps,when I read out your description of Nutall,
      what an accomplished liar he was.My two favourites where:Coburn (Macduff gone nasty),to bring Macbeth into your description,was pure genius,I also liked:Waters ( a remake of High Noon but with a Woman in the star role),CK do you think that Anne Marie is going to come out victorious with guns ablazing? CK you really have lost your vocation in life,I am sure you could have had a great career as a comedy writer,
      as they say it’s never too late.As I have written previously l think that now there should be a Canditate Cull,as there are just too many of the buggers,don’t you?
      When I was young I too had delusions of grandeur,I thought that I would become super rich,but unfortunately you don’t get that rich (well off yes) being a Haulage Contractor and Vehicle Dismantler.Although I was brought up in a yard,I never thought how hard my life was going to be,as my great grandfather,Hauler Charles Elliott,used to say: “no one owns us a living”.

      • Geoffrey you are a really good bloke who deserves some happiness and comfort in life; so I hope that is the case. You have done honour to your family by your hard work and honesty.
        I share your extreme anger at the professional political class, the metropolitan liberal elites and the lying MSM especially in relation to our coming ( soon) life and death struggle with a sick perverted ideology that has killed tens of millions of ‘kuffars’ and destroys the humanity of many of its adherents. Not to mention the rampant slavery and forced conversions in Syria, Persia, India.
        Hard to believe but Afghanistan was once a fount of civilisation of Buddhists!
        Humourless morons who cheat and defraud each other as a matter of course and whose answer to everything outwith their narrow twisted minds is “ali snackbar” before setting off a bomb to kill children.
        Sick verminous beliefs that put our culture in danger.

  11. I am dumfounded and awestruck. I was certain the NEC would ban AMW. I have new found admiration for them and wish I had been a fly on the wall at that meeting. The hierarchy were so determined to thwart Anne Marie int must have been very lively.
    Their decision has brought this election to life and will reinvigorate the party. We have been saved from a slow painful death. Hustings will be crucial, we need a leader who can handle the unexpected. I cannot see anyone who does not already have a national profile winning.
    Exciting times ahead. I may even book for the conference now.

  12. “lack of personal knowledge about our candidates is a massive issue for a large proportion of the UKIP membership who must somehow find a way to choose the best person for the job”

    I have sent a questionnaire to the candidates regarding Islam and associated matters. I urge them all to respond. It is great that some of them write articles on the matter, however we must have their stances collated into one place. It is too onerous to expect members to hunt down every article which every candidate has written, searching for a clue about their stance on, for example Sharia Councils.

    Maybe someone else could produce similar questionnaires in other topics? If you do, please contact me via the editor. We can thus ensure we have a consistent format.

    • Toby Micklethwait // August 12, 2017 at 8:34 am // Reply

      Dear Hugo,

      You say “I have sent a questionnaire to the candidates regarding Islam”.

      Are you planning to publish the completed questionnaires? Where and how?

      Regards, Toby, 01932-873557

      • Once they have been given time to reply I will collate the results into an article, and offer it for publication here on UKIP Daily. Several have replied already.

        What is your area of expertise? It would be helpful if there were also questionnaires regarding the EU / trade / the economy and finance / law and order / education / defence. Are you able to put together a questionnaire covering one or more of these topics? If so, please ask the editor to put us in touch via email.

        • Hugo, that sounds like a really great plan. Thanks.

        • Toby Micklethwait // August 13, 2017 at 7:14 am // Reply

          Dear Hugo,

          You say “What is your area of expertise?”.

          NOT policy.

          I have been in the party since 2000 and been on the NEC. I know exactly how the party, as a machine, works or does not work. I have lots of ideas (mostly really easy to implement) how to improve the machine.

          Phone me and I will tell you how I hope to get these ideas implemented.

          Regards, Toby, 01932-873557

    • Hugo, good luck with the questionnaire, but imho there is only one candidate who will say an unqualified ‘Yes’ to the following question:
      ‘Will you make it UKIP policy to relentlessly campaign for the abolition and illegality of sharia law, sharia councils and sharia courts in this country, along with all funding or financial arrangements put in place to support the practice of sharia law?’
      That candidate is Anne Marie Waters. She is the one who knows enough about islam to convince the majority of voters that outlawing sharia law is the only way to neutralise the power of islamic men in the UK. Connected issues, such as scandalous FGM law-breaking and the inhumane practice of halal-slaughtered animals will be easier to deal with after the power to impose sharia on muslim communities is eradicated. It goes without saying that islamic preachers promoting sharia law would be banned from the country.

      Live in Britain? Live under ONE law – British law!

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