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UKIP Leadership – David Allen Manifesto

David Allen, a longstanding contributor to UKIP Daily, will be running in the UKIP Leadership election. We are happy to publish David’s Leadership manifesto, as requested by some comment posters. The manifesto is too long to publish here in full, but we include the introduction and the first paragraph from each section below to whet your appetite.

The full manifesto is available in PDF form here: David_Allen_Leadership Manifesto



You may be thinking why on earth would I want to do this when I am unlikely to win. Here’s why.

I see the process as an opportunity to present an alternative vision of what the party should focus on and how it should be organised. It’s a reality that, even being a part of the campaign, elevates the impact of ideas raised and discussed, perhaps to such a level that the eventual winner, were that not to be me, may feel attracted to, or even bound by (depending upon the number of votes I receive) some aspects of my personal manifesto.

It is my view that our party’s decline happened because we failed to pursue an agenda that would increase support and, instead, relied upon one which was steadily losing it. The party also became embroiled in public bickering, which didn’t help, and elected a leader who didn’t present a broad enough vision or present current policy with an intellectual clarity that could connect with hearts and minds.

In this manifesto I’ll introduce ideas and concepts that I think would gain support, and the party should progress. Whether I personally take them forward, as leader, or someone else does, isn’t particularly important. We have to find a way of attracting supporters in a climate where Brexit is tottering toward a conclusion and one in which our influence has been dramatically reduced. We need to move on to the next big change.

Above all, I hope the election doesn’t become another beauty competition or celebrity contest. Candidates should be clear about what they want, where they want to take the party and how they will achieve this. They should be tested on their ability to inspire us with their messaging, show resilience under questioning and undergo a forensic examination of their intellectual clarity of thought. We didn’t do this last time and
got a nice bloke who had no idea where to take us despite being deputy leader for six years.

Let’s not make the same mistake again.

A new regime is necessary. Do watch my videos on the manifesto web site where I will outline how this progression back to relevance and the achievement of a physical parliamentary presence can be progressed.



A UKIP Future

Let us just consider, for a moment, the reality of our position. We have lost support dramatically and the rate of this exodus is increasing. Ironically, the only ‘cliff edge’ associated with Brexit, is the one our members are falling off.
We have no parliamentary presence and have lost our standing as a major party. We have little influence in Brexit negotiations and fewer media opportunities. We lost all but one of our county councillors, 337 general election candidates lost their deposit and only 40 saved theirs, as I did. If things do not change we’ll probably lose most of our borough councillors as well in 2019. We cannot wait and hope for Brexit to go wrong. We must, above all, want Brexit to succeed, so to begin a return to political relevance, must pursue a different message with equally profound ramifications.

Quite simply, it is time to move on



Electoral Reform

It is my view that the most important political challenge, which also has significant support in the country, is electoral reform, beginning with voting reform. In this endeavour, we have the support of other parties also. The Liberal Democrats, the SNP, the Green Party and even a section of the Labour Party. As leader, I would seek to create an electoral reform coalition to progress this objective. After all politics is about achieving change and not just talking endlessly about it.



The Internal Party

It is my view that UKIP has long been disorganised, aloof, unhelpful and amateurish. For this to change to a professional and connected organisation, we need the following to happen:

  • A new constitution and rule book.
  • A formal and functioning communications and responsibility structure between the constituency associations and the party management and leadership.
  • An NEC with clear responsibilities and accountability to regions and constituencies.
  • A rigorous policy-making process which includes vetting (i.e. a red team).
  • A mechanism to facilitate the utilisation of individual skills within the membership, particularly for new ideas, voting system selection and policy critique.
  • A new window to the world (our web site) with constituency web sites taking on a consistency in look and feel.
  • UKIP email addresses for all officers, candidates and elected officials, a sure sign of professionalism.
  • A re-evaluation of membership funding between the party central and the constituencies with greater emphasis on attracting supporters as well as members.



Energy Prices

In the UK residential energy market there is no effective competition. That is a principle reason why we all pay too much for our energy. The government has been playing at this and pretending to do something, but only the introduction of real competition will drive prices down.



Affordable Housing

There are too many people for too few houses and it is unlikely that we can ever build enough to keep up with the forecast population increase despite the vacuous promises of politicians. Those that are built remain unaffordable for many because purchase and rental costs are driven by the excess of demand over supply and that situation will forever remain unless we do something different.




Read the full David_Allen_Leadership Manifesto and follow David Allen’s campaign at

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13 Comments on UKIP Leadership – David Allen Manifesto

  1. If they get past the NEC it’s a two horse race. Waters or Rees Evans, who ever wins should immeadiately invite the other on board. As I say IF they get past the NEC

    • Ken, I completely agree – it’s a dream team as far as I can see. They both have different skills both completely necessary. We’re it to happen I really believe UKIP could get to Westminster!

  2. GEOFFREY CHARLES ELLIOTT // July 13, 2017 at 12:49 pm // Reply
    David as you say in your introduction,I too wonder why on Earth you are standing to be our new leader,as in reality I will state right now,that you haven’t a snowball’s
    chance in hell of beating the wonderful Anne Marie Waters.Only Anne Marie can save UKIP,she is a true patriot,as I am.Click my link and you will hear Anne Marie’s
    vision for both the survival of UKIP,and her vision for Britain.Listen to what Anne Marie has to say about the hierarchy that still control UKIP,a hierarchy who are too
    afraid to address the Muslim Question,a hitachy who are hiding their heads in the sand,they are therefore no different than the rest of the mass migration appeasenicks
    of Labour,Conservatives,and the rest of the traitors who infest British Politics,they all won’t be happy until there is only standing room in Britain.Today per land mass we have become the third most overcrowded country in the World,and our borders are nonexistent,with unskilled,uneducated,unneeded,and unwanted so called economic migrants still pouring into Britain,not only from Europe,but also from all four corners of the World,these others who come are mostly male,mostly Muslim,all of fighting age,whom we know nothing about,as they have destroyed their documents upon being brought into Europe illegally.There is no doubt now that many of these illegal aliens are members of Isis,and wish us harm,as they alll hate us,and seek and celebrate our death and destruction.Remember just before Christmas there were over 10,600 illegal aliens camped out in Calais,who were not bloody refugees having passed through many many safe countries where they could have so easily have stopped.But no,they were all on their way to The Greatest Welfare Plantation in the Whole World,the good old UK,they all know all they have to do is break in,and each and everyone of those totally illegal aliens will all be welcomed with open arms.We
    will then be expected to keep them and their vast families from cradle till grave,and you know the downright absurd stupidity of all this bloody nonesense,is that they will keep on coming,and the nutters that still run this country are in fact bankrupting our once great and former Christian country,instead of being given to us,to say find a cure for Cancer,it is helping our enemies make this once proud nation another God forsaken Muslim Bloody Hell-Hole,where rape and murder is commonplace,where there will be no Women’s rights,there will be no love or mercy,no lovely Music as they (the Mozzies) will have destroyed all musical instruments,as they have avowed to do,no music festivals,no operas,no nothing,just the continuous blaring of the call to prayer from those aliens who are as I write outbreeding us by nine to one,all of these Alins are being kept on their Jihad Brnefits by the great British Taxpayer,how absurd
    David,I agree with most of your points,and you have in the past done great work for us in UKIP,but I must state,and hope all of my fellow friends and Activists join me in supporting the wonderful Anne Marie Waters,become the saviour of UKIP & Britain.

  3. David Allen,

    What are your economic policies?

    No mention about the grotesque size of the state and how it’s immoral breadth and scope is destroying the country’s wealth.

  4. Peter Kurten’s idea of opposing PC as a main UKIP focus since it’s destroying Britain seems good. It avoids being immediately too controversial.

    • You mean David Kurten.

      And yes, it’s a good foundation from which to start.

      It will appeal to not only those who are opposed to the islamification of this country, but also a wider audience, who may have no thoughts on islam at all (yet), but who oppose the brutal erosion of personal liberty and freedom of speech.

  5. Your Wikipedia entry has vanished, again, David – suggest you complain?

  6. For me, the leadership candidates need a very clear, compelling answer to the question “what exactly are we all in this for?”.

    What are we hoping to achieve? The next couple of years are a write-off electorally, but we need to decide soon what we want a “UKIP” to be achieving in 5 or 10 years. Is the goal still Westminster MPs? (something we couldn’t even achieve at the height of the “purple surge”. Carswell doesn’t count for several obvious reasons).

    These are the questions that need answering, and anyone answering them needs to be in it for the long haul, to have the commitment and passion to carry them through 5 or 10 years in the political wilderness once more while we build support and while the media and establishment throw stones.

    Brexit was a big enough issue for us to win significant support as the only pro-Brexit game in town. It gave us a foot in the door, and we had limited success in widening appeal with popular policies like cutting overseas aid and immigration. But even the most attractive policies in other areas will not compensate for the loss of that unique selling point. Unless we find ourselves another such battering ram to enable us to break into people’s political consciousness, we’re done.

    For me, we have to be the only UK Party that is critical of the regressive practices and beliefs in Islam. It’s not a mainstream political issue yet, but it is a popular issue and it is the coming issue. Roughly half of Brits think Islam is incompatible with British culture, again roughly half want no more Islamic immigration.

    Others in UKIP will disagree. People who joined a party to get the UK out of the EU will not necessarily know much about, or care much about, Islam. I would include Nigel in that. Fine, let’s go our separate ways. Either anti-Islam Kippers will get control of UKIP and others will leave, or UKIP will continue on its current model, and the anti-Islam Kippers will leave and join something else.

    Opposing Islam is no more a “single issue” than opposing the EU was. Criticism of Islam unites many policy areas; promotion of British culture, law and order, economics (60%+ of Muslims are economically inactive), immigration…

    Yes, we will be smeared by the media and establishment. But if you think there is some golden ticket to a UKIP that is not smeared by the media and establishment then you have not been paying attention. And what would be the point of such a UKIP, anyway?

  7. I’m impressed by Fen Beagle.
    A person of intelligence and brevity. Rare.


  8. PurplePottymouth // July 12, 2017 at 11:04 am // Reply

    This is the first candidate who has stirred hope in my heart – hope that he might have the courage to stay the course when attempts to reform are blocked, hope that he understands we must awaken that same hope in the ordinary man and woman who are not political geeks. I’d still like to see the economy up the top and David – parts of Kent, like me are in the Metropolitan greenbelt, we are fighting to stop its loss. This country needs crops not concrete after what the EU has done to our agriculture. Still it’s a start – until now it’s been ‘you’re not fit to lead if you post that on social media’ and ‘yes, you understand this but..’

  9. If any candidate will ban the trading of customer data by orgs and firms, they will get my vote.

  10. Energy prices. The CMA enquiry carried out a thorough investigation on why it was that the UK’s energy prices were rising faster than any other developed countries except Ireland. In their interim report the identified the main driver of price increases as being taxes used to encourage a switch to green energy. Infrastructure needed for the transportation of energy (an issue associated with low density green energy production). And a lack of competitive tendering for new energy products under the three previous energy ministers. (Milliband, Huhne, and Davey.)
    It would be incorrect to claim as Dave Allen does here, that a lack of effective competition was the principle cause, or that a solution to this would be easy in any event. The whole point of the CMA enquiry was to investigate this.

    Housing concerns are clearly a result of mass immigration policy. England is one of the most densely populated Nations in the world. Allowing mass immigration to a Nation already in this situation, from Nations with much lower densities is clearly not wise, and not helpful. Even less so if housing policy is to over fill them into high rise towers, and then cover them with flammable insulation encouraged by grants raised by green taxing the reliable energy generation provided by carbon fuel that we all use.

    I agree however that the NEC is not fit for purpose.

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