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UKIP Leadership Contest – a Speech

This speech was given by the Campaign Manager for Ben Walker

UKIP, as we know, is sadly in disarray. There is no discipline within the party, officers of the party have descended into language not befitting the standing they have.

Many members take to social media with an abandon that knows no boundaries, the conversation is of the lowest standard. Many contributors hiding behind their keyboards demonstrate little if any respect for their fellow members. Non-members find here amongst the many pages a secure unchallenged place in which to vent their anger, angst and vitriol.

People who could be described as “senior” party figures have been caught up in this avalanche of nasty, pernicious venting. Certain MEP`s are guilty as charged in bringing this party into disrepute. They have an easy access due to their status to national media. Instead of alluding to a positive reinforcement of the party, they instead choose to spread discourse and borderline slander. The party will judge them for that.

Whatever happens with this election, one thing for sure is that the party is damaged yet again, not mortally, but none the less badly wounded. The divisions within the party are stark and will take someone special not only to deal with the disunity and the lack of trust shared among the members, but also the disconnect between the top management of the party, the middle management such as Regional Organisers and Regional Chairs and the membership.

One of the main thrusts of Ben Walker’s campaign is to unify the party, to make the structural internal changes that are needed to take it forward. This party has long been crying out for, and is desperate, to be made more professional. A career politician, someone from the old guard that has never made or sought to make those changes will simply not ensure this will happen.

This party is desperate for a new direction, a fresh, new approach to our many anomalies and troubles. We need a realistic view of where we are, where we can go in the short medium and long term with careful planning and a strategy that, from the outset, includes values and respects the membership.

Once the pathway is taken and our plans underway, we can then begin with confidence to rebuild the membership, we can hopefully attract new investment and enjoy a membership engagement never seen or experienced before. Within Ben Walker’s plans are support and training nationally on all manner of topics, including roles within elections, roles within branches and others.

Discipline is a major issue, this will be tackled directly. A new membership ethos will be encouraged. A renewed sense of comradeship, a family wherein we all have each other’s backs. Foul and abusive language in any form directed at a member from another should not be tolerated, there is no place for it. Racist homophobic and anti-Semitic language and views should also not be tolerated, again there is no place for this.

Open transparency within the party is a topic that many have a genuine reason to call for, nay demand. The information share in both directions is massively disconnected, disjointed and in most parts not in place. A new regime of information share, through Direct Democracy and most importantly a professional up to date, well managed website as an instant information portal will be in place within a matter of weeks.

Direct democracy will be rolled out as currently planned. All current members will have access, we will still have policy forums across the country, members having specialist knowledge and understanding of a topic will meet, share best practice and propose well informed current policy that will strike a chord and resonate with the electorate.

There is only one candidate talking in such depth about his plans for the party going forward. That is Ben Walker. A unity candidate who will make the difficult decisions and take this party back into the theatre of politics in this country, back to its rightful place as free thinking libertarian collective.

A party of radical ideas proposing a Great Britain first and foremost. A party that will not shy away from the difficult conversations we need to have, especially regarding Islam and Brexit. A unified party standing behind a series of radical yet sensible policies that will attract our voter base back to us again.

Never before in my lifetime has this country needed an alternative voice to the current two party system we have. Look at the complete mess, socio and economic that this country is in.

Suspicion, fear, violence, a total lack of care for our young people. Communities broken and segregated by race or religion. Greed, jealousy and a lack of respect for any authority pervades our soul as a nation.

UKIP is the party, UKIP is the way back, to peace, unity and a feeling of hope and respect for each other.  

UKIP led by Ben Walker will be that party. You the membership need to make it happen.

 Stephen Place, Campaign Manager for Ben Walker:

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About Stephen Place (28 Articles)
I am the Chairman of the Ukip Richmond (Yorks) branch. I am also deputy chair of North Yorkshire.

32 Comments on UKIP Leadership Contest – a Speech

  1. People take to social media to air their views because there is no access to the upper echelons & even when someone is reached, the response is for the most part, patronising.
    The NEC needs to be elected regionally so that braches have direct access to someone they can know. The current system means voting for someone you don’t know and more than likely, never heard of.
    Change it.

  2. UKIPs primary problem isn’t one of management, but of purpose. But management do seem to have gone AWOL. In last few days I have seen an NEC member referring to others as c***s, an MEP and Evans fighting over who introduced Evans to Farage (!), a London member asking the regional chair for a fist fight, not to mention “nationalist authoritarian” slurs from an MEP… I can’t help thinking the continued failure to engage members in any meaningful way leads to this outburst of frustration. And where is Crowther, should he not be standing up and asking for calm?

  3. Toby

    I ahve been told that only two hustings nationally are to be arranged by the party. I have no other information at all at this time.

    We are conducting our own hustings, the party organised ones tend to be very controlled affairs an dnot condusive to testing and therefore being able to make the best informed judgements on candidates.

    • Toby Micklethwait // July 14, 2017 at 12:52 pm // Reply

      Dear Stephen (Place),

      Surrey is trying to arrange a husting, open to all members of course, and all candidates.

      First half of August.

      We are going through the defined procedure.

      Regards, Toby, 01932-873557

    • Toby Micklethwait // July 14, 2017 at 7:40 pm // Reply

      Dear Stephen (Place),

      We (in Surrey) tend to agree that hustings can be too controlled. Our organisers are investigating an alternative format which would give each candidate a better chance to shine.

      Regards, Toby, 01932-873557

  4. David Kurten seems the only candidate that embodies the vast majority of the values this country needs reaffirmed and protected.

    The driving out of cultural Marxism (this includes the de-islamification of the UK) : Yes
    The end of so called hate crime and hate speech: Yes
    The restoration of full freedom of speech: Yes
    The preservation and celebration of our precious Judea-Christian heritage and culture: Yes
    The preservation and support for the only natural and viable building block of a stable society, the heteronormative family: Yes

    And then he has a suite of sensible ideas and policies regarding health, education the economy.

    AMW is LGBT and an atheist. Apart from being tough on Islam, she has shown absolutely no interest in the preservation of our precious Judea-Christian heritage and culture. She’s not mentioned it once in her manifesto.

    Nor has she shown any interest in the preservation and support for the heteronormative family, – the ONLY natural and viable building block of a stable society. She’s not mentioned it once in her manifesto.

    These are both glaring omissions.

    In fact, AMW’s manifesto is extremely concerning.

    On page 2 of her manifesto there is the below passage:

    “ (a written constitution).. This should enshrine the best of past and present; we should honour traditional British institutions and values, and combine them with the progress made on civil and political rights over the last few decades….”

    This seemingly innocuous sentence should be setting off ear splittingly loud alarm bells in the minds of every Ukipper.

    AMW wants to combine traditional British institutions and values with “progressive civil rights”.

    She is LGBT and an atheist, so we all know what that means.

    This seemingly innocuous sentence alludes to what ALL LGBT people ultimately want; to destroy the heteronormative family, and enforce their biological dead end and socially worthless sexual practices upon the nation.

    It is all they EVER care about.

    Even AMW only began speaking out against Islam when she realised it threatened her aims of advancing the goals of the biological dead end of homosexuality.

    So look again at AMW manifesto, observe closely this seemingly innocuous sentence. Observe the fact she makes NO reference at all to the Uk’s Judeo-Christian heritage or the critical importance of the heteronormative family. And ask yourself again, do you want a self-confessed destroyer of heteronormative culture to be the leader of ukip?

    • Toby Micklethwait // July 11, 2017 at 8:14 am // Reply

      Dear Lauren H,

      Good posting. Very well argued and helpful.

      DK’s campaign website is:

      Regards, Toby, 01932-873557

    • I wouldn’t be too concerned about an LGBT takeover. They’ll soon be sorted out when we become a Muslim country.

      Unfortunately, though, you’ll have to say goodbye to your Judeo-Christian heritage.

      But the big bonus will be a heteronormative society run by men for men.

      Can’t wait.

    • Dear Lauren,

      This LGBT ‘Kipper has nothing against what you call “heteronormative” families; please don’t assume we are all the same! ?

      Best wishes, Spon ?

  5. “Racist homophobic and anti-Semitic language and views should also not be tolerated, again there is no place for this.”

    Good to see you and Ben Walker aim to tackle this. Recently the public generally and party members have started to have the courage to speak freely about their feelings regarding race, immigration, sexual preferences etc. This should be clamped down on immediately, so much easier to call someone a racist than have a free, open, informed discussion isn’t it?
    People like myself thought there was almost a chance that the freedom fought for so bravely by our fathers and grandfathers could return.
    But I realise I was wrong, speech should be controlled, and it’s good to know that another politician from the Tories has come over to make sure UKIP members and supporters know their place.

    What do you think the penalty for members regarding thought or speech crime should be? Expulsion; Thought Workshops perhaps?

  6. I watched Ben Walker’s video, it’s whining rubbish. His English is also poor, he doesn’t know the difference between ‘fractions’ and ‘factions’, obviously nor do the people who filmed him or edited the video. At best, he would join the ranks of UKIP’s second rate councillors, he couldn’t possibly lead a national party, ever. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry seeing the low grade candidates trying to replace Nigel Farage.

  7. Yr candidate’s an unknown who doesn’t appear to have held any post in government or UKIP higher than a district councillorship, which he obtained on the coat-tails of the Tory Party before jumping ship to UKIP after what appears to have been a personal squabble with them.

    From what I can see of him personally so far he’s a 38 years old bland political non-entity as well, his “manifesto” backs this impression up too – it’s about as bold & radical & fresh 3 day old cheese sandwich, you coming online as his “campaign manager” slagging people off left right & centre because they aren’t automatically as starry-eyed about him & fall to their knees cheering his name (whatever it is, he’s so nondescript I’ve already forgotten it in the course of typing this out) as you are, ain’t helping his cause either, chum.

    He also has a facial similarity to Diana Spencer’s former butler Paul Burrell, which I find strangely disquieting.

    • PurplePottymouth // July 10, 2017 at 4:53 pm // Reply

      AJAX – you are in danger of being prosecuted for being ‘lookist’!
      Just how should a leader look? Do the ladies need to wear a ‘Maggie Thatcher’ mask from the local fancy dress shop? Or do you think we should look like Liz Hurley or some other ‘sleb regarded as ‘hot’? As for the chaps – I was going to say George Clooney but maybe not now he & his are buggering off to USA as it’a not safe here or in Italy due to the ‘migrant hordes’ they were so keen to emulate.I wouldn’t call Churchill a looker but he was a leader. Careful what you wish for, people reckon Trudeau & Macron are handsome, they said Blair was charismatic , didn’t work on me, he sent shivers of disgust though my whole body everytime his physog blighted my screen. Come to think of it Hitler was supposed to have ‘it’ too and look what happened there. Give me Jeffry Titford any day

    • Ajax

      Thank you for your carefully thought out reasoned debate too. Congratulations on sinking to the depths of keyboard vitriol that so many people sink to on many Ukip posting sites. I am sure you feel a lot better for it….I have not ‘slagged people off left right and centre’ I only make the case for the person I am supporting with the best intentions for the party…Your final sentence just about sums up your contribution to the debate on who will be best suited to take the party forward…..again many congratulations ‘chum’ well done, bravo for you.

  8. Stephen, thankyou for your article.

    UKIP needs to be radical or it is nothing. Yes there are numerous policy areas which need to be reviewed and addressed. However UKIP must also be bold and address the issues which the other parties are studiously ignoring. The most pressing and urgent, beyond Brexit, is Islam.

    Can you ask Ben to write an article himself, setting out what he understands of Islam, whether he has read any of the Koran, whether he understands “abrogation” and “taqiyya”, and what his stance is on non-stun religious abattoirs.

    The phrases that you used in your earlier article regarding Islam did not instil much confidence that you have researched it in any depth. Has Ben researched it? We need to know. And in his article which hopefully you can persuade him to write, he needs to demonstrate that he has a greater depth of understanding than is common among LibLabCon politicians. He needs to be able to argue forcefully when confronted by them and their appeasement narrative, and he cannot do so if he is himself ignorant.

    • Excellent questions and if asked at a hustings would have this candidate lost for words, if confronted by Michael Crick he’d probably finish off what’s left of UKIP.

      • Julia

        How do you know? your pessimism about Ukip is uplifting..are you a member ? should you be ?

        I doubt you have met Ben, again congratulations on a well reserached piece of vitriol…bravo for you

    • PurplePottymouth // July 10, 2017 at 6:14 pm // Reply

      Hugo – a good leader does not necessarily need to have read the Koran. He or she does need to surround themselves with people who can brief them properly and to be able – as is said of a good lawyer – to master their brief. Of course we have one candidate, who if she does not become our leader, can supply a thoroughly researched brief on the subject

      • They should as a minimum understand “abrogation” and “taqiyya”. David Kurten does, quote:
        “Yes – I certainly understand abrogation – I think the public need to understand what it is too, as well as other concepts such as taqiyya and al hijra.”

        Why cannot Stephen / Ben give us some similar reassurance?

        Reading the whole Koran takes about a week. As a minimum read chapter 9, as it is the most recent major chapter, and so abrogates the others where contradictions exist.

        If a leadership candidate is too lazy or too frightened to understand the main threat of our era, then they should not be wasting our time. We have had enough of ignorant “leaders”.

        • Like David yes I understand Abrogation.

          saying it and demonstrating it are quite different things…

          • Stephen, thankyou for your reply.

            Everyone in UKIP, and particularly the leadership candidates and their supporters need to have a good understanding of the challenges our nation faces. Beyond Brexit the next serious issue is Islam.

            Yes of course the details of abrogation, to determine precisely which verses abrogate which other verses, is a deep and detailed matter. I have searched for a definitive list of abrogating and abrogated verses, it does not seem easy to determine. However, the overall principle of abrogation is straightforward – that the more recent verses supercede the earlier ones wherever contradictions exist. And unfortunately the more recent ones are those calling for bloodshed, hatred, and discrimination against non-believers.

  9. I would imagine the returning officer could tell you how to invite all of them once nominations have closed; have you asked him?

  10. Stephen, I absolutely agree – maybe I vent my anger, but I have never descended to the depths that to my horror I read from one of our own in mainstream media. UKIP will have great trouble overcoming this truly dreadful smear, no matter who is elected Leader. The ammunition has been put out there.

    One thing I very much hope is that whoever the next Leader is they will include all the able prospective leadership candidates who are shown to have a lot of votes – and that they utilize all UKIP talent in the future. UKIP has so much, and it was ignored by the last leader.

    Crucial is a transparent NEC, with minutes available within a week of a meeting, so members know what is being done and everything is out in the open.

  11. Hi Toby

    We have been told that there will only be two party arranged hustings. One in the south and one in the north ? whatever that means. It would seem as usual there is no co-ordination or planning, however this could change after the 28th deadline when they have a final tally of confirmed candidates. I am arranging hustings amongst branches for Ben, please let me have a coouple of dates you have available. ben will certainly come meet you. Thank you Stephen

    • Toby Micklethwait // July 10, 2017 at 10:27 am // Reply

      Dear Stephen (Place),

      You say “only … two party arranged hustings”.

      I wonder if that wording leaves us free to run locally arranged hustings.

      The last date for withdrawal is, I am told, 11 August. So there is an argument for having hustings after that date. Ballots go out 8 Sept I am told.

      I cannot give you Surrey’s dates. I can however say that any Surrey event will be organised by the county chairman, whose details I will give you if you phone me.

      Are you able to give us the dates that Ben has been asked to set aside for said party arranged hustings?

      Regards, Toby, 01932-873557

  12. Toby Micklethwait // July 10, 2017 at 8:32 am // Reply

    Dear Stephen (Place),

    Once again, thanks for posting on this website.

    We, in Surrey, want to arrange a husting for all leadership candidates.

    How should we go about this? Booking the date and the hall is the easy bit. Getting the candidates to come seems more tricky.

    Should we invite all the candidates individually or do you know of some central procedure for inviting them all in bulk?

    Have you been asked by any central co-ordinator to put a number of dates aside (for hustings)? If so, who is that central co-ordinator?

    Actually, if you are feeling super-helpful you could tell us what dates have been put aside by all the candidates.

    Thanks in advance.

    Toby, 01932-873557, Surrey

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