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UKIP Golden Opportunity

Editor ~ This is a follow-up article to “Beer Tokens” by Flyer which can be read here on UkipDaily.

For those of us who voted to leave the EU, we live in troubling times. We are coming to realise that winning the EU Referendum was but a battle; the war is not over. Tony Blair is openly organising to reverse BREXIT. Remoaners are obsessively telling us at every opportunity how we were lied to during the referendum campaign and using this as an argument to think again. There are no shortage of organisations and institutions warning of the woes that will befall us if we leave.

But that is nothing compared to an even greater threat to the BREXIT we voted for; the incompetent, duplicitous and underhand actions of this Conservative Government implementing the mandate handed to them at their instigation by the electorate.

MPs have been demanding that the Government tell them what they are up to, else how can they fulfill their role in Parliament. Yet it is not Parliament but the people who voted to take back control, and how can the people know what control there is going to be when there is so much misinformation, fake news and lies coming from wherever you look. Hopefully, the truth is out there, somewhere.

All we can do is form the best judgement we can based on what seems to be the most reliable sources. And at the moment the judgement is gloomy, to say the least. Are we about to be betrayed by another Conservative Government?

But out of despair, I can offer hope for BREXIT supporters. And a possible golden opportunity for UKIP.

In the event the Government falls, for whatever reason, I think the outcome could be significantly different to what seems to be the consensus prediction; a Labour government.

A previous time the Labour Party fought a general election with a leader from the far-left (Michael Foot) Margaret Thatcher was returned with a whopping majority. But then the issue was not the EU, there was no significant split within the Conservatives and there was no UKIP.

This time THE issue will be the EU, the Conservatives are split and there is UKIP. Plus Labour is equally split with the rise of Momentum. But the most significant factor is not the state of the two main parties but the mood of the electorate.

I think the increase in the Labour vote at the last general election will prove to be a flash in the pan. Some of the youth vote will have had time to realise that the appeal was an illusion. Many “traditional” Labour voters will not support a Momentum dominated party, and while they will not vote Conservative they may well vote UKIP.

An equivalent argument can be made for those who voted Conservative at the last general election. At that time there was a widespread feeling that to ensure BREXIT was delivered it was necessary to vote Conservative. With every passing day that is proving to have been a big mistake. There is every prospect that previous UKIP voters will return to UKIP, and at least some “traditional” Conservative voters will switch to UKIP.

Given the Referendum result, the BREXIT mood in the Country and that there is only one political party that can be relied upon to deliver BREXIT, UKIP could have its best election result ever, and by a long way.

I just cannot see the Country to be so stupid as to elect a Labour government. Obviously, UKIP will not be forming the next government. But it seems to me that with votes falling away from both Labour and Conservative there will be a hung Parliament. In this case, UKIP could have enough MPs to influence a Conservative minority government, much as the DUP is doing now but even more so.

Further, with Momentum undermining the electoral prospects of some sitting Labour MPs they could abandon Labour as a no-hope prospect and stand for UKIP at the election; Labour voters have previously switched to UKIP so why not some MPs in the new circumstance in which they find themselves.

We all understand that UKIP’s electoral prospects are hampered by first-past-the-post; there is no way that is going to change in the near future, so we are just going to have to put all our energies into doing as well as possible with the system as it is.

The critical time is up to March 29th, 2019. Thereafter we can work on the best possible Manifesto for the general election following.

UKIP has a new Leader dedicated to the cause able to bring about sound and effective organisation. We have an ex-Leader, hailed as the most influential politician of modern times, still a Party Member and still pushing the cause at the front. Seems to me a Henry/Nigel duo complementing each other’s attributes at the head of UKIP (Nigel as, say, Chairman, or President or similar – NOT Leader) is a winning combination we can all get behind.

The opportunity is potentially there. If we concentrate on what matters now we can make it a Golden Opportunity.

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Alan Wheatley is a member of UKIP since 2003

13 Comments on UKIP Golden Opportunity

  1. “UKIP has a new Leader dedicated to the cause able to bring about sound and effective organisation.”

    Really? I haven’t seen any indication of his being the man for the job.

  2. Nigel has MANY talents, but chairman? Please no…

  3. Alan why do you and everyone else insist that the only way to win an election is under the current FPTP system?

    Forget about having dozens of MPs. To do that, UKIP would have to be polling at 30% plus(to overcome the supporter demographics being evenly spread across most parliamentary constituencies), AND Labour perceived as totally unelectable, bearing in mind they now have a popular leader PROVEN to be an expert campaigner.

    Sorry, dream on guys.

    To all the decent people left in the party: please stop the Bart Simpson approach to general elections of banging your heads against that reinforced concrete wall, thinking that, this time, a miracle will happen and it won’t hurt. Save your money and effort and start, now, banging on
    and on
    and on
    and on
    and on
    and on
    and on
    and ON
    and ON
    and ON
    and ON
    and ON
    and ON about introducing PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION. When the politicos, and the media, cry, Enough Already!, then bang on and on and on about it some more.

    I know I keep banging on and on and on about this, because sooner or later, someone in UKIP will say, “You know what, this ain’t happening – let’s try what that Pearce chap is suggesting – whatta we got to lose?”

    See, deep down I really care about you all.

    • I’m sorry Rob,
      Electing MP’s is only the beginning of understanding what keeps us safe. Take a simple course in the constitution. And, for goodness sake don’t look it up on a computer. You’ll get the Polits Lecturers course, and that leads to a grim future.

    • Rob, I sympathise with your objective. But it is not going to happen any time soon, as your number of “ons” indicates.

      For the time being there is only one show in town, and that is BREXIT. BREXIT is THE core issue for UKIP, and as has been said by others if UKIP does not bang on about being given the BREXIT we all voted for then who else will. It will be very much easier to stop the wrong BREXIT outcome than to seek to change it after it has happened, and so there is where the main effort should be directed for now.

      Proportional representation will not happen before March 2019, so no matter what a successful implementation of PR achieves it will not effect the BREXIT outcome. If a “golden opportunity” arises than we are going to have to do the best we can under FFTP.

      When it comes to setting priorities it is important to take account of both importance and timeliness.

      Thank you for caring about us all. Hopefully we all can work on PR in due course and that Pearce chap will get his due rewards.

      • Well, gawsh..thank you Alan. My criticisms are almost invariably designed to be constructive. I need no accolades but success in a fairer voting system for Joe Public. And Josephine naturally.

  4. I am by nature a nit picker. A hugely succuessful nit picker but that’s my basic nature. Bearing in mind that I’m in ukip. I agree with amost everything everybody says.
    1. Ask any real expert from Bill Cash or Prof Bogdanov down to me. AV is a disaster for all but revolutionary socialists. It will always have limited appeal for the ambitious.

    2. Mrs May is a weather vane. She, in her career, rarely does anything off her own bat. At the moment remainers make the most wind. Before the R. UKIP DID it. Because we’re now like small squeeky mice. She is wavering.

    3. UKIP has colossal Goodwill in the country. Once you’ve been sold sonmething, you’re proud of it and want to keep it. The prime service the nec has managed, is to hang on to it.

    4. Rees’s comment is absolute. Unfortunately, they’ve already signed up for that. It’s very hard to get enthusiastic about something people think they’ve already got. Having Mrs May as PM is like having a child who you can’t trust to just do as she’s told. And it’s no good arguing. It’s infuriating! The whole country would like to punish her.( Actually it was the same with Heath in ’74. No-one trusted him either.( A dreadful man ). Actually Cameron did us proud. He seperated the EU from Brit politics. Unfortunately it’s being brought back again.

    5 Flyer You are perfectly correct. A team is best.

    6 And right “let’s get on with it”

  5. For Heaven’s SAKE !
    Isn’t it time for the UKIP Leadership to proclaim loudly, clearly, and unapologetically the main reasons for BREXIT:

    1) To take back control of our borders / immigration arrangements so that we can at least try to bring some damage control to an already desperate situation ( and thus mitigate the dire housing shortage for the future );

    2) To be a sovereign nation again, with the same status in the world as Canada, Australia, Japan – as demonstrated in our freedom to make our own trading arrangements with the rest of the world, unhampered by any kind of ‘Regulatory Alignment’ with the EU;

    3) To ensure that at long last our own ‘Supreme Court’ becomes that in reality ~NO references of whatever kind to the CJEU.

  6. Alan – I really like this article, like me, where others see defeat all I see is opportunity that is being wasted.

    Nigel was a great front man, others would have difficulty matching him, but consider this.

    I worked in the City as a young man and became a top producer in the country. All of the administration staff moaned because all they could see, was a young man that came back from long lunches after getting drunk with clients. Every year I’d get to choose from a wide range of turbocharged cars and a big bonus: jealousy was palpable.

    However, they couldn’t do my job and I couldn’t do theirs, whenever we gave one them a chance they failed. I though couldn’t do without them.

    Nigel is hard to replace, but things are getting desperate in Blighty, teamwork is required.

    If there is anybody in UKIP that can do Nigel’s job, he needs to support Henry: his day will come.

    As they say: “A champion team will always beat a team of champions.”

    • Hi Flyer is the only sensible greeting, and thank you for your complementary remarks.

      I don’t follow what you say about Nigel. He IS still in UKIP and still arguing the case in the UK through outlets open to him and in the EU Parliament. He has always said if the Government looks like failing to deliver the BREXIT we voted for then he will return to the front line in UK politics.

      There is no possibility of replacing him, nor any need to do so. What seems to me possible, sensible and advantageous all round is for him to work actively and visibly in partnership with Henry Bolton. What UKIP needs right now like a hole in the head is another change of Leader.

      • Quite correct Alan. Personally I believe that whilst Nigel was an excellent front man, he was lousy at organisation and Henry is the leader we need now. Someone has to pull together the pieces of our broken post referendum party. Until that hppens we do not represent a threat, so our influence is minimal. We all have to do whatever we can to help Henry repair the damage and hope it can be achieved sometime soon. If he fails, so do we and many of the advantages of Brexit will be lost.

  7. Well, judging from the huge stitch-up I’ve just read about this morning, UKIP had better get its skates on. We are remaining in the EU.

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