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But UKIP bosses love the uncritical, easy applause…​​

In Shakespeare’s time, theatre was ​a good way to communicate with the ​​masses​. Then came newspapers, then ​​film and ​later, ​television, which changed the world​. The ​big revolution ​over the last decade, ​video on the internet, has​ been ​stunning. But UKIP’s management haven’t even noticed.

​Mass communication​ ​via online video is the campaigning politician’s dream. It​’s free and ​hugely​ persuasive to audiences of millions but UKIP​ bosses still prefer​ to ‘speak’ to the membership with a laughably inefficient travelling circus of ​conferences, with the same people preaching to the same audience.

​​Why ​do UKIP bosses like conferences? Simple. They are ​easy applause from ​an uncritical audience. For wannabe Farages​,​​​ it’s ​ten ​minutes of fame​ and self importance. And UKIP members are too polite to ever shout ‘rubbish’.​ ​Conferences might have a purpose if they were intelligently staged, properly filmed, properly edited and properly broadcast but UKIP bosses have never mastered this and anyway, a video of a fifteen minute speech is incredibly dull. We can see this in the grim viewing numbers when speeches are ​put on youtube​ – not only are the numbers of ‘views’ pathetic but few people ever watch them to the end.

​​All the money, sweat, time and organisation of conferences should be directed into professionally composed mini-broadcasts, pushed out on a proper UKIP broadcast channel and advertised energetically ​via ​the many platforms at our disposal; we could reach millions, plenty of other people have​ mastered this.​

​I’ve had numerous very revealing emails from our MEPs following my post on UKIP Daily last week (here) about their rubbish output since the referendum. They just don’t get it, that giving members regular updates on what’s happening in politics by email or video is easy and costs nothing. It just takes a bit of gumption and imagination. Being ‘busy’ in Brussels seems to have sucked all the life out of them. A lot of us predicted this would happen.

UKIP output ​since the referendum has been ​dismal. Into this vacuum have rushed countless treacherous, anti-British, pro-Brussels forces​, from Minor to Major (Minor Fart, anagram, Tim Farron). Laughing all the way to the bank is George Osborne, ​newly appointed​ Editor​ of The London Evening Standard. He will use this​ free million-​a-day newspaper​ to undermine Theresa May, ​torpedo Brexit, ​subvert the Tory Party and pay homage to ​the ​pro-immigration globalists he ​touches his toes for. ​And what will UKIP do? Organise another silly conference to talk about it​, ​like in the committee scene from ​​Monty Python’s Life of Brian.​

Sadly it’s all over Guido that UKIP bosses want candidates to shut their social media accounts – this seems the reverse of what we should be doing. The right thing would be for UKIP MEPs and Spokesmen to be feeding candidates and members with juicy revelations to broadcast all over social media! Where’s the ammunition been since the referendum? I thought that when we had a rash of MEPs elected in 2014 that we’d have twenty or more Dan Hannan’s coming up with shocking stories of fraud and waste inside Brussels, something to get our teeth into. But instead, UKIP became the scandals. The amount of useful information we received would fit on a postage stamp.

Soon Theresa May will trigger Article 50. It would be big news if all of our MEPs walked out of Brussels en masse, saying ‘Article 50 has been triggered, we’re not staying in this corrupt, stifling, edifice for one more day, it is a fraud on the people of Europe’. But they won’t will they? I’m starting to think they’re hooked on the money and have no plans for their future employment.

If I sound a bit angry I’ll tell you why: millions of people have given UKIP their votes, their cash, their trust, their hope that UKIP would fight ​for Britain and common sense but since last June, UKIP has resembled Dad’s Army​, ​without ​any of ​the laughs.

Where has been the fighting talk from the UKIP ‘leadership’​,​ demolishing the lies of Blair, Branson, Soubry and all the other appalling bad losers who should be shamed out of politics for attempting to overturn the referendum? ​Where has been the full frontal attack on shocking BBC bias in politics which is poisoning opinion on key issues?

When will UKIP get themselves organised?

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About Russell Hicks (4 Articles)
Russell is a successful businessman and lives in Surrey. He produces the "UKIP Bulletin" Newspaper.


  1. Is it too much to hope that our Leader will say that letting returning Syrian fighters back into Britain is madness, and, if they do come back they will be charged with all the appropriate things and go down for 20 years?
    Is it too much to hope that our Leader will say that anyone preaching hate speech or waving placards urging anyone to kill (Police, as in Luton recently) should be locked up for five years?
    Is it too much to hope that our Leader says enough pandering to Islam, it has no place in Britain?
    Is it to much to hope that our Leader will say that our Police should all be issued with body armour in all cities, and sidearms?
    If not now, when?

    • Tomorrow’s statement from UKIP will be a defining moment and I hope that a number of UKIP seniors are working late to agree precisely what our position is. Let’s hope it’s crystal clear and unpolluted by any tedious PC newspeak. We all know that we are NOT dealing with a ‘small minority’, there are many thousands of extremists living in our midst off our sweat, taxes and patience. If the Tories, Labour or LibDems don’t know what British values are and where the limits of our tolerance need to be, let UKIP help with the definitions. And soon.

    • Dee regarding your last paragraph.
      I thought police were armed with Tasers, I am surprised so many police were injured in this incident, but I didn`t notice one had been attempted to be used, is it possible that those police in a semi ceremonial/security place are not fully kitted out.

  2. Russell
    As usual an excellent article.I would like to suggest a sense of realism into your “UKIP Conferences are a waste of time and money”.I would agree generally on the theme and feel the statement is correct for the following reasons.
    For the last year UKIP for one reason or other has been hemorrhaging support and members and if you look at any recent local by-election results they are all down on the previous. Unfortunately it seems that the public believe the MSM.Labour,Conservative,Left propaganda and not us,this at a time when we should be harvesting voters.So back to your original proposal – I for one will not be going to another conference and know others as well,before announcing another conference I would strongly advise our leaders to fully appraise the situation .It would be most embarrassing to organize a conference and no on turn up

    • Thanks Alb. I would also say new technology is FAR SUPERIOR to a conference. As I write this, 367 people have viewed this page, 74 today (I don’t know if that’s unique views but it’s still a decent number). I have had an opportunity to ‘make a speech’ and people have had a chance to agree, disagree or make further points. That is a million times more efficient and democratic than waiting months for a conference, travelling miles, staying in hotels…but not get to take part in the debate, just sit there listening, thinking ‘what a load of baloney’. As I said, conferences are a waste of time and money!

  3. ‘Activists’ comments (worryingly sent at 4:19 this morning :-)) struck more chords than a well-tuned Steinway Grand Piano…..

    I was fairly new to this political game, in 2015, when I agreed to be the Parliamentary Campaign Manager for the Rutland & Melton Constituency. However, I was not at all new to project management. So, I simply applied basic project management methodology to running the campaign, (although a fellow experienced PM did warnme at a UKIP Training Day that ‘project-managing UKIP activists was like ‘herding cats”!). In short, as I bored my Candidate to death with, ‘Plan The Work, Then Work The Plan’.

    The Candidate, key activists and I kicked off the whole process with a brainstorming meeting, collated all the facets we needed to cover from leafleting and canvassing, through to letter-writing and media coverage, paid adverts, street stalls, correx boards and covering the postal vote etc etc. Everything we could think of in fact – and that all went into the master plan. We got hold of the Electoral Roll, divided up the Constituency into Wards and down to street level and assigned leafleteers according to their home location. This enabled us to plan our leaflet distribution and ordering and including second editions, we pretty much covered the whole constituency, household by household, twice, not including those handed out at street stalls etc. (77,231 households or in other words 96% of the Rutland & Melton electorate – to be exact).

    What astounded me was that this sort of methodology seemed to be entirely new to many of my activists – as exampled by one activist who confided in me that she’d never been given a map and a list of street names of the area she was to cover before! It seemed as if previously activists had more or less been handed a bunch of leaflets and just told to ‘go and do something with them…’ I thought this was purely a Rutland issue but have learned since that it’s actually rather commonplace.

    ‘Activist’ is entirely right. Training is non-existent. There appears to be no attempt to utilize the professional skills which many members and supporters bring to the party. Comments and recommendations upwards are routinely ignored. As has been pointed out at Branch meetings, UKIP is rarely active at the local level (unless we have Councillors in place) but just ‘pop up’ at Elections which then just appears disingenuous. As one ‘par example’ our local Lib-Dem candidate (who we beat into fourth place in 2015) has just been all over the local papers championing the people against a rapacious local developer. The Lib-Dems have just one County Councillor out of twenty-six but are seen to be actively and continuously involved in local issues whilst UKIP is not.

    Those of us who’ve been involved in the Election or Referendum process know just how much better the mainstream party’s machinery is. It’s understandable since they’ve been going a lot longer. However UKIP seem entirely unwilling to learn. That’s neither understandable nor forgivable.

    • Well said Gerry. How many UKIP bosses have ever run their own businesses or successful enterprises? A closer look at some CVs wouldn’t be a bad idea.

  4. I agee entirely with this article and comment. I am really angry that so many people knside and outside theparty are being let downin this way by palsey and paralysis. The whole establishment, not just Lab, is wide open to attack and we are silent. Shame!

  5. what a great article, you cant disagree with it,lets hope the people at the top take notice of it.

  6. I couldn’t agree more with the article. UKIP organisation is lamentable.
    I am fed up of all the upper-echelon shenanigans but my main concern is what I, and others, can affect – branch organisation.
    I was a Labour Party member for decades, going back to when Labour was anti-EU. Whenever an election was called grassroots Labour members went to battle stations. They understood how to produce newsletters/leaflets, they understood the need to get members/supporters to deliver them, the need for canvassing, the need to organise the postal vote and the need to get voters out on the day.
    When my UKIP branch was formed, almost all members were inexperienced political virgins – admirable ordinary citizens who felt the need to stand up and speak out.
    Our chairman at the time was very efficient at recruiting candidates, getting them to complete their nomination papers etc.
    I asked what leafleting and canvassing we planned to do. No-one had thought of that. I said I would design a leaflet and get it printed. I asked branch members to help deliver it.
    Most were not keen. A number of members said they would only leaflet on their own streets, not in our target ward.
    After a huge effort I got enough leafleters together and drew up delivery maps to avoid duplication of effort – our enthusiastic citizen volunteers had initially planned to just ‘do some of’ the division.
    There was no concept of media work, so I organised a media pack with photos.
    It all took a huge amount of my time. Happily we polled well, although we didn’t win the seat.
    I hoped that after all the successful work that members would want to learn more so we expand our campaigning capacity. Not a bit of it!
    None of this is to criticise our admirable members – but it is to criticise the lack of training in the party.
    I then wrote to one of our MEPS, a very senior figure in the party. I said that branches were inexperienced and needed training. Without that training, I said, we were unlikely to advance.
    He didn’t even bother replying.
    He did, however, get the regional organiser to respond – with an appalling email saying that branches were actually very skilled and very well organised. Insultingly, he said I should stop ‘complaining’ and instead actually do some work.
    The level of training at branch level remains very poor. In my branch members complain about having to deliver leaflets and having to discuss local issues with a view to generating local campaigning points.
    I am absolutely certain that my branch is not unique – in fact, is quite possibly better organised than most in the region.
    I am certain that more training would help get the message across to grassroots activists that they have to work to win. We can’t expect Nigel Farage, now Paul Nuttall, to pull us all to success.
    Indeed, a culture of working at grassroots level needs to be instilled – rather than like in the Lib Dems. Their politics are terrible, but they know how to fight elections. They have a culture at every level of their party of organising at the grassroots level. UKIP doesn’t.
    This isn’t only UKIP – an organisation such as that which Aaron Banks is said to be planning will also falter unless it helps its members in their campaigning.
    I might add that it is disheartening to see new members joining so enthusiastically only to drift away after a short time because their talents are not used or developed.
    I also asked our regional organiser to take control of a council by-election in a neighbouring borough and use it as a showcase for members to learn what should be done.
    His response: no reply!

    • Great post Activist. This party is upside down; lots of really good grassroots people, who know what needs to be done but the ‘management’ (if you can call them that) haven’t a clue, headless chickens running round in circles but hey, what’s this? Another ‘review’. FFS it’s very simple, get the policies sorted, produce an ONLINE manifesto (not a glossy printed one like Suzanne Evans’ thing, so expensive it couldn’t be printed in any useful quantities) An ONLINE manifesto costs nothing and can be changed in a heartbeat after Crick proofreads it (we seem incapable). That’s a start point. Then pick our top five spokespeople to be the face of UKIP and start producing regular video output online on a well promoted UKIP channel, showing what UKIP is all about. One of those videos should be a crucifying summary of BBC bias, UKIP needs to get this theme going, make sure the public realise how they have been lied to for years by our national broadcaster, staffed by Marxist idiots and Islamaplogists. And yes, start training people in county centres. Get the egregious website sorted, this is about 5 years overdue, sack anyone who says it’s OK. Oh, and sack Reckless the invisible ‘Economics Spokesman’ utterly useless, has the charisma of a cornflake and the media impact of mouse. An Economics Spokesman should be Number Two in any party, Dep Leader and brutally good. He should make anyone supporting HS2 more hated than Jimmy Savile. HS2 is a GIFT to UKIP, we’re the only party calling it out as the fraud second only to the EU itself.

  7. I don’t see anyone here referring to the recent policy update. Did everyone miss it? I admit it is hard to find as, thanks to the website being as bad as Russell says, there is no way to find it! It is buried in the stream of consciousness called ‘News’. Our communications are so bad that at our recent branch meeting not a single member (excluding officers) had heard about it!

    Unfortunately its badly produced (lots of formatting errors, words being cut off, etc) and the actual content isn’t great either, notably there isn’t a single number in the whole document (how much should immigration be? how much cut from foreign aid budget?) and everything seems to have been as de-radicalised as possible. One notable missing word – Islam! The order in which things are written gives a very odd perception of priorities – VAT on energy, takeaways and tampons comes before immigration reduction, banning multilingual documents before supremacy of British law! What is this obsession with VAT on takeaways, is this a delayed reaction to Osborne’s aborted pasty tax? Anyway I am sure a big proportion of takeaways are halal these days so at least this leaflet is consistent with the infamous stoke leaflet

  8. I never receive a reply from my UKIP MEP when I email her. Despite the fact that she has an assistant. And yet whenever I happen to meet her she is friendly to me. I do not even receive an acknowledgement of receipt, even though I cc the assistant who has a separate email address.

    Something is not working very well.

  9. In respect first of the points about the conferences. They should be limited to at best two a year. However the party has seen them in the past as a useful form of income. We are force fed repetition to avoid any one noticing there is nothing else on offer. Why ? because there is no room for any real training or form of advancement of ordinary members this has never has ever been countenanced. In fact the previous chairman steadily avoided all my attempts to bring in a proper training regime, why I have no idea. When i came up with a plan to bring all aspects of candidate assessment, selection and training under one ‘roof’ I was told it was a grab for power and could not be allowed. This was the action of the same charman who refused to allow the NEC to debate and discuss the plans for what would and would not be allowed as part of the assessment process in so far as discipline was concerned. There were no guidelines in place and as Crowther refused to allow the NEC to discuss these proposals, in the end I had to apply them as I saw fit. Another part of the money raising process was allowing candidates to submit themselves for assessment as often as they wanted “AS LONG AS THEY PAID THE FEE” are you seeing the common thread. I was aware of candidates who would never have passed having paid the fee 9/10/11 times I think from memory the most was 14. At £25 that is £350. That fee is now £50 and the recording I saw of the training and assessment day in Manchester recently the quality of training was abysmal. So the ‘quality’ is now down and the price is now up, to make matters worse I hear from Scotland the assessment processes for local government candidates is taking for ever and we fast approach the nomination day. The party machine is an absolute shambles. No one can object to factions they are part of politics. The Fabian Soc, the Monday Club, The Selsdon Group, Momentum, Tribune, Tory Reform Group even the Bruges Group. These are political factions based on policy and direction. UKIP’s is the worst sort based on personalities. Those in charge could be forgiven for being from one faction or another if they actually knew what they are doing. A letter was sent out from the party saying that Stoke had been the best by-election campaign the party had ever fought. I had to sit back and read it again, no person with even the slightest political knowledge could have described the Stoke car crash as the best campaign ever. The conference has a roll to play but given that UKIP seem to hold them every few weeks it allows the current leadership a fig leaf excuse to say look we are doing something despite doing it badly all over the place. Until serious changes are made to the organisational leadership the ship will continue to take water.

  10. Thank you, Russell, another excellent article – I hope you keep them coming. I am surprised UKIP doesn’t provide subsidised training for branch activists on how to make branch newsletters and a branch website.

    But as vital as communication is it is not the whole story. Communication is a necessary requirement for success but not a sufficient one.

    Even more important is to have a clear and coherent political message to communicate. Communication may be the means, but the political message is the end. Even the most professional communication will not succeed if either it has no political message or it has the wrong political message.

    For me this is the real failure of the current UKIP leadership. Its failure to fill the policy vacuum and come up with a clear, simple, radical post-Brexit message which will appeal to that section of the electorate who voted Leave in the EU referendum.

    • Thank you Richard. I’m not afraid to say what has to be said, I’m about to send an update to the NEC, just in case they’ve missed what’s been going round. You make a VERY good point, that good communications shoving out garbage would indeed be worse than the near silence we’ve had since June 23rd. Your last paragraph is spot on, I agree 100%.

  11. Keeping it short, if UKIP dont catch up to the media bus soon, all my subscriptions and donations will be for nothing. Surrey have proved what can be done, but we hear nothing from the leadership, in fact we actually dont hear anything from the party at all. I know he has left, but when Nigel was in charge every day there was some sort of press release, now we hear nothing, so just what am I paying for?

  12. I think you’d better get down on your knees and pray for UKIP. My guess when the EU money runs out the elite will disappear saying they’ve done their bit as Nuttall did when Farage left and until hubris skewered him.

    But nature deplores a vacuum…. And thank God there is at least the prospect of something else from Arron Banks.

  13. There are about a dozen of the same names here every day, constantly slagging off the leadership and thus damaging the party. Gee, thanks guys, who needs the Tories when we have you. Don’t get too cocky, you are a minority.
    I have no axe to grind and have no ambition whatever except to serve my community. You are damaging my chances of doing that. So long as those leading remain reasonable and are making a genuine effort to produce a plan for the future, I”m quite willing to wait a couple of months for the results of the ongoing review. You seem to demand something NOW which could only be a scheme on the back of an envelope intended to keep the grassroots quiet. A little patience and we could do much better.
    I’m all for a frank exchange of views, this goes far beyond that. No wonder HQ don’t want it all over the internet. I’ve done in here, it’s pointless and has become an anti-UKIP site. I do wish that Banks gets on with his hopeless new party scheme, when it quickly dies, perhaps you will think again.
    Have fun.

    • I’m sorry to hear that – but would like to point out that there would and could be more than ‘a dozen of the same people’ debating here if readers and indeed comment posters would take the time and link to the articles in their own circles and indeed on their social media accounts so they have them – and ask for participation.
      Perhaps it is a sad sign of UKIP crumbling when so many members who ar happy with things as they are somehow find it not worthwhile to debate, or think that it’s incumbent on everybody to sing from the same song sheet.
      I’d like to add, with all due respect, that it’s hardly the ‘dozen or so’ comment posters on here who are dragging the Party down, and that it’s hardly those that damage your chances of serving your community. That critique ought to be addressed somewhere else.

      • Viv, I Tweet almost all articles, and usually ask for comments – but this one I thought perhaps best not!
        We do get a great many re-tweets and likes, even if people don’t comment much. However it might be useful to note that today’s article about the Geat Repeal Bill, even,though I accompanied it by saying what it was about, has generated less tweets and likes than anything about Islam. As my followers and those I follow are mainly like minded folk, this tells me that people are rather too relaxed about Brexit being in the hands of Mrs.May (we have had that petition circulating for a longish time, and it has been slow going, though I and others retweet daily) but one thing everyone is very worried about is creeping Islamisation, not just here but worldwide.
        This is one reason that UKIP should have a properly active Twitter site from Head Office – much easier to gauge the opinions of people that way – it also might tell the ‘clueless cabal’ what really really matters to people.
        Icini’ s ambitions for UKIP are community based, as he has said before. Many posters here have (had) much bigger ambitions and a vision for the future of UKIP – Icini will be unable to protect his community, going forward, if no-one speaks out. It’s not just here, Australia and Canada are also having Islamic ways forced on them at a rapid rate, and America was, pre Trump. The Western world, or First World, whatever you like to call it, is in grave danger – as others have asked, if UKIP isn’t going to be the party that speaks out for Britain, who will?

        • Add China to the Western World Dee, they have provinces with endemic Muslims, never mind those on their borders and from what I can make out they are a constant source of trouble and virtually at war internally in places – Foreigners KEEP OUT
          …..and don`t forget Russia has a bunch within and without and if you go back a few years Putin was upset that the Yanks weren`t prepared to help out with a mutual problem – you might even say the present poisonous relationship had its roots the, in fact it was probably when détente died

        • Hi Dee
          I have made several attempts to set up a dedicated ” members site” all to no avail.I contacted Micheal Heavers,Arron Banks,ukipdaily.Twitter all were not interested.I now feel our only salvation will be when Arron Banks sets up his ” Patriotic Alliance ” party he will provide a members section for us all to exchange comments between ourselves.This could also be used as a sounding platform for deciding future party policies – determined by the members not the NEC. I also feel if we do have a new party name we would be able to dump a lot of the baggage that comes with UKIP ( Racist,One policy party,Fascists ect).I am sure the “left” would follow us again with the same chants, but this time I would hope our leaders would tell them to “p**s off” and not try appeasing them as the current UKIP leadership does.

          • Afraid I have to agree Alb, although Anne-Marie is doing sterling work, even she can’t breathe life into what is rapidly becoming a corpse of what UKIP once might have been.
            All I care about is that those who understand the enormous danger we face from the Globalist Islamisation plan have a Party they can work for, in whatever way they are able, a Party that will give a voice to the public. Even if we don’t win, we will have done our best.

          • Dee you mention the Muslim Global “Plan” There is a conference going on at the moment which is supposed to be called with the object of “completely eliminating” Isil or Daesh (every last one of `em)
            I am assuming this organisation is only one of the instruments carrying out the “Plan”.
            Surely it will spring up in a new guise, have we a plan to identify and expunge those behind it? Do we even know who they are?

          • Roger I read so much stuff, I cannot refer you to where I read that quite a time ago that a document which went unreported by MSM had been uncovered apparently written by the Muslim brotherhood detailing a plan for spreading Islam world wide through the various methods we now know they employ. It could have been at the time when the Muslim Brotherhood became a proscribed organization. That it went unreported, and bearing in mind the control exercised by Globalists, I think this all went on in America, on the MSM one must presume, and not just because of this one document, that Globalists are actively enabling this plan.

            There is a very interesting discussion time on RT at 7.30 most evenings, and yesterday the interviewee said that where ever there is destabilization and war, there are also gas and oil pipelines – the battle in Syria will go on for a long time yet, I think.

          • Dee,
            Thanks for the reply,
            For my sins, I don`t know much about the Muslim Brotherhood, of course I have heard of them constantly in the Egyptian consideration, but I know nothing of them wider.
            You say it is already a prescribed organisation – is that internationally or just in Egypt.
            Presumably we know who is behind them are we also taking steps to eliminate them?
            Ask a daft question Roger and you get a daft answer – I`ll bet it includes some of our well known middle East allies – and thereby hangs the problem – fat chance of it ever being finally sorted

    • Icini, the ‘leadership’ has been doing a fine job of damaging UKIP for the 9 months since the Referendum without anyone’s help. Frustrated members now speaking out on the DISMAL/non-existent output from HQ are entirely justified in their criticism. Every morning we get a superb report on what’s happening around Brexit from Brexit Central, ( intelligently researched and well written but we get NOTHING from UKIP with many more PAID STAFF, 20 MEPs and a huge NEC – not daily, not weekly, not monthly. I’ve had some very interesting emails & phone calls from UKIP MEPs and others, many agree with me 100% and say ‘very well said Russell, keep saying it’. They too are frustrated with HQ incompetence. I’m more convinced than ever that we have people in key positions deliberately being utterly useless. UKIP has long been sabotaged from the top, it’s obvious – no one could be this useless without really trying hard.

      • Russell, I agree absolutely. We are being sabotaged, I have come to that conclusion not from UKIP, but from trying to understand what May’s ambitions, as a reluctant Leaver, are, post Brexit. Don’t forget that she was deliberately placed, to take over, they had it worked out just after the result. I think that whoever is doing this, (it isn’t Nuttall, he’s the useful idiot, as, probably, is Oakden ) may genuinely believe that what May is going to deliver will be the best outcome for Britain. We will be (are already?) signed up to a European Army, and will pay towards that – (I’m guessing whoever is working against UKIP thinks that under Trump, or Merkel refusing (unable) to pay NATO will collapse and we will be ‘alone’ against a Russia with ambitions) and we may not recover our Fishing Grounds, or our Independent Judiciary, all of which some might see as just fine.
        Call me a loony conspiracy merchant, by all means, but give it some thought, it’s plausible. No one could deliberately, as you say, achieve so much if they had the ethos of UKIP in their DNA.

      • I would have more sympathy for Icini’s point of view if the top leaders weren’t constantly causing trouble themselves. Today we have a tweet from Carswell again slagging off UKIP (actually Russell you might agree with him on this point, see his tweet ‘better than the stuff put out in 2015’ (I think he meant 2016 but who knows) and Suzanne Evans and Richard Hilton, on the day Paul called for unity at one of the many conferences in Weymouth, they shared their little in-jokes about Nigel’s knighthood on twitter. Lead by example! If they bitch and whine at the top, so will we at the bottom.

        The conferences are an ABSOLUTE joke. At Bolton, it was literally a series of 10 minute slots. Carswell sent a video. There is no sense of prioritisation in the messaging. There are about 20 spokespeople and each wants to get their 5 minutes of fame. Paul as leader isn’t giving a clear policy narrative. The website is a stream of consciousness, a long list of articles with no sense of what is important. Patrick O’Flynn, the great defender of the BBC license fee (!WTF!!!) seems incapable of managing the message. Its hilarious that UKIP in the local election manifesto boasts of local councilllors not being under the whip, and at the same time demands all social media accounts closed!!!! Which is it to be people???

    • Icini,

      The only ones damaging your chances of serving your community are the UKIP leadership. They have had more than enough time to sort out the mess and have not only failed, they have made it worse.

      Nuttall and whoever wrote that leaflet have pandered to the enemy instead of supporting us and our country; we simply cannot tolerate any more from them.

    • Nuttall was deputy leader for a number of years. He is not starting from scratch any more than are most of the NEC are. The policy vacuum is not excusable.

      As to the critique of the leadership, the issue that ought to concern you is that there is so much to complain about.

    • GEOFFREY CHARLES ELLIOTT. // March 21, 2017 at 10:06 pm // Reply
      icini,for crying out loud man what is wrong with you,for god’s sake why can’t you understand that it is in fact the leadership,that is damaging the party.Click the first link,and see my first comment,to Viv’s article:”We want our country back” it was
      posted on March 13,2017 at 12:42 PM,it is 11 th down.You will see I was a huge
      supporter of Paul Nutall,however that all changed when I saw that damn leaflet
      that he and his stupid advisors had compiled,they have destroyed UKIP’s credibility.
      It was sickening to read of Nutall’s pandering and appeasement of Muslims,who are indeed the most vilest and evil and cruelest of all of the people’s on God’s earth,the demands of their peverted religion,are known to everyone.Their hatred of all animals
      and their ways of causing them the most utmost pain and suffering in the most
      horrendous way imaginable.They have even started poisoning dogs now in Britain,and on mainland Europe they are now crucifying man,s most wonderful and loyal friends,or cutting their noses,ears and tails off,don’t belive me ,just google up DEAD DOG JIHAD.Then to read Nutall’s words:LET ME MAKE IT LOUD AND CLEAR UKIP WILL NOT BAN HALAL,filled me with an incandescent rage and was indeed the last straw for me.I have fought for over 16 years on these issues,we had huge support throughout the country and the Party.And what did Nutall and his sick appeasement of the Muslims of Stoke achieve,nothing absolutely nothing,as they
      didn’t even vote for him,they always vote Labour.He has not only betrayed me,but he he has betrayed my beloved party.We don’t need the Tories as the longer Nutall and his dullards remain in UKIP,they are damaging the party beyond the Tories wildest dreams.If they had a decent bone in their bodies,or cared at all about the future of UKIP,they would stand down.Their silence and damage limitations,will not save them
      To see that most damaging leaflet,please click my second link.

      • Nuttall and Lisa DUffy, his campaign manager, were taken for absolute fools in Stoke. Their campaign was infiltrated by a muslim activist who convinced them to come up with this leaflet. You will never get practising muslims to vote for UKIP, just accept this reality and move on. But by appeasing them you lose the trust and support of your base. What naive fools.

        • Totally agree Graham – After the event I was somewhat surprised that the flier was in-fact based on a UKIP policy – I DID NOT KNOW and would not have agreed to it

    • For what it is worth I am in complete agreement on your take on Banks.

  14. “Being ‘busy’ in Brussels ” pays them rather well but is a direct conflict of interest with what the party needs. It will be interesting to see what they do to replace their ill gotten income once we leave, if and when we do.

  15. I agree that UKIP has failed to capitalise on 3.88 million votes in the 2015 General Election and that it’s communication strategy has been lamentable. The problem is that the Policy Team was disbanded after the General Election on the grounds of cost. (Proper policy requires research of Treasury and other ministries’ output, testing of the numbers, and costing of policy proposals and is not a part-time activity). Thus, with no Policy Team there is no output to publicise. And thus also a space is left for policy making on the fly as Nuttall tried in Stoke.

    Conferences are great social occasions for kippers when we gather from across the UK, and are not the problem. They only appear so in the absence of a properly staffed policy unit and policies we can promote and defend on the doorstep let alone in the media.

    In my view, the party needs to update its manifesto, re-cost it, be bolder and more radical, and then communicate it every which way – with discipline.

    Policies ladies and gentlemen, policies, and clarity of purpose. When, fairly or not, `cheaper chips to accompany halal meat’ appears to be our headline policy then no amount of communications technique will correct that. Indeed, better our current confused and incoherent policies are not communicated.

    • Stout,

      Are you saying we have no policy team? I beg to differ as I met one recently, but he did not really enlighten me to what our policies are except for those in the last manifesto.

      • The policy team is being reformed but oh so slowly. It was disbanded, a mistake that is now grasped by top shop, but the reforming team is not complete and it will be some time before the general election manifesto can be updated. The vacuum continues. Overarching direction – libertarian or social democratic – is still being fought over. Nuttall is anti-populist which may prove a problem.

        • I gathered that when he distanced himself from Trump and Le Pen, Stout! If UKIP isn’t ‘populist’ what is it?!

          • Nuttall was on TV several times saying he wouldn’t vote for Trump. Why not, he never explained. Again, he allowed himself to be blown by whatever prevailing wind happened to be blowing at that time. I am afraid he has no principles at all.

          • Graham, if we haven’t got a principled Leader, no matter how much we members try, we will never have a Party. I stick by my other post, Nuttall has been seen as a useful idiot by those that want to destroy UKIP – I’m sorry, but I’ll say it again – UKIP cannot hope to go forward under Nuttall – our Deputy Leader is a far better man in every way. I wish we could face up to it before it is too late.

  16. I agree with most of this article, but I think we should have quarterly live YouTube events featuring presentations from key UKIP contributors/guests followed by UKIP member only online/phone-in discussions in the LBC style. Then put the whole thing up on YouTube and release the audio as a Podcast.

    Obviously none of this is going to happen. No-one at the top seems to be listening, and now apparently they’re retreating from social media. It seems mad to me.

    • Did you watch those LBC UKIP leadership debates? The one with Ian Dale was excruciating. You can see the utter disdain on the faces of the establishment (NUttall and Evans) for Rees-Evans, who to be fair said some pretty outlandish things. It’s still on youtube. For those wanting more of the same on youtube, watch this first then hope you don’t get what you wish for!

  17. Russell, what a negative article. So what are you going to do about it? Personally, the conferences I have attended have been great. Great motivators and great entertainment. I also followed the Weymouth Conference on the internet and found it just as satisfactory – without the travelling.
    So let us have your constructive plan for what we should be doing – and then fund it – and get on with it.

    • Mike, it’s not negative, it simply shatters your illusion that UKIP are functioning. Here’s my plan: No 1 face the truth of appalling UKIP management incompetence by having the guts to point it out, which I’ve done here. 2) Implement the communications strategy which I have laid out in this article which you seem to have missed, before Arron Banks destroys UKIP. Read it again.

    • You’ve said it Mike you really said it right! Great entertainment. As I said the other day, you trog round making speeches at party conferences and then realise you thought you were doing politics but really you are just a touring entertainer.

  18. I have attended 9 conferences but there is unlikely to be a tenth.
    Every word Russell Hicks wrote above is true in spades.
    Our MEPs are a disgrace ( some are notable exceptions). They seem to be too busy to attend meetings in Brussels, help local businesses in their respective areas deal with EU bureaucracy, help constituents, inform members in their region what they are doing etc. Shame on them.
    We have a party chairman who has been described by a previous employer as a fantasist. We have a leader who loves going on secret holidays, plays football professionally, and has three homes ( presumably he is keeping his rash promise and is still living some of the time in Stoke).
    In a week article 50 will be triggered. Never was there a bigger need for a fighting UKIP. Labour are about to commit suicide and the libdems will continue to be out of touch with popular opinion.
    If Arron Banks starts a new internet based party of radical democratic opinions then all bets are off. It could with ease jump to 100,000 members and start to win council byelection seats.
    UKIP are floundering mid channel!!!

    • CK, the Party Chairman seems to have escaped most of the criticism but I think he is unfit for purpose.
      I want an answer to who originally came up with the Stoke leaflet idea, which has successfully hammered the final nail into the UKIP coffin?

  19. Russell, what a wonderful article – every word of it true. I wouldn’t dream of competing with such a star as yourself, but my anger equals yours, and going by comments, many on here.
    UKIP under the current Leadership is not fit for any purpose, never mind going forward.
    After the election, all comments were saying “the Government had better get on with it, or UKIP will sweep the board at the next by election.
    HA,Ha! No positive posts now for UKIP from the public. Anywhere.

  20. I don’t think the Evening Standard rag will make a difference under Osborne. It’s already farcically right-on progressive. Any more the narrative will rebound.

    There is a photo on Guido of Arron Banks with others said to be a recent planning meeting for a new party.

    It really is astonishing how uninterested UKIP is in modern political communications. This has not escaped Bank’s attention I’m sure. But when the leader dresses like Bertie Worcester…

  21. Russell,

    I think the answer to your question is ‘never’. I agree with every word you have written and have never attended any conferences for the reasons you have stated. If Nigel was still there then maybe I would think about going, but unfortunately there is no one there now to make me want to go.

    So, that is it short and simple.

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