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Most of us have now received the ballot papers, and very many will already have voted. But there are still many ‘undecideds’, and the battle for their votes now goes into the final round.

Just as during parliamentary elections, this is now the time for smears and nasty tricks. The latest example is a spoof email which was sent out to members and branch secretaries as ‘advice’ coming from ‘UKIP’, telling the recipients to vote for AMW.

In his communication to members, the Returning Officer Piers Wauchope yesterday made clear this was a spoof and had nothing to do with UKIP:

Bogus Email Alert

Some of you may have received an email from “Support Team” on behalf of “UKIP Leadership Election Information” of 17 Kings Walk in Exeter. No one in head office has heard of this body.

Concerns have been raised that the email was designed to appear as if it had been put out by Lexdrum House as an official UKIP communication. It is not an official communication. It is a communication sent out by a supporter or supporters of one of the leadership candidates.

If you receive an email from “Support Team”, you may take whatever notice of them as you please, but do not suppose that the party has anything to do with it.

Piers Wauchope

Returning Officer

I’ve been informed that some IT whizzes communicated the technical aspects of that email to Mr Wauchope, demonstrating that it was from a fake account. They make it quite clear that this spoof could have come from anyone: a supporter, a Kipper, a non-member even, and that it would be very wrong to point the finger exclusively at AMW or her supporters.

I’ll go a step further than Mr Wauchope. I would like to warn you all to be alert not just to the increased risk of spoofs, ‘discoveries’, malign ‘reports’ and breathtaking headlines about this or that candidate. On closer reading, these ‘reports’ lack foundation. Their aim is to fire up a faux outrage in the hope that some of the muck will stick, making unsuspecting members re-think their vote while at the same time allow opponents to indulge in some more fortuitous candidate-bashing.

This used to happen to UKIP candidates in General and Local elections: we brushed it aside as the nasty-but-normal behaviour of the Establishment parties and MSM.

Now this sort of underhand dealings has got into our own Party. We were always better than ‘them’: the Westminster ‘elites’, the politicians who are only in it for themselves, weren’t we!  Before some of you now point fingers at “infiltrators” from LibLabCon, let me remind you that with few exceptions most ordinary Kippers have turned their backs on their former parties, rejecting their policies and joined UKIP for that reason. They have been and are staunch Kippers and don’t deserve to be smeared by those who think they alone are in possession of truth and purity.

But – the fact remains that there are now some members and supporters who apparently think that the be-all and end-all is to win, regardless. That this end justifies the means … just like ‘normal’ politicians … Is that what we now have become in UKIP? That is not who we were!

So – the warnings. Expect more smears and slurs to be thrown at the candidates – not by the MSM: at the moment they couldn’t care less about what we do to each other! –  but by ‘interested parties’ inside UKIP. Yes, we need to know all we can about the candidate who we will vote for or have already voted for – but excuse me: haven’t we already been scrutinising them for the last three months?

So: why now? Because according to ‘electioneering science’, it’s the small things, the apparently inconsequential things which just might tip the balance one way or another – provided they get blown out of all proportions, provided there are a sufficient number of ‘helpers’ online who can fire up a storm.

Here’s another warning: all this, from spoof emails and fake outrage to underhand personal slurs may not have found their way into the MSM headlines yet, but be sure that they will be splattered across the front pages as soon as the new leader is announced! The MSM will have collected files on each of the candidates. They will gleefully make use of whatever we, i.e. the supporters, have been providing them with through such ‘combative electioneering techniques’. The more we indulge in vituperative arguments, in playing the person (see, I’m fully gender-inclusive!) not the ball, the more ammunition we give away for free.

In these last two weeks of the seemingly endless campaign we must accept that there is no such thing as an ideal candidate, that there is no such thing as a candidate who is pure as the driven snow, that there is no candidate who cannot be ‘had’ for something that happened ten or twelve years ago. If we demand ‘purity’ from a candidate we ask for someone who has spent all his adult life in a cave. Is that a recommendation for a prospective leader?

So beware of spoof emails, beware of spoof endorsements, beware of irrelevant ‘revelations’. Don’t use articles in the biased MSM or on certain blogs as ‘evidence’ against a candidate.

Do what Kippers used to do: debate, be critical and be critical of the ‘news’ sources.  We make up your own minds but have always allowed others to have and hold their own opinion without denigrating them.

Finally: there are many ways to bring the Party into disrepute. That spoof email is one example.

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  1. Yes 2 weeks.

    STEP 1
    When looking for prospective managers or a successor.

    Choose Young, Bright AND Tough. And if possible, Time share trained and ruthless.

    OK, There’s millions think they can do it. No they can’t.
    Out of this bunch I can only see two I’d even let in the door.

    STEP 2
    Someone to watch your back. You have to trust someone.

    STEP 3
    For goodness sake Keep it short sweet and simple

    It doesn’t matter how thin you slice crap, it’s still crap.

    STEP 4
    Keep your promises.

  2. Can anyone tell me when I can expect to receive my ballot papers? Are they going out alphabetically? I’m getting a bit worried!

    • Provided you are eligible to vote in this contest, i.e that you were already a member when this election was called on 23 June, then you should have received your ballot paper by now.

      Contact Head Office and they will sort it for you.

      • Aye, there’s the rub. It was not obvious, and certainly not made plain on the join-up page, that only extant members could vote for the next leader. I joined 11 days after the election was called. i have replied to Head Office that I want a refund. I am happy to join UKIP when there is a leader whom I would have voted for, but not otherwise.

        I suppose the worry was that, like the Labour Party, people would join to vote for the least popular leader. However, it should have been made clear on the membership application page that this was the case.

        • No good moaning to me. Your situation is not my responsibility. I answered your original question – my reply in no way suggested that I am some kind of agony aunt!

    • Many people have had theirs from Monday onwards, I see on Twitter, so perhaps you should email Head Office, Brian?

  3. I am fed up with all this. I shall just vote from the gut or decide “none of the above”. What a complete shower we have become.

  4. there is no such thing as a candidate who is pure as the driven snow, that there is no candidate who cannot be ‘had’ for something that happened ten or twelve years ago. If we demand ‘purity’ from a candidate we ask for someone who has spent all his adult life in a cave. Is that a recommendation for a prospective leader?

    Precisely! Back in the 1970s the apparatchiks surrounding the Royal family sought just such a bride for the Prince of Wales, no baggage, no past, a virgin – an increasingly rare creature among his own age group as the decade wore on. One girlfriend, a certain Camilla Shand failed their tests, the prince was sent to the other side of the world to cool off. Finally a shy young virgin was found and, almost on the eve of the famous wedding our prince finally ended (temporarily)his adulterous relationship with his former girlfriend. Well that worked out well didn’t it?

    • I agree you can’t ask for purity, but you can at least ask for signs of committment. When our party was short of candidates for the GE just 4 months ago, where was HB? Why didn’t he stand? You could also say the same for JRE I might add.

      • In the recent GE many prospective candidates were advised by the then leader not to stand in constituencies where the sitting MP was a Leave supporter. Hence, we fielded candidates only in about half the constituencies.

        As to why Henry didn’t decide to stand, or JRE for that matter, have you considered asking them directly? It might prove more productive than repeatedly asking people here who simply don’t have the answer to this question.

        • Amazing that after months of hustings that these basic questions have not been answered. or even asked! Tells you a lot about this process, long on time, short on quality.

    • PP,

      Yes it did, we have two lovely young Princes one of which will make a good future King I think.

  5. There is joy in heaven over the sinner who repenteth (Luke 15:10) but not in UKIP apparently. If the party confines itself to people who have been ideologically pure all their life then UKIP will remain a very small party indeed.

    • A potential leader should show full commitment to cause before being able stand. WHy didn’t HB stand in either the 2017 or 2015 election? Those of us that stood knew we were going into a bloodbath and would lose our deposits and credibility. What kind of ‘leader’ doesn’t get involved in the fight and lead from the front?

      • Good question. Pity no-one asked this at hustings.

        • Because the hustings are a sham, a Q&A format where each person gets a couple of sentences. What was also needed were grilling sessions for candidates. To be fair to HB, almost all candidates have similar questions they should answer, but there has been no opportunity and I understand the vetting that was talked about never happened. I am sure each candidate signed off on the form that says there are no skeletons in their closets (this is a real question!) but as we didn’t have a chance to probe the obvious ones then we will never know…. until it is too late and we get another Nuttall.

      • Graham you asked, in the context of the last two General Elections, ‘What kind of ‘leader’ doesn’t get involved in the fight and lead from the front?’ At a guess, maybe someone who is working elsewhere, and is both self-supporting and needs to earn a living.

        I’ve found it quite revealing that some candidates were able to reply in the affirmative when asked at a husting if they would be prepared to do the leader’s job without pay. I wondered just who would be supporting or sponsoring them:’He who pays the piper, etc.’

        • That’s not a reason not to stand at the two GEs. Especially as he managed to stand for the Libdems in 2005 and the PPC in 2016. I doubt there has ever been a leader of a major party that has not stood for their party in a parliamentary of general election, but who has stood for another party! In fact, can we make this a trivia question, does anybody know of a party leader who has done this before? Excluding mergers like the SDP-Liberals.

      • Graham,

        I don’t know, why don’t you ask him?

        • Hi DD

          I have already suggested, yesterday, that Graham would do better to ask Henry directly as none of us knows the answer to that question.

          In the past 30 minutes today, I have looked at Henry’s twitter feed….. and that’s when it became interesting.

          Graham asked the same question, several times on that twitter feed. Henry answered that question, several times. The timings of those tweets were mostly before 10am – some time before Graham started asking the same question on here….several times.

          For anyone who would like to know why Henry didn’t stand, he clearly states on twitter that he was under government contract at the time which prevented him from doing so.

          My own husband, now retired, has also been under government contract in his past working life and has confirmed to me that the terms of such contracts can indeed prevent someone from standing in certain types of election.


          • Brenda, so you can see that I have been asking Henry. I also asked JRE. Your timings are wrong though, his answers came much later after 4pm or so. He gave an answer for 2017 but not 2015. His answer for 2017 rather general. Fact is, he stood in neither election. asking tough questions of candidates should be encouraged. I found his answers supercilious in the extreme.

          • There is no reply facility to your reply to me. Hence I reply here.

            I have double checked Henry’s twitter feed and the answers he gave were timed at 9.52am, 9.54am and 9.55am on 14 September 2017.

            Time to move on I believe.

          • Hi Brenda,

            I have not looked at HB’s twitter feed so I will take your word for it. We have to remember it is very costly to stand for Parliament unless you are crowd funding, quite wealthy yourself or some one can sponsor you. So, I don’t like to question a person too closely incase they simple just cannot afford to do it.

          • DD

            You might also note that I am NOT the person asking this question and, therefore, your comment should have been addressed to the person who is.

    • Stout,

      I suspect that Aiden is ideologically pure, because he sounds like a priest when he talks and his speeches are like sermons, this is my personal opinion you understand.

  6. Viv, here’s my take on all this.

    Yesterday morning, I received a phone call from HO asking me if I had received the spoof email. I told the lady No, I hadn’t (it wasn’t in my spam either BTW).

    When it appeared connected with AMW I immediately asked her campaign centre, who told me it was nothing to do with them, they had only just heard about it!

    It would have been so out of character for her to sanction such action. It was obviously bogus. Someone clearly feels AMW is getting too well known and popular and is desperate to stop her.

    Here’s the thing. We are talking about real power here, the next leader of UKIP could conceivably become PM one day. It’s possible. For this spooof email, my money is on an outsider. The obvious suspect to me would be the Tory dirty tricks dept. They are as a bunch the most paranoid about a UKIP resurgence, and perhaps with good reason.

    Viv, many thanks for your well timed and balanced article. Perhaps to be followed up by a reassurance from Anne Marie herself.

    • I meant spoof of course. Spooof being a character from the Jeff Hawke comic strip years back.

    • Any ‘reassurance’ from AMW herself is to be found on her twitter feed. She says it was nothing to do with her. That is quite probably true.

      However, she is also claiming that it is another attempt to smear her.

      I note she has not bothered to come back onto this site to reassure people.

  7. I don’t deny that AMW is also possibly an infiltrator, and I can’t stand that Jack Buckby who she works with, but the nature of her infiltration is different, she is more like a militant tendency party-within-a-party. People forget how anti-islam Pearson and Batten are, who ran against each other for UKIP leader in 2010.

    Another infiltration not mentioned often is the Christian People’s Alliance. David Kurten is standing in place of Alan Craig, the erstwhile leader of the CPA. Our branch had to fight off a CPA takeover attempt and I am sure it is not the only one.

    • Graham,

      Crikey, how many infiltrators are there? Lord Pearson is not backing her is he? and I do not know if he is anti-islam or not. Everybody has things they do not like or support, but this does not make it a conspiracy unless you know more that is.

      • He said on tv, as leader, “they breed ten times faster than the rest of us”, and told me, to my face, that those with concerns about his “don’t stand against Tories” policy were “Troglodytes”. 😡

        • Ten times is a bit of an exaggeration – it is closer to eight times, although exact figures are hard to extract from official figures.

          I spent some time looking into this a few years ago, the relevant stats are:

          Indigenous births per woman: 1.2 (some assumptions, as this key parameter is obfuscated, probably deliberately)
          Muslim births per woman 4.8

          Note that this gives a 4x factor.

          Then you have to take into account the generation interval. Muslim women tend to start having offspring in their late teens or early 20s, whereas indigenous women do not seem to want children, or get into a panic when the biological clock has nearly finished, and have one when nearly 40 years. This accounts for a factor of 2.

          Overall births per women per year is the key ratio:

          4 x 2 = 8. They are out-breeding us by a factor of eight!

          Why don’t indigenous women want children? Multiple factors, including feminism and pro-green brainwashing. The teenage daughters of a relative have told me that they do not want to have children of their own, in order to save the environment! I somehow doubt that this propaganda is being taught in Muslim schools – it would be contrary to the Koran: “your wives are a tilth unto you, so go into your wives whenever you want”

      • Look back at 2010 leadership election. Pearson made many anti-Islam speeches, Batten came up with his idea that every Muslim needs to sign a pledge of loyalty. They were the two contenders. I don’t see any difference in the views of Batten and AMW. I’m not saying everyone is infiltrator-inspired but AMW, DK and to a lesser extent HB all have question marks over them in my book. Read up on Alan Craig and the CPA gang he brought with him.

  8. I have written elsewhere about the lack of subtlety and paucity of simple political smarts many members exhibit. This sort of thing makes my point for me. False accusations towards other candidates, over-the-top advocacy without the least scintilla of doubt, these will be counter-productive when viewed dispassionately by those not caught up in candidate hysteria, particularly when accompanied by the bad-mouthing of those not of the faith. Elevation to messiah status of any particular candidate by a few hyperactive posters, here or anywhere on the web, makes me wonder why they need to be so vociferous, why their posts sound like the chanting of cultists.

    We need a survival strategy and we need a survival leader, someone steady, reliable, not too flashy and without a back story which can be amplified into disaster by the mainstream commentators. They are out to kill UKP, make no mistake about that, from the BBC down to the tiniest local newspaper. We have threatened the cosy cartel which rules the UK whoever is in power, the political class which has grown accustomed to the backhanders, the just-within-the-law jollies, the snouts in the trough, the jobs for the persons* – is it any wonder we are hated?

    *There you go, Viv, I can do it too. BTW, re political pasts – I once voted Green and I would like to apologise.

    • Nicely done, Julian!
      But you voted Green? Oh the horror! We’ll have to ponder for some time if we can accept your apology and forgive you …

      • Voting for a party and standing for parliament for a party are two entirely different things. One is a true believer, the other not.

        • Indeed – but trying to stand for a Party and being rejected (AMW/Labour/Brighton) is forgivable, because it’s not so far back in the past, right?

          • No, I agree with you. But he is the one going around saying what a great CV he has but somehow it omits the Libdem part. Her Labour past is common knowledge. Maybe its because I live in the libdem hearlands of south-west london so to me they are the mortal enemy!

          • Well, let’s say her Labour past has become common knowledge when it was publicised a few weeks into her campaign.
            I certainly wasn’t aware of it until the end of July …

      • LOL – I voted Monster Raving Loony in 1994. Well, I mistakenly believed that there was going to be an anti-federal candidate on the euro election ballot paper & found I was mistaken when I got in the booth. Then there was the Family Law reform Party in 1981 – campaigned for that one. Oh and my very first vote was cast for the Liberals (the old Liberals, not the LibDems) but it meant that I have never voted for Traitor Ted.

        • Well, since we’re into confessing our shameful past: I have (ashes on my head!) voted for Plaid Cymru. Repeatedly.
          However, I’ve never voted for Leanne Woods, and actually told her off (I’d joined UKIP by then) when she tried to call me a racist on the doorstep.

          • Being told off by Leanne Wood is a mark of honour.
            It must be like being confronted by a bleating wall-eyed nanny goat that keeps nodding her head to charge but loses focus on target and intention. All that happens is the bleating gets louder.

      • Viv, there are end,ESP interviews on line going back well before this Leadership election where she details how she became disenchanted and then disgusted ‘contemptuous’ in her words of Labour as it became. She is always very frank and hides nothing. I have had a first go at copying a link, I expect it won’t work, but if it does, this was a year ago and is quite interesting to those who are interested,

        • I can’t believe it, I’ve actually copied a link!! Technology, I have embraced thee at last!

          • Sorry Viv, my first of these two comments makes little sense, as I didn’t think the copy link would work so hadn’t read it through or edited it. It refers to your comment about not being aware of AMW’s Labour past until the Leadership campaign. So my link (yess!) is to an interview a year ago, where she answers almost every question about anything in her past – is what I meant to say above, but pressed send before the link could escape!
            Is anyone sane after this campaign? …..personally I feel I am clinging to a faint vestige of sanity, no more than that – I’m sure you all agree! – about me, that is.

          • Dee
            I also took a long time to figure out how to do links. I understand your excitement as I was just as much chuffed when I finally achieved it.
            Pat on back for both of us I reckon.

    • Julian – they will only be out to kill UKIP if, as in the past, they fear the influence UKIP might have. So we shall see.

      • We have rattled them. They will not forgive us.

        Let me tell you how far the legacy parties will go to oppose us. We put forward a motion to SCC to release 2 or 3 of the 30 acres of brownfield land they own in Haverhill — my social housing estates were having extra flats squeezed into sites which are already some of the densest housing in Suffolk and I wanted to relieve the pressure.

        Guess who voted against. The Cons obviously, money and contacts every time for them, but also the LibDems and Labour, even the independents. They saw us as a threat, nine of us against all the others. Our mere existence was enough to make Labour vote against social housing, siding with the Cons to the detriment of their core vote.

        Do you honestly think they’ll forgo the chance to wipe us out completely? That is wishful thinking. Politicians are paranoid at heart, always seeing threats to their plans and positions — that’s why Blair and Thatcher went round the twist. Down but not out is not good enough to anyone with that mindset.

        The Greens didn’t bother to turn up.

    • @ JF @ 11.58am
      The only cult and cultists we have to contend with in this country are islam, islamofascists and muslims. The difference between the latter two is that islamofascists are the inhumane fanatics who promote the cult ideology of world domination; whereas muslims in general could go either way in the fight for Britain, depending on which side is weaker or stronger. If we British show ourselves to be weak, and vulnerable to being islamified, the muslims certainly won’t support a culture that was not created by them, one they migrated to and stay in mainly for economic benefit, not out of love or respect. Even if the earliest muslim immigrants felt an attraction toward Britain borne out of the colonial connections and the war effort, all that kind of sentiment is long gone with the old age and deaths of the first generation. Their descendants cleave to their own cult and culture more doggedly than first generation migrants did, because they were allowed to, nay, encouraged to, by the idiotic, disastrous Leftard policies of multiculturalism and PC.
      We can safeguard our descendants’ future only by determinedly reversing failed policies and insisting that islamofascists who do not respect our laws and mainstream culture leave the country at once. We must begin with the 3000 terrorists currently plotting against us by revoking the British citizenship of those who claim it, and an en masse deportation conducted by the army. As AMW pointed out recently, “If I have to choose between the rights of terrorists and the safety of the British people, I choose the British people every time.” She’s the only politician of any party who has said this unequivocally.

      I would ask you, JF, to refrain from condescending remarks about lack of ‘political smarts’ of people you don’t agree with; and to avoid quasi-religious language such as ‘faith’, ‘messiah-status’, ‘chanting of cultists’, terms which are hyperbolic and ridiculous.

    • I once joined ‘The Ecology Party’……For just over a week. (And I’d like to apologies too.)

      …Although I didn’t vote for them, and they hadn’t gone green.

      • You know we’ve touched on backstories which the MSM will never forget, the sort of thing they’ll bring up to mock UKIP whenever possible? Mine is the Chihuahua of Doom. Nice illo though.


    • Graham,

      Crikey, how many infiltrators are there? Lord Pearson is not backing her is he? and I do not know if he is anti-islam or not. Everybody has things they do not like or support, but this does not make it a conspiracy unless you know more that is.

    • Julian,

      I think you should be publicly flogged for voting Green!

  9. I’ve just sent off my vote for David Kurten. He is easily the best candidate but I did consider Mr Bolton for a while but the more I hear about him…well!
    I refuse to vote for candidates who slag off others. Which cut down the field somewhat and left me with a choice of AMW or David.
    But the contest has left me very disappointed with some of MEP’s that I had admired.

  10. Sorry, that should be Kurten is second place. I did get the Email in my spam folder, I assumed perhaps wrongly, it was from the AMW team and that all candidates had access to the party database.

  11. This election seems to have polarised the party. Outright anti Islam or careful plans to deal with the acknowledged problems cause by the difficulty some followers have with integrating into a modern Western society and the fear of PC that’s prevented some public office holders from doing their jobs properly.

    Te be electable we must be acceptable to the majority, we must not be or look anything like BNP, EDL or any other rabid protest group. There is a real danger we could elect a leader who will lead us down the wrong road. That would, without question, cause mass resignations, half the party would instantly disappear.
    I’ve voted for Henry, so say some of my colleagues, don’t know how many since I decline to ask them outright. He is the best available candidate, with DC in second place. The rest, whilst possible spokespeople, are simply not up to the job. I mean no disrespect to the others, no doubt they think they are doing the right thing. Here’s the thing, it does not matter to me if my comments about the others get used by the MSM later, I probably won’t be a party member if any of them win.

    • Viv makes good points about how material on this website might be gleefully harvested by the MSM to spin whatever attack they wish to mount once we have a new leader.

      Comments like yours, with unfounded and tediously repeated (from your earlier posts) comparisons with the BNP will surely be unhelpful if AMW wins.

      Now that AMW has become joint favourite, perhaps you should reconcile yourself to the prospect of leaving the Party after the election. I cannot be alone in hoping that you heed the advice elsewhere on this page and leave quietly rather than harm us with your resentful disappointment.

      • Please be also aware, Grummy, that personal attacks in the comments on other Kippers will be picked up and used as ‘evidence’ by the MSM and the establishment parties. We’ve been there before! So kindly refrain from playing the man, not the ball.

      • Grummy. I only repeat what the vast majority go our MEPs have already said and what I know a lot of our remaining councillors plan to do. It’s important you are aware of this. I know full well that those who support the Anti Islam stance will not take a blind bit of notice, maybe less single minded members will. It will be too late after the vote and I’m fighting for the survival of the party I’ve worked hard for for 5 odd years. Where was AMW during this time ? I’m still a Ukiper, don’t expect me to roll over until this battle is over.

      • Gummy,

        I think Iceni is fully entitled to state his point of view and he obviously feels strongly about this, therefore, he must be allowed to have his say even when you might really disagree with him. Otherwise, are we not stifling free speech? and end up being frightened to say anything in case we offend.

    • Quick question, when you voted for HB did you know he had previously ran for the Libdems in the 2005 General Election in Runnymede & Weybridge?

      • Don’t know and don’t care, he does not associate with past leaders of any nasty parties, the Libns may be silly but at least they are not “nasty”.

        Yesterday I saw a video, I think on Facebook, of out takes from Henry recording electoral and interview stuff, he was laughing his head off at his own mistakes, it was good stuff and shows he has a sense of humour. Unfortunately I can’t find it again.

        • Libdems not nasty? I guess you have never had to run against them. They are the worst because they pretend to be so pious at the same time. From Jeremy Thorpe, only party leader who has ever been on a murder charge, to Cyril Smith, to my own council leader for 10 years who was convicted and jailed of paedophilia, to the Libdem MP in my neighbouring constituency Jenny Tonge who was thrown out for anti-semitism (an MP! and she is in House of Lords!) and again in her constituency the green party being offered £250k not to stand in most recent election by a libdem donor, they are the WORST.

    • I thought UKIP being against the EU was a ‘rabid protest vote’! Until it wasn’t and won….

    • “There is a real danger we could elect a leader who will lead us down the wrong road. That would, without question, cause mass resignations, half the party would instantly disappear”

      I wouldn’t worry, it will be more than made up for with new members.

  12. I didn’t get that spoof email, endorsement or whatever it was – though I did get the warning about it from Mr Wauchope. So whoever did it can’t have the UKIP email database, can they?

    • Did you check your spam box? I found it in there after someone else alerted me to this. Others then also found it in their spam boxes ….

      • I have just attempted it, Viv, but there were so many offers that would be unrepeatable on here I hurriedly departed, lest temptation rear it’s ugly head!

        • I know! I was shocked at what I saw in that box, and was puzzled why spammers think I’m a man when I saw the ‘offers’ …
          It should’ve arrived on the 11th or 12th of this month.

        • It was made up to look as if it had come from UKIP HO, with a level ‘Support Group;, and asked people to vote for AMW.
          The point being that a) there ain’t no such group at HO (they wouldn’t be so blatant in their support for a candidate anyway); and b) that it was sent to branch chairmen and secretaries and other more prominent members across the country (and me – fame at last!) – making unauthorised use of the UKIP membership database.
          I do hope they find out who did it.

          • Viv,

            This is really strange and rather worrying, can outsiders hack into the UKIP membership database, or is this more likely to be an insider job?

          • We – that is us ordinary foot soldiers – don’t know. Head Office ought to be able to find out, and perhaps Rob McWhirter could tell us because he’s got long-term experience with Party databases.

    • I must point out at this stage that while I am not a member of UKIP (yet), I must have signed up to the mailing list, as I do get regular emails from UKIP, including the one from Piers Wauchope regarding the ‘spam email’, however I did not receive any such email from ‘support team’. (And yes, I have checked my spam folder).

      So I don’t believe that whoever sent out this email has access to the UKIP subscribers mailing list. (If it is not the same as the UKIP members mailing list)

      It might be possible to find out where the offending email came from, if some kind of correlation could be found between those who did receive it. (ie if those who received it had signed up for the same some other mailing list elsewhere)

  13. Actually many kippers are not staunch, as evidenced by the last GE where half our branch activists fell for the Mrs Maybis Maggie reincarnate line.

    The party is failing to call out dirty tricks and maintain order. E.g. HB saying DK would be his deputy this week without DKs knowledge or consent. The Nazi Party slur. Where is the rebuke?

    • Agree, Graham – it has been dirty trick open season from day one – why would anyone stop it now? What I dread is if AMW should by any chance win, if the hysterical outpourings are anything like what they were when she was allowed to stand, it will be very embarrassing – which was the point of my plea in my published letter earlier – whoever wins, let’s for heavens sake either move on together or leave quietly.

      • Dee,

        If AMW’s wins I will get behind her even though I have not voted for her, because she will have been democratically voted in, the same applies to anyone else, although there are some I would struggle with.

    • Your comment shows very well how the spin machines work. AFAIK, HB has said several times in the past two weeks that he’d like to have DK as his deputy, that they get on well, that they’ve had conversations. Body language of the two at the hustings would underline that. If DK now says he doesn’t know anything about it, then that’s, ahem, interesting, no?
      Regarding the ‘Nazi party slur’: here’s the timeline:
      1) headline in order-order on Sept 11th:
      everyone reads the headline, but doesn’t read the actual statement. Small readership.
      2) Picked up by the Guardian later that day:
      Large readership – HB’s statement only given in snippets – cue: outrage! Demands for immediate apology! Off with his head!
      That’s what I’m warning against: read what was actually said, not what the spin masters make of it. HB is entitled to his opinion, just as AMW is entitled to say islam is evil. And we are entitled to make up our own minds.

      • Respectfully disagree with you Viv, for HB to say “we could easily slip towards the ideals of National Socialism. The last thing UKIP needs is to become the UK Nazi Party” is absolutely incendiary and ridiculous, and a gift to are enemies. And he is trying to put a bomb under AMWs leadership and the party in general, as if she were to win, then our enemies could all say ‘look, even UKIP leadership candidates say she is a Nazi’. Why would a party member even use the words UKIP and Nazi party in the same sentence?

        Also, how many people know that Henry Bolton ran for the LIBDEMS in the 2005 General Election in Runnymede & Weybridge? He has never run for UKIP for any elected government position but he has run for the Libdems!

        • Should a party member not point to a possibility he sees? Is that now worse than a certain Mr B.Etheridge MEP denouncing AMW supporters as “entryist neonazis” in his article in the DT? Already forgotten?
          So HB stood for the LibDems – in 2005! Then he was out of the country … but yes: Libdems, twelve years ago, thats really bad. But is it worse than not being selected for a Labour seat, worse than having been a Labour member for many years? Or is it worse because we selectively ‘forgive’ one candidate for which we criticise another?
          It’s the faux outrage, combined with unfairness, which I personally object to.

          • I am inclined to agree with you, Viv.

            Also, I seem to recall that, some years ago the LibDems were claiming to be the only party at the time who would offer an in/out referendum on the EU. Bearing in mind Henry’s stance on the EU, it would be perfectly understandable for him to have supported them.

            Once the LibDems changed their minds and said they wouldn’t offer a referendum then it would also be reasonable for Henry to transfer his support to UKIP.

            So, nothing for anyone to get het-up about.

            Kind regards.

          • OK put it another way; here is a guy who was a fully paid-up member of the Libdems, who believed in their cause enough to run for parliament, who much later joined UKIP but never ran for UKIP for parliament when he had the chance, but now associates UKIP with the Nazis? Do you think the possibility exists that he could be an infiltrator? You have to admit it is at least a possibility.

          • One more time: HB has not ‘associated UKIP with the Nazis’.
            One more time: if one’s not in the country then standing for parliament is, ahem, bit difficult, right?
            One more time: if HB is deemed to be an ‘infiltrator’ because —> Libdems! then what is AMW? She was Labour for many years, was she not, and tried to become their PPC in Brighton …

        • Henry Bolton stood as a candidate in the 2016 election for Kent Police and Crime Commissioner.

        • Graham, I believe it is perfectly legitimate to point out that the election of AMW may attract others, with less pure motives than your own, to join the party.

          • Yes, that is fine, and I agree. But face to face HB never mentions her by name, he sits alongside her at hustings, smiles, says little during hustings, but then goes back and pulls out the Nazi word. He needs to man up.

        • Henry Bolton stood in an election twelve years ago for the LibDems. Cue shock! Horror even!! Anne Marie, on the other hand, was a very active member of the Labour Party for ten years until 2013, when she finally accepted she was never going to be accepted to fight a General Election for Labour, and jumped ship to UKIP.

          • But at least she has stood for UKIP in council and GE elections since. HB had chance to stand in both 2015 and 2017, but didn’t. You have to ask why.

          • As has been mentioned a few times below – he stood for Police and Crime Commissioner last year in Kent, coming second.

        • I don’t give a toss if Bolton ran for the Lib Dems or the Monster Raving Loony Party in the past. Most of us have been in, or voted for, other parties. It’s what he says NOW running for the leadership that matters. And for him to mention UKIP and National Socialism in the same sentence to the MEDIA is unforgivable. I hope he doesn’t win, because I couldn’t support such a person.

          • Yes Panmelia. I seem to remember a certain Theresa May branding the Tories as the ‘Nasty Party’, a label which stuck like glue much to the delight of their opponents; and is a label still regurgitated from time to time even now – a classic case of ‘fisherman’ admitting his own fish stink, the result of which is loss of customers.

        • Graham,

          Bill Etheridge said more or less the same thing then ran off and became a big supporter of JRE who seems quite friendly with AMW, and so it goes on.

          Some people will come out of this looking less than reputable with some reverting to dirty tricks, that is why I like David as he has not done any of that as far as I know.

          But I do not think HB is an infiltrator (whatever that may be?) as he seems to have some support from Nigel Farage, I just think he is desperate to win and is pulling out all the stops. By the way I am not saying I agree with his tactics, but this is the way some people go about things, its warfare.

          • DD – if one enters a competition, especially for leader, one aims to win it, doesn’t one, else what would be the point! And isn’t it interesting that there’s this suddens scrutiny of HB’s ‘tactics’, while nobody is scrutinising the tactics and silent support of HO for PW. While there’s much outcry about HB allegedly having said “UKIP = Nazis” (which he didn’t but who cares) the question of who could have sent the spoof email has vanished from the discourse. Usually, one asks who might profit from it and who had the opportunity … and no, it couldn’t have been AMW, but neither could it have been HB …

          • Lidian,

            Mrs. May is not the leader of the ‘nasty’ party anymore, it is now the ‘frustrated’ party as they seem to be incapable of changing anything, even though they are supposed to be in charge. How strange is that?

      • Since Jane Collins and her three colleagues formed ‘UKIP United’, the question about candidates working together after the election has been asked on several occasions by hustings’audiences. Henry Bolton has mentioned David Kurten’s name in that context on more than one occasion with no denial from David.

      • It’s also interesting that certain parties tried to spin that because Alan Bown likes both Jane and Peter, that meant he had changed his mind abiut Jane! 😡

    • Graham,

      I had not heard that, I thought it was the other way round and DK had said he would consider HB as his Deputy, but it is so confusing as to who will appoint whom.

      • Sorry, I have got a new computer and my comments seem to be coming up in the wrong places, hope I am not confusing you all too much, I seem to have been afflicted by ‘campaign fever’, and will be glad when it is all over.

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