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TNS (The Next Step) – Part Two: What is to be done?

[Ed: you can read Part I here]

Let’s recap on where we are, so we can grasp the size of the task ahead of us.

After the stunning successes of 2016, early 2017 has seen the Patriotic Spring falter momentarily. Following the excitement raised by his rhetoric, Donald Trump has packed his administration with neocons and former Goldman Sachs employees and settled into Republican business-as-usual, with his top priority further lining the pockets of his billionaire buddies. His supposed Muslim travel ban was slapped down in court and was just a resurrected old Obama order which only restricted a tiny proportion of the world’s Muslims – certainly not his rich Saudi friends.

Our own erstwhile leader showed up in the ‘capital of Brexit’ in a flat cap, promising to scrap VAT on fish and chips, only to find this didn’t cut the mustard with the working classes.

Geert Wilders didn’t top the poll in the Netherlands after all, only winning about two thirds of the seats he had been predicted to get.

As for the French presidential election, Marine Le Pen will be lucky to come top in the first round, only to be trounced by tactical voting in the second. (Sorry, I forgot, UKIP won’t ally itself with the FN, because we regard them as socialists. Why weren’t we there in Koblenz?)

Here in the UK, the possibility of an early general election has receded with Theresa May now having invoked Article 50 at long last. Perhaps that’s a good thing. I feel it in my waters that UKIP is going to take a beating nationally in May’s local elections.

I come to ask myself questions around our UKIP top brass like ‘Would you put yourself on the line for these people?’ ‘Would you give your money to these people?’ and ‘Would you give up your time to traipse the streets and deal with the hostility to campaign for these people?’ I don’t know right now whether I would answer ‘yes’ to these questions. And as for the question ‘Would you have these people running the country?’ Well, having read Thomas Slivnik’s resignation letter, and hearing about how those at the top of UKIP behave, the answer I’m afraid is ‘No’.

Will UKIP even exist as a meaningful political force by the end of the year? I recently listed the existential threats to UKIP:

  • Electoral collapse (If we poll less than 10% nationally in the local elections this may, we might as well call it ‘game over’)
  • Lack of funds, leading to bankruptcy
  • Falling membership/volunteers
  • Ongoing factional/egotistical infighting
  • Financial/legal irregularity (e.g. EU investigation into MEPs’ spending), leading to court/bankruptcy
  • Non-toxic leadership fails to inspire voters/volunteers
  • Lack of professional organisation
  • Arron Banks party attracts voters/volunteers & is better organised
  • Alt.right party with a stronger anti-immigration/Islamisation/PC message emerges
  • UKIP elects a nonentity or liability leader
  • Concerted media demonisation/censorship
  • Intimidation by leftists
  • Legal persecution of party
  • Tories deliver

The painful lesson of Stoke is that, while we’re still banging on about Brexit, as far as the public’s concerned the referendum’s happened. That was last year’s story. Theresa May’s getting on with it. What other policies do UKIP have or were they just a single issue party?

What tilted the balance and won the referendum was that, to many ordinary people, it was a proxy vote on immigration – Muslim immigration in particular. The old Tory Eurosceptics never saw it that way and, going by recent ministerial statements, there’s a strong change the public will feel betrayed when immigration doesn’t come down significantly. That is what we should be putting centre-stage as the next great battle, along with the struggles against political correctness and cultural Marxism.

It takes a very special person to stand up and lead a party which stands for that – someone who will put their head above the parapet and determinedly push on despite the hatred and attacked thrown their way – someone like Nigel Farage. Paul Nuttall may not be that kind of guy. I’m told he sat out of the first leadership election because he had seen what had happened to Farage and didn’t want that for his family. I can understand that. I have had some rather fraught conversations in my household about my involvement in UKIP and its implications. In that case though he should have let Raheem Kassam step up and take on the mantle.

Still, Nuttall seems to be speaking out a bit more now, so let’s give him another chance (even if much of the electorate may not after he exaggerated how much he was affected by Hillsborough). After all, it’s not like we can have yet another leadership election without becoming an even bigger laughing stock in the eyes of the public. Another leadership election would be an expensive, embarrassing navel-gazing diversion which might just finish the party off. We have to keep Nuttall for the time being.

Unfortunately Brexit is the only big thing we can all agree on. UKIP is an awkward coalition of economic libertarians, who welcome free movement of people like they welcome free trade in everything else which benefits business, and patriots who want to halt the demographic disaster which is unfolding. I am firmly in the latter camp.

Paul Nuttall set himself the task of uniting the party, but maybe it’s time for it to split. Thankfully Carswell is now gone. Perhaps his buddies can return to their spiritual home in the Tory Party. Either that or I start looking out for a party which represents what I’m passionate about, along with quite possibly the great majority of UKIP’s members and potential support base.

So, back to TNS. What is the next step?

UKIP still is the largest patriotic party in the UK, with a recognised brand, grassroots organisation and possibly a double-digit share of the national vote. It’s not finished yet. We’ve got 3 years till the next general election now. A lot can change in that time too, quite possibly to our advantage. By that time Stoke will be ancient history, as long as Nuttall learns from the experience, doesn’t do anything else stupid and doesn’t parachute himself into any by-elections for the time being.

And what if UKIP doesn’t survive? Think of the left. The left is not just the Labour Party. If you put an end to the Labour Party there are still legions of left wing groups and activists who would simply carry on doing what they’re doing. Most of them aren’t even in the Labour Party, (a lot of them regard Labour as too moderate – crazy, hey?) but they work together and autonomously and they have been devastatingly effective. It’s like a many-headed hydra. If you slice one head off, it just keeps coming at you.

Next I will describe this many-headed hydra in more detail …TNS (The Next Step) – Part Three: The Many-Headed Hydra

[To be continued in Part III tomorrow]

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Part of the London diaspora, Comrade K. now lives in exile in Cardiff, where he is active in his local UKIP branch. He has come a circuitous political route from enjoying winding-up leftists at school, but then, because he thought the ‘60s seemed really cool even though he wasn’t there, indulging revolutionary socialist fantasies during his student years, even going so extreme as becoming a Labour party activist for several years. K. however eventually came round to sense and, despite being seduced by some green philosophies which he still hasn’t entirely repudiated, realised that free-thinking, intelligence and individuality is something entirely different to mindlessly repeating what all his trendy friends and celebrity icons told him … plus he found that going along with feminism didn’t get him girlfriends after all.

19 Comments on TNS (The Next Step) – Part Two: What is to be done?

  1. The next big task is to tackle Islam. Islam itself, not Islamic extremism.
    As far as I can see there is no such thing as moderate Islam.

    Tackling it must of necessity be in manageable chunks. And we need to bring the rest of the population along with us and be supportive too.

    My suggestion is that campaigning against non-stun religious abattoirs would be a good starting point. Politics is the art of the possible. There is widespread support for the humane approach, and as far as I can tell none of the main parties are addressing this need.

  2. Comrade K I can’t wait for round 3. I think so far you have laid out the bare bones of where UKIP is now very clearly. Like others I’m not very comfortable with all you have said. You may be right on Trump although I’d like to think he is just boxing clever at the moment and is only revealing his hand to the extent he wants it revealed as he navigates his way, doing the possible, through the byzantine Washington swamp.

    I also see my definition of economic libertarianism a little differently.

    Libertarianism in America seems to mean completely unfettered, every man for himself trade which even includes things like legalising dangerous drugs. And of course we know exactly where free trade, globalist style, leads. Large corporations more powerful than governments, get to run the world, literally, making nations and their voters totally irrelevant. Left unchecked we’d find ourselves living in an Austin Powers film. One that isn’t funny and where Austin Powers loses.

    So I tack on ‘economic’ to mean based on policy that is free market but works for the little man and is subject to the laws of our land which we should amend to ensure that it is in the interests of the UK. In other words, patriotic. At the international level I like Trumps ‘fair trade’ as opposed to ‘free trade’ distinction.

    Finally, we need to take stock of what’s happened to our economy since the collapse of our coal industry and with it our manufacturing and heavy industry. It’s been slow enough that most would take us to be barking mad if we took issue with it, but there, in my view, is UKIP gold. Second only to Immigration.

    We need more than one spanner in our toolbox. (We’ll find more if we look methinks.) Preferably spanners too hot to handle by our political opponents.

    As an example, I think we need to take the Great Global Warming Swindle head on. We need to be selling to the electorate policy leading to cheap reliable energy based on clean coal, leading to jobs, cheap train fares, electricity etc. and we need to attack this from more than one direction.

    Try this one for size

    Trump’s in power. He needs to box clever on energy policy and not take it head-on.

    We’re not in power so we can and we should.

    We should be loud and controversial. We should get on top of the news cycle by attacking it’s proponents in the media with seemingly weak arguments and then following through with firm scientific argument and fact. In surfing timing is everything in catching a wave. The wave is forming. We’ve just had the first Northern Winter in what is increasingly looking like a grand Maunder Minimum. If so (and there is still some risk here) it will soon be blatantly obvious that the world is not warming and that it is the Sun and not man, or if you like, Mann, that is controlling the climate.

    UKIP and Nigel have already launched one successful movement. We can and should launch another. We can and we are not alone in this.

    Something from Poland. This was HUGE.

    • Hi Michael
      I do think that often, when Americans talk about libertarianism, it means liberty for wealthy people and hard luck if you’re not. Libertarian which works for the little people would be a much better prospect. I talk more about the decline of British industry and emulating Trump in the manifesto part.
      One of the great ironies about us reducing our emissions is, toa large extent, we’ve simply closed down our industries and moved them to places like China which have far laxer pollution laws. When I went to China 10 years ago, there was a permanent smog over Beijing which meant you couldn’t see more than half a mile. I took a train through one feet where you literally couldn’t see more than a few feet the smog was so thick.
      When I used to hang out with greens they seemed to have this underlying belief in environmental apocalypse, which would our just deserts for not having lived in a low carbon collectivist way. Climate apocalypse hasn’t yet come to pass, despite 30 years of alarmism. That said, I do believe we should control pollution, look after the natural world and use resources prudently.

      • Keith it’s a long time since I was involved in power generation (I’m an Electrical Engineer) I did a quick google to update myself. I see it is now possible to remove almost all the sulphur dioxide and I see the big bug-bear, fly ash, is still removed using an electrostatic precipitator. Again, this has improved immensely to the point where only gas comes out of the flue so the flue gas is invisible. I’m not sure what the source of the smog in China is or whether they bother to remove sulphur and fly-ash there.

        I see carbon dioxide capture is also now possible but in my view this is a complete waste of time and money as I see it as plant food and not as a pollutant. I’m also not sure if anyone is actually doing it in practice. I certainly don’t think the Chinese would bother. The latest plants run at very high temperatures which improves thermal efficiency leading to less emissions per unit of electricity produced.

        I was in Delhi a year ago in winter. The air pollution was frightful. I think most of it was from vehicles. I also noticed that most people there seemed to burn their rubbish. While there I also spent 2 weeks in Goa on holiday. Worth doing!

        If we generated our power from coal it would reduce our electricity costs dramatically, possibly by two thirds and you can be sure it would be a lot cleaner than what is being done in China. That, together with manufacturing, would create the kinds of jobs many of our young people need.

        In short I think UKIP should aim to control emissions through regulation and allow the market to determine the best energy solutions. Subsidies for renewables should be eliminated due to cost and unreliability. A blackout during severe cold as we’ve seen in the US and the continent this winter would result in a death-toll.

        The link gives some detail in case you’re interested although I must confess I’ve only skimmed it.

  3. Comrade K you are too critical of other populist uprisings/nationalist movements.
    President Trump is doing far far more than your cynical comment states. Just think about it he is effectively the first modern Independent candidate for the White House who won a nomination from mass media ridicule and he won an election against mass media support for the top professional shoe-in. In the coming months Trumps strategies will be more apparent and his energising the bluecollar class of the US is a powerful force for good against evil.
    Geert Wilders came a very good second. Rutte lost a quarter of his support and the socialists did disastrously. Wilders increased number of voters, share of vote, and number of MPs far better than anyone else. Many of his policies are beginning to affect mainstream opinion.
    Marine le Pen will rocket through round one – and after it has happened I will remind you so. Round two is going to be incredibly difficult but there are other fish frying – her support base amongst young native French is massive. Next time it will be either a Marine win for sure or a Marion le Pen victory ( I know it stinks of nepotism but look upon it as a good exception).
    Sweden is burning and approaching bankruptcy and is a warning to Denmark and Norway to vote nationalist and abandon nordic socialism ( and shame on you for your communist leanings in your hedonistic youth).
    FiveStar will bring down the government in Italy.
    Victor Orban is doing great in Hungary – his approval ratings are stratospheric.
    The Polish Law & Justice Party in government in Poland is our natural ally and also a role model for dealing with non european ideologies.
    Even dare I say it Golden Dawn are doing heroic things to save Greece. Do not believe the media lies about them and do your own in depth research. Their leaders were jailed under trumped up charges but then were released without charge in an attempt to destroy them, their leaders have suffered death threats, civil action in the courts to bankrupt them and lots more.
    this I am afraid is the price for attempting to break the globalist cartel, media mindset and it is going to get worse.
    It really is hard but better to die standing up a free man than living on your knees whilst your country is destroyed.
    I am not going to renew my membership despite all the good reasons to do so.
    Possibly a new nationalist party will emerge possible John Rees Evans will be made leader when Nuttall blows it again.
    Sorry Paul but Stoke and the mosque friendly leaflet was the last straw.
    Comrade K you right about one thing is spades. The native working class and many others voted in the Referendum to stop all immigration. It was a shout of anger, annoyance and of being betrayed by our metropolitan elites.

    • MSM saying Trump at war with the Supreme Court. Typical fake news. Some in Congress are trying to block his appointment to it.

      The court block on his first immigration order was a farce from the lefty Ninth Circuit – most of whose orders get overturned incidentally – not the Supreme Court. The lies just go on and on. There was a poll saying the majority public view now is that the MSM is an opposition party not media.

    • Hi CK
      I was a bit harsh about Trump. After all he’s fighting for survival against the whole political and corporate establishment, putting about this ridiculous story that the Russians somehow swung the election. It was so good to watch him beat them and get get elected to the most powerful political office in the world. That said, what has he done so far for the ordinary working American or to take on vested interests or cultural leftism? What’s he going to do with that power? I know he’s only been in office 2 months and we need to give him more of a chance. Then again, he was very quick to abolish environmental controls for highly polluting industries.
      I hear a lot via the likes of Infowars about how he’s the revival of the spirit of 1776 and how the deep state is plotting to depose him. I wonder if they’ll be able to backtrack if he doesn’t deliver for the ordinary American. I’ve been watching RT again recently, particularly Max Keiser, who has a less rosy view of Trump.
      As for other European patriotic movements, yes, it is a long road and I’m sure these are only temporary setbacks. As I say in tomorrow’s article, you don’t have to be in power to influence government policy. We see how Rutte was forced to take a tough stance against Turkey for fear of losing votes to Wilders.

  4. I think it’s making too much to say Marine won’t win Wilders etc so little hope. Change comes in fits and starts. What is certain is that populism, as its enemies call it, is not going back in the bottle. I think those in power believe it will tire and die.

    The alternative media is growing all the time and that alone will keep up the impetus. According to the MSM, May and co think saying we now control immigration tick and we just happen to be keeping it at the same level will satisfy people. Much too trite. Even the MSM will be on that one as the problems it’s creating grow endlessly.

    Your analysis of Trump having already abandoned his plans is simply not true but he is under siege from a media who are no longer even remotely journalists. Once again a thriving US alt media to point it out.

    If UKIP carries on in the same feeble manner (rebrand the colour scheme and little else?) there is now Arron Banks’ party as an alternative.

    Finally, change that comes too quickly can be deadly to the changers. The position of the PTB is increasingly fragile. Things are not going back to where they were with docility and trust.

  5. I get where you’re coming from, but by the next election the world will be a different place.
    The US is unstable the lefties won’t accept a democratically elected President and if they keep attacking him it’ll lead to trouble.

    Also, the Fed will keep raising interest rates which is already causing chaos in the emerging markets, will eventually destabilise the global economy at a time of record debt, debt that has failed to bring the worlds economies to escape velocity.

    As soon as the EU tried to bring Gibraltar into negotiations, I knew we were in for trouble. You may think I’m mad but I’ve always suspected the EU was originally funded and is a front for Islam: probably Saudi Arabia. They wont need a European army and when the trouble starts we’ll discover they’ve already imported an army. An army in the form of tens of thousands of Jihadis from North Africa and the Middle East,disguised as refugees.

    As the global economy goes into freefall, China and others will collapse: war will result.

    So, a very rough 2017 and fireworks 2018 onwards. As I say the world will be a different place by the time we should have exited the EU in 2019. Sharia May will not save us.

    You may think I’m mad, but look at the changes we’ve seen in the last couple of years, nobody would have thought it: you haven’t seen anything yet. It may not happen exactly as I predict, but somewhere along those lines, I’m very sure.

    You won’t have long to wait to know if I’m mad or not.

    • Flyer, I don’t think you’re mad, I think you’re pretty much spot on. I think the Deep State is determined to bring Trump down, and I think he is extremely brave because I’m pretty sure they’ll get him one way or another. It can’t be easy doing any job under those circumstances, never mind being POTUS. If they don’t do it, the Bankers will. Let’s face it, the New World Order, Globalist Red/Green Alliance, call it what you will, have come this far and will not give up. Democracy will not save us – they take no notice, as we have seen with Brexit. They have got their brainwashed lefty fascist armies, they have their Muslim armies just waiting and increasing Daily, and actually, if you think about it, we are already at war. It’s a different kind of war, that’s all. Whites are abused and white flight is evident already in Britain. Some cities and towns are already being abandoned by white people, or will be, when the sh1t really hits the fan – every house here sold, is sold to a rich incomer, who at present come for holidays, while altering their ‘cottages’ into mansions for the future. Meanwhile, people like DD speak about being spat at in the street, children are used by rape and trafficking gangs with impunity, and let’s face it, there is no law and order when Muslims march or rampage, or even when they patrol their many ‘sharia zones’. If you were beamed in to any city, you would have no idea you were actually in Britain. In France the traffic is stopped by praying Muslims, whole areas of Paris are now no-go zones, as well as Marseilles, where women only go out these days covered up and not wearing make-up.
      As Tommy Robinson said, he doesn’t blame people for not speaking out – he knows all too well what happens when you do. Can you believe Kevin Crehan was sentenced to prison for bacon on a mosque door handle, where he subsequently died in custody – yet none of us are surprised, or asking questions.
      We are at war already, Flyer, and I don’t know what on earth to do about it.

      • While hoovering (!) I suddenly realized – It’s occupation that’s happening, with the collusion of Governments – and that’s why war is the right analogy.
        At the march against terrorism today the so called antifa were wielding sticks, dressed in black with faces covered, fighting Police – they were causing the mayhem, but yet all those marching with Britain first will be demonized, are demonized – and Tommy, who has suffered more, and tried to warn about the rape gangs and Islamisation, is demonized most of all.
        The march will be on Rebel Media soon, and on the plus side, Tommy’s book is now in the No4 slot on Amazon best sellers, so, even if we have been suppressed, maybe we will fight back, eventually. …..I HATE being too old!

        • Dee, Flyer
          I have wondered why the people at the very top allow and engineer mass Muslim immigration. I understand the leftie mindset – they love immigration simply because they hate right-wingers so much. They have bought into a dream and they won’t listen to anything that could shatter it. But why would the ruling class sh*t in their won doorstep? Surely they get the intelligence briefings and are more hard-nosed than that.
          The CIA set up Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. We invaded and bombed several Muslim countries and turned them into lawless breeding grounds for ISIS. We do lots of business with Saudi Arabia who fund the propagation of their barbaric brand of Islam around the world. Europe waves and ferries in huge numbers of unvetted migrants, who look like an army and riot when they don’t get what they want. Once living in our countries, the authorities appease them in fear of unrest, while crushing any dissent from the indigenous population.
          This really looks like it’s intentional. Why?

          • I have for a long time held what everyone else will say is a crazy theory – the Globalists want a model not unlike Saudi Arabia, where people slave for very little and the rich Arabs have a wonderful time off the backs of the rest.
            Why wouldn’t it work? We would not crack down on our fellow citizens as the Muslims do on,theirs – and it’s all ok to do so, because it’s written in ‘the Book’.

          • This is why the current liberal western ways have been encouraged – and why those things like child marriage etc. have been ignored. If there’s one thing Muslims will crack down on with gusto, it’s the current Western way of life. That’s why they’re here, imo.

          • Comrade –

            “This really looks like it’s intentional. Why?”

            I’ll be getting to that. Most of my previous articles have dealt with different aspects of our current situation: I’ll be starting to draw the threads together soon.

        • Dee –

          “It’s occupation that’s happening, with the collusion of Governments – and that’s why war is the right analogy.”

          Yes, that’s exactly what it is; hence my recent article: ‘TREASON.’

          • Flyer, I was thinking about the occupation of France and the Vichy Government – in many ways we are in a similar position now. That’s why Trump is so important, and of course, that’s why he can’t be allowed to stay.
            I will be so interested in the drawing of threads, am I along the right lines, I wonder? It’s the only way I can see of making sense of it – could it be worse?
            A reply not needed – you will tell me, when you are ready.

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