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Tipping Points and Tips for Radicals

Did you notice? A tipping point? Any tipping point? A point at which a series of small changes or incidents becomes significant enough to cause a larger, more important change?

Firstly, 17.4million people voted to LEAVE the EU. Tip top turnout. It hasn’t happened yet though, despite the promises of the Cameron led Government “We will implement what you decide”.  The people decided and the delay in delivering on that promise is duly noted.

Secondly, Donald J Trump was elected. Tip top triumph with a large turnout from the undecideds and the traditionally apathetic. Apathy was challenged in sufficient numbers by the hard work, oratory and positive, firm outlook presented to Americans by the now President of the USA.  Many who perceive voting as a pointless exercise were inspired to make a different choice – to take the time out to attend a voting station and ‘pull the lever’ for Donald J Trump.

Two events in one year that I am confident will be looked back upon as significant tipping points in the course of world history. Did one inspire the other? I hope the course of history will be for the better, but ‘the better’ will not come naturally – it will take hard work and unity.  Just like the hard work put in by so many diligent and enthusiastic UKIP volunteers in Stoke during the Stoke Central by-election. People in the USA were inspired by Trump and I predict an improvement in the fortunes of Americans. People in Stoke and in the UK are not so inspired by what UKIP currently presents.

A week has now passed. The result of the by-election was disappointing, though I won’t trouble you with further analysis as a sufficient variety of views have been offered by others, including here on UKIP Daily. The Stoke by-election should not have been a tipping point for UKIP, though it may prove to be. It needs to be. Stagnation at this time in history would be a most destructive course for UKIP to meander and the hierarchy of the Party need to wake up to this reality and act decisively.

A tipping point is required: the current leadership needs to take the bull by the horns and lead, or provide a constructive path to facilitate leadership from those who will provide it, whichever members that might entail. The tipping point in world politics passed in 2016 with the election of Donald J Trump. The peoples of the United Kingdom need, desperately need, a political Party that they want to vote for and currently that major gap in the marketplace is not being ably filled by our Party. Trump used straight talking, shoot from the lip, hopeful messages based on patriotism, unity, national pride, putting Americans first and border control. His message was and is an anti-globalist, anti-establishment, anti-corruption message. Trump won.

UKIP needs to be the radical and clearly defined anti-establishment Party, but the delivery needs seasoning to suit the British palette. The messaging needs to give a promise of change, improvement, positive outlook, jobs, control, national interest, law and order, preservation of individual liberty, competence and a focus on the wellbeing of all the peoples of the UK, but most of all the message must inspire.

With petty internal bickering UKIP cannot achieve anything other than getting in the way – only a united Party can deliver for the people and inspire their support, but also, only a ‘broad church’ Party can – one that respects variance in focus and approach within its membership and whose members are courteous and loyal to one another out of respect to the wider membership and those we seek to serve.

There is another nettle that needs to be grasped, firmly, but with fearless and defiant defence of British laws, history, tradition and customs. The nettle that says “Nothing to do with Radical Islamic Terrorism or immigration”, terms only Donald J Trump appears comfortable using and gladly confronting, creating a tipping point in the language of leaders of ‘Western democracies’.

Chancellor Merkel confirmed to her supporters in October 2012 “…We kidded ourselves a while, we said: ‘They won’t stay, sometime they will be gone’, but this isn’t reality.” …and… “And of course, the approach [to build] a multicultural [society] and to live side-by-side and to enjoy each other… has failed, utterly failed.”

To attempt to square these words with the cyclone of multiculturalism that she subsequently subjected her country to, and other countries by EU extension, is a task of geometric and cerebral futility. The ‘multiculturalism failure realisation’ tipping point has gone, passed by. We are in a post rational European politics, self-destructive by nature, as recent history tells us, daily. People aren’t stupid and they need a radical voice!

Soon the Dutch will be holding a general election. Geert Wilders and his Party, the PVV, could drive another nail in the EU coffin as politics in Europe begins to polarise, not along lines of traditional ‘left’ and ‘right’ approaches to economic policy, but along cultural lines. The French Presidential election will follow, again polarising the Parties along cultural lines – the Front National vs. All others. The cultural divide invades art, theatre; cinema, politics, news and education, and the demographic shift in the voter bases are significant.

The outlook for constructive politics in the coming years in Europe looks bleak and the intensification of civil disobedience and lawlessness is apparent. Racial and cultural issues will continue to dominate publicly consumed political output and governmental inertia and monetary largesse will continue to delay and worsen matters.

Geert Wilders thinks the cultural divide has everything to do with Islam and wishes to de-Islamise The Netherlands as well as leave the EU, a radical message. Marine Le pen wants to withdraw from the EU and control immigration. In Germany and Sweden, nationalist Parties are gaining more support for challenging the perceived wisdom of mass uncontrolled immigration and the creation of multicultural populations of urban, and presumably, eventually, rural regions of countries throughout Europe. Victor Orban in Hungary has already stated his position regarding immigration policy and the Christian nature of his country. The Czechs and the Poles, even the Greeks are glancing eastwards.

Cultural relativism and cultural ignorance dominate the political and academic space. That needs challenging, radically. The reality of the many failures of multiculturalism is obvious, yet no political Party addresses these issues maturely and individuals who do so have, to date, been stigmatised, side-lined and demonised.

The tipping point in British politics will come as it is quickly coming in Europe, whether peaceably as we all desire, or not, as many fear. It hardly seems rational to me, to perceive it to be a radical matter, that of wishing to discuss what Land we wish to conserve and bequeath to our great grandchildren. The compatibility of Islamic ideology and practices and with rapid, mass uncontrolled immigration, with our nation’s future as a home to our offspring, is a political nettle that needs grasping. Soon.

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James Dalton stood as PPC for Barnsley East in the GE 2017

19 Comments on Tipping Points and Tips for Radicals

  1. If UKIP were to become the party to fight Islam in the UK, my vote and that of all my family would be guaranteed.
    Please UKIP resolve your internal fights and help us get our culture & freedoms back.

  2. If only UKIP had the courage to do these things you say, they do not, a total clear out is needed. There is no denying it the current hierarchy have shied away from controversy and want to remain in the crowded centre with just about every major party in the UK.

    • Margaret Dennis // March 6, 2017 at 7:53 am // Reply

      Hear, hear. Local candidates for every election and concentrate on population density. This then brings up loss of agricultural land for food supply which leads to reliance on imports. It also brings in immigration.

  3. I agree with Jack T, and have thought for some time that Britain is in very great danger, more probably than any other country except Sweden.
    Islam has taken over, unnoticed except by those that live there, in many Northern cities, and it will not be long, on our small island, until those Sharia controlled towns run one into another and we are lost. Already there are many Imams openly preaching on line that Sharia is the only way to rescue the decadent West. That will be heeded by very many including ‘moderate’ Muslims. That will be our tipping point.
    I don’t believe there is much point banging on about what UKIP must do until the party is restored to a state where is it is capable of actually being a credible voice. I am waiting, with increasing despair, for this to happen.

  4. GEOFFREY CHARLES ELLIOTT. // March 4, 2017 at 11:52 am // Reply

    Home » Editorial » Is the Islamic religion taking over?
    Is the Islamic religion taking over?
    Posted on October 12, 2016 by Sonya Jay Porter in Editorial, Global Vision // 33 Comments.One might need to “Google this up”,please just type in the main title.
    Shown here on UKIP DAILY,please see my main comment,dated 13TH October 2016 at 10:58 PM,and of course my three replies.
    Thanks James for taking the time to write this,
    For many years I have spoken out about the greatest threat we face from within our own country.Our Political elite have tried their damndest to turn our once great,and former Christian Country,which was both peaceful and prosperous,into a hellish
    Muslim Embracing State.Under Remainiac Sharia May we now have over 100 Sharia Courts,the vile practice of FGM is now commonplace,as for honour killings,
    dear God what can be honourable in murdering your very own daughter,because she refuses to marry her damn cousin in Pakistan,or some other Muslim hell hole.
    You will find no one more enthusiastic or passionate than myself.I refuse to be silent
    about Politics,especially our massive overpopulation issue,which only we the true activists in UKIP are prepared to address.I write under my full name,I refuse to hide under some ridiculous pseudonym,(please note our ladies who regularly write on here,their identities must be protected,you know who you are,you really do such great work).I refuse to bow down to Politically Correctness,I am just not prepared to be silent,I will not be cowed down.The people of Britain have been so beaten down,
    the majority are now far too afraid to speak out against Islam.We now even have many of our own leaders in UKIP,refusing to address the Muslim problem,they prefer to remain silent,and in so doing they are not only letting our beloved Party down,but our very own indigenous people.I feel an obligation to my country,and my brave and courageous ancestors,who lost their lives in Two World Wars,fighting for our freedoms,as well,for any sort of future here in the country of their birth,for all my
    grown up children,my grandchildren,and my great grandchildren.
    If like me you still care about our country,we in UKIP need to be more radical,and
    enthusiastic,and passionate about what surely unites us all,and that is love for our
    own Country.We will never change anything,if we cannot get people to vote for us.
    Thank you,Geoff.Elliott,UKIP RCT Branch,Pontypridd.

  5. Denmark is at the tipping carry on towards Sweden’s nightmare next door in Malmo or to follow Geert Wilders’ no compromise with terrorist filth.
    Just enough people in Denmark will opt for the latter.
    Italy is at the tipping point of bankruptcy, when it goes the €uro goes with it and hence the EU.
    Even if Marine Le Pen ( bow your head in shame you are not emulating her sacrifice to the cause*)even if she loses and even if she ends in jail on false news charge she will win.
    Whatever your age spread the truth and engage with people in all walks of life. Now is the time and you will bitterly regret not taking part in the events of 2017 when it is too late.
    * lack of liberty, death threats, hatred, abuse, attempts on her life, character assassination. the sacrifice is for a lifetime.

  6. Yes …..

    The battle against political correctness, surrender to Islam, political cowardice and cravenness, … continues …..

    As is the battle to hold the government’s feet to the fire on Brexit ……

  7. Nice article, I agree with much of it in principal but not necessarily in detail. Immigration remains a big issue and to date noting has changed post referendum. We need to be crystal clear on this issue, we are NOT anti migrant, but we ARE anti open door immigration. A cut off date for new EU ( and other) new individuals entering the UK and then retaining residential rights must be announced very soon. After that time whilst we must still allow EU citizens to enter until Brexit, they will not be guaranteed permanent residence unless they comply with a new strict points system to qualify for them. Such a system would include acceptance that British law and cultural norms take precedence over any religious beliefs.
    Christianity, our national religion is older than many others but it has evolved to meet modern life, some other faiths are still in the dark ages. Freedom to worship, or not, as people wish, is essential but it’s unacceptable to have a “foreign” religion influence any aspect of public life.

    • But half of immigration does not come from Europe and UKIP does not want to know.

      • Margaret Dennis // March 6, 2017 at 8:07 am // Reply

        This has been brewing for some time and the numbers will rise, no doubt, when we curb EU freedom of movement. Get ready to shout about population densities, loss of food producing land and its wildlife.

    • Sorry but ‘not against immigration’ is a mesningless safety statement. I’m not racist guv. Soon as you say that THEY will say fine what’s wrong with 350,000 then? Coach and horses. Not good enough! But very UKIPPY.

      How many icini?

      • The advantage of a points system is that it can be adjusted according to need. For example we are not light on goat herdsmen or car washers at the moment, nurses maybe, so healthcare specialists get more points. The system should apply to everyone, not just EU citizens.
        I’m not a racist, Ukip is not a racist party, if it was I’d leave.

  8. I fear that we are already at the tipping point and rapid effective action is necessary to prevent the final loss of our country to Islam. More people are awakening to that threat and seeing the support given to the followers of Islam by too many of our politicians, past and present.

    UKIP needs to take up this fight; obviously there is no point in courting Muslims for their vote so no point campaigning in certain areas but there must be millions of true native Brits, afraid of prosecution if they speak alone of what they think, who would surely support the de-islamification of our country.

    We need change and soon as we are already losing the war thanks to the many such as Cameron who refuse to condemn Islam. One of those necessary changes is the restoration of the treason and sedition law; there is nothing like the threat of the rope around their necks to bring such errant politicians to heel.

    • UKIP’s stance is based on twenty years ago when matters were not so serious in Europe. It’s never really adjusted to the new realities. The British generally are hiding their faces from the view. To be in step UKIP has tended to do the same.

    • Do you know if it was always UKIP policy to endorse Halal as long as the meat is labeled, Jack? I saw it on a Stoke leaflet and I was horrified – if it has always been policy I may be in the wrong party.

      • GEOFFREY CHARLES ELLIOTT. // March 5, 2017 at 1:44 am // Reply Please Google this up,we must ban this now.
        To really experience the horrendous,and immense suffering our sentiment
        beings have to endure,please click on the arrow in the red square,and see the video for yourself,entitled “ISLSM AND THE CRUELTY OF HALAL”
        Also see the great Pat Condell in action on:YOU TUBE,entitled BOYCOTT
        HALAL,it is only 5:44 long.Pat is not afraid to speak out against Islam in Britain today,and he has been a great inspiration to me.
        Dee I do hope you are wrong about UKIP endorsing Halal.This is so important to me,this was one of the main reasons I became attracted to UKIP
        years ago.Dee I feel so strongly about this,do you have the leaflet?,if so can you take a photo,and email it to me
        As far as I know,2 years ago,our spokesman Stuart Agnew,wanted Halal to be labelled however,our NEC decided that we must continue to call for a total ban on Halal,and as far as I know we are still the only Political Party in Britain to call for an all out ban,of that vile and totally unnecessary barbaric and
        bloodthirsty practice that belongs back in the 6TH damn centuary.
        We tried to get CCTV’s Cameras to be installed in all Abattoirs so as to cut
        down on the huge increases in animal cruelty,especially in those operated under the vile Halal label.Many acts of terrible cruelty and suffering,have been exposed by Animal Aid,and there are numerous undercover operations which are now available online.
        Our MP’s debated the issue on CCTV Cameras,but the vast majority turned the motion down,and preferred to side with the death cult Islamists,and their peverted religion.I tried to look it up but unfortunately the site was down,if I remember correctly only 170 of our MP’s were actually in favour,how truly
        despicable,much like useless David Halal is safe with me Cam-Moron.

      • Dee, I didn’t and find it wholly unacceptable. A ban on it could also be of benefit to UKIP in gaining some support from animal rights activists; they might all be lefties but maybe some are principled enough to vote for it.

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