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The time for teddy bears is over …

… as is the determined deployment of candles, flowers and messages of hope.  Operations involving vigils, mass hand-holding and repetition of platitudes have been proven to be ineffective now.

And yet our temporal, pastoral and thought leaders still come out with the same old stuff. Amber Rudd’s statement on Tuesday morning was pure milk and honey, distilled from a potent mix of platitudes. The Archbishop stood on his pulpit telling us to love not hate. The lefty journalists of the Mainstream media still pumped the same old PC-trash.

And the most wondrous of all was Hazel Blears on Wednesday morning on Radio 4, the former Labour Minister who introduced the patently ineffective “Prevent” strategy aimed at de-radicalizing those likely to become radical. It pains me too much to find a recording of it and hear her words verbatim so I can faithfully record them, but I recall the gist well enough about “this evil ideology” that promotes the idea of people of “dying for their cause in order to reach Paradise.” She meant the ideology of the radicals in seeking that goal of paradise in the way that they do, murdering our defenceless children. What she ignorantly missed was the written text of this desire: to die in jihad and go to paradise is written in plain words in the Quran so anyone can read it. Do I need to spell it out what the “evil ideology” is?

And, so, in 1939 when an enemy threatened the very being of this nation, our culture, heritage, language, laws, our birth-right, the British began to get angry. And when that anger was stoked by the outrages of Luftwaffe bombings and our humiliating defeat in defending our friends on the continent, it led to HATE.

Oh dear, send plod round to lock me up, I have written the word “hate”. By law, I am no longer allowed to express my hate of someone. It seems to be a crime now on a par with blowing up people with home-made bombs. But I do hate, although I am careful who I hate as I do not want to hate whole communities. But I do hate those who murder in the name of their god, those who encourage them to do so, even those who protect them from the law, but most of all I hate the politicians and authorities who seem to give them the safe cover they need to operate, who do not apply the full force of the existing laws to control their behaviour, but do deploy considerable resources to detect what is euphemistically called “hate speech”.

I feel that at this moment of time, I do detect a rise in the feelings of my fellow citizens to at least anger, if not hate, and I am reminded of the pertinence of one of Rudyard Kipling’s excellent writings:

It was not part of their blood,
It came to them very late
With long arrears to make good,
When the English began to hate.

They were not easily moved,
They were icy-willing to wait
Till every count should be proved,
Ere the English began to hate.

Their voices were even and low,
Their eyes were level and straight.
There was neither sign nor show,
When the English began to hate.

It was not preached to the crowd,
It was not taught by the State.
No man spoke it aloud, 
When the English began to hate. 

It was not suddenly bred,
It will not swiftly abate,
Through the chill years ahead,
When Time shall count from the date 
That the English began to hate. 

And not forgetting the Scottish, Welsh and Irish too. And the group we must first turn our hatred towards are our politicians, the liberal elites who either do not understand the root problem, or do not want to. They must feel our hate, much as Patrick O’Flynn with his UKIP Daily article on Wednesday has received it from our commenters, but LibLabCon deserve it more.

And I also recall in my living memory the anger and then hate our nation felt towards the terrorists from Ireland who started to blow up innocent British victims on our streets some 45 years ago. Then our politicians did take effective measures: they sent in the Army, they militarised the Northern Ireland police and crucially pointed them at the right target and … they introduced internment camps for known terrorists, just as the Americans did in 1941 for every single person of Japanese descent living in their country and indeed we did with every German citizen in 1939.

When will it come to that?



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Brian Otridge was Editor-in-Chief of UKIP Daily for 2 years till March 2016. He has been an aircraft engineer, currently works in the IT Industry and also enjoys writing on a wide variety of subjects. He was the UKIP Parliamentary Candidate for Southend West in Essex in 2015, but now lives in Lancashire

19 Comments on The time for teddy bears is over …

  1. You don’t have to hate Muslims in order to justify judging them to be evil. John Henry Newman wrote that religious error is in itself of an immoral nature, that it is to be dreaded, and that its maintainers, unless involuntarily such, are guilty in maintaining it.

    All Muslims are blasphemers and Muhammad-worshipping idolaters. Allowing these evildoers to affirm that the Quran is the word of God and that Muhammad is his messenger, and to stick their arses in the air and call it prayer, has become a luxury the rest of us can’t afford.

  2. Hello Brian ,
    The Referendum result was close too close but still a result we wanted.

    Now let us consider how many of those who voted remain were not native britons but had drifted up on the shore so to speak.

    Then let us consider those who hold their livings in say education or legal profession whose income is via the EU.

    Then think of the politicians and civil servants who have their being serving the goals of the EU.

    Then the Media sorts

    Then the Police etc all looking at EU dictats.

    Compare those to the real remnant of British people.

    Then again compare them to the currency dealers and stock exchange spivs.

    At least a Muslim will kill you, whilst most of the rest will sell you and your birthright for their comforts.

    I met my first bolshy Muslim in the late 1960s he refused to do his turn at going to the fish and chip shop to buy lunch for all the apprentices. “I am not your servant” was one of his reasons.

    My conclusion is we are not the heavy end of the see-saw, there is a vast army of middle-class people just looking after number one.

    At least the good ole muzzers are cheezing them off at a rate of knots.

    For me though, if they hate Britain so much and our western non islamic ways, why does not the call of home become so strong that they pack their bags and roll their magic carpets and depart for warmer climes.

  3. Why have Muslim terrorists become so pro-active? They’ve been at it Britain since the early eighties at least because I helped clean up the blood and guts of two of them from inside a car one snowy Sunday afternoon close to Marble Arch. They were priming a pipe bomb when it went off in the lap of one of the rear seat passengers. The Iranian driver escaped but was arrested having survived the blast. He got 10 years for his trouble. There was no definite evidence of their target but all things considered it was probably Speakers Corner – on a Sunday afternoon. The incident was not reported upon heavily, probably an early example of political correctness. Was this not news? That was a green light. The threat has gradually worsened due to the number of Muslims that have been admitted. Their confidence to carry out the will of the Koran is strengthened by the footfall of every new muslim immigrant. Numbers create strength and an Army of them is being assembled right now as we can all see. We might regard Manchester as one of the early battles in this war with an active, undetected and confident enemy the size of which is only just beginning to reveal itself. Like most on this site, I fear for the country and the shape of its future life and times, particularly the prospects for my 7yo grandson. I support the call for action against this cancer in our midst which seeks to kill and sexually abuse the young children of this once attractive island. If ever UKIP was looking for a cause after Brexit……..

  4. GEOFFREY CHARLES ELLIOTT. // May 25, 2017 at 6:27 pm // Reply
    See above that most famous quote penned by Tulius Cicero,and you can see how
    relevant it is today.
    In 1945,a year after I was born,the Second World War had ended,and Britain was back to being a safe and peaceful country,our population was 45 Million.
    Today our once great and former Christian country has become a hotbed,and breeding ground of Muslim extreminism,and no one now knows how many Muslims
    now live in Britain,either illegal or invited in by the vile verminous so called leaders past and present ,who are the traitors who have bent over backwards to the death cult Islamists.By inviting in Millions of Muslims,they have failed in what should be their number one obligation,to protect us,and keep us from harm.As the recent
    slaughter of our children and young people at the Manchester Arena,by a bastard
    Muslim suicide bomber,who was already known to the police etc,proves beyond all doubt that by not rounding up these evil murdering bloody terrorists,Sharia May is actually aiding and abetting our sworn enemies.These Muslims are the most serious threat to our citizens from within our own country.They hate us with such a vengeance,that they seek and celebrate the death and destruction of even our young children by using shrapnel to blow them into pieces,and cause the most horrendous
    pain and suffering imaginable.These murdering savages should never have been invited into our country,they have no love in their hearts,or sense of reason,or respect for Human Life,they only belive in Jihad,enough is enough,I want them gone.

  5. Please excuse my lousy typing, I think with age, my eyesight is not wehat it was, even with my specs

  6. Internmenmt is not the answer, sorry! Deportation is the only answer.

    whether we like it or not, we have been at war now for a number of years and unfortunately our politicians refuse to recognise this fact. Islam generally has declared war on the infidel nations of the western world in particular but the whole world generally.

    When one enters the USA with the visa that has been prepared, customs will demand photo of your face with iris of the eyes recognition, along with finger prints. Why do we not do the same here?

    In a seperate section Dee (bless her cotton socks) aske dwhether the Jewish copmmunity is also prepared and my anmswer wqas yes. Even f we have some well meaning leftwing
    Jews and others who continually put our hands out to all and sundry for friendship. May I refer you to the latest episode of Muslim hate fespecially for the Jews, as so many of the councillors, mayoprs appear to believe that they can continue to insult us vand get away with it. Which they do.
    Please note the short comment at the end by colonel Richard Kemp. Check out his other statement sin which he praised and thanked Isdrael for helping to save the lives of British personnel in Afghanistan, Intelligence was freely given by the Israeli authorities to Colonel Kemp in addition to fighting the insurgents with the latest Israeli tactics.

    Back to the trustee of the mosque. People like him continually complain about Islamophobia yet is only too happy to offer Jewhate as a normality, which for people such as him, it is. Of course, they enjoy support from the left and extreme right. We read so often now that these Muslim politicians feel free to insult us and meanhwile, they are never thrown out. Why not? If I made derogatory remarks about Muslims, or any of us, we will be charged with a hate crime. But if one is a Muslim, then, they are the victim.
    Where are our leaders? Submission is the translation of Islam, for them it is to Allah, for us it is to Mecca and Kuwait.

    • Brian Otridge // May 25, 2017 at 7:39 pm // Reply

      Yes for foreigners we can deport them, IF we can ignore the ECHR. Legally, though, in an international sense, if they were British born and “bred” then you are on dodgy ground trying to deport them, but in an emergency, internment at least isolates them. There are some utterly beautiful uninhabited islands in the Outer Hebrides that would make the perfect spot.

    • Martin, I don’t care if we deport them or intern them – however, I would have a coronary if they were interned on any of the beautiful Scottish islands – dungeons or at the very least no internet, mobile phones, ever again. Perhaps a few books – let’s brainwash them with PG Wodehouse or the Forsyth Saga.
      On the plus side UKIP, in particular Suzanne Evans has discovered a backbone – fair play to her she has been very robust today on MSM, credit where it’s due. All we need now is Anne Marie Waters leading us, and I would be more cheerful than for some time.
      Your typing is easily translated, for some reason I run words together when typing, but my iPad sorts it for me, although it often interprets my words as something quite different that it thinks I ought to have said! Big brother methinks!

  7. Hugo, I think it’s time we stopped being so bloody tolerant of the intolerable, otherwise we are fools to ourselves. Time to get tough, put ourselves on a war footing with emergency measures: ban sharia, close the mosques, get the army and armed police on the streets to quell any rioting.

    Round up all suspects and lock them up under 24/7 surveillance that will cost a fraction of what it does now and will be more effective. Make arrangements to deport every last one of them. Tear up their passports before their eyes and warn them of dire consequences if they ever try to return. If they join the IS, there’s a good chance they will be killed in a strike.
    It makes one wish for the kind of decisive government we had with Churchill in the years of the 2nd World War. He knew an enemy when he saw one.

  8. I dare say it will come to that, Brian, but not before time, not before more British people have become prey for the psychosadists that love the koran because it tells them to do all the killing they want to do in the name of a disgusting imaginary devil-god.

    I hate the koran, I hate the fools that follow it, I hate the inhumanity that it inculcates: it’s a psychopathic creed of superiority, immorality, control, punishment, cruelty, repression, hate, misogyny, homophobia, oppression, torture, murder, evil – what’s not to hate?

    Any muslims that think or behave in a way that approximates to normal human beings with normal emotions are fairly remarkable in that they have escaped their dehumanising religion to some extent. We need them to go further and start renouncing it, in this country at least if they want to go on living here.

    The government should start doing deals with countries such as Pakistan and Libya to take back muslim families who originate there. I don’t care if a muslim has been born here; being born in a stable doesn’t make you a horse. And it seems that the ones born here are the most hateful and anti-British of all, so they should be the first to go unless they can PROVE that they are loyal British citizens presenting no threat at all to our country and our own people.

    How many more of our own British countrymen, women and children have to be sacrificed before the politicians do something to protect us? Yes, they are deserving of hate and utter contempt for allowing the enemy in at the gates. Traitors all, they should be in the Tower.

  9. I think the difference this time, finally, is that parents are realizing that unless this evil, (they might not have yet become conversant with what is written in the Koran) is dealt with they will have to live in fear for their children every single day of their lives. Many people have said as much on twitter, and on Jon Gaunt radio. They don’t want to have to do that, and they want something done. People are realizing that their Government haven’t kept them safe, and also that the only people who are safe are those who got us into this mess. I believe there is clarity of thought as never before. They also realize they need someone other than Lib/Lab/Con to vote for. If only Nuttall has the guts to get his act together, it might not be too late for UKIP. INTERNMENT is what people want, internment of all on ‘terror watch lists’, even if only in the short term – It makes sense – come on Nuttall, say it!

    • Congratulations to Suzanne Evans, who was very robust on The World at One. If she keeps it up, she has my support.

  10. I’m going rather off topic here but only place I can post it. These kids didn’t get teddies or candles from their utterly disgraceful teachers…

    Just another example of putting so called refugees before our own.

    • There had better be some sackings in that school because at least one cruel idiot and lying fool of a ‘teacher’ is not fit to be anywhere near primary school children. This should be an end-of-career offence.
      How dare they frighten innocent children who SHOULD be able to live fear-free in a civilised country that has worked hard for centuries to make our society peaceful and stable?? That the children already knew what COULD happen is a dreadful indictment of the politicians who have failed them and this country by letting in murdering religio-psychos in their hundreds of thousands.
      Whatever Leftard cretin thought it was a good idea to lie to children and make them cry should be led in shame in front of the children and made to apologise to them for telling lies and upsetting them entirely unnecessarily. Then the nasty person should be booted out of the school. Perhaps they would be happier going to work among refugees in very sub-standard conditions.
      ‘Christian Aid’? How about some Christian compassion for our own kids?

  11. Like many on these sites I ‘knew’ within a minute of the first news alert regarding the Manchester Massacre that the perpetrator was a muslim and part of a sophisticated murder gang but that the evilbbc would never mention jihad nor islam but instead concentrate upon the fake news of ‘lone wolf’and that the number one priority for the police would be to guard the mosques (Q have churches ever had a police guard after antichristian actual desecration?)
    amber rudd, chief constable of manchester, editor of the guardian, ditto the independent, bbc news depts, anyone in authority who is turning a blind eye to the 3,500 ISIS trained terrorist returnees from Syria who right now are living on welfare benefits and planning their next murder of white English children.

  12. It never will, Brian.
    And N Ireland isn’t a very apposite analogy. We didn’t use the Army as effectively as we should, we didn’t ‘militarize’ the police, we didn’t stick with internment, and we eventually negotiated with murderers, showing that violence does pay – British hypocrisy at its best.
    Kipling’s hyperbole aside, we are not a hateful nation, and we’re not going to succeed with anything which smacks of it.
    And neither, I’m afraid, are we a sensible or brave one. Our best hope is the appeal of animal welfare – if the public knew what they are eating there might be some genuine and widespread outrage.
    But of course you’re right on ‘hate speech’, which as curently construed seeks to outlaw what should be simple criticism and free speech.

  13. I’m not afraid to hate, it’s a very necessary emotion. There comes a time, when the rights and wrongs, morals and ideals, just don’t matter anymore. You either survive or you don’t, you don’t have time to worry about these luxuries.

    Globalist governments just don’t represent us and we’re entitled to be represented,although they’ve tried to change that, we must resist, it’s what wars are all about, we have to win.

    One thing we could do is to just point-blank refuse to accept the authority of the government after the election. We could then form a Government of the British People. The current incumbents of Westminster are going to have to move out for a few years to allow for renovations, we should aim to ensure that they never return.

    Of course this will probably lead to Civil War, but the violence has already started and it is only going to get much worse. You haven’t seen anything yet, we’ve nothing to lose.

  14. Internment

    Several commenters in the mainstream media are suggesting that there should be internment for terrorist suspects. The momentum for this response seems to be gathering pace, and at some point the pressure to do so will be unstoppable, probably one or two more major attacks will tip the balance. We are dealing with enemy combatants in our midst. And yes the Koran does state that non-believers should be killed “when the sacred months are over”. Contrary to popular thought, Ramadan is not in fact a sacred month. The bomb maker is apparently still at large, so further attacks are highly likely.
    It is impossible to change the evil ideas held by these terrorists, the Prevent strategy has clearly failed. We cannot deport them, no other country will receive them. The security services do their best but have failed, and will continue to fail more often as the threat ramps up. Internment is the only remaining option.
    How many must be interned? Of course start with the several thousand jihadis known to the security services. These must include those who have returned from fighting for ISIS. However this will not be sufficient. While the hate-filled ideology exists, there will still be more added. A poll shows 100,000 UK Muslims support suicide bombings. Over a quarter sympathise with terrorists, it may be that around one million will need to be interned before this problem is solved. The scale of the problem is huge.
    We are a tolerant nation, however our choice is stark: be tolerant and accept being murdered, or intolerant and stay alive.

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