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The Time-Bomb Sitting Under Brexit

On Thursday 11th May, I attended a joint-hearing of three Committees in Brussels.  The Civil Liberties Justice and Home Affairs, Petitions and Employment and Social Affairs, Committees.

I spend over three hours listening to various assorted Europhiles, Remainers, Remoaners, and Quislings, discussing ways in which they can make sure Brexit does not mean Exit, or actually reverse the decision of the Referendum.

One issue I raised, by the Remainers, and by me, was the issue that is a time-bomb waiting to go off under Brexit – which is that of ‘vested rights’ of EU citizens.

As long ago as 1963 the European Court of Justice decreed that, “The Community constitutes a new legal order”…and that…“community law not only imposes obligations on individuals…but also is intended to confer upon them rights which become part of their legal heritage”.

What this means in plain English is that even when we leave EU citizens can continue to claim the same rights in the UK that they had before we left.  

Indeed, Guy Verhofstadt said to the Committees that EU citizens should continue to enjoy rights for the rest of their lives, e.g. to use the NHS, the education system, the benefits and public housing system etc. Even if they were “economically inactive”.

So the British tax payer will be expected to provide social services for every EU citizen that cares to turn up to claim them even after we have left the EU.

Lawyers will no doubt argue that these rights should be enjoyed by every EU citizen born up to the date Mrs May signs the fabled Withdrawal Agreement (some time in mid-2019 if we are lucky).

The issue of Vested Rights is not something Mrs May wants to discuss, and our media have not picked up on it yet.

Vested Rights are indeed a time-bomb under Brexit waiting to go off.  

This issue encapsulates exactly why we cannot hope to negotiate our way out of the EU using Article 50, and exactly why our Government should seize the initiative by repealing the European Communities Act (1972) – leave the EU and then tell the EU how it is going to work, not ask them how it might be done.

After three hours of listening to this nonsense, I was given two minutes to speak.  I was, up to that point, the only speaker from the Brexit side of the argument.  I had some serious questions to ask, and points to make, but before I could finish my points my microphone was cut off.

At that point, I lost my cool.  For thirteen years I have stuck to my meagre 60 seconds speaking time in Parliament’s so-called debates, but on this important occasion I was stopped from going a little over time.  At that point, I told them what I thought and left the meeting.

Here is my contribution:



(First published at Gerard Batten’s websiteGerard Batten’s website)


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Gerard Batten in a UKIP MEP representing London. He is also UKIP's Spokesman for Brexit.

11 Comments on The Time-Bomb Sitting Under Brexit

  1. Gareth Thomas // May 26, 2017 at 8:42 am // Reply

    The EU has failed miserably. The EU has interfered with Great Britain to such an extent it is now fast becoming a 3rd world country. 44 years of fat ugly unelected overpaid control freaks who have done nothing to help anyone other than themselves. I hope other members leave soon too.

  2. May should tell the EU that if and when they are ready to discuss our leaving in a respectful manner, then, they can knopwck on her door. Otherwise, we walk away and I suggest that we boycott most EU products from those countries that are prepared to make life difficult for us.
    To hell with the bullying cowards in Brussels

    Next time they want defending, we can tell them to look after themselves with all the money that we have poured into the EU

  3. Gerard. Thank you for your contribution and service. Hopefully we will soon exit the EU. Then concentrate on making UKIP the common sense party that represents the peoples interests.

  4. GEOFFREY CHARLES ELLIOTT. // May 25, 2017 at 4:29 am // Reply
    Many thanks to Gerard for all your hard work,how you put with all those imbeciles is beyond me,and to be cut off as you were by that Europhile was inexcusable.
    Everyone please click my link,and you will see why Brexit Day is not a cause for celebration Also interesting reading about the true facts regarding immigration.
    Eleven months have passed since our glorious Independence Day on Thursday the 23 RD of June 2016,and remainiac Sharia May still tells voters that she is the only one who can deliver Brexit,but she has a history of going back on her word.I belive
    you cannot trust her or the Conservatives to deliver a meaningful Brexit,which has the interests of us who voted to leave the sinking ship,that the corrupt EU has become.They have bled us dry,and under Sharia May continue to impoverish us.
    Thank you,Geoff.Elliott,UKIP RCT Branch.Pontypridd.

  5. Michael Tomkins // May 24, 2017 at 10:25 pm // Reply

    These are really crazy people in the EU mad house. They should never ever be anywhere near politics if they cannot allow others to have their say. Lets get some sanity back into politics.

  6. Howard Keating // May 23, 2017 at 9:41 am // Reply

    Keep socking it to them Gerard. They’re obviously not quick learners; especially Ms Bambini(?), behind you, who seems particularly slow.
    Thanks for all your past and continuing efforts to bring some sanity to the madness.

  7. To hell with the EU and their Vested Rights. If we had a government on our side then such matters would not be an issue.

  8. Mr. Batten. Thanks for this article and also thanks for your courage and hard work on our behalf.

  9. Why we ever trusted these sleazy, rotten foreigners with our country and our future is beyond all understanding. We should never forget that it was the Conservative party that sold us down the river and libtards and leftards that colluded in keeping us in chains for so long. All are liars and thieves of our freedom, birthright and heritage.
    May & Co wasted months and months doing absolutely nothing after Referendum Day, but now she says we’ve no time to waste getting on with Brexit. If she had a patriotic bone in her body, she would take the quickest route out, tell the EUmaniacs there will be no money paid out, no rights given to any EU citizens, not now, not ever, no foreign courts or jurisdictions having any say whatsoever in our affairs, no foreign boats fishing in our waters, no immigrants being dumped on us from France or anywhere else.

    All I see is weakness and wishy-washiness at the top, while nasty little tinpot EU dictators and Remainers carry on as if this country had sold its soul to them in perpetuity and was now unreasonably demanding it back. Mountebanks, blaggards and swine, the lot of them, deserving nothing but contempt and hatred.

  10. Gerard – my sympathies and admiration for having to put up with such a bunch of rude idiots. The solution though is quite simple, EU citizens living in the UK should be given the choice of remaining in the UK or going back to their original country. If they choose to remain in the UK they will be accepting that their EU “rights” no longer apply. As you imply we (UKIP) need to ensure that Mrs May does not backslide on this issue.

  11. We need to walk away and repeal the European Communities Act. I can’t stand two years of this pantomime. Ridiculous that so many people haven’t accepted that we’re leaving.
    Theresa May is a globalist and a remainer, shes not going to repeal anything, we’re going to end up with a complete lash up that’ll be the worst of all worlds.

    I was hoping to return home for a visit after Brexit, but I’m beginning to think I’ll never set foot in my native country again. I dread to think what I’ll find from what I read here. Are they selling Burqas in C&A yet? They still closed the pubs at 11 PM last time I was there and rape was still a crime. At least if I don’t come back I’ll be able to remember my country while it was still mostly British.

    I’ve just about given up on political solutions.

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