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Thoughts on Easter Sunday

Rest assured, dear readers, I am not going to do a ‘Theresa May’ and pontificate about ‘Christian values’! I am going to take her and our leaders to task.

Our politicians and opinion leaders like to talk about ‘The West’ being based on ‘Judaeo-Christian Values’. Easter Sunday, being the most holy of Christian feast days, brings them out in droves. Our TV broadcasters love to show the ‘faith leaders’ in their full paraphernalia celebrating – well, not the whole Mass, of course, but snippets. The Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury get top billing.

Our political leaders have noticed though that there’s something amiss, so they try and take on the mantle of ‘spiritual leadership’. After all, in a secular society nobody needs to listen to an archbishop or watch the Pope, even when the latter washes the feet of Muslim ‘refugees’ to show his ‘humility’.

Thus we have the edifying spectacle that PM Ms May calls for us secular people to come together, saying:

I think of those values that we share – values that I learnt in my own childhood, growing up in a vicarage. Values of compassion, community, citizenship. The sense of obligation we have to one another.

These are values we all hold in common – and values that are visibly lived out every day by Christians – as well as by people of other faiths or none.

Bless – the ‘values of the vicarage’ are what we need!

She’s not the first female world leader to evoke those values. Her colleague in Germany, Ms Merkel, also is a ‘daughter of the vicarage’, and a couple of years ago she said in a TV interview:

We should have the courage as Christians to enter a dialogue then, and while we are talking about tradition, maybe please go to church every once in a while or become a tad more versed in the Bible and maybe be able to just explain a painting in the church or at least be able to explain what the meaning of Pentecost is.

Bless! Learn the Bible! Go to church! That’s all we need … really?

I prefer to draw your attention not on questions of faith but on some facts which hardly get mentioned – not by the ‘leaders of faith’, not by politicians, not in the MSM: the persecution of Christians.

I won’t start a lecture on dhimmitude or on the history of Islamic conquest in the Middle East. Let me instead point out, on this day, that being a confessing Christian might just about be ‘safe’ in this country, but it isn’t anywhere else. Christians are the most persecuted religion in the world. Reports on this are only published, shamefully hidden, on the occasion of Christian feast days, e.g. by Breitbart last December, or by Fox News a couple of days ago. While these reports rely on one single study, it is nevertheless obvious that Christians are being persecuted and killed across the world, and not just by the usual suspects in the Middle East. A good and better-sourced breakdown according to countries can be found here.

Have you heard our ‘daughters of the vicarage’, or our ‘spiritual leaders’ say anything about these persecutions? Have we given shelter to persecuted Christians? Correct me if I’m wrong, but the numbers of ‘refugees’ we have taken in and are still coming aren’t Christians, are they!

But let’s not blame our leaders temporal and spiritual – our establishment MSM are to blame as much as they are. I’m not talking about decades of snide comments on Christianity and Christians, I am not talking about the condemnation of displaying Christian symbols on one’s dress (“don’t stuff your religion down my throat!”) while bending over backwards to allow the explicit display of one’s belief as in allowing niqabs and hijabs and burkhas in public life.

I am talking about the way persecution of Christians is reported, because mostly it isn’t. How quickly did the terrorist attacks on two Coptic churches on Palm Sunday (that was only last Sunday ..) vanish from our MSM! And when was the last time you heard about Boko Haram? It’s not as if they have stopped kidnapping, killing and bombing in Nigeria …

I wonder if someone in our MSM will connect the dots and ask those in our establishment, starting with the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Prime Minister, these questions:

Firstly: are you really demanding people must become ‘more Christian’ when doing so would put them in danger of persecution, in danger of their lives? Do you feel you can do so because you are protected and secure, whereas we are not?

Secondly: Islam is not a religion, never mind one of ‘peace’. It is an ideology, a system of state governance. Do you really think that wishy-washy formulas such as ‘the values of the vicarage’ are what is needed to stand up to that blood-spattered ideology?

Standing up to Islam does not require us to become wishy-washy ‘Christians’. It does not require our leaders to bow to Muslim demands, even unto our own PM wearing a headscarf when meeting with Muslim leaders. If she wants to lead, she should do so by displaying her vicarage values, by abandoning those headscarves and wearing a cross on her lapel instead.

We do need a refutation of the intrusion of Islamic symbols into our daily lives which we have allowed so as not to ‘offend’ them, in the name of ‘diversity’. We do not need insipid ‘Christian’ values with no real meaning. Above all, we don’t need such symbols stuffed down our throats.

There is a statue of one of the foremost theologians of the last century at Westminster Abbey. His name is Dietrich Bonhoeffer. He was killed in a Nazi KZ on April 9th 1945. He would’ve called out Ms May and the Archbishop of Canterbury for the cheap ‘grace’ they display in their mumblings about ‘Christian values’.

Easter Sunday is a good time to take a look at his book “The Cost of Discipleship” …

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27 Comments on Thoughts on Easter Sunday

  1. At least May did not refer to her ‘moral compass’ like Brown. They must sit and laugh in Downing Street at the naivety of the public.

  2. “An Orthodox Jewish rabbi who is standing for Ukip in a mayoral election has apologised for burning a ‘bible’ and posting the pictures on social media.
    Shneur Odze, who is standing against former Health Secretary Andy Burnham in Manchester, reacted with fury last Sunday when he found a religious tract in his synagogue which purported to be a Jewish bible.
    A Ukip spokesman said: ‘While we understand the act, it was ill-advised to put a picture of it on social media which was also provocative and likely to be misunderstood.’”

    UKIP should stop pandering to the religious lobby. It is already losing good members because its policy is pro-Halal and pro-Kosher.
    This is the same individual who caused the UKIP humane policy to be reversed in April 2015.
    “One of the most prominent Jewish figures within UKIP has condemned the party’s new policy against religious slaughter as “wrong” and vowed to work to overturn it.”

    UKIP is utterly lost while it supports animal cruelty by listening to the religious lobby. Exactly when was the party infiltrated?
    Why exactly does UKIP have a “friends of Israel” group? The party should be putting the good of Britain ahead of any other country. And how well does this friendship with Israel sit with the Muslim voters of Stoke who Paul Nuttall was chasing after?

    Happy Easter Christians of Britain. UKIP would prefer to pander to religious minorities than uphold traditional British values of decency and fairness and humane treatment of animals. You did keep singing for Jerusalem to be built here, so you cannot really complain when your wishes are granted.

    • Hugo,

      I have read your links and am now more confused than ever over UKIP’s present stance on Halal and Kosher killing. One of them alludes to the fact that Nigel may have been persuaded to change their policy by one or a group of influential Jews, who understandably do not want Kosher banned. These sort of decisions should not be made like this in the future regardless of how difficult they are.

      As for this gentleman burning any bible outside on the pavement, no matter how angry he was about it, it does not excuse his behaviour after all,don’t muslims do the same, and we are disturbed by that. I ask the question of the UKIP spokesman who stated this action could have been misunderstood, in what way would it be misunderstood? Burning a bible in public is just that an affront to Christians, therefore making this man unsuitable to stand for position of Mayor IMO. And this shows the problem here, you cannot have one rule for one and let the others of the hook because it suits your agenda.

      It seems to me that Paul Nuttall probably felt he had no choice with that leaflet as he could not suddenly overturn that policy overnight, but I agree with you it was terribly naive to think it would work and furthermore, that members would not be upset when they found out about it.

      That leaflet did not appeal to anyone and offended many, the way round this is too swallow your pride and for those responsible in the hierarchy of UKIP to actually apoligise for this monumental error. Then I think they could move on and work on this policy properly for the future, and realise that either way they go it will upset some people, but so be it, as maybe you do not want those sort of people in the party anyway.

      Just as a footnote I am not aware of any muslim member of the party burning a bible in public view and then posting it on facebook, perhaps we should give them some credit for that. As you have stated we do not want this kind of religious zealotry behaviour present in the party, it breeds hatred and hostility of which we are all too aware of today.

      • DD, the whole thing is a mess. Once you start pandering to this or that religious lobby, particularly to enable animal cruelty, there is going to be a backlash.

        I kept quiet for two years because the most important requirement was to get out of the EU. Now I cannot be kept quiet any longer.

        My branch secretary has emailed the branch members with this message: “I strongly suggest we (and our members) have nothing further to do with Hugo. He is a great disappointment.”

        The problem is that those at the top of the party have not listened to the grass roots members regarding non-stun abattoirs.

        Now we have have a Jewish candidate behaving in a way that would get anybody else kicked out of the party if they had burned a Koran for example. Why is it that the religious zealots are given immunity from any consequences? I can only assume that those at the top of the party do not care about decent values.

        • Hugo,

          That is a terrible thing your branch secretary has done, how can you stay with that branch after he has said that, what a bloody insult. The same thing happened to me in my previous branch where a committee member e-mailed the chairman and said I was full of BS, a fraud and a liar, I was so shocked he could say such things but I had left by then. I am afraid the only conclusion I could come to was that he is completely mad judging by the other things he was saying, so I was glad I had followed my intuition and left before a big row.

          I must add they were not like that in the new branch I joined, they all seem like really nice people, but I cannot and will not rejoin UKIP with this Halal thing going on. To some people it may seem petty as we are only talking about animals that are breed to be killed, but IMO how you treat them reflects how you treat everyone else. UKIP should show respect for all living things or it should not exist at all.

          As I have said before what would have happened if this had been a muslim burning a bible or a Jewish person burning a Koran, I have a feeling it would have been dealt with much more severely, but people seem to think that it does not matter as much if you upset Christians even more usetting at Easter time. If Orthodox Jewish people are enraged with our beliefs then they should go and live in Israel where they would feel more at home, the same as we have said for muslim people going to live in an Islamic country. That way we can all live in peace if we are unable to co-exist peacefully in the same country.

        • GEOFFREY CHARLES ELLIOTT. // April 17, 2017 at 11:25 pm // Reply

          Dear Hugo,your branch indeed seriously deluded how dare this dullard condone the behaviour of the now disgraced,weak and
          pathetic leader,Dhimmi Muslim Appeaser who is also pro Halal,no other than Paul Nutall.He sounds exactly like all of rest of UKIP’s big beasts who are coming on UKIP DAILY,writing about how well the Party is doing,and how we are going from strength to strength,and how great the Conference is going to be in Torquay in September.
          When in reality,the party is in deep decline,with members leaving in unprecedented numbers.None make any mention of Nutall’s lies and pro Muslim stance,and that vile and despicable damn Halal leaflet.
          Hugo,i would like to congratulate you for speaking the truth,there aren’t many of us activists left,who are prepared to speak out about the disasterous change of policy,regarding Nutall’s absurd support for all Muslims,and that vile and despicable bloody Halal.The longer Nutall and his dullard advisors remain in charge of UKIP,the sooner will be our demise.I find their actions at Stoke and since,by hiding away as if nothing whatsoever has happened,and since then a complete wall of silence,their inability to discuss their failures,proves beyond doubt,their arrogance and their guilt.

      • GEOFFREY CHARLES ELLIOTT. // April 18, 2017 at 1:47 am // Reply

        DD,please my two comments,posted yesterday 17 TH of April,on UKIP POLICY CHANGE FROM ANTI-TO PRO-HALAL SLAUGHTER.
        Please see my second comment,posted at 4:01 PM.I knew nothing about the
        stupid reversal of policy,until Dee actually told me about that despicable and vile pro Halal leaflet.DD click my first link,and you can once again see that Leaflet,where Paul Nutall states:LET ME MAKE IT LOUD AND CLEAR:
        UKIP WILL NOT BAN HALAL OR KOSHER etc.As soon as I saw that damn Leaflet I was filled with hatred and loathing for Nutall,also his appeasement of all Muslims,was indeed sickening.My second link,outlines the actual policy,
        which I thought was still in existence,that we in UKIP,were continuing our Just and honest policy to ban all ritual non-stun slaughter.If there was a reversal,i certainly knew nothing about it,as did the vast majority of both our members and the general public.DD I cannot agree with what you have to say in paragraph 3,about Nutall having no choice but to agree with that most absurd and ridiculous Halal leaflet.Of course he knew all about it,he was complicit in promoting it,that can be seen from the photos which were taken of him outside Stoke Central Mosque.His lies about Hillsborough,Tranmere Rovers,the uncompleted PhD,the unfurnished house in Stoke,named as his
        main residence,fall into insignificance,when one considers his disasterous failure in Stoke.He has set UKIP back many years,our members are now leaving in droves,in all probability we might not even survive.Nutall now wants to overturn the ban on fox-hunting,who in their right mind,is going to vote for someone like that.The Muslims of Stoke didn’t even vote UKIP,any fool could have told Nutall that they always vote Labour.Since that disaster Nutall has hid himself away,and he has refused to discuss his total failure,
        we have heard nothing,just a sickening walk of silence.Nutall and his dullard
        advisors,can bury their heads in the sands,but this will never be forgiven or forgotten,if they cared about UKIP’s surviaval they would all stand down now.

        • GCE,

          I do agree with you on many aspects of what you have to say and have actually followed my principles by leaving the party, but I have to tell you we did hear about Paul going to visit a mosque in Stoke whilst campaigning there, and I did have mixed feelings about that. But felt he was probably trying to reach out to everyone there and it was up to him what he did, however, I obviously knew nothing about that leaflet, and that changes everything in my view.

          Now, this is the question I want to ask you, how do you feel about Kosher food products? as you do not mention them much. The dilemma for me was that I made friends with a Jewish gentleman at my last branch and we agreed on many things that most of the others did not agree on, but he did say he did not want Kosher banned because of his religious beliefs and that it had been permitted in this country for many years.

          So, this is my dilemma, I did watch a programme all about Kosher killing performed by their highly religious Jews and it was extremely swift although no stunning was used beforehand. I was really surprised at how quick it was as they used razor sharp knives, but having said that I have never eaten it as Kosher food is not as widespread as Halal. And there is the difference I guess, in so much as we may be eating Halal food without knowing, but the method remains basically the same, and I felt I could no longer remain two faced and say it was okay for one to do it and not the other, so I have left.

          So, my point is that Paul must have known about the change in policy although a lot of members appear to have not been informed, so he tried to find a way round it by trying to please most people it seems to me. His big mistake was doing it secretly and not consulting the majority of members who I think would have apposed it like you. Therefore, this makes him very unsuitable to carry on as leader as a): he shows no empathy and consideration for animals in general, re his stance on hunting as well and, b): his complete disregard for UKIP members and voters by being so deceitful and lying basically. That is my whole take on things which I think is basically in tune with yours without being to sentimental about domestic livestock. I look forward to your reply.

          • GEOFFREY CHARLES ELLIOTT. // April 19, 2017 at 10:51 pm //

            DD,thanks for your reply.See in my third link the Stoke Central Mosque,with the now disgraced leader of UKIP,accompanied by two of his dullard supporters,also in the picture is the Halal eating Mozzie,who has now left UKIP.
            By clicking my first link,you will see what both I and Viv have to say about Kosher,it is a fair way down.But basically what we are saying is that we are not having to eat Kosher,but we are being forced fed bloody Halal,as it is now being served everywhere,from schools to hospitals,every major supermarket is now stocking and selling it,I find that to be most vile and even sickening that I have unbeknowingly eaten bloody Halal,fils me with loathing and revulsion.I hate
            what the now disgraced weak and pathetic and spineless so called leader Nutall and his dullard advisors have done to damage UKIP.They have brought the Party to its knees.If they had a decent bone in their body,they would all resign,and make way for a strong leader, such as Bill Eteridge who has always supported banning the vile and despicable Halal non-stun slaughter.See from my second link that damn Leaflet,and Nutall the Muslim Apppeasing,Pro Halal gamekeeper,stupidly out canvassing the Muslims of Stoke,who always vote Labour,they would sooner behead oneanother than ever vote UKIP.Paul Nutall will always be damaged goods,who in their right mind is going to vote for him,not only a serial Liar,but a Dhimmi Muslim Appeaser,who as well as being pro Halal,now also wants to overturn the ban on fox-hunting and also wants to bring down the maximum Abortion time limit,he really is so seriously deluded.

        • GCE,

          P.S. I also agree with you that UKIP the party appears to be in terminal decline, I think a more radical new party is required, one that speaks the truth and is not afraid to offend others. That is what I am hoping and waiting for.

          • GCE,

            I do agree with you about Paul and the terrible Halal leaflet, but you have not really answered my question about what to do about Kosher, do you want it banned outright also?

            Your only hope is that in the new manifesto which Suzanne Evans is compiling (so don’t hold your breath), they will reinstate the stunning policy for all. And those that don’t like it can sod off like that muslim man who was in collusion with Paul with that leaflet. If UKIP do not put this policy back in then I suggest you do no campaigning for them what-so-ever, as they are probably not going to do very well anyway, I would not waste your time and energy if I were you.

    • Hugo, I am shocked and dismayed by the over-the-top action and publicity-seeking of Shneur Odze. We don’t like book-burning in this country; we weren’t happy to see books being burned in 1989 by muslims who wanted to kill Salman Rushdie for writing something they didn’t like, and we are no more forgiving of it today.
      If Odze didn’t like the book, he could have quietly shredded it without announcing his outrage to the world. I think he should be withdrawn as a candidate.
      It is also disturbing and infuriating to think that the UKIP policy on banning non-stun slaughter was withdrawn because of Odze’s influence on certain individuals in the party and/or on the NEC. That foolish decision should be immediately reversed.

      You are right, this whole halal and kosher question now has to be dealt with firmly and decisively. What would the Christian/secular British MAJORITY regard as more important: the stun-to-kill stunning of animals before slaughter in order to avoid the unnecessary suffering of conscious animals; OR the right of minority religious groups to insist on killing animals cruelly instead of giving animal welfare and humane treatment more importance than rituals thousands of years old?

      This is 21st century Christian/secular Britain and we have laws against causing unnecessary suffering to animals. EVERYBODY should be made to obey those laws without exception, and the production and importation of halal and kosher meat in this country should be banned. I don’t want to eat the flesh of an animal killed cruelly and I have the right to demand that I will never unwittingly do so. If UKIP doesn’t put what ordinary Brits want in their own country as their top priority, but tries to pander to religious minorities, it’s no longer the party for me.

    • Having read the link you provided, Hugo, I think our pathetically weak leadership should have immediately given this man his marching orders. Don’t kid me! You put things on social media to get an audience. Had he felt it important to his faith ideas to burn it, he could have done so in private and no one would have known. No wonder UKIP get tarred with the ‘nutter’ label. Have the Leadership gone underground? A Leader is supposed to take decisions! Are we suggesting to the electorate that our Leader is fit to govern? Or are we determined to undermine UKIP completely?
      Regarding Halal and the stunning issue – while it’s all up in the air I would like UKIP members to consider UKIP’s stance to be a COMPLETE BAN. Then we know where we are, and I believe most members would support it.

      • If he did not want the Bible he could have quietly put it into a rubbish bin and not made a public fuss about it.
        Does he not think there are any Christians in Manchester? Whether practicing or nominal Christians, it is hardly a good way to canvass for their votes.
        If he had any decency about him he should immediately stand down as the candidate. And preferably leave the party as he has brought it into disrepute. And put an apology in the newspapers.

        I have no objections to religious people practicing their beliefs in private and within the law. However when they burn religious books of rival faiths and put the photos into the public domain, or demand exemptions from the law in order to practice animal cruelty then we should distance ourselves from this behaviour. This is supposed to be the 21st century.

  3. We do not seem to be paying commensurate attention/s to all the reasons why we lost the last Stoke Central bye-election; this is absolutely essential in order to prevent undesirable recurrences!!! Any ideas?????

    • IMHO It’s because the leadership aren’t bothered. They are keeping quiet and letting the paycheques keep coming in. No aggro off the nasty lefties and cash in the bank.

      Lots of strong opinions and debate on UKIP Daily. But are the UKIP leadership and MEPs still doing much, are they still alive? I am mistaken Nuttall did state his concern over Trump bombing Syria, well done mate!

      As for the reasons UKIP lost Stoke, may I suggest that forcing or asking the local candidate to step aside, then Nuttall coming in, behaving and dressing like an idiot, displaying an obvious ignorance of local matters and chasing the unattainable muslim vote, may have had something to do with it.

    • Seton. Any ideas – yes, don’t compromise decent values in order to chase after the Muslim vote. They mainly vote for Labour anyway.
      Also don’t parachute someone in, particularly from a rival city. I was there in Stoke and a resident told me that it was a mistake to bring in a Liverpudlian.

    • Yes, Seton. My idea is that Paul Nuttall isn’t a candidate in a by-election again; and whoever wrote that Stoke leaflet is sacked for offending and undermining UKIP members in their efforts to assure voters that the party speaks up for ordinary Brits and their values.

    • Seton,

      Yes, a set of decent policies would be a start!

  4. What makes Theresa the Appeaser think she is a fit person to deliver an ‘Easter Message’? I saw her doing it on TV, but I muted the sound. I knew all the predictable phrases she would use: the cliches, the platitudes, the hypocrisy of her ‘defending’ Christianity when she does nothing of the kind, not here in the UK, nor in the wider world.

    If May knew anything at all, she’d know what islam’s goals are, and those goals are NOT to live in peace and harmony alongside Christianity, Judaism or any other faith, but to eradicate those religions worldwide and replace them; and if that means intimidating or killing the practitioners of those faiths, so be it. It’s all in the koran; and most muslims are out-and-out fundamentalists in that they still believe their ‘holy’ book was dictated by allah and every word must be obeyed.
    Perhaps sharia May doesn’t understand that Christian fundamentalists are in the minority, whereas muslim fundamentalists are the majority. That’s why there is very little chance of reasoning with them: what ‘allah’ says is much more important than human life and freedom.

    If Theresa the Appeaser really wanted to ensure that Christianity and Christian values survive, she would take firm action to abolish sharia, ban halal killing, prosecute all those involved in FGM, and make every single muslim recognise and respect British law as the ONLY law if they want to live in this country. It might be the ‘man-made law’ that muslims despise, but it’s a hell of a sight better than the laws attributed to an imaginary god and imposed for political ends by ruthless desert warlords in the Middle East over a thousand years ago.

  5. Another great article Vivian and I hope many people read it and act upon it.
    The continuous lies about Syria, Iraq, and Egypt by our politicians and the MSM is dreadful and even worse is their denial of Christian martyrdom by their spineless silence.
    Only Assad is protecting the Syrian Christians. Thousands without number have been killed in Syria by various forms of RoP followers yet this is never mentioned. Ditto in Iraq where arguably the oldest continuous presence of Christians in the World have been exterminated in their tens of thousands by ISIS and others.
    As for the White Helmets – this is a sick joke that disgraces the intelligence of our MPs who believe it to be a progressive force. At best they are opportunistic scum.

  6. Happy Easter Viv and Dee,

    I am afraid I had to turn twittering Mrs May off today, I did not want her insipid symbolism spoiling my Easter Sunday. I’m listening to George Michael instead ‘Praying for time’, much more appropriate I would say.

  7. A disturbingly high proportion within leaderships of our British Institutions do not understand The Koran!
    This explains their tolerances and accommodation of SHARIA LAW!
    UKIP is not addressing this issue properly for fear of losing Muslim Voters.

  8. Well said Viv.

    There are some Christians who understand what Islam is about, unfortunately all to few at the top of the Anglican Church. Otherwise why would they allow the Koran to be quoted in their cathedrals? Even verses from the Koran which undermine Christianity itself.

    And remember that Archbishop Rowan Williams was an enabler of Sharia Councils to be introduced in 2008.

    The problem is that modern Christianity has become insipid and not robust. It does not seem to know what it is doing or what it is for and makes far too many compromises with Islam. How different to the account in the Bible: Jesus physically drove out the sellers of cattle from the temple abattoir. Trying to put an end to animal sacrifice got him into serious trouble. Undermining the temple income – of course they would be annoyed!

    There are some robust Christians: Michael Nazir Ali, Patrick Sookhdeo, and Gavin Ashenden.

    Also former Archbishop Lord Carey:

  9. Viv, a very happy Easter to you – what a wonderful article. I am so ashamed of both the West and our Clergy, for all the reasons you describe. Donald Trump, too, made great play of praying before his inauguration. Now, we have this ‘Christian’ Leader showing very little if any outrage for the attacks on Christians in Egypt, who have now been too afraid to have their large Easter celebrations, and we have the shameful spectacle of Mrs.May and her spokesmen determined to replace secular Assad with those who murder Christians.
    They might reflect, though it is not reported, that all Syrian Christian Churches are under Army guard this Easter, in the hope the Syrian Christians may be able celebrate without their blood being sprayed all over the Altars of their Churches. They won’t reflect, of course, and nor will it be mentioned by the other group you draw attention to is the journalists and MSM, who are, frankly, beneath contempt.

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