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1. Abolish the Rules Committee & take the function into the NEC.

2. Get yourself appointed as Party Chairman. You can now write rules to serve your ambition.

3. Abolish the judicially independent Disciplinary Committee & take the function into the NEC.

4. As Chairman you can suspend members accused of misconduct, and then influence the appointment of Panel members to try the case, so that you get the result you want.

5. Deny information to the Constituency Associations, so that they cannot form County Branches.  Divide and Rule.

6. In Wales, abolish the democratically elected Wales Committee, which ran successful campaigns with limited resources, and replace it with a Chairman-only system which can achieve nothing.

7. Appoint Controllers to the Regions and sub-regions. In the Nazi lexicon these are Gauleiters.

8. You, as Obergauleiter now control the Regional Gauleiters and sub-regional Untergauleiters.

9. You have the perfect fascist system.


* Overload the Agenda of the NEC, so that they cannot possibly get through all the work. You know that after 6 exhausting hours the good guys will leave for the train home. You can then rely on your supporters to pass the measures you want. Then blame the NEC for having such ridiculously long meetings.

* Make it a disciplinary offence for an NEC member to disclose the business of the NEC. The members who oppose you cannot say why they did so. You have successfully silenced informed opposition. At the next election to the NEC the voters will not know who to vote for or against.

* At the next election for the NEC the candidates will each provide a short address of equal length. So, before the process starts, ensure your pals get advance publicity, and deny it to the others. Then “Name Recognition” will ensure that your cronies get elected. Censor out from each candidates’ address any criticism of you and members of the hierarchy. Secrecy is your friend.

* Having got control of a majority on the NEC you can change the Rules to suit yourself. If you want to destroy the Party’s best asset – the successful Sun/Pound/UKIP Logo – offer the Annual Conference a dummy choice between 2 new logos and deny those attending the choice of retaining the Sun/Pound/UKIP Logo. You must use this procedural trick because you know that, if asked, the members would overwhelmingly choose to retain the Sun/Pound/UKIP Logo.

* Whenever you receive a letter of complaint, or a suggestion which you do not like  –  ignore it. After all, what can the complainant do about it ? In this way you can insulate yourself from grassroots resentment at your high handed conduct.

But now an increasing number of UKIP grassroots members are repelled by this top-down control system which is flatly contradictory to the founding principles of the Party. We are Brits. The Nazi model is anathema.


Firstly by looking back to the founding of the party by our inspirational Leader Dr Alan Sked (now Professor Emeritus). About 15 of us met him at the LSE and we formed the new party (then called the Anti-Federalist League), and we rather grandly called ourselves its National Executive Committee. We were the Governing Body (though there were few adherents) and the Executive, but above all we were also the Grassroots. Now the Grassroots are alienated from the NEC, but this need not be so!

The fault line in the present governance is that we have confused the roles of:

  • Governing Body, which must be re-named, possibly as Trustees (as favoured by Henry Bolton). These constitute our internal Parliament, and their decisions and voting record must be public – so that we know who to vote for next time around, and
  • Executive, made up of staff officials and volunteers, who carry out the policies of the Trustees, and report to them.

By separating the roles of Governing Body and Executive we can restore transparency to the Governing Body. The stranglehold of the Gauleiters will have been broken. Under no circumstances should an unelected paid official chair, and thereby control, the Governing Body.

Secondly by recognising that the Party’s greatest untapped resource is the Grassroots and the infinite variety of the talents, initiatives, experience and energy of our members, who are currently being garrotted by the Gauleiters.

And the way to do this is to promote County Branches, covering several constituencies.

The EU approach was to abolish the English Counties in order to substitute Unitary Authorities within a European Region, and that was partially successful. But, as a Welshman looking from the sidelines, I apprehend that most English people identify with their traditional Counties rather than an EU substitute.

And that takes us back to Alfred, the most wonderful King that any country ever had – because he recognised that the people had rights which were not granted by the king, and which could not be taken away. These fundamentals resurfaced in Magna Carta, the Bill of Rights, and the American Constitution.

And that is what we have to re-assert now, in order to save the party from the Gauleiter/Controllers!

The members have a right, as Henry promised at the hustings, to decide the Logo in a fair Referendum [which means that the Gauleiter manipulators must have nothing to do with the procedure].

Until rejected by the members, the Sun/Pound/UKIP Logo must be used to the exclusion of all others.

The Gauleiters will re-assert their assumed right to rule you  –  take no notice.

Defy them, and use the Sun/Pound/UKIP Logo anyway !

The members’ right of free association means that you can form Democratic County Branches now,

* To provide a forum for all UKIP members in the constituencies to meet each other, to hear visiting speakers, to develop camaraderie, to prepare for campaigning and to overcome the enemy which is isolation,

* To ensure that those Constituency Associations which are fully operational should never be interfered with, but that less well developed constituencies are helped in every way.

All UKIP members within the County will be members of the County Branch.

The relationship between the Constituency Associations and the County Branch is not hierarchical, it is one of co-operation and mutual support.

The constitution for a County Branch will be as for a Constituency Branch before 2016 (before the Gauleiter system) until such time as the County decides otherwise.

The Gauleiters will oppose you. They need you to be isolated from each other so that they can divide and rule.

But go ahead and do it anyway !

Constitutional checks and balances require that we restore the professionally independent

  • Rules Committee and
  • Disciplinary Committee.

The lack of public accountability latterly requires that we establish a professionally independent audit committee to audit the Party finances, drawn from our Patrons – UKIP’s fund of financial competence and knowledge – to recommend to the Governing Body the person best equipped to be Party Treasurer.

The rebellion against the Gauleiter/Controllers starts today!

  • Use the Sun/Pound/UKIP logo exclusively
  • Form Democratic County Branches now
  • Exclude the Gauleiter/Controllers from all your meetings




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Hugh Moelwyn Hughes is a founder member of UKIP

39 Comments on THIS IS OUR 1776 MOMENT!

  1. Hugh Moelwyn Hughes’s brilliant article is what our top brass should be taking notice of now, in particular, his list of the fundamental points of importance. Internal politics have become the main plank of interest. BREXIT campaigning is what we ALL should be doing at this time. Without that, the Islamic problem will perforce increase. We HAVE to convince not just our members but ALL lEAVE voters to campaign like the furies for the time being to the exclusion of everything else. If Brexit is lost, then the party is lost anyway, because that is what UKIP was formed to achieve, and is what everyone associates us with. We can widen our remit when Brexit is achieved. BUT NOT NOW for God’s sakes. Remainers are consolidating by the day and are out every day delivering leaflets. What are we doing? Arguing and leaving in droves in a sulk. At this point in time AMW’s party can do nothing to help Brexit, and trust me, the ‘shadowy boys’ will find a way to ban it as they did the BNP, before it has the chance to even become registered. WE must become the rallying point for increasingly desperate Brexiteers. NO more internal politics; no more personal ambition; JUST SAVE DEMOCRACY!

  2. The latest Daily Mail (left-wing media attacking him again) revelations are shocking and I think are the final nail in both Henry and also UKIPs coffin.

    I believe it is the final nail for UKIP because it is obvious that this girl is a deep-rooted racist. It is inconceivable to me that she wouldn’t share this kind of pillow talk with Henry, because she obviously has no discretion and is so comfortable with her views that she puts everything in writing for the record. She shares this with one male friend, well she has so many male friends that there must be lots more idiotic outpourings.

    It has gone too far now, the leader of the party not only getting into this situation but, knowing what she is like, refusing to resign. If he had stepped down a few days ago when it was clear there would be a no-conference motion then perhaps the party could have stumbled on, but not now. It feeds the narrative that UKIP is full of closet racists. Not even in the closet it seems.

    I am embarrassed to have ever been a PPC for this party. I regret it and wish I could turn back time. You know, I’m not a great fan of AMW, but she is not a racist, she is against an ideology. But this girl Marney is an out-and-out racist. And yet Henry calls AMW the nazi, whereas he leaps into bed with the racist.

    • Sorry Graham,
      In my opinion you have read this one completely wrong, it is not the final nail in UKIP`s coffin.
      It is facile to imply just because there is “ONE” obvious racist in the party who is daft enough to break cover, whether in or out of her cups, that implies that 99.999999 percent of the rest of the inmates (by definition anybody who advocates or votes LEAVE is a candidate for the funny farm).
      I`m not saying that there aren`t some, but I`m also not saying there aren`t some in the other failed legacy parties.
      I might add your definition of “pillow talk” as evidence wouldn`t stand up in any court – hearsay milord!.
      Anyway how do you know what was spoken on the pillow, or even if the participants weren`t so busy there was never any talk at all.
      I do hope this is the final nail in HB`s leadership involvement, I think on this occasion I would class stupidity as contributing to disrepute.
      You are panicking needlessly Graham, just learn to stick two digits up to PC

      • I left already, it was Bolton’s election that did it for me as I saw him for what he turned out to be. Not suggesting everyone is racist at all, but more that he pulled wool over everyone’s eyes with this nazi crap. Wouldn’t it be ironic now if UKIP ends up with a mixed race leader as a result – to be honest this is the only thing that can save it now.

      • ‘… it is not the final nail in UKIP`s coffin.’

        True! It has been the NEC’s ability to make a bad situation worse that is the final nail, especially recently, piling up members’ anguish of even more: and we have another week of Radio Silence to go from the NEC!

        I am leaving when my membership is due for renewal, at the end of this month. I thought that, for something that blew up in December, that there might have been some formal motion out to members before the end of January: some hope!

        This new revelation was so predictable: not so much the subject matter as that there would be at least one incident following on, and in the Sunday papers: what a coincidence!

    • Why UKIP’s coffin ?
      HB was already doing a fine job of nailing that one down ~ his imminent demise is a last chance saloon moment to finally get a Leader who will UNAPOLOGETICALLY major on the necessity not only for a clean, WTO Brexit, but also a Complete Moratorium on All New Immigration from whatever source.
      It may take a while to get such a person in place, but it will be worth it. ( Pl see other essential policies below…..)

  3. The NEC runs UKIP, the members do not.

    If the members want a better party you must start from scratch like AMW is doing.

  4. I like the idea that we all use the pound sign in disregard if not also defiance of the central party. Successful civil disobedience depends on numbers. There needs to be enough of us doing that to make it infeasible to discipline us all. I get a feeling there may be though bear in mind that party careerists will not want to prejudice their chances of promotion by the central party and so may not join us.

    The idea of counties organising themselves strikes me as Utopian. Ordinary kipper are not great organisers, there are few natural leaders, and this will not happen spontaneously.

    An audit committee of patrons (among whom are business people and accountants) is an attractive idea except it is too late. Since 2014 the (central) party has squandered enormous sums of money and the till is now empty.

    • Freddy, that’s a message that could do with repeating. It’s not over yet.

      Go and ask the voters in the east coast fishing communities how they feel about the latest proposal to cede control of our fishing waters to the EU and Norway.

      Ask the voters of our towns and villages which are having hundreds or thousands of
      new houses and flats imposed on them to accommodate the millions of people allowed in by the lax immigration policies of both Labour and Conservative.

      Ask those who are unable to see a doctor, attend a health centre or get seen in A & E because sheer weight of numbers has overwhelmed our medical services.

      Ask those who watch the creation of an EU army and realise that the Russians will re-arm as a response. Ask those who realise that the EU army will only be able to man itself by introducing conscription. Let’s see how are young women and men respond to that fact.

      It may be that we have lost our influence, it may be that UKIP is finished, but one thing is certain: if we listen to the doom-mongers here (most if not all are those who campaigned for UKIP to be taken over by a single issue coterie) we will have lost any hope that we can influence future UK policy.

      One thing concerns me about Gerard Batten’s record. We cannot outflank the anti-Islamists, they will always go the extra offensive mile. We can only keep repeating the obvious truth that if we stop most immigration, prevent the continual importing of people who, through ignorance and lack of exposure to Western values, will take generations to integrate with a modern society.

      Close the borders. Things will settle down, but each extra day with open borders make the eventual solution more and more difficult. We can only do that if we get real Brexit.

      Which allows me to make the final point: the naysayers on this site are aiding the Remainders. Perhaps that’s why they are here.

      Oh, yes, one last last thing. Anyone know why, what with FB doing so well with tens of thousands of members flocking to the banner, so many of them end up commenting here?

      • ‘our’, dammit, ‘our’ not ‘are’. Just back from the latest 12 miles of the fifty two so far this year and the fingers are keen for beer and a hot shower. Or ‘share’ as we say in Suffolk.

        Saw the first winter aconite — spring is coming.


      • Absolutely agree Julien. The problem is that instead of pushing these points and vociferously criticising T May over her handling of Brexit, UKIPs Brave New Leader has been busy sorting out admin problems using the same people who got the party into the mess it is in in the first place and satisfying his hormones, or so it seems to me. Oh and reducing the membership at the same time, at least judging by the number of branch defectors I have read about.Where I live of the three district councillors only one left in the party the last time I checked.

      • “…people who, through ignorance and lack of exposure to Western values, will take generations to integrate with a modern society.”

        They’ve had generations and look at the result. Integration is an impossible dream; they must leave for somewhere more suited to their evil ways.

        Making them uncomfortable through forced compliance with our laws, strict policing of the ghettos and maybe repatriation grants is the way to go.

        • The long-established Bangladeshi community in one of our East Coast ports supported UKIP because of the racism they were experiencing from East Europeans They have been here since the 50s or before. They are comfortable with the modus vivendi they have established, fear the way this country is going and realise that we have the answer. Voting UKIP is about as integrated as anyone can get.

          As for your ideas about persecuting minorities, I feel you would be happier on some other website. Google ‘For Britain’, I believe they need the traffic.


          • The paradox for us Brexiters is that getting out of the EU will bring forward the date at which Islam takes control of the UK. The Bangladeshi community you mention probably understand this, and hence voted for Brexit. However we cannot address Islam effectively while we are inside the EU because of the ECHR – there is the paradox.
            Do you wish to be a Dhimmi paying Jizya tax, as a sign on your inferiority and abasement? And it is a demonstration that you have been subdued.
            Too many people are already complying with the Dhimmi mindset, at this rate it will not be difficult for Islam to take over, even well before they are in the majority, just as the Nazis did, well before they were a majority.

    • This message didn’t age well. A day is a long time in politics.

  5. Purple Potty Mouth // January 13, 2018 at 2:02 pm // Reply

    This thread has been hijacked by those who already have joined For Britain seeing a chance to promote their new party and those who are prepared to chuck in the towel and let the saboteurs, and there probably are/have been infiltrators. This is not your thread – butt out please. (not withstanding that some of you have made some good points about the rot at the centre) You are perpetuating the meme, successfully used by the Tories and others – and not helped by Nigel on 24/6/16 that ‘UKIP’s job is done’
    We know it is not, we know fighting Islam is only a part of rolling back decades of progress infiltrating all our institutions with cultural Marxism,we know that May’s capitulations have only been possible because the ‘UKIP is finished’ meme succeeded. Who was within making sure we stayed in chaos, that Diane James was not allowed to do the job we had voted her in to do – even vi coactus?
    Henry has received endless criticism for doing nothing – at least nothing in plain sight of members and the general public – until he did something too much in plain sight! Well, I didn’t vote for Henry- sharp UKIPD readers will remember I vowed to support no candidate who put out unpleasant and public criticism of AMW. By this I don’t mean sensible debate criticising her manifesto as part of the case why their policies as party leader were best. Henry was a latecomer in that department with that challenge. When he won I noted his intention to get properly familiarised with the structure and problems. By the time he spoke at our Surrey dinner in late November I was warming to him as someone who could sort out the mess. One of my former branch members was a serving paid party officer who, like Henry, made page 3 of the Telegraph for pecadilloes -except as a single man, dating a single woman it wasn’t a peccadillo, he had been stitched up. There were those in place who did not like him trying to improve efficiency – wonder why. ‘They’ had marked his cards, our membership secretary quickly spotted an attempt to list him as ex-member, before even his renewal was due. ‘They’ then attempted to block his candidacy in the county elections.By then he was an assistant to Paul Nuttall trying to introduce that much needed restructuring, bringing better communication with and democratic involvement of members. His comment on May’s snap election was that ‘they’, who had been dragging their feet, would now never do it, he called them f-wits. Sadly he has now gone back to the Tories, taking his wife with him. Not all ‘exiteers’ are joining For Britain.
    So yes, I know how rotten the core is, from this individual and others in my county who have served on the NEC or have other dealings with ‘them’. Henry had a gargantuan stygian stable to tackle, and, as he said himself, some of the people he appointed were simple because finding the real talent among members would take months, time we didn’t have.
    Our task now, as members and local officers and organisers is to lay siege, storm the citadel walls and impose reform.
    Thank you Hugh

  6. I totally agree with RichardW. This is just more wishful navel-gazing. Cut the Gaudian Knot. New party.

    • Gaudian is gauche. You meant Gordian.

      But Tony, your other error is more significant; it’s the probability fallacy in one of its many forms. Just because some are, or conceivably (I don’t subscribe to that at all) most are, doesn’t mean all are.

      On that subject, it’s high time the “No True Scotsman” fallacy was renamed. “No True Muslim” is what we hear nowadays.

  7. Wonderful article! Thank you, Hugh, for writing this.

    Your analysis of the new top-down model of control within the party is spot-on. I love your comparison of the new “controllers” to the Nazi gauleiters.

    Nevertheless, I cannot share your optimism that UKIP can be reformed back to a democratic, accountable and non-authoritarian model. There are, I regret to say, simply too many placemen, careerists and authoritarians at all levels of the party, and their opponents are divided, isolated and marginalised.

    I am increasingly of the view that it may be easier and more effective to start a new Brexit party rather than to try to reform an increasingly discredited UKIP.

    But, in saying this, I recognise there is now, I think, a philosophical problem to solve which didn’t exist in 1991 when the Anti-Federalist League was founded. Libertarians tend to be relaxed about immigration. But IMO mass uncontrolled immigration is now the single most urgent problem for the UK in a way it was not back in 1991 before the combined effect of EU enlargement and Tony Bair’s Human Rights Act 1998 opened the floodgates of immigration.

    • Richard, Blair has been an utter disaster, both within our country and abroad. I doubt that we will ever recover from the effects of his deranged ideas.

      The whole Human Rights topic is fraught. It raises the paradox that we are now obliged to tolerate the intolerable. A further paradox is that the intolerance of Islam is projected to take over, in part due to these declarations of Human Rights. Once Islam is in control, you can say goodbye to rights for non-believers and for women or gays.

      See my article:

      In the article I wrote: “An important purpose of UKIP, beyond Brexit, is to force politicians to stop deceiving us regarding Islam.” This purpose is just not going to be fulfilled under Bolton.

      • Hugo yes Tony Blair was a leader but the damage was done by the labour Party. There was a full Labour Cabinet. Yes some did resign over the Iraq war but to my recollection there were not that many resignations. One of the con tricks perpetuated has been the separation of Tony Blair from his Labour government. They were one and the same thing. But yes I agree with you Hugo, that he is an utter disaster and the UK is now unlikely ever to recover from his dreadful policies.

  8. Anybody who can get through that lot deserves to be whatever it is his highness wishes.

  9. This horse has long since bolted the stable. Arguments have raged for years over reform, but nothing ever happens, until the party becomes so dysfunctional that it makes no logical sense to remain a member. So you have to ask yourself, what is stopping reform? My contention, which other much more plugged-in people like Gerard Batten also allude to when he mentions the word ‘sabotage’, is that there is a hard core of people who either don’t want UKIP to be successful or else don’t want to give up their control. NO reform has occurred during the five years I was a member despite the obvious failures and what I can only describe as the jackboot tendencies of head office/.Central Party. Obviously the current way of electing the NEC is totally flawed and easy to manipulate – you basically just have to get the support of 4-5 branch chairmen then get them to tell their members to vote for you – but it never gets improved. Once on the NEC there is no accountability, most members across the country would have no idea who on the NEC to contact as there are no constituencies. There is no transparency, as there are no minutes ever published, just occasional summaries which cut out all the important parts and leave in all the ‘thanks to Mr X for his years of service’ parts. The chairman should not even be on the NEC as he is the head of the management team. It should be a situation where he can be hauled in front of the NEC and held accountable, not where he is actually speaking for the NEC.

    I’m sorry folks, there will never be any change from within, so the only thing you can do to effect change is to cancel your membership, so that income drops, the party can’t service its debt and will have to declare bankruptcy to avoid the directors (the NEC members) being charged with the offence of wrongful trading. Then, by means of setting up a new party with a totally new rulebook and constitution, the revolution can be complete and those who refuse to give up their power will finally have it taken from them.

    • Agreed. I think we need a new Brexit party. UKIP is beyond reform.

    • Just to add to that, the situation is that power has accumulated in the role of the chairman and ‘Party Central’, and the forces behind the chairman have grown stronger and their power more concentrated so that the member’s power is relatively weaker and weaker. hence the sense of disconnect between the members and the Central Party. Those forces need a chairman who is willing to do their bidding. So although our Chairman is well paid by the party, we are now told (by Roger Helmer) that in fact his party role was half-time only. Oakden’s other half-time was spent working for Helmer’s MEP office. Clearly Helmer will have a disproportionate influence over him, and the faction that Helmer represents – the ex-Tories, more establishment than the establishment – have far greater influence over the Chairman than members do. Meanwhile, the members are kept in a situation where they have no effective control over the NEC. The chairman bullies the NEC into submission time after time, for example what we have seen this week with the code of omerta being enforced. There will be no disclosure of how the NEC votes.

      • My view of gauleiters is exactly the same as yours and that of the OP. I’ve fought against such people and attitudes since I was 10. I’m 60.

        But UKIP is the only credible, the only possible vehicle to fight for real Brexit and to stand up for libertarian values.

        The Conservative Party doesn’t exist in any form Thatcher, Churchill or Disraeli would recognise.

        So seek to reform, not to destroy.

        • Seek to reform, not destroy….it is proven incapable of reform. I have not seen an inch of reform in 5 years despite all the commotions. I am sorry but there is no evidence whatsoever that it is capable of reform.

          • Which is exactly what Leave supporters said about the EU when the remainers said we should try to reform it from within.

            For 40 years it had moved resolutely in the direction the British people didn’t want it to go.

            Sooner or later you’ve got to say, “Enough’s enough, this in unreformable” and leave.

  10. Well said Hugo. I too am contemplating about dedicating the rest of my life to trying to de-Islamize this country.

    And if UKIP allow Bolton to remain leader then they are tolerating another evil of sorts.

    • Sean, I feel that I have out-grown UKIP. Yes of course I am still fully committed to Brexit. There are good people within the branch who I stay in contact with. They are becoming increasingly frustrated and despairing of events at the top of the party.

      I joined For Britain a few weeks ago. I sense that it has a real purpose and clarity. It is early days for this party, however I do expect it will replace UKIP as the main patriotic party, in due course. It is a shame that tacking Islam cannot be done from within UKIP. I know that there are current members who are seriously concerned about it, and they desperately want to see real leadership to tackle it. It is not forthcoming though, nor likely to be with the current regime.

      • As you know, Hugo, I’m a lifelong agnostic, and from the POV of most, an atheist.

        For Britain isn’t the answer, I’m afraid. Has it yet even managed to legally register as a party? Its initial efforts were unsuccessful.

        Whatever legitimacy and common-sense its message may have, when it’s really FB’s only message, that guarantees its fringe nature will continue.

        This is because the voters of this country will not support such a party, even when faced with unpalatable alternatives or outcomes, for the foreseeable future, until demographic change alters the identity of the voters forever and we are at a 1933 moment.

        • Freddy, FB is also opposed to our membership of the EU.

          Leaving the EU (and perhaps also the ECHR) is a necessary precursor to saving ourselves from Islam in my opinion.

          It is not a matter of choosing either to leave the EU or to tackle Islam. A political party should be able to organise itself to tackle both matters simultaneously.

      • Oh Hugo – welcome! 🍾🥂 ( Sorry folks – how could I not?) But we will all continue to battle for Brexit together, Mr Flood – which is why many UKIP members and friends (though sadly not your good self) have welcomed us returning to these friendly Brexit pages to talk on a subject we should, and will, no doubt be working on together.

        • Thankyou Dee.
          My contributions here are sporadic now – I am busy on other tasks.
          The current crisis could be a good thing, in a way. Often a time of crisis can lead to a new direction.
          Whether Mr Bolton can get his finger out (or other appendage) and really tackle Islam itself remains to be seen. During the leadership contest I emailed all leadership candidates with a questionnaire about Islam. He did not reply, nor to reminder emails.

  11. I realised that UKIP was broken in April 2015, when grassroots members were ignored and a handful of religious lobbyists within the party held sway.

    The particular issue was non-stun religious slaughter, however it was surely symptomatic of a wider malaise.

    My membership was due for renewal in the summer of 2015 – I did not renew. I could not in good conscience be a member of a party which had no moral principles on this vitally important issue. It may seem like a minor issue, however it really cuts to the heart of what sort of society we have become, that in the name of tolerance we tolerate evil within our midst. If those at the top of UKIP cannot see this, then there is no hope for the party. I could see that back in 2015, others are coming to this same view now, and are leaving in droves.

    Henry Bolton has failed to address the issue of Islam. Islam itself, not “Islamism” or “Islamic extremists” or other such weasel words. By disrespecting Anne Marie Waters and those long-serving decent members who supported her, he has split the party. He should have held out an olive branch and given her a seniour position. Not doing so shows his utter lack of judgement. He also deceived David Kurten. David is a good man, and did not deserve to be treated shoddily.

    I am putting my effort now into tackling Islam. It is a real shame that this vital task could not be done from within UKIP. The party is never going to be able to do the morally correct thing while you give free reign to the religious lobbyists at the top.

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