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There’s a new Party in town, what do we know about For Britain?

“Vote For Britain”. I can see it on leaflets and posters already. It is not often that we witness the birth of a new Party in British politics, but that is exactly what is happening as we speak. Anne Marie Waters is launching For Britain, a pro-Brexit, pro-British, anti-Islamification party created to give a voice to the majority of British people abandoned by the establishment parties.

Disclaimer: These are merely the ramblings of an interested supporter looking in from the outside, I do not hold any position within For Britain nor have any inside knowledge. These are my views alone based on what’s in the public domain.

It is very early days. At the time of writing the party’s website is yet to launch, but the focus for the first few months will likely be threefold – getting the Party’s message out to as many people as possible, membership recruitment and fundraising.

The core message will, I think, be that For Britain is a Party that will give a voice to the concerns of ordinary working class people up and down the country. It will say what the other parties won’t. It will speak to people in much the same way as people speak to each other. With straight talking Anne Marie Waters as Leader, I suspect this will be no empty rhetoric.

The Party will have a number of policy priorities. One of which is, of course, Brexit. While being every bit as pro-Brexit as UKIP, For Britain will talk about Brexit in a different way that should resonate more with people. I understand this to mean going back to first principles, to make the broader case for why the EU is such a bad idea and therefore why we must leave, and indeed why we need to bring the whole EU down.

I called for this during the EU referendum. So many people voted not really knowing what the EU is, how it works, or where it’s going. The campaigns, run by politicians who live and breath this stuff, assumed a level of knowledge that many people, busy with their day to day lives, did not have. Too much of the Brexit debate has been about trade tariffs or other minutiae that, although important, mean little or nothing to the general public who are left not knowing who to believe.

The British people instinctively mistrust the EU, even those who voted Remain rarely have a good word to say about it, and we must capitalise on that instinct. We must remind them at every opportunity that the EU is an anti-democratic nightmare, on a one-way road to destroying the nation states of Europe. Nobody wants a United States of Europe, not even Remain voters, yet few realise that that is what a Remain vote was for. It is hardly surprising that no Remainiac would ever tell this truth, sticking to the 45 year old lie that it’s all about trade, but we on the Brexit side should be shouting it loud and clear.

Islam is another policy priority. There is huge demand, particularly in working class urban areas, for somebody in the political sphere to talk openly and truthfully about the religion, its teachings and its practices. Survey after survey shows that people are every bit as unhappy about Islam as they are about the EU. Giving the majority a voice on Islam, and helping to educate people on its true nature, will make For Britain truly unique in British politics, and any new Party must have a unique offering.

I expect to see Islam and Brexit as two threads running through a raft of policy, on free speech, the rule of law, immigration, education and the defence of British values.

The Party’s Twitter account, @ForBritainParty was launched this week, attracting 5,000 followers within five hours. At the time of writing this had risen to 8,500. The Party has just launched its own YouTube channel and Facebook page, in addition to Anne Marie Waters’ own online following. Obviously this doesn’t translate automatically to support in the “real world”, but it is what it is – a strong indicator of interest in and support for this new Party online, and a launch platform for offline activity.

Online recruitment will in turn inform and enable what might be called “stage 2” of the launch. The list of supporters and Members can be analysed to see if there are any geographical hotspots. Those locations can then be used for public meetings, leaflet drops and other “offline” means of campaigning and recruitment. Expect to see such events in “forgotten” parts of the country, perhaps in the Midlands, in the New Year. Coventry For Britain. Wolverhampton For Britain. And so on. Candidates will stand at Parliamentary elections and local elections, aiming to start next May.

Fundraising looks to be based on the crowdfunding model. Anne Marie Waters has said that she would prefer in an ideal world not to give up the control over the Party that a large donor would inevitably demand. Preferable to have 100,000 £10 donations than one million pound donor. The membership fee has not yet been announced, but will be lower than UKIP’s to encourage recruitment, and will include a recurring component. This is the correct model in my view, far better to have, for example, a £10 one off payment with a £4 per month regular payment after that than one £30 payment. A pound a week is not much to ask as an investment in your country’s future.

The Party has its logo, featuring Britannia’s trident. A fitting symbol for a pro-Britain Party founded and lead by a woman. The logo is in red and purple, possibly a nod to the ex-Labour, ex-UKIP support that the new Party will work to attract.

I am reminded of the two Brexit campaigns during the EU referendum. Vote Leave and had nominally similar aims, but entirely different styles and target audiences. We all wished Vote Leave and would put aside their differences and egos to work together. Although UKIP have made it quite clear that neither Anne Marie Waters nor those who support her are welcome, I sense that UKIP and For Britain will make complementary cases for Brexit, using different styles that will speak to different people. I would hope that UKIP Members can recognise this and wish the new Party well, perhaps even join, even if the UKIP machine does not.

I’m sure nobody involved in For Britain is under any illusions about the massive scale of the task ahead of them. Setting up a new Party is not for the faint hearted. But if anyone has the drive and determination to see it through, that person is Anne Marie Waters, and I like what I see so far.

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133 Comments on There’s a new Party in town, what do we know about For Britain?

  1. Nice logo.
    After recently reading of a serving policeman who has been sacked for merely saying (on Facebook), that Islamic terrorists should be wrapped in bacon (!), I now, whole heartedly support any party that will stand up for true British values in the face of the Establishment’s sinister dance of death with Islam.
    All the best to the new party.

    • Barrow. Down the road from where I live. Comply agree.

      It’s the sheer speed of how fast things are changing that gets me. And too many old fools who can’t keep up….

      Local school proud to employ a trad Muslim. Beard. Robes. Etc. To educate kids about religion…! I thinking, this country is facing an existential crisis caused by mass immigration of people who are religiously hostile of our way of life…. off the scale. And so many useful idiots think it’s wonderful.

      Any news from HB yet.?

    • In a speech made prior to the Football Lads Alliance march on Saturday, a retired Police Officer claimed that he had “been investigated” because it was discovered he supported Brexit.

  2. Interesting that as of 11th October, the EC still aren’t listing them…

    So what does that mean for councillrs transferring allegiance fow now?

  3. Anne Marie Waters, last word’s on UKIP

  4. Yipee.

  5. As a UKIP supporter, who did hope that AMW would become leader, I was disappointed that she didn’t, and I was also disappointed at Bolton/Farage’s branding of her supporters as ‘far right Nazis’.
    But as I have said in other comments here, I’m prepared to gve Mr Bolton the benefit of the doubt, and will wait to see what he does next, as I do still believe in UKIP, and will continue to support them as long as I feel I can believe in their policies and what they stand for.
    But it also has to be said that I will keep an eye on AMW’s new ‘For Britain’ party, it is still very early days for them yet, and I do wish her all the best; there are still some matters (notably Brexit) where FB and UKIP share common ground, so I do hope there will be opportunities for both parties to ally with each other in the common interest, while of course there are matters (such as anti-Islamisation) where there are obvious differences.
    Britain First and the BNP are ‘far-right’ parties, no doubt, however the right-wing of the political spectrum can accomodate both UKIP and For Britain, considering the gap left by the Tories swinging to the centre-left. Provided of course that UKIP stays to the right, and doesn’t shift also to the ‘comfortable’ centre-ground.

    • Those of us who felt AMW was far right did not say the same about her UKIP supporters, who should remember that she was preparing to set up a rival party even whilst competing for the leadership, as was
      JR-E. To my mind that’s deceitful and misleading. She took in members who believed her platform would take us forward yet was happy to steal our votes when she failed to get her own way. She could not stand criticism and ignored anyone who did not support her and it seems some who did. She’s gone now and I’m grateful.
      There is an excuse for strong words during an election but no longer. We have a new leader and if this one fails UKIP will quickly collapse, this is our very last chance to be a viable party that can win elections. Members who damage Henry damage UKIP, big parties can absorb criticism of their leaders from “inside”
      ( which is just as well for the big two) . Small ones can’t. Let’s rebuild, evolve and move forward.

      • Nothing wrong with having a plan B particularly if plan A is risky. Seems that it was necessary given the attitude of Farage and others.

      • So you admit thinking AMW is far right. you also lie about her “preparing to set up a new party even whilst competing for the leadership” No she wasn’t, she wanted UKIP to adopt her attitude towards politics,(as did JRE) and it would have done UKIP an immense favour, as her approach to policy chimes with ordinary people, who politicians are supposed to represent, but it seems even the Great Nigel has somewhat forgotten this principle of democracy. You seem to forget it was the passion with which made the leave campaigners succesful, and it is the Passion of Anne Marie that makes her successful, it is also why Tommy Robinson is so loved, they both have intelligent and grounded views, and are going to make UKIP look old fashioned, chaotic and no different to any other party. Jo Public already thinks UKIP is irrelevant, and Bolton and Farage have done nothing to change that.

  6. I do feel HB has a very particular communications style, not one I have seen in politics before (outside the central committee of the politburo). I saw his update, where he states he will ‘promulgate his decisions’ (seriously, who talks like this?). He also seems rather divorced from reality, thinking he can get Parliamentary Spokesmen in each constituency, because (a) I don’t think any such role exists in the rule book, (b) half of our branches are now non-functional, (c) most people who ran 4 months ago lost a fortune, took a hiding, got no thanks for it and don’t fancy doing it again. I don’t know how you can have a parliamentary spokesman without going through a selection and hustings but plenty for the lawyered-up NEC to get its teeth into there, I am sure. If he had actually attended the selection events like we had in Nottingham in April then he would have seen the paucity of good candidates. Rather than rushing into premature people selections, he first needs to articulate what UKIP stands for and what its mission is, get people excited, attract good people back to the cause, then pick from that improved stock. In fact, a lot of branches are looking for the minimum number of committee members and are far from having the luxury of parliamentary spokesmen. Also, a lot of chairmen probably think that is their role…..cue the scrapping.

    • The tone of Henry Bolton’s email was that he has 19,000 salaried employees sitting there waiting for his instructions, like he has always had in his senior administrative roles.

      In fact he has 19,000 unpaid volunteers, many of whom are thoroughly fed up by the shenanigans of a central party that never listens to them.

  7. And incidentally a far quicker route into parliament, for those so inclined.

  8. I feel we may be missing enormous opportuntes here.
    Everyone agrees ukip’s a shambles and needs organising.
    In order to organise anything you need to know your avowed aims.
    Trying to get ukip into the commons is silly.
    Anyway, Vote Leave or the other, is it Leave Means Leave have dozens of MP’s If you’r not a political party you can sign em up.
    Strangely many MP are as sane as we are, and support sanity.
    I could be wrong but UKIP probably kept many of them in their seats in the last GE.They’re not daft.
    Because we were in fact a protest party. AND APRECIATED as such. Our influence was enormous.
    So, to me UKIP was GE success But to those in the party carpetbagging for jobs as MPs or councillors it was a failure.
    The thing is. we can have the best of both worlds.
    If you look at the Football lads, at AMW, Kurten, Pounsland, JRE. The signs are there.

    HB, please do not ignore these things. Use them, organise them. Use your brains.

    • TG Stokes ‘Trying to get in the commons is silly’

      UKIP was getting nowhere as a ‘protest party’ from 1996 to 2006. It was only when we cast off the extremist image and decided to get into the Commons that we made a terrific advance frightening the Tories into giving a referendum. We may not have got into the Commons but we ‘tried’ and bingo we won the referendum Terrific success. We have a brilliant national branch network geared up for council, police and national elections. Its the silly buggers at the top of the party that have screwed UKIP up.

  9. Ms Waters used language during the campaign that I believe damaged UKIP. though I did campaign for her to be allowed to stand. She now leads a different party in direct competition to UKIP. From the speed with which it formed I guess it was her standby position even whilst she was campaigning for leader. She now has nothing to do with us.
    Farage was not UKIP leader during the election. Henry, in his speech at the conference specifically said that all UKIP members, whoever they voted for, should now get behind the party, he did not exclude any members. I expect it would be a problem if some AMW voters continue to remain in the party and use the same rhetoric as she did, they have an alternative party if that is what they wish to do. By starting FB. AMW has done us a service of sorts, I will watch it’s progress with interest.

    I’m tired of members already slagging off Henry. He did what he had to do in order to win and may very well have saved us from meltdown by doing so. My own branch and many others would probably have collapsed if she’d won. If she had been elected I personally would have just quietly resigned.
    Henry intends to issue regular reports on what he’s doing. The first one is available now, my copy came via my area chairman.

    • I agree entirely. I am also tired of the relentless criticism levelled at Henry.

      With regard to AMW having a ‘standby position’ she did issue a tweet during the leadership campaign saying that ‘There may be a new party soon’.

    • Very sorry to suggest this ‘icini123’ but I think your particular perspective will not serve UKIP well. On the contrary, in my opinion, it will encourage even more of us to leave it! I think you may soon be watching the progress of ‘For Britain’ with more than just a little ‘interest’!

      • Oh I’ll watch it closely but there is no way I will join, whatever happens to UKIP. Removed from the need to try and sound acceptable to moderate UKIP voters, that’s most of us, I fear it may turn into something that justifies the hard language used unfairly to smear us by the MSM. Make no mistake we did have a very small number of hard right members, who will presumably now leave to join FB.
        That’s no bad thing.

  10. “With straight talking Anne Marie Waters as Leader, I suspect this will be no empty rhetoric.”
    That’s odd because her entire leadership campaign consisted of just that! I know, as I was close up for most of it and even when questioned not one shred of strategy emerged. Why was she keeping it so quiet?

  11. Where are you guys quoting HB from? Is there a blog or something?

    • Bolton sent out an email newsletter today.

      I shouldn’t bother with it. He had the sheer brass neck to describe as “fake news” Nigel Farage’s Telegraph article, the comments Farage made on LBC, Bolton’s own comments… all of which made crystal clear that neither AMW or her supporters are welcome in UKIP.

      Having apparently realised that alienating 21% of your membership is not a good idea, both Farage and Bolton are using weasel words and equivocations to claim black is white. Chaps, you said what you said, it’s a matter of record. If you now regret it, then apologise and retract the comments, particularly Farage’s Telegraph article. Unless they are seriously suggesting Farage meant “hard right ex-BNP infiltrators” as a compliment to AMW and her supporters.

      The last refuge of a scoundrel. Smear your opponent throughout the campaign with accusations you know to be false, really stick the knife in when you win, then belatedly realise that by abusing your opponent you are also abusing those Members who support her, so try to weasel out of what you so forcefully and clearly said. Not a man I can have any respect for, much less follow.

      • If you don’t like UKIP any more, just join FB. No doubt you are evangelising for them and are very cross so many of us did not share your views. Try the other parties comments pages, you may make a few converts there.

        • As I’ve said elsewhere on here, after investing 5 years in UKIP as a Member, and longer as a voter and supporter, none of this gives me any pleasure.

          Those who supported AMW are not “cross” she didn’t win. We are not Remainiacs. We are, however, surprised and disappointed at who she lost to, disgusted by the UKIP machine’s behaviour during and after the contest, and saddened that, in our view, UKIP has chosen a leader who guarantees that none of UKIP’s perennial problems will even be recognised, let alone resolved.

          But as I also said, the time is coming to an end for raking all this over. I’m sure people will understand that emotions ran high among AMW supporters to read Farage’s Telegraph article and other such comments. “Et tu, Nigel?” was my only response that can be printed here.

          It sticks in the craw to now see attempts to rewrite very recent history. But the dust will settle, and UKIP & For Britain will go their separate ways. It could have all been very different, a rare opportunity to reshape British politics was thrown away, but we must all now move on and try to rebuild to the point where we can get that chance again some years down the line.

        • Well said Icini. Trouble is, they can’t move on. They want to try to rub our noses in their effluence!

      • “..neither AMW or her supporters are welcome in UKIP.”

        If I needed it, which I don’t as the carpetbaggers have not been removed, that would be the final block to my joining UKIP.

        Sad that a party supposedly dedicated to fighting for the independence of native Brits is siding with the enemy.

    • Ah, I see on Facebook that Henry had to apologise for technical errors preventing his message from being fully distributed. Oh dear, anyone with experience of the UKIP mailing lists could have foreseen this as a risk, many members complaining about the apparent differences between various mailing lists used by various people. Not a great start for someone who is supposed to be so big on preparation, planning and execution. “Watch and Learn”!!!

      • Let’s play the ‘substitution game’ here, Graham, and for a minute substitute AMW for HB, with this second letter not going out to all because of technical differences … would you not then say that the Party Establishment was trying to undermine her, instead of making snide remarks such as “Watch and Learn”? After all, as you mention, the delivery of those letter to members has been rather erratic for some time now and surely we should not expect miracles, especially since the day has only 24 hours even for AMW, and Rome wasn’t built in one day, etc?
        Still, do keep your criticisms coming: that’s the way for all of us to “watch and learn”>

        • Actually I am no great fan of AMW, and indeed I am proud to be hated by Jack Buckby after having exposed him in July, but I find Henry ludicrously hubristic and obviously setting himself up for a fall – he is already stumbling. Despite a four-month election process, he clearly had no plan in place for Day 1, which for someone who boasts so much about his wonderful CV is unforgiveable. It was he that coined the phrase ‘watch and learn’ in a typically patronising response to someone on twitter, talking about his ability to ‘mobilise UKIP’, when so far the only mobilising that has been achieved is pushing members out through the door. So on Henry’s own suggestion I am watching and learning, and so far I am learning how NOT to do things. In particular, I am learning how not to communicate. As someone else said, he seems to think members are employees, and not understand how to mobilise volunteers. He quickly needs to learn some humility and stop condescending to people, maybe that works in an army but not with independently-minded adult human beings.

      • The problem of mass-mailing tools such as mailchimp ?

  12. PurplePottymouth // October 11, 2017 at 3:45 pm // Reply

    “While being every bit as pro-Brexit as UKIP, For Britain will talk about Brexit in a different way that should resonate more with people. I understand this to mean going back to first principles, to make the broader case for why the EU is such a bad idea and therefore why we must leave, and indeed why we need to bring the whole EU down”
    FFS Gary – why was UKIP formed in the first place? I know Alan Sked fell out with the party but he was an academic who understood these things and was horrified. I joined in 1999 -why? Immigration was a total non-issue then, it was the United States of Europe that was on the cards and, we were starting to realise, had been from the start. Everything we & Nigel said what would happen we were shouted down as nutters – sorry, fruitcakes & loonies. Then when some of it happened they got frightened and called us BNP in blazers. Well look at Junckers last speech – it’s all coming true.
    So what will FB do different? I agree we need to get back to those roots, it was always about more than border control. Vote leave nailed it with Take Back Control BTW. May is screwing Brexit up – just like Nigel warned she would back in 2016! But no – Kippers, Tory Brexiteers & Leave voters alike were suckered in by her Brexit means Brexit weasel words.
    Heard it enough times on the doorstep after she announced her ill fated general election -‘oh I want to leave the EU, I must vote for Theresa May’- (s’cuse me while I puke)I was trying to get them to vote for me in the county council elections at the time but, as she intended they all ignored UKIP & voted Tory.

    • “Take back control” was first used by Nigel at a rally in Sheffield in 2014.

    • Heard on the doorstep? Half our entire branch fell for it hook, line and sinker. Our best activists all became Theresa May fans overnight and refused to support our UKIP candidates. Indeed, I believe the primary tory goal of the election was to wipe out UKIP and ‘unite the right’ around the new maggie, but it didn’t take long for the mask to slip. The u-turn on social care policy was when all those who had supported her realised ‘oh my god what have I done’.

  13. I can’t say that this development is helpful. All it does is temporarily weaken UKIP. There are already too many pro Brexit groups and all this does is to dilute the message. Shame that personal differences could not have been overcome so that talents of all concerned could have been put to good use.

  14. Gee, Gary, thanks for expanding on the bit I knew about upcoming For Britain.
    Although I am still smarting from the Farage/Bolton smear of saving UKIP from National Socialism = Nazis, far more serious is the way they have poisoned the well. Not only have they made A-MW supporters angry, they have set back the whole anti-islamisation of Britain and Europe process and handed a batton to our opponents. What is so absurd is that Farage only a few weeks’ago was making a superb speech to AFD whose prime plank is saving Germany from Islamisation. So why did he and Henry OBE ONE KENOBI feel it was sensible to poison the well?
    Since the conference, A-MW has moved like lightning, but what have I had from UKIP? One unexceptional email today talking about “fake” news. Where is the OUT NOW campaign that was ready at the conference. Dysfunction has reigned, does reign and most likely will continue in UKIP, while others get their fingers out.

    • PurplePottymouth // October 11, 2017 at 4:24 pm // Reply

      ‘Moved like lightening’?? No – it was all lined up ready and waiting. Not the only one either – there’s Affinity , JRE’s new vehicle to Utopia.
      Anyone with a brain would realise that persuading the members of an established party to back their agenda was a better bet than starting from scratch & neither of those 2 former candidates are lacking in that department
      One can only assume Banks & others were poised to do something similar if AMW won so I will refrain from remarks about carpetbagging and coat tails

  15. Stuart Agnew went out on a limb to support AMW. She does not take his calls now or answer his emails. Not even the courtesy of a thank you for all your help. Perhaps, the members who did not vote for her were better at judging character than her supporters.

    • I doubt that.

      • I’m sure you do just as you doubt anything less than adulatory about St Anne Marie.

        • I don’t think Anne Marie is the perfect political leader. No one is. However as I’ve said in a previous post. Anne Marie was and is willing to talk openly and frankly about Islam. UKIP and HB had the opportunity to make best use of AMW’s knowledge and skills but chose not to and actually went further and branded her and her supporters Nazis and BNP types. Not a smart move. I’m sure AMW is grateful to Stuart Agnew for all he’s done and I don’t doubt she will invite him to join her party once he’s no longer an MEP.

    • Poor deluded Stuart!

    • That’s interesting. I’m minded to believe it because Waters has herself very firmly at the centre of things. She’s blanked supporters at hustings as if they weren’t there. One or two changed their minds as a result of that cold experience.

  16. Starting anything is hard work, a political party especially. Lots of problems and a media that will completely ignore it. One special problem Gary is infiltration – not from nazis but from government agents and even worse opportunist carpetbaggers who for a variety of reasons might think it will profit them.
    The other big problem is clash of egos as people vye for influence and control.
    On the whole it will be a good thing as it will concentrate the minds of UKIP. Iceni below has already declared them enemies ( instead of neutral or friends) but he was so keen to get rid of them what did he expect?
    In stops and starts things are beginning to develop. Big unstoppable things that maybe no-one can control. This is uncharted territory the last time England saw anything like this was the Chartist Movement. The FLA are gaining strength and purpose and are not going to fade away despite the media blackout ( a disgrace). Soon they will number over 150,000 in their marches and even the evilslimebbc will have to mention it.
    I have a friend who is preparing for civil war and no he is not a maniac nor a ‘survivalist’. He lives in a biggish multicultural town and used to be very active in the labour party. Now he fears for the safety of his family and he is doing all sorts of things to prepare him. He is still – just – on speaking terms to the local labour elite and I suppose they are trying to have him sectioned by social services. Believe me this man is totally sane.
    This is what it has come to in 21stC Britain; risk death by terrorism or risk being put in jail for 10 years ( in a cell with your ‘enemies’)for being classified as Far Right.
    When Sweden burns ( and/or it is openly pillaged)we all of us ought to make a will and put affairs in order.
    Personally I think the Germans will eventually rally to AfD in such numbers that it will create the crisis that will bring down the whole shameful lunacy.

    • Hi CK / Gary
      The difference between Germany/ AfD and the UK is of course in the way that seats are allocated . The Allies deliberately fixed the system post WWII in order that no single party could utterly dominate in Germany, but in Britain, even with 15% of the vote – peak UKIP – it proved impossible to get a single MP ( that is an MP who was not a Tory defector to start with ) .
      All that the AMW / UKIP / others split will do is dilute the rightist camp further. Funding and membership are the issues. The ‘critical mass’ is about 50,000. Without MPs there is no lobby power, no Short money and little motivation to attract wealthy donors; and of course – unlike Germany again- there is no public money to sustain minority parties.
      Rightist parties tend to be leader-centric . UKIP had the Nigel cult, For Britain has the AMW cult. The ‘Football Lads Alliance – they are quite interesting by the way in terms of numbers – have (perhaps) ‘Big’ Phil Campion and Tommy Robinson, although the latter is tainted by dint of his criminal past. I cannot see a possibility of AMW /Bolton / Campion creating a ‘no -loons’ rightist alliance however it MIGHT be a way forward. AMW, like her or not, HAS succeeded in getting people interested in politics and already FB has 9000 Twitter followers. UKIP has about 12-19000 members but Bolton has all but dissapeared already. The FLA has a HUGE following, perhaps 50-70000 people, who are not afraid of peaceful marching.
      This Alliance could therefore be c 100,000 strong. Now THAT is a real party. Clearly the egos and hard-line policies of all groups need to be considered to have a common way forward but is this impossible? After all, you Gary and I all have different views (I’d say for example that I am the far-left of UKIP and you are further-right) , but we still have dialogue. Lets all think about that, because as Churchill said , ‘its better to have jaw-jaw than war – war’.

      • Well posted Bav.
        At the moment I am extremely busy at work so my involvement with anything is likely to dry up – temporarily -including even D/ukip.
        I want to support the new leader as for me that is still the way forward but already I can hear tomtom drums that things are not working out.
        Hope I am wrong and in any event all of us are in this together at least till Brexit Day is a national holiday and a done deal.
        Best regards to all readers

        I take back the rather snidey comment I made about Henry Bolton ‘disappearing already’ as I’ve just got his letter regarding how he is reflecting on the organisation before he makes any organisational changes / big decisions.
        Mr Bav

  17. I am a UKIP Patron and until Nigel stepped down had no doubts that UKIP was the answer to most of our problems. Unfortunately, Islam now appears to me to be a bigger threat to Britain (and the world) even than the EU. UKIP has failed to take this new threat seriously which leaves AMW as the only remaining choice. I probably do not agree with all her views, but until Islam has been confronted and the threat that it poses has been reduced, she will get my 100% support. Bye bye UKIP. It was nice knowing you. Unless you all want your granddaughters to have their genitals chopped off, I suggest you join too.

    • Hear hear!
      The only reason I voted to leave the EU was because of the ECHR and freedom of movement. The globalist elite quite clearly want to replace us with a population who are not discouraged from breeding, nor apparently forced to work in order to obtain benefits, but do possess the qualification of not only wanting a world government but demanding it.

      The indigenous Europeans are constantly told how over-breeding is ruining the planet, our children are being taught that non-reproductive sexuality is preferable to heterosexuality, which consists almost entirely of rapists and victims, by implication, and is some countries, the people are being told that it is their duty to interbreed – or else! (see Sarkozy speech). Clearly white genocide is the aim.

      Now that cultural Marxism seems to have effectively infiltrated UKIP, it seems that “For Britain” is our last hope to fight the non-stop influx of Islam.

  18. Why did Pegida UK fail? It had AMW, Tommy Robinson and Paul Weston. Britain First registered as a political party earlier this year – it intends to stand candidates in elections – though it is not clear why it is not good enough for AMW or her for it.

    Hard to escape a feeling of Peoples Front of Judea v Judean People’s Front. Except it is not even about purity of policy but pick which leader to form a cult around.

    Denouncing Islam is not a policy. What you are going to do about is. So what is For Britain going to do about it?

    • It’s reasonable to assume For Brtain will use AMW’s Leadership manifesto as a starting point –

      Page 12 lists specific policies regarding Islam:

      – Commit to the internment of known jihadis and the deportation of non-British citizens engaged in any Islam-related criminal act;

      – Thoroughly investigate all mosques known to host extremist anti-Western preachers, and subject these preachers to criminal law – including laws on incitement to violence. All non-British preachers of terror or violence should be deported;

      – Lead an honest and open discussion about the nature of Islamic scripture. This is of the utmost importance, the British public must be informed of the true teachings and practice of the Islamic religion;

      – Repeal the Human Rights Act – clearly and unapologetically place the rights of British citizens above those of non-British citizens;

      – Close all sharia councils and amend necessary laws to prevent its practice in future -freedom of religion does not permit the fracturing of the jurisdiction of the British state. Religion must be subject to the law of the land, not vice versa;

      – Ban the burqa as a security threat, a symbol of jihadism and commitment to sharia, and a practice incompatible with British culture;

      The key to most policy will, I suspect, be that Islam and it’s practices should be subject to the same laws as everyone else.

      • Many of the issues raise here are spoken of regularly within UKIP. It’s a piece of trite propaganda to imply, let alone assert that Waters is the only one that understands the problem, or wishes to do something abouyt it. I have written extensively on proposed action to take to determine where substsantive intent exists to deal with potential jihadist activity. But, that’s the real problem. The manifesto above is flawed and incomplete in ideology. For example, interning known Jihadis is a nonsense statement because if they are known to be jihadis then they are prosecuted under the law and internment, therefore, is meaningless. What it really means is that on the simple say so of an individual innocent people are permanently locked up. Oh, and it doesn’t solve any problems. The UK has tried it before.

        • “interning known Jihadis is a nonsense statement because if they are known to be jihadis then they are prosecuted under the law and internment, therefore, is meaningless.”

          This kind of statement is exactly why UKIP needed AMW. Despite what you say, clearly she is one of the few who have a comprehensive grasp on the Islamic issues.

          There are thousands of known Jihadis on our streets, identified as such by our security services. Hundreds are known to have fought for Islamic state in Syria and yet are allowed to return and roam free. These people must be locked up immediately, and where not British citizens, deported immediately.

        • It was Paul Nuttall who first started talking about internment in May when he was leader, hope you were also critiquing his position then.

    • Hang on a mo…What about the Front of Judean Peoples? You forgot about them….

  19. Good article Gary, you describe very well what I see, feel and hear too.

    I am unreservedly continuing to fully support Anne Marie with her new initiative.

    I heard with my own ears Nigel Farages words spoken live on LBC radio immediately following the leadership result going public. Not only were his words against Anne Marie a total disgrace then, I also noted the total disregard from he and fellow senior UKIP members of her strong and clear 2nd place since, this very much including HB.

    I am afraid UKIP HQ has missed its chance to secure the services of an authentic, popular and capable politician of the highest order. The result, the launching of For Britain, should come as no surprise to anybody.

    I fully understand and respect AMW proposed deputy, Stuart Agnew, and his position and, his decision to stay within UKIP to fight the good fight on the important issues. UKIP is very lucky he has chosen this path. I have big admiration for the man.

    Jeff Wyatt ex UKIP PPC member

    • Grateful as I am to Nigel, he lives in lovely little villages (if you google any MEP’s address you can find where they live). He does not live in areas who are affected by muslim majorities. If he did, maybe he would change his tune.

  20. Other European countries mostly now have large and vigorous anti-European civilisation destruction movements. Britain is currently depressingly almost dead in this respect. UKIP has gone flat. Anything that gives a feeling of the people fighting back will propel all the various groups forward. It’s not such a competition. Also having several parties is more secure in case any collapse or are neutralised by state or other infiltration. The more the better. None will be perfect. Life is not like that.

    • Good points Mike. Different Brexit parties will appeal to different Brexit voters in different ways and in so doing will snag more votes from liblabcon. A bit of competition will, I’m sure, serve to rapidly re-inflate UKIP!

  21. It’s early days I know but are we witnessing the birth, and in the case of UKIP rebirth of Great Britain’s two future main-stream parties?

    With two pro-Britain parties vying for the votes of those who are loyal to Britain, which I believe is a growing and perhaps by now, even the majority position among British voters, where will that leave the Libs Labs and Cons, as all of them are, by their rhetoric and in the case of the Conservatives their actions, severely compromised because they are either partly or completely pro-EU?

    Let battle commence and may the best party win! Either way Britain wins. I know all’s fair in love and war and all that but let’s direct that Nazi slur to whence it rightly belongs, which is not on this side of the English Channel.

    Incidentally, for any that might be wondering, if I were a betting man, my money would be on UKIP.

    The devil, as they say, lies in the detail, or in other words, policy.

  22. Divide and conquer as they say and others here have also mentioned, this does worry me.

    We have For Britain, Britain First, others that I can’t remember at the moment and then UKIP. These parties may have slightly different approaches and priorities, but they’re all about our independence, protecting our culture and way of life.

    We may need a more unified approach before this is over.

    • Are you forgetting that there are THREE parties who have practically identical policies where it matters? They all love the EU and want to stay in, they are all happy with massive immigration, and they all want to stay in the ECHR.

      Yes, there are a few CINOs pretending otherwise, but failing a coup replacing May with a true Brexiteer, this remains the status quo.

  23. Oh dear! AMW has completely bested Steve Crowther’s rebrand. Compare and contrast AMW’s new logo with UKIP’s: Symetrical: Irregular, for Britain:For some nation or other, dichromatic (UKIP purple, Labour red): monochromatic (having dropped yellow, almost), Britannia’s trident: a lion (football team?).

    This must provoke an immediate rethink of the undemocratic and inept foisting of the new UKIP logo replacing a well recognised logo.

    • Can’t disagree with you. She’s certainly been successfully creative with her logo.

    • Really? Do you think most people will recognise the trident as being Britannia’s? I don’t think so, I doubt many people associate a trident with Britain. Looks more like a fishing or swimming club to me.

    • It’s a little disconcerting that the trident also looks like a large “W”. The MSM will have a field day with that I suspect. Meanwhile, that UKIP was not officially represented (as far as I know)on the FLA’s march in London on Saturday is a matter of deep regret. Anyone with even a pinkie on the political pulse knew of that group’s entirely trouble free, mid-summer London march and their Saturday gig. Do UKIP not support the FLA’s efforts? Do they think that a march of working class people – including UK Forces veterans and ‘Justice for the 21’ representatives – is beneath them? If, as a 73 yr old I can get off my backside and travel 90 miles for the day out to show my concern for the way this country is declining, then I’m sure someone from, say, the NEC could have joined me. And please don’t ask me if I rang HQ with an enquiry – I’ve never had a positive response from that quarter in 15 yrs. Apropos Tommy Robinson: he was there and so, surprisingly, were the BBC. True to form the BBC never used the material they collected on such a distasteful (to them) event. No trouble? – then no transmission. And true to form Mr Robinson was in the thick of things by interviewing the BBC reporter and calling him out in a restrained but determined manner: he ‘won’ the interaction hands down.

      • Actually Liz Jones from the NEC was there, although maybe not in an official UKIP capacity, but her facebook page has photos of her attending. But she was also an AMW voter, so not sure if the inquisition has reached her yet!

  24. Well, especially in view of the news that UKIP’s new leader has been fraternising with the Muslims, I for one, will almost certainly be joining ‘For Britain’! With a leader like him, just as I predicted for the previous two, UKIP is dead, only now, even more so!

  25. Two observations:

    1) A Devil’s advocate should point out that red tridents are also historically associated with the Devil – this might be a gift to cartoonists?

    2) The point with membership dues, which I have written about before, is that yi7 start with the membership package, or offer, and then work out what it costs to service it so you don’t make a loss. So any chat here on “cheaper than UKIP” so bear than in mind, and note the problems we have sending out Independence…

    • But I think the point is that hard-copy magazines like independence and paper voting systems are the (distant) past. Unfortunately UKIPs membership demographic means that these methods have hitherto had to be retained. But if you are aiming for a younger demographic, and can start as you mean to continue, then no need for any paper documents whatsoever.

  26. No indicators yet from ‘For Britain’ as to its policy about recruiting from ex- or current- BNP/EDL/BF / NSDAP members and characters like Jack Buckby and Tommy Robinson.
    Waters has successfully made a name for herself in recent months attracting many Twitter followers and it is quite likely that the take up for ‘For Britain’ – FB – will be high. Certainly 10,000 in a week.
    Considering that UKIP is now at c 19,000 and dropping and the Tories are on about 130,000 -also dropping-
    then I think AMW/Gary’s prediction of 100000 is rather high. However IF FB does get past the 50,000 mark in 2017 then I think it would be fair to say it should be taken seriously.

    I can only assume that AMW has worked out how to run the party and has at least some serious investor or she can’t last long, and IF – and its a very big if- she can prevent FB becoming a home for all the real far-right nutters she could succeed in reducing UKIP number by enough to put it out of business.

    UKIP simply cant survive if its critical mass declines any more. Also, I’m baffled at what the point of it is now.

    The test for AMW will be watching her resist recruiting and supping with her own brand of swivel-eyed loons, and I wish her the very best of luck. If she does not resist, and FB becomes BNP Mk 2 it is more than likely that her new party will be on the proscribed list in a matter of months and all the UKIP/Tory defectors and contributors’ efforts – and money- will go down the drain.

    As for me, I no longer am a member of ANY party. I will not subscribe to any of the majors & nor now to UKIP – too small-too divided, nor to FB – because I don’t trust them.

    • The 100,000 was just illustrative to make the general point that it’s better to be funded by the crowd than one or two big donors.

      My own prediction for Membership is that For Britain will pass UKIP within a year of its launch. We know roughly half the UKIP Membership didn’t vote in the Leadership election, so we can put the active membership on about 12,500 and falling.

      I take no pleasure in this. I’ve invested years in UKIP, campaigning on and offline, volunteering here on UKIP Daily, setting up a website and social media for my local branch. Like all of us I have taken much abuse for supporting UKIP, and even lost friends. We all want what’s best for Britain and best for Brexit, it’s simply my view that UKIP are not in a position to advance either, and I hope For Britain will.

      • We follow each other online and I appreciate the points you make. I too have pounded the streets delivered leaflets in the rain and taken the knocks. The UKIP membership crisis is exactly that. London branches are now in a terminal spin and the utter humiliation at the last general election did for about 50-60% of active members (my guess/observation, I can’t prove that) .
        I’m sure that your intentions for For Britain are entirely honourable, but I really have my doubts about other very vocal and dangerous elements that will corrupt it if they get the chance. I am assuming that you will join them or already have had contact with AMW. I hope you use your influence and strength in making FB go it the right direction. Good Luck !

        • Thanks Mr Bav. There are always nutters that will try to infiltrate any movement that is avowedly pro-British. UKIP certainly had its fair share. AMW has articulated a zero tolerance policy to any such. Her comments on the BNP smears in a recent interview were, I thought, on the money:

          “Part of the problem is the BNP thing, they think we’re the BNP and because the BNP were a failure we will be as well. This is absurd – the BNP were a racist, Jew-hating, holocaust-denying – even when they were right, and they were right on a couple of things – they were the first to talk about the grooming gangs so they have to have credit for that. But they were also racists and Jew-haters, anti-gay, anti-everything and we are not that. We are fighting Islam because we are not that – that’s the point. So it hasn’t been done before.” Full article here –

          I respected the way AMW rose above the smears and insults throughout the campaign, and I get a strong sense that she is in this for all the right reasons, and so won’t tolerate any idiots who jeopardise that. Regardless, the media and other opponents will smear her as far-right and all the rest of it, but I don’t believe she would ever self-censor in order to placate a hostile media and eventually more people will hear what she has to say from the horse’s mouth and see the smears for what they are.

    • 19,000 and dropping: Do you work at Lexdrum? ?

    • Baffled at what the point is now? Islam. Did that escape you? Almost certainly the reason the EU referendum voted leave was because working class areas have been swamped with people who do not want to integrate and wish to impose their social mores on everyone around them.

      The cultural Marxists inside UKIP have managed to install another useless leader. That’s why we need a party dedicated to reversing islamification.

  27. I did not think Anne Marie Waters was the right person to lead UKIP. Most UKIP supporter/activists/officers would not rally under her leadership leading to the collapse of the branch network.

    She is a brave and committed woman of which there is no doubt and I too fear the growth of radical Islam and the assault on British values.
    I hope her supporters are as committed as she is and put into practice out on the streets what they have theorised about on social media.
    Good luck to the new party.

  28. Gary that’s a great article, thank you.

    The two differing yet complementary styles of operating as with leave.EU and Vote Leave does appear to have merit. Ukip and For Britain could do likewise I agree.

    Are you aware there is a second new party forming?
    Known as ‘Veterans and peoples party’ which will serve to split the patriot vote even more I suppose.

    • I guess there’s two ways of looking at all this – one is that people with broadly similar views on many subjects are splitting up, the other is that we’re diversifying to offer messages better tailored to specific groups.

      In my view, UKIP’s approach of the past few years to broaden its appeal was the wrong one, and was certainly attempted too early. We didn’t have the deep, tribal support necessary to challenge the Lib/Lab/Con and in trying to play them at their own game we alienated various sections of our own support.

      Given where we are now, it can only be a good thing to diversify and have several movements or parties, each with different strengths and weaknesses. It will only become an issue when those parties are forced to compete head on, at election time. And as none of these parties, including UKIP, will realistically be competing in, let alone winning, any elections any time soon, I think we’ll worry about that if and when it happens. It will be a nice problem to have, from where we all are now electorally speaking.

    • I think we have also to take into account yet another new party ‘Affinity’ with which John Rees Evans is now associated.

  29. My response to this announcement from Gary is almost a prayer because the idealogical war in which we find ourselves and its surrounding atmosphere of fear is so grave.
    I wish For Britain every success and echo Gary’s hope for UKIP members to recognise this fact and generously acknowledge the new party or at the least refrain from adverse comment.
    I will be a supporter as I support various institutions that are bringing various state sanctioned idiocies and injustices to light.

  30. Clearly there is a need to have a united front. UKIP already lost the veterans and now the ‘Veterans for Britain’ speak for them. Now we are losing the anti-islamists. Meanwhile, we have no real presence in social media (Henry has 11k followers since becoming leader, Tommy Robinson 380k, and TR has figured out how to monetise his online presence through writing or ghost authoring books). UKIP not tapping into movements like football lads. Its horses for courses, all have same broad objectives but different types of people participate in different ways. Point is they all need to come together at election time. Although HB not really saying much at the moment, I can see from his tweets that he is trying to rebuild with Aaron Banks and Desmond/O’Flynn/Evans, Veterans for Britain, to get the money flowing again. But still not much from him about his election promises or team. He doesn’t seem to be onboard with ‘Out Now’ at all and never mentions it. Meanwhile, still betrays no indication of a coherent message, we seem unable to comment on the big stories of the day. E.g. yesterday we had both May’s inability to say she’d vote leave, and this specious survey on disparate opportunities for ethnic groups, but UKIP had no official comment on either. Instead we were talking about the NHS on a day that nobody else was, hence we get no attention. Imagine if we had kicked up a fuss about May’s statement, or done a cutting analysis of the racial disparity survey? It seems to me that our messaging is based on calling round the spokespeople and saying ‘hey, the deal is that you have to make one comment per month’ and then publishing whatever they feel like saying. There seems to be no communications strategy whatsoever.

    • Graham is spot on here. UKIP has ‘no communications strategy whatsoever’ . It is completely invisible to the public now.

      • Just had a report from Henry on his activity so far, he intends to issue them regularly. I presume all members will get them via their regions and branches. In it he says he expects to name his team within a few days. This week he will go to Brussels to talk to MEPs.
        If there is problem obtaining a copy I will email one to Viv here, perhaps she would ask permission to publish it and his following ones, this material is well worth reading.

        • I wonder why they don’t simply email it to all the members in the same way we got the email from him when he won? It is always a mystery to me how UKIP communicates internally. Always seems to be difficult for no reason.

  31. Congratulations to the Editors for publishing this article. I clicked on it expected it to be just a hit piece against AMW and For Britain. I don’t think the members of any other party would do that.

  32. A plea from the author –

    While I cannot forgive or forget the words of Farage and others during the election campaign and in its immediate aftermath, can we please at least move on and put it behind us?

    I deliberately avoided raking over the events of the past two weeks in an effort to focus on the future. For Britain is happening, I would have hoped a new pro-Brexit Party would be a source of interest and discussion, rather than an opportunity to repeat well documented very recent history.

  33. She specifically targets UKIP voters and has the potential to cost us seats, sometimes majorities can be vey small. Unless there is some sort of deal not to stand against each other, which I am NOT advocating, For Britain is as much an enemy as anyone else.
    I am also a Branch Chairman, amongst other things and I agree with Simon. The election is done. Reset.
    No one has even suggested asking AMW supporters to leave and I doubt we will, unless they actively campaign against UKIP or do anything to bring us into disrepute.

    • Nigel asked AMW to leave. “I very much hope she leaves tomorrow.” What message do you think that sends to the 2,755 UKIP members who voted for her?

      • I believe AMW as leader would have destroyed our Party. I am glad she has left. I don’t hate individual Tory or Labour supporters but I do intensely dislike their parties. The appeal of AMW is understandable but if she can’t get elected in UKIP, an audience quite likely to listen to her, how on earth do you think she would gain popular support ?
        Enough, all that matters is at the everyone who remain in UKIP gets together and continues the fight, whoever they voted for.

    • icini I’m pretty sure if we went back and looked at yours and Julian’s posts we would find a lot of ‘B*gger offs’ and ‘good riddances’ to AMW supporters, you know the BNP types.

      Take a look at this video. Are these the BNP types you are referring to? #outoftouch

  34. Your views on the new party’s membership fee (such fee yet to be announced) are interesting, particularly with regard to the ‘ongoing’ component.

    You have suggested that a one off fee of £10 followed by a regular monthly payment of £4, as a possible example, being better than a single payment of £30 per year.

    It would certainly be better for the recipient. By my calculations £4 x 12 months = £48. Added to the one off payment of £10 and the first year will cost a total of £58. Hardly lower than the UKIP annual membership fee.

    • As I say, I have no inside information and these were just illustrative figures. The membership fee will be lower than UKIP’s. There will, I understand, be an optional ongoing component to it. This is something UKIP would be well advised to look at – as you say a one off fee will generate less funds than a small recurring fee, and every party needs money.

      • In your article you did not state that an ‘ongoing component’ was to be optional.

        I did not say that a one off fee would generate less funds than a small recurring fee. I said that it would be better for the recipient and was hardly lower than UKIP’s annual fee – which is what is being claimed.

        I shall watch with interest to see what the actual cost will be when it is formally announced.

  35. Great article Gary. I wish For Britain all the best and will be joining and donating.

  36. “Although UKIP have made it quite clear that neither Anne Marie Waters nor those who support her are welcome”
    You need to withdraw that statement as HB has declared it to be a falsehood. Unless of course you can prove it to be true.

    • I will do no such thing. The evidence is there for all to see. That Bolton and Farage are now trying to weasel out of the gratuitous insults they so spitefully made in victory is sickening.

      Referring to your defeated opponent and their supporters as hard right ex-BNP infiltrators, and a Nazi take over, is not my idea of extending the olive branch.

      This circling of the wagons to deny recent history is a sight to behold. And not a pretty one. Farage and Bolton should either have the courage of their convictions to stand by what they said, or they should apologise.

    • Henry Bolton said that UKIP avoided becoming the UK Nazi Party:

      “Asked whether UKIP had avoided becoming the “UK Nazi Party”, referring to comments he made in the campaign, Mr Bolton told a press conference: “Absolutely, yes.””

      He didn’t say in so many words “You are all Nazis and you are not welcome in UKIP”, but it’s hardly surprising that AMW and her supporters have taken his comments as meaning that, is it?

      If he values party unity he needs to withdraw that remark. Or maybe he would rather they left.

      • I guess most of us here don’t think she was the right man for the job. But HB should clarify his comments to those who voted for her. I don’t understand why he doesn’t do this ASAP, losing a couple of thousand more members to a rival party isn’t a good start.

        • It is an absolutely dreadful start. I can’t see HB hanging around too long. I’m guessing he just doesn’t want to leave earlier than Diane James did. Nigel may put pressure on him to leave.

  37. “UKIP have made it quite clear that neither Anne Marie Waters nor those who support her are welcome UKIP have made it quite clear that neither Anne Marie Waters nor those who support her are welcome…” Really? I am, at least until tomorrow evening, chairman of a UKIP branch and that’s news to me.

    I’m sorry Anne Marie left, although I am one of those who thought she was not the right man for the job. It’s certainly regrettable that she has started this new organisation, and it is surely bad for UKIP and bad for Britain that she has done so.

    • Perhaps you don’t follow the news too closely, Simon. You may have missed the Telegraph article in which Nigel Farage made it very clear that Anne Marie Waters and her supporters are hard right, ex-BNP infiltrators. His further comments that he hoped Anne Marie would leave UKIP immediately. Henry Bolton’s comment that “absolutely, yes” he had saved UKIP from becoming the Nazi party.

      It was a real eye opener how many within UKIP adopted the sneer and smear tactics of the left, pushing what they knew to be lies throughout the election campaign. It’s sickening to see that they have now progressed onto page two of the Leftist handbook and are trying to rewrite history. Henry Bolton just sent out a newsletter in which he describes documented, factual events of just over a week ago as “fake news”. A shabby excuse from a man who has behaved shabbily throughout.

    • Really? Only today, Henry wrote: “I am not in the habit of commenting on rumours and speculation, but I also hear there is a rumour that anyone who voted for Anne-Marie Waters is unwelcome in the party. This is untrue. Anyone who believes in and supports our party is welcome. ” ?

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