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The threat of Islam

UKIP as a new political party experienced a meteoric rise in popularity, and an almost catastrophic collapse within two and a bit decades.


Why is this? From my perspective it stemmed from Nigel’s ability to see through the fog of ineptitude which was, and still is acting like a political Leukaemia within Britain. UKIP was like a blood transfusion to millions of Brits who had not lost the will to live.


These Brits knew exactly what Nigel meant when he said “you couldn’t get a fag paper between them” about the so-called mainstream parties. They continue to play a game which maintains the status quo, and will continue ruthlessly to do so.


Nigel and UKIP said NO! Using the EU and immigration as points of attack, arguments were used to show that people power could be returned to the man in the street, i.e. the voters. It worked! MEP elections in 2014 – UKIP won. 2015 General election – 3.9 million votes, more than the SNP – LIB/DEMS and Greens combined……….Reform the voting system Plus of course BREXIT in 2016. UKIP was on a roll, and should and could have become a major political force for good in Britain. Why has it not?


In my personal opinion. UKIP has been infiltrated by intellectual (they think they are) Grey Suits, (see my definition below) where their Gospel is moderation. Be all things to all men. Have no unique selling point. In other words, be just like the other lookalike parties. UKIP joined the RIZZLAS! Outcome, the population knew it, and thought why bother? Those who bother to vote, returned to their tribal heartlands, and we lost 3.4 million voters.


UKIP’s superstructure is bust! To stop it being holed below the waterline, it again needs a unique selling point which will resonate with the public at large. Which returns us to the vexed question of Leader.


Again, in my personal opinion there are only two candidates not in the RIZZLA pack. Anne Marie Waters and Aidan Powlesland. There is nothing said by the others  that cannot be found echoed by other politicians in other parties. APs views are very radical and far sighted, and will in the future become topical. But sadly AP lacks the ability to sell them!


AMW has hit upon a vote catcher. Deride her if you will, but ask yourself what has occupied press space, radio and TV time recently? Islamists and Islam. That politically corrupt ghetto Tower Hamlets, a place where, it is reported, a German doctor working for the NHS is amazed to discover that Muslim women resident in Britain for more than thirty years can’t speak a word of English. Or Lewisham, where AMW was barred from standing as a GE candidate, guess what? The Mosque there is where the imam who radicalised the killers of soldier Lee Rigby preached his poison. A Muslim preacher in Oxford Street refused to stand in a Magistrate Court!  Grooming gangs – guess who? BBC Panorama report which showed that 23% of all Muslims in Britain supported terrorist attacks in Europe and Britain. The Muslim Brotherhood of Britain – The Project – read it! Their aim; a Caliphate in Britain.


Any non Muslim country which gives them succour and embraces them soon lives to regret their largesse.  Any host country where the Muslim population rises to 20% or more is never at peace. Denmark, France, Holland, Sweden are now openly apprehensive, if not afraid. Germany also, but Merkel won’t admit it!  Austria and Hungary followed by the Slovaks have said enough is enough! Oh, and take a look at Japan’s attitude to Muslims.


The UK is now at a cross roads, and must decide if it is determined to commit to Western – Christian democracy, or lose its cultural identity, and eventually face civil war. AMW is the only public figure willing to confront the issue.


Just consider! Defeating Hitler and Nazism was paramount in 1940. All other considerations went to the back of the queue. Likewise Islam. Many voters sense AMW is correct.


If anyone thinks I’m scratching at a ‘scab’ I’m sorry, but I do fear, just like the EU, it is a genuine threat that has to be confronted.



  • ‘Grey Suits!’ A term first used by Alun Rhun Watkins. A Welsh columnist and observer of politics. My definition is this: Those, who in their quest to tick all PC boxes to win over all sectors of society lose sight of the original aim, and the message is lost in a ‘mish – mash’ of detail, anonymous, unidentifiable, and nondescript. No one has a clear idea of what is wanted.
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About Ernest Blaber (1 Articles)
Parliamentary candidate in 2015 for North East Somerset. Former Royal marine.

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  1. And for an extra archer you can obtain GODLIKE Stature.

  2. for all three donations and an extra £ 10 you could become a UKIP-SUPREME BEING

  3. Could it be that UKIP should have a UKIPPC Party leader ?) ( To include Islam and Law And Order

    Could we have a BREXIT UKIP Party leader

    And a POSTBREXIT Party leader

    Each with it,s own membership and donations. With a much curtailed, central nec. burocracy, Legal, and finaancial advice

    Is this worth thinking about ?

  4. kenneth james ogilvie // September 21, 2017 at 7:47 am // Reply

    A very good article but Whittle will still be leader hence UKIP will be finished as a political party. the NEC won’t want Waters turning into another Wilders

  5. Well said Ernie.

    This really is the defining issue of our time. It seems likely that AMW will be elected, the members can also help to cut through the fog.

    Unfortunately some seniour members of the party have used intemperate language when describing her and her policy ideas. Journalists have already latched onto these comments, and will repeat them at every opportunity. UKIP will have to somehow bypass mainstream media. It should not be too alarming – see how all the scaremongering by the remainiacs failed during the referendum campaign.

    UKIP can still achieve great things, even if the number of MPs elected is few. To drive an honest discussion of Islam itself into the public consciousness is a key task. AMW will not be able to do this on her own, it requires a coherent and persistent effort from all within the party, from grassroots upwards. Yes she would be a great figurehead, and with her team a great co-ordinator of effort, however the effort itself must come from energised members.

    In order to be effective all members must get up to speed on Islam itself. This means reading the Koran (start at chapter 9). Here is an extremely useful website:

    Understand “abrogation” and “taqiyya”. Watch this short video, which puts it in a nutshell:

    The party needs to set up a central hotline specifically to deal with Islamic issues. By “hotline” I mean it could also be contactable by email. Behind it there needs to be a panel of knowledgeable people who can deal with matters arising, and lessons learned need to be disseminated readily. Only recently I was contacted by a UKIP councillor who I happen to know. He is currently having to deal with the local Islamic demands relating to a cemetery. Why did this councillor need to come to me, rather than to UKIP? It is clearly highlighting a gap.

    Islam is opposed to democracy and free speech. We are so close to losing the latter, and without it the former cannot survive. Watch videos by Robert Spencer, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and Tommy Robinson while you still can. According to Lord Pearson it is already the case that the website “The Religion of Peace” has been blocked from the Westminster estate.

    Our own Government wants to deny the truth. This is what we are up against, it is quite serious!

    • Hugo, I don’t know who you are or what position of influence you may or may not hold in UKIP right now, but I do know that you are VERY important to our cause moving forwards.

      I was speaking a few days ago to some “ordinary” members of UKIP (by which I mean those who are philosophically predisposed to support a strong exit from the EU etc, not those who frequent these pages on UKIPD) and I was astonished, appalled, to find almost total ignorance about the threat posed by islam. They were unfamiliar with the name Tommy Robinson, and had only in the past few days become aware of AMW. And, no, they have not been living under a rock, they just have “normal” things taking up their time and tend to pick up news each night from the MSM.

      Your observations and suggestions in your letter are both powerful and important. I have followed your links and found there excellent sources of additional information.

      We must all try to get your points across to others. I fear that we are sliding towards a point of no return, and I find this prospect genuinely terrifying.

      Thank you so much for your contributions to this debate.

      • Grummy, you are right about Hugo being an important source of knowledge and information. I have bookmarked his links for future reference. Information and education are the solutions, but it has taken me years to realise the frightening truth about islam and its threat to peace and democracy; where do we start with people who don’t want to know and won’t listen?
        Last March, in a tense Branch meeting, our members were discussing the notorious Nuttall halal leaflet/Stoke defeat and some (including me) were arguing that addressing the islam issue honestly was the way to go for UKIP. Our only UKIP councillor said it was pointless because voters were interested only in everyday issues and they didn’t know about islamisation and the rest. I said, “Well, we should inform them”; the response was a gasp of disbelief as if I’d suggested informing them of a forthcoming invasion from Mars. As a result of that meeting, I invited Anne Marie Waters to come and talk to the Branch, which she did the following month. Members’ eyes were opened.
        The most conspicuous non-attendees at the talk were the UKIP councillor and his extended family. Within days, we discovered he had left UKIP and joined the Conservatives in time for the June General Election. He is now a Conservative councillor, no doubt hoping to be selected as a constituency candidate.
        UKIP must make itself the focal point of a fightback against islamisation of our country and the relentless insistence on one law for all applied equally without fear or favour. Even as I write this, councillors in Lancashire are trying to ban halal meat from school dinners in 27 schools and facing typical resistance from the usual suspects. See Kipper Central for details.

      • Grummy, I am not currently a member. I let my membership lapse because of the U turn on non-stun religious abattoirs. It is a red line for me. We cannot claim to want “one law for all” and then allow exceptions.

        I do still help UKIP, indeed went to Stoke three times, without of course knowing anything about the pro-Halal “special” leaflet.

        If UKIP is to be relevant beyond Brexit then it mus have the key task of tackling Islam. The religious apologists within the party must be sidelined. (if someone burns a Bible and posts the photos on social media they should be kicked out in my opinion. They should certainly not be pandered to, in their support of religious animal cruelty.)

    • Hugo, website was difficult to get into, until I did a special exception in my Sky browser settings. I wonder what it is precisely about the website that makes Sky block it at teenager level (I have a general home server set for my 13 and 14 yr olds).

      I smell a rat here. Or am I getting overly paranoid in my old age? Maybe Lord Pearson is right, in any event the highest chamber in the land should be able to access anything!

      • I am saving and printing stuff so that I have hard copies for ‘evidence’ in the event of whatever.
        I did manage to get on to and will be sharing.

  6. Fascinating video about planning permissions for ‘community centres’ which is a euphemism for mosque. Gavin Boby prevents this happening and he explains why the locals suffer when these are built.

    • Thanks for that, Liberas – so interesting. I am signed up to Simon Harris, he is very good and needs a wider audience.

      I would submit that we could and should, as I have said hundreds of times on here, take away the building blocks of Islam, and that should be, I have always thought, UKIP’s mission. I absolutely agree that the reason all that is being done to us is being done in order to have a compliant population. That is why these Marches, so derided by Ms Collins, are so important. If the Government see that their strategy is backfiring – and don’t forget that we are still in a majority – they may decide that it is important to please us instead of their present tools of choice, Muslims. So we need UKIP to be that wrecking tool, to demand an end to Rape Jihad, and Halal, demand that Sharia Courts are closed down, explain why the burka is not compatible in our society, and speak about what is happening instead of using weasel words. Only this way will we avoid eventual bloodshed in the streets, which will benefit no-one.

      Some in UKIP don’t want to confront the issue – I wonder if those people will take an hour to watch this video – it is so important that we do. It won’t be easy, but for the sake of every human being – because we’re all being used – and Islam is as great a user, in pursuit of its ends, as Governments are in pursuit of theirs – we need to stand up, and we need to start now.
      I am now even more determined to do what I can, even if only on line to get people to understand – its all I can do.

      • kenneth james ogilvie // September 21, 2017 at 7:58 am // Reply

        You have forgotten polygamy, what is it four or five wives up to twenty kids all being paid for by the state and Britain allows it. Try being a white male and marrying twice you would be in prison before you went on your honeymoon

      • I am with you, Dee, on doing what I can although you are far ahead and active online. I place my paltry comments here to help swell the numbers, try to inform others and am desperate to do more.
        I read and look at videos to the point of exhaustion and learn all the time so that I can be in a position to do that.
        We have to understand that most, most people have neither time nor inclination to do this themselves.

        I have long thought that the information, including the literally diabolical inactions and cover ups of this and previous governments, needs to be distilled in some hard hitting and irrefutable way.
        I thought Brexit the Movie was pretty good. I did not see how anyone could watch that and still be unconvinced.

        I have experienced hostility from those living in areas untouched by problems towards outspoken people in the Party and am aghast, frankly, at their arrogance and dismissive attitudes.
        I don’t have an aunt in Venezuela but I did have a mother who frequently warned me not to think, re naziism, ‘it could never happen again.’
        Pretty prophetic now looking back.

        • Great, Eliza! Information is one of the keys, especially for those who can’t get about as much as they would like. I agree with you about the exhaustion point – when I finally get to bed I drop off over Tommy Robinsons new book! This is, in part, an information war, TPTB know it which is why they are closing us down. If you haven’t, do look at the video Liberas provided above – Gavin Boby is a star, I didn’t know of him – so many people are trying so hard! It’s worth hearing what he says towards the end.
          My life is taken over, my brain is fried, but it’s the only contribution I can make!!

          • Have the book, Dee and halfway through the intro. It is SO good.

            Have just posted on the video. Another facet. And another amazing person. There are so many of them it must surely only be a matter of time. Let’s hope there is enough of that left.

            This stuff has to go mainstream.
            Skills of JRE?

    • I have watched this thanks to your link, Liberas and would recommend it.
      The video highlights, for those unaware or unaffected, the Intolerability of having a mosque or the threat of one being built nearby and resultant tangible effects on neighbourhoods and individuals.

      The conversation proceeds to other topics including rape gangs and there is an interesting discussion towards the end which explores possible reasons for the governments’ strange refusal to reduce immigration, the electorate’s still stranger continuing acceptance of the political status quo, the need for getting the information out there, and the importance of doing some thing, however small, to counteract islamisation of our country.

  7. Irrespective of who becomes leader it seems that UKIP will adopt an anti islam stance. We had better be quick before being anti islam becomes a criminal offence and that is also a message to accompany any campaign. We must tell people that action is required soon before the government, under the guise of whatever, makes it an extremist crime to even speak against any religion (does not apply in reverse). The pressure will be on and I’m not speaking about the MSM.

  8. Just a couple of things, Ernest:
    “There is nothing said by the others that cannot be found echoed by other politicians in other parties”

    I beg to differ with you there Ernest.
    Can you show me where any of the other parties are proposing a radical system anything remotely like JRE’s comprehensive Direct Democracy plans?

    Can you show me another party that speaks out against cultural marxism, political correctness and the sexual, social, anti-British, and anti-family indoctrination of our children with the strength, power and experience of David Kurten?

    Also, you give the impression that Anne Marie is the only candidate who is well informed about Islam. Whereas both JRE and David Kurten are also very knowledgeable and outspoken about all aspects of these problems.

    I wonder whether you have seen JRE’s manifesto specifically on this topic:

    And I wonder whether you have watched the short video, linked below, where he talks about Anne Marie:

    I hope that JRE is elected leader. And I hope that he, Anne Marie and David, can lead UKIP’s fight against the islamification of Britain, together.

    They may have differences of strategy but their objectives are the same.

    • Sorry, the second link may just take you to JRE’s videos.
      If so, select ‘Sheffield Question 4’ for the Anne Marie question and answer.

  9. Good article Ernest. Please keep them coming and never lose the faith.
    I am an optimist – we shall win through against the evil stalking England but it will be bloody.
    The sooner we lance the boil the better. That is why I voted AMW. I do not think she will win and I hope she continues the fight. I am resigned to the fact that we are in for a politically and socially difficult time over the next ten years. Game on!
    I disagree with you in one regard – I believe JRE is part of the solution and will become far more important than many now realise.
    As for the ‘Grey Suits’ – inside UKIP they are an annoyance. Outwith UKIP they are gutless craven cowards, mental imbeciles unfit for public office, scummy liars who would sell their mother to save their neck, braindead parrots with the originality of a gnat, permanently stained brown due to their delightful habit of licking hairy ar*eh*les, cocktail circuit wimps waddling to the tune of “perfect harmony”, with an unconscious and unquestioning hatred of just one thing – ENGLAND.

    • There’s no question that AMW will continue the fight regardless of whether she wins. She’s in politics to do something, not be something.

      Indeed, as an AMW supporter I’m under no illusions that if she does win it will be a double edged sword. UKIP comes with a lot of baggage, a lot of inertia, and there will be people working to undermine her from day one. I would rather have AMW fighting the good fight rather than wasting time herding cats. Yes, many of the MEPs and other undesirables may immediately storm off in a huff, and good riddance, but there will still be some within the party who will be working against her.

      I’m not even convinced a political party as such, whose aim is to win votes and MPs is the right way forward. For starters it’s unachievable in the short to medium term. But then if we become more of a pressure group or movement, how do you keep the mainstream parties honest without that electoral threat? As we saw at the 2014 EU elections, PR would solve the problem, but that ain’t happening any time soon.

      Whatever happens, AMW will have a big future. Her message is made more resonant with every passing day. If she has to start a new movement or party from scratch then I guess she will. Either way, a new party or turning UKIP around, will take years of hard work, but I suspect it wouldn’t be too long before that new movement has more members than a non-AMW UKIP.

      • “PR would solve the problem, but that ain’t happening any time soon”.

        So how did we get an in-out EU referendum then Gary?

        By banging on and on and on about it!!!

  10. Another ex military condemning AMW Try reading what SHE says not what others print.

  11. Mr Blaber, you have summed up the situation in which UKIP finds itself perfectly! You get an A plus plus from me!

    It is interesting to note that not only did Nigel recently address a meeting of AfD, but they appear to be on course to get quite a few seats in the next Parliament – if only the ‘men in grey suits’ had wanted UKIP to do so well!

    Incidentally, there are now huge, and I mean huge Pegida marches every Monday of every week in Germany – but of course ‘the men in grey suits’ want to distance themselves, both from Pegida (or AMW’s association with it) – the marches just aren’t reported, for some reason, by the Balanced Broadcating Corporation.

    I fear UKIP members, or enough of them, may have failed to grasp what AfD have – that you may need to go through hell to provide a voice for the people, but eventually it will pay off. That is if you are lucky enough to have a prospective Leader that is not afraid of the challenge.

    • Doubtless Dee, that if similar marches were scheduled in Britain, the Police would stop them, for the same reason they stopped Tommy R from foraging out in his own home town.

      See, in Germany, they have freedom of expression. Isn’t that wonderful.

      The AfD will indeed doubtless get lotsa seats in parliament – they have Proportional Representation. I have been trying to persuade my colleagues in UKIP this is why we don’t have MPs, but a lot of them just don’t get it.

      • The fact that we find it difficult to go on Marches of any kind without being attacked by Antifa or losing their jobs, Rob, should mean that while we still have a tenuous hold on a kind of democracy, if they had someone who they felt represented their views, they would flock to the ballot box.
        The best comment I have read today is that our natural supporters follow football – interestingly, there is a video about that which I came across though I’m not sure it applies to the Brits – and our current UKIP members follow golf.

        • I hate to sound like a pessimist, but the flock heading to the ballot box will have to be pretty damn big, or else concentrated in a few parliamentary constituencies, for it to make any noteworthy number of MPs for us.

          The elephant in the room (the other elephant) is FIRST PAST THE POST. I know I keep banging on and on about it, but it’s true.

      • There is a similar march scheduled in Britain – This Saturday at 12 noon Parliament Square to Buckingham Palace. Apparently AMW is listed as going to speak. It is called “The last day of silence 23rd September”

  12. AMW is pushing the same kind of rhetoric that the EDL and BNP before them tried, short term populism was all that was achieved. Such obsessive concentration on this one issue will not bring enough votes for UKIP to enter Parliament. It is the language of the street protesters and will attract some very undesirable elements to UKIP, whether by membership or by loud offensive sounds on our streets and social media. Just what UKIPs detractors would dearly love, the chance for them to demonise all the party stands for. She also has other agendas she does not publicly expouse which again will alienate those whose votes we will have to rely on for Parliamentary access. Her body language on some of the hustings showed a contempt for other candidates as they spoke in turn. She will be a divisive influence and could well spell the end for UKIP as a third force in our democratic political system. These are my personal feelings and may differ from many. What my interest is, is not in an individual, but in the party itself and it continuing to grow as a viable Government in waiting.

    • The rise of Islam in the UK is no more a single issue than leaving the EU is a single issue. Both mean the end of the UK as a democratic nation unless they are addressed.

      The UK’s Muslim population is doubling every 12 years:

      Muslims will become a majority here some time between 2040 and 2060:

      Most British Muslims think homosexuality should be illegal, a large minority want Sharia law, and a small but significant minority sympathise with suicide bombers:

      You think we shouldn’t say anything about that dark future because it makes us smell like the EDL and BNP, and just let it happen, as the Rizla parties are doing. Don’t you have any children or younger relatives? Aren’t you concerned for their future?

      Whatever you personally make of her body language, AMW has been one of the few leadership candidates who has made a point of not criticising her competitors. The way you and some of the leadership candidates misrepresent her message reminds me of how the MSM misrepresent UKIP.

    • Barrie you talk about undesirables being attracted to UKIP should AMW win; but from where I am standing reading your post you yourself are an undesirable. Please view the following it may be of some help

    • Please get real. UKIP could not even get into parliament at the height of success in 2014/15. Getting into parliament was never what UKIP was about. It is about creating pressure for change from the outside, and using a party structure to create a credible threat to the other parties. But being qa credible threat and actually taking seats are two different things. It is this dream of winning seats in parliament as espoused by Evans, O’Flynn that has sunk UKIP because everything radical was stripped away and we became just like the rest.

    • “She also has other agendas she does not publicly expouse”

      Barrie can you please describe what these other agendas might be and what evidence is there from what she has said?

    • Times have changed; the Muslim presence and its effects are clearer to many more. They would welcome a voice like AMW and it would encourage more to speak out openly about the threat.

      If a few were to speak out they might be prosecuted on false charges of racism; if a million speak out then the power base shifts and free speech has to return.

      • Islam is not a race but an exceptional religion in that there is the death penalty just for leaving it. Try reading some of Bill warner’s books on Islam

    • Barry, spot on. If anyone doubts the ‘other agendas’, it is reported that she resigned from “One Law for All” because she wanted to collaborate with the Far Right. Why she left all the other organisations she has flirted with I have no idea. I could make a guess though.



      A poison pill.


  13. Either through ignorance or deceit, those who oppose Anne Marie Waters misrepresent her enormously. To say that she is “single issue”, to use that as a pejorative, makes as much sense as saying leaving the EU is single issue.

    Being anti-Islam (not “anti-Muslim”, which is another of her opponent’s misrepresentations, much like Remainers saying anti-EU is anti-European) is the foot in the door which will win us the opportunity to talk about immigration, law and order, schools, women’s and gay rights and practically any other issue you can think of. Islam is an existential threat to everything we value in western civilisation, it could not be less of a single issue.

    Opponents also claim that there are no votes in being anti-Islam. This is laughable. Nearly half the country wants to see zero immigration from Muslim-majority countries. Not a cut, *zero*.The British public are tougher on this issue than Trump, who only wants a temporary travel ban on a few known terror states. 47% of Brits want not a single more Muslim to enter the country. You can debate the rights or wrongs of that, but the feeling is out there and is not represented or discussed by other political parties.

    Anyone who thinks being anti-Islam will be electoral suicide can’t follow European politics too closely. Blatantly anti-Islam parties came second in the Dutch and French national elections. They are doing well in Germany and elsewhere. They are all doing better than UKIP are currently doing in the UK. I hardly think we are in a position to turn our noses up at second place in a General Election.

    All of which is a side issue, really. The main reason to oppose Islam is that, simply put, it is morally the right thing to do.

    I hate to think what might have happened if the UKIP founders had got together in the early 90s and said, you know what, sure this EU thing is a bit of a nightmare, but there’s no votes in it, so lets just turn a blind eye.

    • @ Gary Conway
      I’ve watched AMW’s ‘First 100 days as Leader’ video and there’s only one thing I’m doubtful about. Anne Marie talks of reinvigorating UKIP branches in order to field candidates in local council elections. It’s that ‘taking a leaf from the Lib Dem book’ of forging strong ward support as a basis for winning General Elections. It hasn’t worked very well for them, has it? And look at what happened to the UKIP councillors nationwide last May. Ward/county elections are always about local concerns, not national ones, and voters tend to stick with councillors they’ve had for years as long as there are no black marks on their record.

      I think that UKIP should concentrate on being a national party intent on getting as many MPs as possible into the House of Commons at MP by-elections and General Elections. We could conserve most of the party’s resources for fighting General Elections in as many constituencies as we can. Local leafleting would be staggered in different areas over months to remind voters of the topical issues UKIP will be fighting on, and signalling that the party will be ready for the next General Election. When the election is announced, the campaign machinery would go into overdrive.
      I am seriously asking what you think of these notions.

      • I don’t see UKIP being competitive in, let alone winning, any elections in the foreseeable future.

        The first past the post system and deeply entrenched red or blue tribal party politics make it a very high bar to reach. The hostile media, who magnify or fabricate our faults while ignoring our policies, make it impossible.

        We have to realise that we are no longer the UKIP of 2014. We are more like the UKIP of 2004. We need to find a reason for people to vote for us, and spend a long time getting that clear message out and re-establishing ourselves in the public’s consciousness.

        I don’t see much value in the party spending much time effort or money on any elections over the next few years. Stand paper candidates wherever possible, certainly, but we should not see the electoral calendar as the be all and end all as we have done. Our priority should be establishing who we are, what we believe, some policies to back that up and then work relentlessly to do whatever it takes to get those policies heard.

        In short, a period as a pressure group or campaign will be needed to re-establish the party and build up support to a level where we can once again think about competing at elections.

        Not for the faint hearted, and I perfectly understand why many who joined UKIP to get us out of the EU may prefer a well earned retirement rather than open up another battle front.

        • Agree with all you have written, Gary.

        • I totally agree with you Gary.

        • Yes, Gary. Agree.

        • Gary,

          I think this may well be the way to go, we must unite, have a plan and stick to it then present it to the public. It does not need to be complicated, but it does need to be professional, this is where JRE could come in, with his expert skills in presentation and communication.

        • Gary, I agree that electoral ambitions should go on the back burner in favour of regrouping. We don’t want the electorate to forget us though, or think we’ve gone away. If Anne Marie wins, I hope she’ll ask members to register as volunteer leafleters in their local area, or as distributors of information on social media. The party could then send out leaflets etc at intervals to the volunteers rather than be distributed via ROs/Branches. Our Branch is on the verge of collapse, and others may be in the same position.

          • Panmelia,

            These are good ideas, just one problem for me my committee is going to resign if she wins, so it could just be down to me to deliver all the leaflets! Or I could always find another branch I suppose.

          • D D if by any chance AMW did win, I think you would find a new, re-born invigorated branch not far away from you and you would be just fine.

  14. I am a Sutton Surrey resident we have lib Dems what a nightmare . Sutton Housing Partnership not fit for purpose pay rent council tax is so high we are struggling to find money for food.

    • Dee,

      This is for Dee but there is no reply to click on. I hope you are right otherwise I will be all on my lonesome, there is another branch which I suspect is more sympathetic to AMW’s but it is a long journey for me at night.

      Anyway, we will have to wait and see Marion Mason might win!

    • Dee,

      This is for Dee but there is no reply to click on. I hope you are right otherwise I will be all on my lonesome, there is another branch which I suspect is more sympathetic to AMW’s but it is a long journey for me at night.

      Anyway, we will have to wait and see Marion Mason might win!

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