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The Strategy Game

Let’s have look at what politics is today. As time has gone on, we’ve seen the decline of politicians with real convictions, it’s more about business. Successful businesses, by necessity, need to employ sophisticated marketing techniques to capture and retain market share. It’s an ongoing and expensive process. I’ll give you an example.

I have a friend, a woman who worked in the office of a well-known Political leader. She was given the job of researching a topic and briefing another politician for a TV interview. She did this and tried to contact said politician to deliver the briefing in a timely manner, but she had no joy. She kept trying, until this politician had a quick look at the briefing as he walked down the corridor to the TV studio. During the interview he just regurgitated the party line, obviously had no grasp of the issues at hand, but he was a polished performer and he got away with it. This doesn’t say much for politicians though, the thoughts going through his head were probably to do with what was for lunch, his bank account or what trinket to buy his mistress; he was just a mouthpiece.

We expect far too much from politicians, in reality they’re just mouthpieces or salesmen for a well-oiled marketing machine – a machine with only one purpose: to gain and retain power. This is an expensive machine to run.

Another example: many years ago, we were approached by a leading Blue Chip company to research the effects of a few minor changes to their logo upon their target market. It took about a month and cost over a hundred thousand pounds. That was twenty years ago. The results were read by the marketing director and his team and they decided to try something else, so we conducted more research. Eighteen months or so later at a cost of just under a million pounds, they made the changes to their logo. You can imagine the massive cost of a complete strategic marketing campaign: massive. Ever finer market positioning, promotion techniques, it goes on endlessly and is far more sophisticated than the man in the street could ever realise.

I was talking to the marketing department of a national chain of Pizza restaurants. We discussed how their pizzas, although quite nice, were just pizzas, like any other pizza restaurant’s product. The point is; people were not buying pizzas, they were buying a very cleverly marketed brand.

The Conservatives are an old brand, but they’re having to adapt and reposition to gain a bigger market share. I’ve noticed how May’s appearance has changed since becoming Prime Minister, she looks ever more like mutton dressed as lamb. Hence my name for May, I call her Mutton Chops May. We’ve seen the conservatives over the years, re-position from a right wing party to the centre ground and now May’s just given a speech worthy of Gordon Brown or Angela Merkel. As politicians fight for power – I hope you can see this – it has nothing to do with their values, beliefs or convictions. These can change at a moment’s notice. The truth is that the majority of politicians are whores that will tell you anything to gain power.

So how does UKIP fit into this? The reason I still support UKIP is that it’s a party, in the past led by a man with very strong convictions, backed up by a team of similarly driven people that had the courage of their convictions. I am not about to suggest for one moment that UKIP should abandon its convictions, on the contrary! I think we can do a lot with this.

UKIP has grown from a fringe party to a party that has political influence if not representation. Amazingly UKIP is now the only credible opposition to the Conservatives. As such UKIP has a duty to provide that opposition to maintain our democracy. UKIP has a lot in common with many small businesses that grow and achieve success, and one day they hit the big time. They’re suddenly under-resourced and underfunded, having to play by a new set of rules, so they need new strategies.

UKIP must either learn to play the strategy game or fade into obscurity, and that would be bad for the country. It’s no use blaming Paul Nuttall. If any other Conservative politician was left in a similar position, they would become ineffective too: teamwork is needed. UKIP has become like a rabbit staring into the headlights of a car, but it won’t stare for long, it’ll be run over.

UKIP could be on the threshold of even greater things. After giving it some thought, I’ve decided that the Conservatives are far from invincible and UKIP could win the next election. UKIP will need to find new backers, resources and expert help. This is a step that all growing businesses face and it is not insurmountable.

Our country needs a political party that has some genuine conviction left. From my dealings with UKIP members I know this to be the case. I urge UKIP and all members to grab this opportunity with both hands and make the most of it, for the sake of the country.

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I'm not living in the UK at the moment, and I'm an ex university lecturer in IT and MBA. I don't belong to any political party but if I was in the UK I'd be with UKIP.

48 Comments on The Strategy Game

  1. Never has so much money and truth been squandered by all parties in the Westminster Bubble to discredit UKIP. Many of their filth column remain as UKIP members.

  2. The impending Stoke-on-Trent Central bye-election provides us with an opportunity to double our MP representation!
    This depends on Paul Nuttall’s leadership strategies, policies, and practices – all of which currently impress me as complacently waiting for voters to come to us instead of us reaching-out to them to convince them that we deserve their vote over and above all other parties.
    We have so many open goals but we are not scoring due to poor targeted marketing with allied ethical sales.
    Donald Duck’s 1154am on 12/01/2017 contribution merits attention by UKIP’s Leaders: I raised his Item 1 by asking the pertinent question on BBC TV QUESTION TIME on 27th November 2016 and was surprised at the acclamation I received from other members of THE AUDIENCE.

  3. We, British Non-Economists have an ethical duty to appraise and optimise the contents of the education and training of Economists – including Mr Mark Carney of The Bank of England.
    This should protect aspiring and future Economists from current contaminations!

  4. The thing to remember, is that when David Cameron won his first term, he couldn’t even win a majority against Gordon Brown, the most despised Prime Minister the country’s ever had.

    At the last election the Tories still weren’t popular and had to use scare tactics to win. Clever yes, but I still don’t think that the majority of people in this country have much love for the Tories.

    We can shoot the Tories down if we get our act together.

    Politics isn’t my thing and I have no desire to be involved in it. I’ve only ever been interested in: sailing, flying, scuba-diving, hunting, fishing, women, wine and song. So, when someone like me starts writing for a political party, there’s something very wrong somewhere. Please get rid of the Tories and I can get on with my normal life.

    • Flyer, over here there is no normal life any more.

      • Dee, as I’ve suspected and it makes me furious. When I was growing up in England I lived on a beach, in the summer I’d run out of school and straight into the sea for a swim. I thought I was so lucky to live in a such a nice civilised country. It breaks my heart to see what is happening.

        This multicultural lunacy is destroying much of the civilised world. I’ve been following newspaper articles about black gangs rioting, mugging and beating people up in Melbourne. Melbourne for Christ sake, a beautiful city like Melbourne. I despair, none of us will escape for long.

        • Flyer, I mentioned Nelson to an Aussie cousin. She was blank about it and thought it irrelevant. But Australia would not be there as it is without the Navy being unchallengeable for a century after Trafalgar. People just don’t see any more the vigour required to retain anywhere or someone will take it off you. They think smiles and goodwill will do because that’s the ‘progressive’ pap they are fed. It’s happening in Australia too.

          At least in the US a political novice was able to seize the presidency from the ‘professionals’. It says something positive does it not.

  5. Okay, Flyer, this is what I would like UKIP’s convictions to be.
    1) unashamedly a United Kingdom Party. English Nationalism is all very well, CK, but Wales has fallen out of love with Labour and into love with UKIP – it will not serve UKIP well to leave us out. Every policy we have should be in the interests of Britain. As Panmelia says, everything should flow from that.
    2) Law and Order. Properly funded and resourced Police Force supported by Government to administer the Law of the Land. If that means using water cannon on demonstrations against closing down of no go areas – which we need to robustly insist there are, everybody knows it but no politicans will admit it – so be it.
    Law and Order can only be effective if we can imprison those who break the Law. So properly resourced and funded Prison Officers also supported by Government, and a Prison building Programme.
    3) One wife – polygamy is against British Law. Prison sentences for anyone assisting FGM. Ban the bin bag (is that the burqa?). This is not now extreme, most of Europe is doing so. Outlaw Sharia Courts, marriage mediation, if necessary, should be done by British councillors as is currently done for the rest of us. Marriage mediation is the main excuse used for Sharia Courts.
    4) anyone with placards demanding death to others – straight to court. We are not allowed to do it, neither should extremists of any colour. Anyone preaching death to others, ditto.
    There is more to be done under Law and Order but that’s a start.
    NHS – must be sorted out. You can throw money at it for ever, but hospitals that advertise a £45,000 job as Assistant, (assistant mind you) equality and diversity officer or something similar, which I saw the other day, is not spending money in the right way.
    Mandatory English classes for all who live here or come here,
    we should not be spending money on interpreters in every Public Service, this is ridiculous
    Buy British when sourcing for Public Services and Armed Forces where ever possible.
    Proper help and respect for Armed Forces, equipment/housing aftercare. I will post again about Bill Etheridge below Panmelia, after what she said yesterday.
    Help for SME’s, that’s for the money people.
    Benefits, child benefits tapering from 1 to 4 children ending at 4.

    In summary. We all know what is wrong with Britain, what UKIP has to uniquely do is TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT IT. People will respect the UKIP – look at the shit Nigel got over paying for overseas HIV from Luvvies – ordinary people knew he was dead right.
    For too long all Politicans have lied and lied to suit the agenda, people are sick of it and will vote for the party that tells the truth.
    But, I fear our top team will not do it, WHY can’t they understand that people are desperate for a ‘toxically truthful’ party.

    • Sorry there are typos and strange sentences above, but I have been painting the sitting room and am in a rush!

    • Dee,

      I think the convictions you state are far better than the ones I have quoted below. Anyway, after watching May in PMQ’s yesterday I was just wondering is the film ‘La La Land’ a documentary about the day to day running of Westminster?

      • DD one things for sure, if we all like it – hashtag team sensible won’t!
        Do visit Bill Etheridge’s Utube talk, DD, and comment. The only person who’s actually asking members about his brief.

    • Dee- I like that We’re going to need some very big prisons though,maybe we should just build big walls around places like Luton etc.

    • “toxically truthful” party. If only – that is exactly what is needed Dee and IMHO the rest would follow. Perfectly put Dee, but are we shouting into the wind.

    • GEOFFREY CHARLES ELLIOTT. // January 13, 2017 at 2:29 am // Reply

      Dee yes Wales has fallen out of love with labour,the problem that we’ve got here in the RCT Branch is that we still have a massive problem with tribal voting.Here in Pontypridd we have Serial Liar Owen Smith who is a total nutjob,he is too thick even
      to realise that the traditional Labour Valley Areas backed to leave the corrupt EU,and in so doing rejected the official Labour Parties Policies,Pontypridd voted 53.7% to leave that sinking ship.Smirh has never ever done anything for Pontypridd.Never ever had a proper job,only ever worked in Politics or in Media,the BBC(The Biased Brainwashing Corporation),and of course American Company Pfizer,as chief lobbyist,
      to get them involved in the Private Sector of the NHS,he then went to work for yet
      another American Company,Amgem who were fined $762 Million,for selling an ant-
      anemia drug that caused cancer,when it was not even approved.You can see what scum Smith is,he is a vile remainiac,who is pro the free movement of people,
      pro Islam,pro Climate Change,the biggest lie ever told,pro closing the last of our efficient coal fired power stations down,pro totally inefficient foreign built Windmills,
      and pro letting tens of thousands foreign students get British Residency,as once their
      degree courses at the University of Glamorgan,Treforest,Pontypridd finish,many want to stay,and even though they haven’t got jobs(we haven’t got any work for our own young people even),no one is ever refused,yet another load or bloody foreigners that we will have to keep forever.My God no wonder our own poor people can’t get a council house(actually all operated by housing associations now).
      My whole point is that our poor people like sheep still vote for Serial Liar Smith,just as their fathers did,and their whole families did also around here theire is an old joke,and that is,if they stuck a red rosette on a Donkey,our Peasants would all vote for that donkey.Sorry Dee but no water canons,as the Mozzie Mayor of London,
      Siddiq Kahn,the well known former terrorist sympathiser and vile remainiac and
      Britain Hating Human Rights act Lawyer,whose every case was against our very own
      British Soldiers,is SELLING ALL 3 WATER CANONONS,that Boris Johnson bought from the Germans.
      Sorry again no money for any more Prisons,as we’ve got to keep more Criminal representatives from most countries in the World locked up than any other country in the World.It is now official,Britain has become the Crime Capital of Europe.They all know we are the softest touch in the world,sentences given so short,and then only served for half the tariff.Commit a crime here,serve a few months in Prison,which are all now more like 4 Star Hotels,and straight back out to commit more crime,and back on Benefits,what a great life it must be for foreign criminals living in Britain.
      No one knows anymore,the true population of Britain,illegal or otherwise.
      What I do know is that we are so full,everything is starting to grind to a halt.
      Why should we have to accept that constant growth,and more and more people with their never ending need for more and more houses,and more development is actually good for us,believe me this is sheer madness,and we who care must stop Sharia May,and the other enemies of Britain

  6. Yes Flyer but what exactly is the strategy? – other than having convictions? OK, so we have them – but what about the policies?

    The two convictions that unite us are the EU and immigration. To win on both we need clever policies to maximise support, especially on the economy. That is the debate we must now have, and quickly.

    • Trump won the election in USA. What policies of his were most voters aware of, just build a wall, stick it up ISIS and American jobs for American people? They just needed to have faith that he would do the right thing.

      • Firstly John, UK is not America.
        Secondly that’s 3 policies (well, 2 really because there is no overt or coherent policy on “going after ISIS”). OK.
        And ours? We need to have a bit more substance in order for people to “have faith”. Yes we have immigtration, but that’s pretty bland. It jhas to be the economy.

  7. I hope that those in UKIP who are deemed fit to stand as electoral candidates are the uncontaminated, unbribed, sincere and patriotic people of integrity who will make the usual suspects of Westminster look like heavily shop-soiled spivs and con artists.

    There is ONE main conviction I hope we all share in UKIP: that it is the happiness and welfare and safety of the real British people, the ones to whom this country belongs by ancient right that must come first in every consideration of policy.
    Once that principle is established, all policies flow from it, including a very short deadline for exiting the EU and getting back everything that was stolen from us, abolishing foreign aid, massively reducing immigration to visas for vital posts only, ending immigration from muslim countries, rolling back the islamisation of this country, ensuring only British law prevails in every circumstance, intern terror suspects, and a programme of repatriation to encourage those who do not share our values to return whence they or their antecedents came.

    And of course, abolishing the licence fee. It would make everyone happy not being ripped off by that.

    • Panmelia and everybody here. Bill Etheridge is asking on Utube#UKIP apparently will get you there, I can’t link I went from Twitter, but you can all find it, that all UKIP members tell him what they would like UKIP’s policy to be, he is Armed Forces Defence spokesman, can’t remember what the title is.He is willing to discuss at branch meetings or contact him, he wants members to be involved in forming policy. You can hear him say all this and more on Utube. HOW WONDERFUL THAT SOMEONE WANTS TO HEAR FROM MEMBERS,!! Let’s do it, let’s not let him down.

  8. Not to worry, everything is in hand.

    Just wait for the launch of UKIP’s exciting new manifesto on 17 February. Mr NuttaLL is dictating to Ms Evans as we speak, so that she can legitimately say she wrote it.

    • Thomas, see above, at least Bill Etheridge wants to listen to members. It might catch on! Please go to Utube and listen, he will come to a branch meeting to discuss.

  9. Flyer, your article is a breath of fresh air.
    I have always likened UKIP and its policies as a “product” to be SOLD..

    The Brexit campaign was an excellent example of a sales operation, where a polyglot bunch of mostly untrained members and helpers became an effective out in the market place selling body

    But that was “sales” – “marketing” is a different operation involving strategy, the message including its USP (Unique selling point) must be identified, likely customers noted, prepared mentally and advertising and media fixed.

    To be quite honest I think strategy and marketing support from the leave side was distinctly hairy (almost non existent from UKIP sources – most of our visual aids and literature came from Vote LEAVE)
    But to the rookie salesman, there is no greater impulse to success than success, even with our improvised verbal pitches our products were being snatched out of our hands. (Great Product!!)

    It`s a great article Flyer – are we likely to get any response from Head Office?
    Do we have anybody willing to take this party by the scruff of the neck and not only devise strategy, but get hold of the “New backers,Resouces and expert help” you point out are necessary????????
    Our USP is that we are the only party uncontaminated by 40 odd years of EU filth and that we know the only way forward is by telling the truth

  10. Mrs. May has always looked like mutton dressed as lamb in my opinion, but she was quite a classy dresser at one time. But if I spent £900.00 on a pair of leather trousers I would expect to look good, the fact is I would not spend that amount when some of the people I served cannot afford to feed their children.

    UKIP have until 2020 tops to become a nationalist party with a strong commitment to repatriation. If they dont not enough people will vote for them.
    I expect English Nationalism to continue to grow until it is the absolute norm for native born people in England. They will want their country back.
    Multiculturalism and other brands evils of marxism is dying and will be replaced. the English are waking up ( in part due to SNP and PC).
    UKIP at the moment is too bland, it needs blood and guts rhetoric. It is why we were on the winning side in 1940..we were not prepared to back down in the face of defeat and it was why the British in Canada Oz NZ and South Africa had no doubts about sticking at it. Watch the growth of nationalism in 2017..on youtube as it will be ignored on the needs to be abolished bbc.

    • I live in the heart of darkness – London. Even here you can see doubt creeping in about the whole caboodle they’ve been sold. You can smell it all over. People have not yet decided that the old tale was wrong but they are wondering why things don’t seem to quite fit any more with what they were supposed to expect from the progressive society.

    • Repatriation: the topic that “they” will never discuss but an essential one. Even if immigration were to be cut to zero from the Muslim world many of our towns and cities are already overrun and we are becoming further outnumbered in those areas by the day.

      Repatriation can be started in a “soft” manner by cutting their benefits and giving them free flights and a grant to leave. No-one ever considered the long term effect of the recent refugee flight on their own countries; they are needed there to rebuild them.

      If it doesn’t start soon we will lose our country for good.

  12. “OK, then, just one question. What ARE UKIP’s convictions?”

    Ah! Now that’s a good question. Why don’t you all comment and let us know what you think?

    • Well, it seems to me they are as follows:

      1) Repeal 1972 European communities act immediately, so leaving the EU and ceasing paying payments from when that is activated.

      2) Restore our 200 mile fishing rights.

      3) Introduce Australian points based system for future immigration.
      4) Ban Sharia Courts (not sure how this would work as I understand Jews have family courts as well)

      5) Invest more in our armed forces.

      This is where it gets a bit wholly for me,

      6) Doing something with the tax system which I think means introducing this flat tax figure, and abolishing inheritance tax altogether.

      7) Boosting funding for the NHS using money from that saved by not paying into the EU, but not the full £350 million obviously.

      8) Re-introducing grammar schools.

      I cannot think of anything else at the moment, perhaps some people may be able to add to this list

  13. Thinnish Free-Thinker // January 12, 2017 at 9:45 am // Reply

    Yes, it’s precisely the marketing-led, style-without-substance, kind of politics that many voters detest and have voted against in, for example, the election of Donald Trump. It’s also the reason that Jeremy Corbyn remains a popular leader of the Labour Party, in spite of attempts of the powers that be, who would much prefer a bribable, manipulable whore, whom they could totally control, to unseat him: he has convictions.

    The point of flyer’s posting? That parties with conviction may be the parties of the future? I hope so.

    OK, then, just one question. What ARE UKIP’s convictions?

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