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The real meaning of TORY

Having listened to Dave’s vision of Britain under his leadership, my reaction was to identify various words ending in TORY and attribute relevant meanings to them.  I believe this helps to highlight the negatives associated with, or that are applicable to, the self-proclaimed, so-called modern, compassionate Conservatives:

Accusatory: blaming the cohesive heritage population for the failings of the numerous minorities;

Capitulatory: giving in to considerations of race, sex, orientation and religion before merit;

Circumlocutory: avoiding answering questions and inverting common sense;

Compensatory: prepared to pay any claim of injustice, however spurious or outdated;

Conciliatory: pander to almost any bogus or bizarre complaint

Condemnatory: chastise the many for wanting to preserve our culture, traditions and values;

Confiscatory: taking away our sense of individuality, identity, pride and history;

Contradictory: proposing equality for all while not treating everyone the same;

Contributory: sendingmillions of pounds a dayto a wasteful, corrupt and unelected EU;

Derogatory: the language used when trying to combat UKIP;

Desultory: current immigration policy;

Dilatory: police and social services inRotherham; many elsewhere who likewisefailed to act;

Hallucinatory: the belief that Britain cannot survive and prosper outside the EU;

Inflammatory: espousing the notion that we must be in the EU in order to be worthwhile;

Inhibitory: a victim culture which stifles free speech and makes crimes of innocent words and actions;

Mandatory: promote minority rights and values above those of the majority;

Migratory: the impulse of many people who can’t bear to see what’s happening to this country;

Nugatory: the small worth of what the EU will concede to Britain;

Obfuscatory: the manner in which any new EU deal will be explained by the government;

Obligatory: sending money abroad, much of which could better serve the needy in this country;

Oratory: soundbites and platitudes, little substance;

Perfunctory: house building policy. Not too few houses, TOO MANY PEOPLE;

Predatory: paedophiles, particularly those of Pakistani provenance or Muslim persuasion;

Prehistory: the source of Muslim actions, attitudes and beliefs;

Prohibitory: Muslim culture;

Purgatory: imprisoned by Islamic thinking and conduct; shackled to the EU;

Retaliatory: what the residual EU would notand, in its own interests, could not be after Britain leaves;

Regulatory: the overbearing, invasive EU;

Unsatisfactory: the democratic deficit and unaccountability of publicly funded organisations.


Once the vote to leave is secured, these Tory words can enter the UKIP lexicon:


Celebratory: the mood after British exit from the European Union;

Congratulatory: the feeling towards those who got us out of the EU;

Crematory: the building where the mountain of EU laws, directives, rules and regulations are burnt;

Deregulatory: the sweeping aside of the many impediments holding this country back;

Emancipatory: freeing women from the cave-man attitudes held bymembers of some sections of society;

Exploratory: seek new markets; re-establish old friendships, betrayed when we joined the Common Market;

Inspiratory: the result of being a free, independent and empowered country again;

Reconciliatory: be friends, co-operate and trade with our European neighbours but not be tied to them;

Satisfactory: the condition of the British people when they find all the scaremongering was exactly that;

Transitory: any after effects of leaving the EU;

Valedictory: goodbye EU, hello big wide world;

VICTORY: stemming largely from the existence, persistence and effort of UKIP.

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5 Comments on The real meaning of TORY

  1. Oh I forgot – what about History?
    The constant rewriting of which the EU is responsible
    ……………and perhaps their greatest sin of all
    ……………for that is the BIG LIE

  2. Hey you missed some Richard
    Lavatory – the pan Greek democracy was washed down
    Amatory – Love of the whole obnoxious EU plan
    Laboratory – The smelly habitat where the whole EU experiment was hatched.
    Circulatory – The effect on the life blood of the system that suffers from the dead hand of EU regulation and fudge.
    Confiscatory – The Default attitude of EU authority :ref Greek assets.
    Discriminatory – Take your pick.
    Lavatory – Receptacle provided in which to wash away human REMAINS
    Hope my humour is not too lavatory(i)al

  3. Thanks Richard, for putting into a list, all of the treacherous manouverings of the ConLabLibSnpGreens.
    Their avoidance of recognition of their personal limitations, lack of ability, merit, skills, and the jealousy and envy of those who can, is limitless.
    UKIP should be proud of their exposure of the intended subjugation of the British peoples, especially the English.

  4. In the Torygraph, Janet Daley reckons there’s no difference between Left and Right:

    Here’s my comment on their pages regarding her article:

    There is no difference between Left and Right, in Janet’s eyes, as the Conservatives are now as Left-Wing as NuLabour was, while CorbyLabour has moved further leftwards, their vacated spot now filled by the Lib Dems.

    And, well done today’s Editor, that photo of “Call Me Dave” speaks pure evil: the devil incarnate

  5. Every one could as easily be a Socialist policy, that is what is wrong with the Party that used to be Conservative…Cameron has a lot to answer for

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