I have been thinking hard about the formation of the government after the election on May 7th and can only come to one solution. It is not original but it is one that has been suggested and dismissed several times already. A Government of National Unity between Labour and the Conservatives will have a total of over 500 parliamentary seats.

Such a coalition is really not as difficult to resolve as the coalition of the Tories and the Liberal Democrats was. Apart from their origins, funding and primarily their approaches to the economy they are now both centre left parties.

They will agree that they cannot now hold a referendum on EU membership. The NHS will be pledged more money and welfare cuts will continue but will be ‘fairer’. The mansion tax will be dropped in exchange for not getting rid of the present inheritance tax threshold. HS2 will roll on, as will overseas aid now set in law. They will go ahead with the replacement for Trident nuclear weapons and four new submarines.

Climate change subsidies will be frozen but legislation will be enacted to prevent objections to onshore wind farms. Education will have a moderate increase in spending during the 5-year term. The surplus of Captains and Admirals in the Navy will be severely reduced and barracks will close as redundancies in the army continue. Other smaller departments will have funding reduced. That pretty much sums up the Queen’s speech.

In order that George Osborne will be the Chancellor instead of Ed Balls it is agreed that Ed Miliband will be Prime Minister and Theresa May Deputy Prime Minister. To balance the party power Yvette Cooper will be Home Secretary. David Cameron will become Leader of the House of Commons as well as Foreign Secretary, which gives him income, title, and prowess on the home front and World stage prior to Britain’s 6 month Presidency of the EU Commission due in 2017.

Philip Hammond will become Defence Secretary again. No doubt Caroline Flint will become the new rottweiler and Secretary of State in the Department of Energy & Climate Change, ably assisted by John Prescott as second in command of the Department.

I needn’t guess at any others because there will be several ministers like Sajiv Javid, Sadiq Khan, and Chuka Umunna who must have prominent positions and likewise some high profile female ministers such as Harriet Harman, Liz Truss, Justine Greening, and Theresa Villiers to find positions for.

One of the greatest advantages of the Government of National Unity is that it will completely destroy the power of UKIP, Plaid Cymru, and the Liberals. The only drawback will be that the largest opposition party will now be the SNP who will no doubt have Alex Salmond as Opposition Leader, giving him the platform he always dreamed of.

The Unity Government can then continue to waste billions of pounds on things that the majority of the electorate do NOT support, Climate Change, EU membership, Overseas Aid, and HS2. It will have no hope of reducing the deficit by 2020, but public spending will have increased so many will be happy about that.

Together the left of centre Unity Government parties can ensure that the people of this nation continue towards ever closer union with the EU, until that day when the UK has been broken into its EU regions each with its own devolved powers, and that the government at Westminster is no longer required.

The Magna Carta octo-centenary being celebrated this year will have come to nought with the right of habeas corpus given away and the lives lost fighting for our sovereignty and the fight of ordinary folk for the right to vote lost to a socialist technocracy controlled by foreigners.

Don’t listen to their scare stories about letting the others in. Vote only to reduce both the MPs of Labour and Conservative to make our voices heard.

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