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The new punk

Earlier this year I started watching RT (a.k.a. Russia Today) again. It sometimes provides an illuminating alternative perspective to the globalist Western mainstream media – so long as you take with a pinch of salt their bias and defensiveness when it comes to any criticism of Russia. I found myself getting tired though of many of the, albeit anti-globalist, hard left presenters, particularly the UK-based ones, and one-by-one stopped recording each programme. I even grew weary of Max Keiser’s ridiculing of Brexit and President Trump without providing backup arguments and constantly plugging crypto-currencies to boost his business.

I still have a backlog of old RT programmes on my hard disk recorder which I am working through. A few days ago I watched an episode of Sputnik. This programme is often presented by traitor-unto-his-people and inciter of Muslim youths George Galloway, but on this occasion was presented by his stand-in. While I can’t abide for a moment centre-left globalist politicians and broadcasters, I sometimes think that maybe if you put me in the same room as some of these anti-globalist old commies for long enough, maybe we could come to some kind of agreement.

The first half of the programme was an interview with an almost-Stalinist historian, berating any account of the Second World War which was critical of the Soviet Union and didn’t credit it with single-handedly saving the world from Nazism. The guest in the second half was actress Margi Clarke – best known for her role in the 1980s film Letter to Brezhnev and for presenting late night television programmes about sex in the 1990s. She trades on her image as an endearing working class Scouser and is billed as ‘The Queen of Liverpool’.

The chummy leftie interview ranged across her most famous film, how working class she was, how anti-Murdoch she was and how Liverpudlians invented all modern British culture. In the final moments of the show, the interviewer asked: “So what do you think is the new punk?” She responded: “Tradition, not cultural Marxism.”

This was all the more intriguing for her use of the term ‘Cultural Marxism’, which is normally only used by the right and rarely heard among leftists. (I would have liked to have been able to reproduce this exchange verbatim. However, having deleted the programme off my HDD payer, all attempts to find any reference to it via web search, YouTube or RT’s website have drawn a blank. I have been through every Sputnik episode on the site. I swear I am not going potty and did not dream this.)

On the subject of punks, John Lydon – formerly Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols – a few months ago announced on live television to Piers Morgan and the Strictly Come Dancing woman that he supported Brexit because he was “one of” the working class and that he saw Donald Trump as a possible friend. This was a 180 degree U-turn from some of his previous comments but he had a book to promote and he likes to stir up controversy.

There’s nothing particularly working class about being a much-feted (and presumably quite wealthy) cultural icon who now lives in California – nor in being an arts student in Bromley. Artists, trendies and middle class radicals have always craved the edgy kudos lent by being associated by the working class and the down-trodden. John Lydon was ahead of the curve in recognising it was the left-behind provincial working class who voted for Brexit and for Trump. Right now there is a vicious class snobbery among metropolitan/young/arty/trendy/leftie types of which they have spectacularly zero self-awareness. How long before the penny starts to drop?

John Lydon’s former bandmate in PIL, bassist Jah Wobble, who in the 1990s incorporated flavours from Africa, the Middle East, South America and around the world into his music, describes in his auto-biography how, as a proud traditional East Ender, he noticed the community spirit destroyed and the atmosphere become more threatening as large numbers of Muslims moved-in, but his liberal friends didn’t want to acknowledge it. In the end he moved out to Marple near Stockport to find a community like the one he had grown up with. (I notice Jah Wobble no longer seems to be the darling of the music critics. I saw him a couple of years ago playing to about 100 people in a small club in Reading, no way covering his costs.)

Johnny Marr scrapped plans last year for a Smiths reunion tour in protest at the ever-cantankerous Morrissey’s pro-Brexit stance. Morrissey spoke out after the Manchester attack against the determination by politicians and policy not to clearly describe the perpetrator as Muslim. He has always has a patriotic streak though. When he’s not writing surreal homoerotic songs about East End gangsters or National Front discos, he’s cursing the Channel Tunnel to collapse.

Sadly I don’t see the youth turning en masse to this new punk quite yet – but Paul Joseph Watson quotes some interesting research that the Generation Z starting to come through has more conservative attitudes than the Generation Y social justice warriors in the US at least. He quite rightly points out that liberalism is now the dominant culture – and you can’t be both the dominant culture and the counter-culture at the same time. Conservatism is the new counter-culture.

I can’t help but draw parallels between the 1950s and today – notwithstanding the fact that some readers like my parents may look fondly on the 1950s as a golden age of decent and proud British values. Cultural Marxism has created a new uptight, prescriptive, judgemental, stagnant, uncreative and declining culture in which bad things happen to you if you step out of line. The next generation may, like that of the rock era, overthrow the straight-jacket of the values of the generation which preceded it and fight for the freedom to explore ideas, creativity, natural sexuality, enterprise, individualism and unifying identity.

I fear they may be faced less with the bewildered indignation but tolerant acceptance of post-war Britain and something more like the crushing police state response of the Soviet Union. There is a chance though that my young son may have been born into exciting times.

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Part of the London diaspora, Comrade K. now lives in exile in Cardiff, where he is active in his local UKIP branch. He has come a circuitous political route from enjoying winding-up leftists at school, but then, because he thought the ‘60s seemed really cool even though he wasn’t there, indulging revolutionary socialist fantasies during his student years, even going so extreme as becoming a Labour party activist for several years. K. however eventually came round to sense and, despite being seduced by some green philosophies which he still hasn’t entirely repudiated, realised that free-thinking, intelligence and individuality is something entirely different to mindlessly repeating what all his trendy friends and celebrity icons told him … plus he found that going along with feminism didn’t get him girlfriends after all.

19 Comments on The new punk

  1. Comrade
    For a long time now I have been searching for a definitive answer to the ‘what’s going on?’ question.

    I have just stumbled onto something that, in my view, comes close.

    Some time ago, I now learn, Rich Higgins wrote a memorandum that was so good it got him fired from the National Security Council in the US. So far, I have only found excerpts.

    Here is Rich Higgins being interviewed, I gather, some time before he penned his memo.

    Here are links giving excerpts from the memo he subsequently wrote:

    In this one Alex Jones also goes over it giving more detail. For those who are put off by Alex’s style he gets into the memo proper at the 19:00 mark although I personally found his lead-up very informative.

    Here is the written information itself together with an introduction.

  2. Hugo, because the plan is the Genocide of the indigenous people of Europe, isn’t obvious yet? And which group appears to be behind this insidious agenda, well Barbara gives a hint.

    • Yes I have heard that point. But why do it? What is the purpose underlying that? Is it revenge for the Holocaust? But that makes no sense – Allied forces liberated the concentration camps.

      And if Britain and America are destroyed by Islam, how exactly does that help Jews or Israel? I am struggling to see the point of it all.

      • Hugo,
        Spectre (apt name) sounds wedded to the infamous Coudon-Kalergi plan for white genocide, world government and the Jews playing some kind of spiritual role as we all head into some fantastic multicultural, coffee-coloured sunset….
        Don’t try to make any sense out of it: if you could understand it, you’d be as wackadoodle as those fruitloops are. What we have to do is oppose these people’s ideas as hard and as relentlessly as possible whenever one of our homegrown idiots starts spouting off, pretending he knows what he/she’s talking about.

        PSI’m not sure I’ve spelt Coudon-Kalergi correctly, but he’s in Wikipedia. A very dangerous mix of Japanese/German, the late political philosopher is so highly thought of in the EU that they award CK prizes to the likes of Merkel. I kid you not!

      • I suppose once Islam conquers the ‘Western’ world, the Jews will be free to expand Israel by invading countries such as Syria, without the West getting in the way?

        • Stuart – no that does not make much sense. Israel obtains much military equipment from the USA. If the USA becomes Islamic then that will be halted very rapidly.

  3. Hugo, Spectre has been at it for years, she is rightly loathed by many.

  4. Great speech by Nigel: Nigel Farage LIVE from GWU at YAF’s 39th NCSC, please watch, he has not lost his mojo thankfully.

  5. Ck, I too watch RT quite often, as you say, it (used to) give quite a good different perspective on especially World News. In about the last eight months however it seems to have become rather more Globalist – I also watch French News – and if I can bear to, turn over to watch BBC news at ten, simply to see the different bulls*** that is being spun to the various nations (I’m that sad!). It’s really because gone are the days when,there is anything watchable anywhere, or even listenable to on the radio – I would recommend Jon Gaunt Talk2Me radio, 4-6 weekdays and podcast as well for free and fair wide ranging discussion without OFCOM’s interference. As he says, internet broadcasting is what most people do listen to and watch these days – increasingly MSM is being ignored. So many good links given on Twitter too.
    It may be that it will be the children of these lefty virtue signaling groupthink young adults will be the ones to really kick back against Cultural Marxism – whether it will be in time, I don’t know. Then again, very impressed by Periscope conversations, especially by a young chap called Scott Anthony, who has made it his mission to educate people of his age. There is also Anne the Greek UK Lover, a friend of Anne Marie’s – all these people are taking up the current challenge. This is why it will be not just a travesty but a tragedy if Anne Marie isn’t allowed to stand for UKIP – were she to win, membership would go through the roof and UKIP really might be a Party to be reckoned with. One of their up-coming Marches is called ‘Silent No More’ – which I think is a brilliant title, I hope it does well. Twitter says it was unreported by anyone that yesterday’s Veterans Against Terrorism has 50,000 supporters – it’s hard to tell from the utube video, but if anyone is interested, Pepe Rameraz UTube followed the march, interviewing people, most of whom said they have decided that the time has come to do something. Why is UKIP so stuck in the past?

    • Dee,

      According to Mr. Crowther’s latest post AMW’s is being allowed to stand unless she gets blocked further down the line. Yesterday I joined the march that the ‘Veterans against Terrorism’ arranged in London, it all went well although we did not actually march very far, but they did at least hand in their petition and letter requesting that the 3,000 known Jihadis be arrested. We really need more people to come forward and voice their anger about this situation and join in or are they just waiting for another attack?

      Anyway, another FLA march is being arranged for the 7th, October again in London where they are hoping for a much bigger crowd possibly 30,000, this is what is needed to make the government and the public take notice. I hope to attend that one too, you can see a short video of yesterdays march on the ‘Veterans’ facebook page and I beleive it was reported by Breitbart too, please give them all the support you can as they are trying to make this a safer country for all of us.

      I have to say I found the two young girls playing the bagpipes at the front of the demo very moving, and I am very proud and glad for these people that show their concern and defiance towards these cowardly monsters. The best quote for me was when one of the speakers said that the government advice on what to do when under attack “Run, hide and tell”, was not what they thought we should do but better to “stand, fight and win”, sounded much better and got a tremendous roar from the crowd.

      Unlike the present government and elite we must not show any fear and fight for what is rightfully ours: our freedom.

      • Thank you DD for that, I watched Pepe’s livestream, which he does for all these events. Next time, can you, if you see a guy with a camera, give me a shout! I do all I can on Twitter to publicize all these things, I keep saying,the answer is that people must march, and the marches must be large enough to frighten the Government. If only I were fit, I would have loved to come and march with you – that would make me feel so proud! More power to your feet, you do it for me!

      • P.S. DD – is Mr Crowther’s observation weasel words because the ‘vetting panel’ will be the ones used as an excuse. I’m afraid I don’t trust him.

    • Thanks Dee. I’ll look up those people.
      Frankly I think UKIP just needs to be put out if its misery now. They’ll stop AMW standing, thousands will leave in disgust and that’ll finish UKIP off. We can then start something new and vibrant which links-in with all these exciting activists and movements which the UKIP leadership is ignoring.

      • I agree, Comarde Keith, said as much to a UKIP Branch member today on Twitter, who said if Anne Marie was barred her Branch would fold. Anne Marie has the start of something with For Britain, and online is cheaper – if UKIP don’t want to field her, many will need a home to go to. I really hope it doesn’t happen, but it’s not up to us.
        UKIP could video all the legal and informal ‘hustings’ on Periscope – it’s so easy to work. Ed DeMolay did Anne Marie’s launch that way. So many opportunities, so far studiously, even strenuously ignored by UKIP. All we have is the Spectator article, helpfully linked by our interim Chairman in his latest email (when I saw it I deleted As had already read it) – when asked for his vision for UKIP’s future, that which he described was said by the interviewer to sound like ‘a mission statement for a pageant or festival’ ! And Mr Crowther was so pleased with that assessment he sent it via email to every hapless UKIP member! That about sums up their vision!

  6. I wonder when the younger generation will come to understand that they have been conned? The moment when “Oh Jeremy Corbyn” changes to “[some rude expression] Jeremy Corbyn” will mark the start of the transition.

    If, hopefully when, that awakening occurs, then Labour in particular will go into steep decline. When the young understand that their birthright has been sold for a mess of pottage they will be furious.

    UKIP needs to have sorted out its internal conflicts, sorted out its policies to be coherent and relevant, and have an attractive and rational presentation, before this awakening happens.

    I do feel keenly that the fate of the younger generation will be dire. If current demographic trends continue then they will be living their later years in a state of Dhimmitude. UKIP, particularly those at the top, need to get their head around this. And come up with some credible plans to avert it.

    Have you come across Barbara Spectre?

    If she is concerned about anti-Semitism increasing, why would she want to import large numbers of immigrants whose culture is anti-Semitic? I find it a baffling contradiction.

    • Hugo, those at the top of UKIP are, I’m afraid, as self-absorbed as all the other so called Politicos. Just this carry-on about Anne Marie is testament to that – the fact that people (I won’t name them, but both in England and Wales) who have the media ear label her as Extreme and Far-Right, even Nazi, means that UKIP has a lot of work to do before it will be trusted by the majority of young people who need a Political Party to vote for.

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