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The New Politicians

I am sure that we have all sat around a table talking with friends and relatives and had that conversation “if I was the prime minister I would…” I am sure the same can be said for many Americans too as they ponder the wondrous things they could if they were the President of those United States.

Out political class has in the main, but not exclusively of course, arisen from and been supplemented by, people who have been to university straight from school. They then go onto obtain a position within the Westminster elite as political aids, researchers or personal assistants. Some will venture out to obtain experience in the charity world or within political think tanks but invariably they accede to the calling and meander back to the political fold for safety, succour and a guarantee of advancement onto the green benches of parliament.

This career path is now subject to much scrutiny as the people who they seek to serve ask the questions “are they qualified, do they have the right experience for such a position?” the clamour for such a forensic examination of those put forward for election is growing.

There is a clear discord between the public and some of the people who are elected to represent them in the commons. More importantly the decisions being made are now, it seems, ever much more crucial to the working man and women they affect so deeply.

It makes common sense to this writer that people attaining the lofty heights of ministerial office should have a minimum of time served working within that sector. It just has to be correct that someone in Health, Education, Home office and all others should be from within that family. There is no sign of course that the status quo in this country is about to change soon.

It is though, a very different story across the pond. Donald trump has seriously bucked the trend as he has personally never held a political office. He is without a doubt the first President of the USA from a purely business background, he is free from the shackles of big money that supported his rivals campaigns. He is free from corporations and banks that would without a doubt call in favours as he progresses through his first term.

He has also seriously taken on the press, he claims that they are bad people and corrupt. He circumvents the press and their chance therefore to put a spin on things by directly tweeting his millions of followers each and every day.

The biggest thing he has changed is the appointments he has made to cabinet office positions. His new appointments are people directly from business, the judiciary and the armed services. These people have a massive burden on their shoulders, not just with the office they now hold and the intense scrutiny they will now be under. They have, as they are in many cases the first in history, to receive such an appointment, to perform and succeed.

They must perform to the highest of levels if we are ever to see the same changes here in Great Britain. This is the first chance, the first time and it has to be successful. The eyes of the world are on them.For sure if this new way of governing falters then the ‘swamp’ of Washington will very quickly fill up again. Most certainly if this experiment over the pond does not work then the so called ‘swamp’ of Westminster will never be drained.

Ordinary people from ordinary backgrounds representing ordinary people will, I am confident catch on eventually here. But it has a much greater chance of appearing much sooner if Mr Trump has got this right. Our eyes are turned to the west to keep a beady eye on what takes place there.

I wish them luck, providing they can pass through assessment from a very left wing approvals panel of course. The Democrats have done everything they can think of to stop and arrest the succession of most of the appointees. Common sense triumphed though and they are all in place. Who would have thought, an educator in charge of education and an army general in charge of the army?  Genius? No not at all just common sense.

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Stephen Place
About Stephen Place (28 Articles)
I am the Chairman of the Ukip Richmond (Yorks) branch. I am also deputy chair of North Yorkshire.

5 Comments on The New Politicians

  1. GEOFFREY CHARLES ELLIOTT. // February 14, 2017 at 11:42 pm // Reply

    Stephen thanks for reminding us about all the lunatics and traitors that have taken over the Asylum,and are running our once great peaceful and prosperous country into the ground.
    The career Politicians on all sides of THE HOUSE have failed us,the British Public for over 30 years,they have no conception of the real World
    I share nothing with the craven liberal elite,or the loony left wing,both are hell-bent on destroying our Country.
    Remember everyone that the vast majority of all MP’s are still remainiacs,they wanted us to remain shackled to the sinking ship,which is the corrupt EU.Our borders are non-existent,we are stuffed full of so called economic migrants,who will never ever work,and whom we will all have to house,clothe and feed for the rest of their lives.And to make matters worse,Cam-moron was actively encouraging the vast
    Muslim State of Turkey join the EU,of course he denied it but the proof is well documented.The idiots who still run our Country are indeed so seriously deluded,that
    These self serving career politicians appear to me to be enemies of the state.
    Everything that they do ends in disaster.We have the highest energy costs in the World and huge increases have just been announced.Their idiotic Green Policies have just about shut down most of our countries manufacturing industry.They have no effect on Climate whatsoever,all they really do is move our people’s jobs to areas of the World such as China,that have no environmental interests whatsoever.The sheer madness is that on top of our workers massive job losses,we then have to have everything that we used to make here in Britain,shipped back to us.
    Today in Britain we are at a crossroads,and now more than ever our people and our country need us in UKIP to get our message of truth and honesty across,
    starting with our victory at Stoke for our great leader Paul Nutall.So please I urge everyone who is going to our Conference in Bolton this Friday,to come to Stoke on the Saturday,to help us in the battle to get our Country back.
    Thank you,Geoff.Elliott,UKIP,RCT Branch,Pontypridd.

    • Come the GE it will be surprising the number of remainer MPs who will suddenly become pro Brexit , unless their constituents are remainers, nothing focuses the mind better than the thought of losing your job.

  2. I so agree, Stephen – a long time ago we had a Minister of Agriculture who actually understood the brief. Since then, to take just this one example, agricultural policy has been chaotic, disorganised and has meant that Britain’s food future has been allowed to descend into dangerous territory for the Nation. It is the same in every department. I too am crossing my fingers that Trump’s appointees may show the way, as you say, as many obstacles as possible will be put in their way, because this is exactly what will derail the Globalist project of worldwide control.

  3. Up to a point Stephen – there are always splits in ‘expert’ opinion, whether in power or merely advisory. It’s all about sound judgment – and the experts don’t always have a very good track record, as we know.
    And the best way to stop the careerism of which you rightly complain is 2-terms-and-you’re out.

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