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The most important lawsuit in the world is now in appeal

What is almost certainly the most important current lawsuit in the world — and to the world — is now in appeal and awaiting judicial review in California, USA.

The lawsuit was filed last year by two US citizens. Michael Shaw and Rosa Koire,  who were concerned that an unelected regional body is in the process of using $350 billion of unknowing San Francisco bay area taxpayers’ money to execute a corporate plan, which is being franchised globally by the United Nations, and that seeks to merge large portions of the Bay Area and environs into a single, sustainable “mega region” or economic “powerhouse”, known as the One Bay Area project. (Every franchise of the global project has its own local name.)

The newly-created One Bay Area “mega region” is to be run, along with future similarly merged regions nationwide across the USA, by an unelected body comprising corporate and appointed government  experts, none of whom were elected to their position on a board that has no democratic legitimacy, a la the European Union. The two citizens lost the first round of the legal contest, and have now filed their appeal in a higher court. Win or lose, it is likely that the case will eventually be presented to the US Supreme Court.

The UN justifies the urgent need for the enforced, anti-democratic mega regions and the obliteration of democratically created jurisdictions worldwide by claiming that doing so helps combat so-called climate change. Local apologists for the mega regions scheme — essentially the creation of an unelected parallel government — also claim that mega regions create efficiencies of scale for the taxpaying public by merging the (often artificially) dwindling resources of many town and city services.

The reality is that the One Bay Area project being litigated in California, is part of UN Agenda 21/2030 , a plan for unadulterated corporatist global governance. UN Agenda 21/2030 was written at the behest of global bankers, by unelected global “experts”, several of them members of the Communist Party,  in 1992, and has since been baked into the laws of nearly every nation in the world under the guise of “sustainability”. UN Agenda 21/2030 mind bogglingly seeks to inventory and control every human and every economic, industrial, agricultural, financial, political, social, natural and other system on Earth using global uniformity of laws and homogenization of the conditions that drive those systems. Again, the similarity with the EU is striking.

One Bay Area is the test case for the creation of mega regions; it’s a prototype. If successful, it will be reproduced globally, creating hundreds of corporate-controlled mega regions that erase every  democratically run city, village and town in the world.

Much of what’s happening in California will be familiar to many here in the UK. Who hasn’t heard Cameron and Osborne spout their pet phrase “creating a northern powerhouse”? And who isn’t aware of the recent creation of unelected regional development bodies, such as Local Enterprise Partnerships, which take no notice at all of voters’ wishes, nor of democratically established municipal boundaries and their lawful jurisdictions? The starving of public services? The evisceration of police forces? The installation of “elected “mayors of merged regions? The consolidation of fire departments, and the consolidation of medical clinics?  These are all occurring as a result of the UK government dutifully and deceitfully executing the regionalization element of UN Agenda 21/2030. Not surprisingly, this “austerity” and mega regionalization is in perfect accord with the EU’s vast regionalization agenda, which, itself, is part of UN Agenda 21/2030, to create a single European Union region.

So what does a lawsuit in California have to do with regionalization in the UK? The answer is that, if One Bay Area isn’t strangled in its cot, it will be sold as a US endorsement of the global scheme and thus more easily replicated worldwide, and it will grow into a global tyranny the likes of which humanity has never seen. It will be fed the medical, financial, travel and every other type of electronic data it needs for a comprehensive human inventory; even our personal e-mails are being collected. It will be fed the funding it needs by greedy corporatists and unwitting taxpayers. It will be fed the legitimacy it needs by a too-easily corrupted global scientific and academic cartel, who will amplify their lies through the cacophonic ranting of useful idiots  — particularly climate change idiots — in the corrupt mass media worldwide. All of this data collection, inventorying and control will be enabled by the massive increase in technological and computing capacity over the past few decades, all of which is now at the disposal of the globalizers.

So, unless we’re sick enough of democracy and contemptuous enough of our existing democratic civic infrastructure to turn control of the world — yes, the world — over to a tiny gang of bankers and globalizers, we need to resist the creation of One Bay Area-type regionalization wherever we are. The first step on this vital journey toward resistance is to get educated on UN Agenda 21/2030, and the only way to get educated is to drop any knee-jerk reaction we might have to ridiculing the important information we need and just get stuck in to the freely available documents issued by the UN, ICLEI, One Bay Area etc.

With all of the pro-“sustainability” brainwashing of our children now well underway, we truly are their, and the world’s, last line of defense.

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Les lives in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. He's an ex-pat Brit and UKIP Supporter of old. He also runs the website Necessary Intervention

8 Comments on The most important lawsuit in the world is now in appeal

  1. Could this be linked with TTIP that CaMORON claims to have initiated and is so avid to go into effect.
    These “units” could not the be challenged legally..
    One thing puzzles me though, this rush to “one size fits all” world government – has anybody told the Muslims?
    Surely they won`t be prepared to join in such a decadent organisation as Western Libertineism. And there`s an awful lot of them worldwide!
    or is the intention to have bi-lateral world rule the “goodies” and the “also rans”?

  2. Thanks for alerting us Les. This must be stopped dead in its tracks.

  3. Problem is that large numbers of people are fed up with our type of democracy, feel it is too remote, have given up on any remedies and just live from day to day clinging onto the hope that ” it won’t happen to me”, or “There but for the grace of God go I”.
    Whether you believe your fellow elector is capable or sufficiently educated and knowledgeable, there are still some who have a contempt for their fellow voters, and don’t think they are capable or able, and should not have the right to decide.
    The State is becoming too involved in matters for which it was never set up, and too disiniterested in defence and security matters, which is what it was set up for.
    The UN, EU, World Bank, IMF, Bilderbergers, Civil service, even some lodges of the Fremasons have contributed and sustained the small cliques of tyrannical, dictatorial and evil self-interested psychopaths to sustain ther positions and use and abuse the people to serve them.

    • Well said.
      If there is hope, then maybe it’s in the jolt that people will feel when they realise that they are strangers in their own land, and that their identity has been scrubbed from them by the groups you mention.
      One thing seems evident these days: the globalizing gangs you mention do seem to be panicking and moving faster than I think they would like to, perhaps because they see a sh*t load of angry people out for their blood in their rearview mirror …

      • I live in hope, and the fundamental truth that people will put up with so much before they rebel and make their feelings known.
        But, if the establishment continue, through the State, to control the Banks, Medicine, Insurances, Legal profession, Politicians, public servants, pensions, commercial distribution, money supply and the rules for inventing finance, then the outcome will be bloody, messy, controversial and costly in lives and loyalties.
        It will leave a legacy of bitterness, envy, hatred, legitimised theft and robbery, ongoing propaganda and fraud, the like of which could be compared, or worse, than 1929-36 or 2007 – today and onwards.

        • And let’s not forget the mass of unelected NGOs and Common Purpose-type “think tanks” that are slowly replacing democratic government as decision-makers.

      • They do indeed seem to be moving faster, but maybe because they have succeeded thus far, and now sense an early victory.

        I have doubts that the people will rise up and fight; they are faced with a superior enemy able to employ sophisticated weaponry. Our only hope would be in the police and military taking the side of the people. Of course we also have the other enemy within who, no doubt, will seize on the opportunity to impose their beliefs and might also rely on support from our government as now seems to be the case.

        I must admit that, although I am inclined to fight, I have already advised my kids to leave once they have completed their education. There are still a few countries where a global government will be resisted; the worry is for how long?

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