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The Faces of Evil

Do you ever wonder why the world stumbles from economic crisis to economic crisis, with ceaseless wars and conflict, never seeming to get any better? Today I’m going to talk about why.

Firstly, I’m going to recommend a video documentary that examines the evil of fractional reserve central banking and makes a strong case for a public banking system:

“Earth Unchained: The Public Bank Revolution (2017)”

I like this documentary, because it explains the central banking system much more clearly than I can and makes a very strong case for a public banking system. This documentary, unlike many to be found on the Internet, is based on and includes material from some very reputable academic sources. I recommend you watch this rather long documentary. Even if it does get a little fanciful towards the end, overall it is very clear and solid. Please share this video and perhaps this article on social media, time is getting short and we must get the word out.

Many people these days are aware of the fractional reserve banking system and fiat currencies, but I think they are not aware of the full implications of this. In order to create a million pounds or dollars, a bank only needs to have one hundred thousand in depositor’s money and one hundred thousand of its own money, the rest is created from thin air. Once upon a time, it was necessary to print the money – at least it had some intrinsic value as toilet paper. In the electronic age this has been reduced to a few taps on a keyboard. We’re all paying interest on something intangible, something created in cyberspace.

When a bank exceeds its reserve requirement, it simply borrows from the central bank (e.g. Bank of England, or the Federal Reserve). Governments also borrow money from central banks on which they must pay interest, interest collected from us via taxes. I know I’m oversimplifying this, but the video explains it in much more depth and I have limited space. The point I’m trying to make – and not many people realise this – is that companies go bust, people save money and for a host of other reasons there is always a shortfall in the loan repayments, a shortfall covered by more debt. Because of this constant leveraging, a nation’s debt can never be repaid. The talk of paying off a nation’s debt is rubbish. Due to the nature of the system, this isn’t possible.

And so, we, our children and grandchildren, are faced with paying interest on an exponentially increasing, intangible debt that has been created from thin air. This is slavery in every sense of the word. The bankers have control of our governments that, instead of representing us, represent the banks as their debt collectors. The bankers in the same way have control of corporations and industry. Many technological advances have been stifled because it was not in the banker’s interest to allow these advances which may have had the potential to ease our current food and energy shortages.

The very nature of the central banking system generally has a very polarising effect on the world’s population: an inequality caused by the flow of the world’s wealth upwards towards elite bankers and businessmen, people who know how to exchange worthless and intangible fiat currencies for tangible essential resources that they will control.

Let’s look at two possible scenarios.

Firstly, what will happen if the debt gets so big that inflation runs away, leaving much of society homeless and impoverished? The population will no longer be able to support the financial system, asset prices will crash. This will probably happen eventually, probably followed by a complete collapse of the financial system; some have suggested this could be a mass extinction event. In a country like the United Kingdom that has a population out of proportion with its physical size and can no longer sustain itself with either food of energy, mass casualties would be inevitable along with civil unrest and violence. There has been some speculation that Donald Trump is being set up as the fall guy for this scenario.

The second scenario involves trying to keep our debt based system going. This will involve virtually slave labour and the disposal of the elderly and sick, anybody that is not productive. See my previous article Human Cattle and Agenda 21. This is the real reason for the globalists’ desire for open borders. To keep their extremely lucrative system running, they would like to turn the whole world into a human farm with sweatshop slavery. We’re already seeing this, as mass immigration lowers wages and the value of human labour in our countries. The globalists’ claimed altruism for the third world is entirely false. They’re pursuing their own selfish agenda. Either of these scenarios will be a complete disaster for the average British citizen, and many others worldwide.

The scenarios that I describe have happened before and they usually end in war. This is very much on the cards. It is probably no coincidence that countries such as Russia that are not part of the global banking system, or Middle Eastern countries that threatened to trade oil in other currencies than US dollars, have become the focus for globalist aggression. Elite bankers in pursuit of their globalist plans care not how many people they kill to achieve their goals.

Tony Blair as a globalist puppet and war criminal with the blood of countless thousands of people on his hands, committed his crimes and was well rewarded for his pursuit of the globalist agenda. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were prepared to initiate a war with Russia as this country is an obstacle to the bankers plans for global dominance. A war with Russia could potentially become nuclear, killing millions of people, an event that would also have served the globalists desire for depopulation. These smiling, seemingly affable people are really the faces of evil, along with Merkel, Juncker, Barroso, Soros and many others. Unfortunately, our current Prime Minister is a confirmed, self-confessed globalist.

Whether you believe in the Devil or not, these faces of evil are enough to convince you of his existence.

There is an excellent case for public banking, the world will never improve, there will always be massive inequality and we’ll never move on while we’re all slaves to the globalists central banking system. I urge you to watch the video documentary I’ve recommended and share it!

“If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.” (Gutle Schnaper Rothschild)

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I’m not living in the UK at the moment, and I’m an ex university lecturer in IT and MBA. I don’t belong to any political party but if I was in the UK I’d be with UKIP.

8 Comments on The Faces of Evil

  1. Bernard from Bucks // February 4, 2017 at 4:55 pm // Reply

    I keep hearing stories about a ‘Bradbury Pound’ which was used around the time of the First World War. Does anyone know about it and would it be relevant to today’s problems?

  2. We have a national bank. It’s called The Bank of England.

    • Sorry Debbie – I Said I was hopeless at Economics, maybe I mean a National – ized Bank do I? Like the Bank of North Dakota.

    • Sadly it is supposedly independent of government and presently under the governorship of Carney*, a Canadian appointed by Osborne our globalist Chancellor at the time.
      Other members of the Monetary Policy Committee:

      Dr Ben Broadbent – Deputy Governor, Monetary Policy*

      Nemat (Minouche) Shafik – Deputy Governor, Markets & Banking – Ex IMF

      Sir Jon Cunliffe – Deputy Governor, Financial Stability – formerly UK Permanent Representative to the European Union

      Andy Haldane – Chief Economist and Executive Director, Monetary Analysis & Statistics

      Kristin Forbes – Professor of Management and Global Economics at the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

      Ian McCafferty – previously Chief Economic Adviser to the CBI

      Michael Saunders – Head of European Economics at Citigroup from 1998 to 2016

      Dr Gertjan Vlieghe – ex Brevan Howard Asset Management and Deutsche Bank

      * ex Goldman Sachs.

      The above is just a small selection of their staff. I would be surprised if any of them act in our interests rather than those of the globalists. Heaven forbid that we should challenge them; the alternative of public banking would not be in their broader interests.

      More at

      • Yes! These people are trying to take our country, just as much as Hitler or anyone lese that’s tried ir over the centuries. These people, are just using lies, subterfuge and stealth instead of bombs and bullets, different tactics. Actually it all sounds very Islamic, makes you wonder.

        The third world war has already started!!

  3. Phew! I’m hopeless at economics but was determined to watch the videe because it was recommended by you, Flyer – what a brilliant watch, even if I wouldn’t be able to give a lecture on it!
    Would a National Bank be sufficient, or would there have to be regional Banks as well?
    Quercus’s insistance on a National Bank seems an essential I now understand. Has UKIP got a competent economic spokesperson who would be able to explain it? How can we get UKIP to adopt it? Ordinary people like me need to have the benefits explained simply and as shortly as possible, but it would seem the ideal way to end the power of the Bankers.
    I think it would win votes if it was explained as the way to curb the power of Bankers – everyone knows that the system is deeply unfair, there’s no need to over-egg it. I think people would get behind a National Bank that would finance small/medium business etc – everyone knows that PFI is a disaster (because they see it in the NHS) and that’s roughly how Banking operates but on a giant scale. (I think!)
    As usual my enthusiasm will fade away when we discover that a National Bank will not be UKIP policy – but at the moment, there is hope!

    • Not so much a national bank, as a move away from the fractional reserve banking that is enslaving us and making a handful of people wealthy beyond belief.

      I’ve never minded people turning a coin but this is something else. In a true democracy, the government should represent us, the people, not bankers.

      It never ceases to amaze me that many millions of people, allow themselves to be herded like cattle by a few very unpleasant people.

      Unfortunately, the way things are going, particularly in the US, where the sore losers are not prepared to accept the authority of a democratically elected and very popular president: we’re headed for trouble. I think that’s the real plan, civil unrest and violence, to kill a lot of us off. We’re dealing with psychopaths!

  4. Excellent video; even if people don’t watch the whole they can get a good explanation of how the current system fails them. I’m uneasy about their “Venus Project” though as it looks a bit like Agenda 21 to me.

    UKIP needs a proper financial strategy but unfortunately the subject is perhaps too dry to win votes. The global elite behind the present system obviously have great wealth and influence (control). They will be hard to shift and their removal night require some “creative solutions”.

    As for Blair I’m sure that many of us would be happy to pull the lever.

    As ever it would be interesting to know the views of the UKIP leadership on this topic.

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