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The Bolton Affair

Henry Bolton

First came that letter to us members, like a bolt out of the blue, alerting us to ‘private news’ going to be splashed across the pages of a red-top paper, The Sun.

Then came that article, followed by more articles in the MSM. Then the Sunday papers published even more articles. The comment posts (where allowed) were … interesting. I assume you have seen some of them, so shall refrain from going into details. One thing is certain: it’s been a very long time since a leader of UKIP has garnered that much attention in the MSM!

However, it seems that two things have slipped a bit below the horizon. One is the question what this ‘love affair’ means for the future of our Party, the other is a puzzle to which I’ll come later.

That so many of us are deeply disappointed, that those more closely connected to Henry and his leadership campaign are distraught – that goes without saying. It’s not just his cheating on his wives, it’s that we now all ask what else has he not told us, what does this say about his personal and political judgement, and what does it means for UKIP. Had he not realised that in politics, nothing is private?

Not only did he show an extreme lack of political instinct, he did so in spades. Firstly, by writing that long letter to members only after he knew it would come out, and omitting the details we now find splashed all over the MSM. It was galling because he’d not written anything to members on issues important to us. Secondly, by acting as if nothing extraordinary had happened – look at his twitter feed: business-as-usual.

Btw – someone tell him that tweets are not = communicating with all members! Above all, someone tell him that yes, he’s entitled to his private life but not when, from its inception, his affair was splashed across his ‘n her social media accounts and thus made public.

We ordinary members have been warned repeatedly to be extremely careful on social media because the MSM will use anything they can find there against us. Had nobody told Henry and Jo? Are they aware that tweets using screenshots of some of her facebook pages like this one:

are circulating on twitter – and that all of UKIP will now be tarred with that brush? Ordinary members would at the very least have been hauled in for a disciplinary hearing, for having put this sort of thing on their Facebook page!

At least members must now be told the full truth, all of it, no secrecy. And at the very least members should receive an apology for the distress caused – that ought to be another letter to members.

There are already calls for Henry to step down, the latest by Star Etheridge, the UKIP Spokeswoman for Disabilities who resigned from her post in Henry’s shadow cabinet because of his behaviour.

His affair will certainly be on the agenda at today’s NEC meeting.

I expect that questions which ordinary members have raised, not only in online comments but also privately, will therefore remain unanswered, for example: who will be the chairman replacing the “interim chairman” who has been “interim” since July 2016? If he isn’t replaced, watch member numbers drop like a boulder. Many have made their continuing membership conditional on that particular change.

But perhaps the NEC will ‘make Henry go’ … and then what? Who is to replace him? The Deputy, Margot Parker? Steve Crowther as ‘Interim leader’ just like last June? And then – another election?

No, I think there’ll just be a wrist-slap for Henry and then back to ‘normal’, i.e. the same old same old because Henry has now truly shackled himself. Thus the changes Henry proposed in a letter to members last year will be quietly put aside. Everything will remain just as it was, especially no input accepted from us ‘little people’: we’re still being taken for granted by the Party ‘grandees’, our voices will not be heard.

More members are already leaving, not simply because of this public affair but because Henry put his personal delectations before Party. We accused LibLabCon politicians of putting ego before Party before Country. Now our leader has done the same. Have membership numbers risen to such an extent since September 29th 2017 that this new exodus is just a petitesse, to be brushed off?

Now for the puzzle I mentioned above.

I find it strange how we seem to have gone all Victorian about this affair. While I in no way condone or excuse Henry’s behaviour, I do wonder why nobody seems to even question the behaviour of Ms Marney, never mind criticise her. In an odd twist, today it’s the male members, not the female ones, who are  the most critical – of Henry, but not Ms Marney. She doesn’t figure. Male Victorians in contrast forgave the sinning male – the female was condemned by all.

Is this perhaps a sign of how far we’ve already swallowed the feminist agenda, namely that no female can do wrong, even if she wrongs another female?

Or worse – have we bought into the latest meme that females, even the savvy topless models who delight having their half-naked poses splashed across the nation’s papers, are so feeble, weak and helpless that they are incapable of resisting a man’s advances? That they are by nature incapable of making advances themselves and are thus innocent?

It’s not that long ago that women, especially married ones, while rallying round the maligned wife and condemning the culprit, would soundly and publicly condemn and shame the woman who was the partner in such affair. ‘Home-wreckers’, they were called, and they’d be given the cut direct.

So what about Ms Marney? Is she really the totally innocent, helpless victim in this? The photos accompanying this article would indicate otherwise.

Me, not being particularly known for mealy-mouthedness, I’d say we call her not just ‘home-wrecker’ but also ‘Party-wrecker’ and give her the cut direct.

Oh and btw – I don’t buy the excuse of ‘fell instantly in love’. I’d call it something else entirely …


[There will be a follow-up article tomorrow.]


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134 Comments on The Bolton Affair

  1. And somewhere in there, Chris, is HB’s excuciatingly funny psychobabble reference to ‘continuing to support Jo’s parents’ or some such.
    Can anyone imagine anyone in the whole wide world being so desperate that they need ‘support’ from this mountebank ? Least of all his ex g~f’s parents. Is this some desperate cover by HB to beg them for a sofa to kip on ?
    I wonder ( but don’t care ! 🙂 ) where he and she were supposed to be going when they were found at the train station.

    • Amazing, he cannot even talk straight about being at Ashford Eurostar terminal.

      I detest psychobabble and am glad I missed that bit about supporting Jo’s parents.

      He must have very deep pockets to fund all this carry on.
      I do hope his wife has access to the toughest of lawyers.
      A sofa is too good for him.

  2. (just a note to clarify, I try not to write when I’m angry, but have been watching BBC1, BBC breakfast from 7:30 am to 8:30am on Monday 15th January,
    the BBC head line on UKIP & Henry Bolton is that “he refuses to resign and needs to hold the government to account on Brexit” then the interview with Henry Bolton is all about his relationship with his girlfriend and her comments involving Prince Harry.)

  3. What is going on.

    UKIP have succeeded in bringing pleasure to the BBC,
    their BBC broadcasters are having a fantastic happy of happiest day.

    “the romantic aspect should end” what does that mean ????

    It is absolutely clear HENRY BOLTON has brought UKIP into disrepute.
    The BBC can link UKIP to making racist comments against Prince Harry.

    Is he on a contract with UKIP
    Why cannot the wreckers at the top of UKIP just suspend him for bringing UKIP into disrepute.
    Why are they incapable of ever making the correct decision ?

    It is shameful. I am angry and disgusted that the UKIP leadership have thrown the long term hard work of all its supporters down the media toilet.

    Nigel Farage left the party. It is nothing to do with him to “save” it. It is down to the leadership.

    Henry Bolton with the idiotic interview with the BBC is just rubbing UKIP supporters noses in his activities.

    This is nothing short of depressing.

  4. I was toying with the idea of re-joining the UKIP Party but unfortunately have decided against it. I felt uneasy regarding Henry Bolton from the beginning (he seems to be very lacklustre and devoid of any personality) and after this scandal concerning him, I’m afraid I cannot support a leader of a Party who is serial philanderer. It is a shame as there are so many other deserving people in UKIP to be leader and the country desperately needs a credible alternative party at present!

    • In Berkshire UKIP Members are resigning, or deferring renewal of their membership until they see how the Bolton fiasco is resolved. We have very few activists in Berkshire, but even fully paid up members who have not resigned are feeling very disappointed and depressed, so that they are completely unmotivated. They are not prepared to work for a Leader who shows such poor judgement. Thankfully,the overwhelming majority of voters have never heard of Henry Bolton or Jo Marney, so the amount of damage which has been done is limited. The media were only interested in them for a couple of days, and quickly moved on to being obsessed by Theresa May’s cabinet reshuffle, and Donald Trump calling himself a stable genius. The antics of Henry Bolton and Jo Marney will not be newsworthy again. He’s not exactly John Profumo, and nor is she Christine Keeler. So Jo Marney has had her brief moment of fame, and it’s all downhill from now onward. Everyone who thinks they are a Leader should look behind them occasionally. If they look behind, and no one is following them, by definition, they are not a Leader.

      • After the last couple of days and with HB all over the television news this morning, I think we can safely say that the voting public have certainly heard of him now. Very depressing.

  5. On a positive note, at least he has not been touching her ‘inappropriately’ 😀
    Or will more serious ‘allegations’ come forward in a few more days time? “Our love affair turned sour after he raped me” 😮
    I just wonder where this is leading…

    • It’s leading nowhere good, that’s for sure.
      Some think that it’s possible she’ll accept a nice financial offer and sell her kiss-and-tell story to a red top …

  6. Given his problems with his troublesome trouser-snake, I”m beginning to wonder if his self-confessed proficiency in ‘badger-strangling’ is just a euphemism!

  7. Something not quite right about Henry from the start. No-one with his background should be flaunting army ties or OBEs or talking up his military experiences.
    But more importantly the almost total lack of policy vision, and signal determination to avoid facing up to the main existential threat to our country, should have rung all the alarm bells.

    But Henry is the man he is, and the blame is not primarily his. That dubious accolade goes to the Party establishment, with its careerists and chancers and ex-Interim Leader and his cliched lion, who hardly know the real meaning of leadership, who exhibit all the usual addiction to comfortable delusion, weak judgement and lack of radical zeal worthy of any Tory.
    In fact they might just as well be Tories – they certainly don’t want to do much for our defenceless and voiceless patriotic working class, or appreciate what a real People’s Army could do and how to get its support.

    And of course to that slim majority who voted for the establishment candidate because he was ‘safe’, many of whom are still on here, who share the same lack of judgement. Well you’ve screwed up, haven’t you?

    As we as a Party once warned the wider electorate – WAKE UP!

  8. To some the party has always been a laughing stock,nothing new there, then they won the eu elections etc. then got hit by the establishments hate/smear campaign driven by fear so read into laughing stock as you will.
    If you have a hankering to leave then leave but do not keep on negatively bleating.
    Could very well be another carswell only the guilty will know.
    Could always build on the party membership, now theres an idea,A big enough force of like minded people under the UKIP title would have the voice that could not/would not be ignored by the political treacherous,I don’t need the NEC or H Bolton to tell me that.
    By the by I have no intentions of going anywhere politically.

  9. I am the very model of a political genius.
    I have a tarty girlfriend and no problems with my penius.
    I have no time for UKIP but share pics on social media
    Since my brain is way way better than the best encyclopedia.
    I wear those Mitty Medals that I said were military
    My trousers coloured custard make me look a proper Nelly
    My teeth are f***** and crooked and I look a silly chappie
    I left my wife my kids my home and cannot change a nappy
    In short in matters truthful honest straight or non – mischievious
    I am the very model of a political genius!

    With apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan / The Pirates of Penzance

  10. Its either Bolton goes or I end my membership. Bolton is a stupid creep who obviously lacks any leadership qualities and has zero judgement.

  11. Let’s face it, Members made the wrong choice…..again. that is not hindsight, it was obvious to me when he showed such idiot lack of political nous by trying a legal challenge to AMW as a leadership candidate only to retract within 24 hours.
    My next estimation of Henry as a prize pranny and a mountebank was when I saw him poncing around the Torquay Riviera with a rolled umbrella, trying to looking like some retread from the Avengers.
    Since the election, he has failed to map out any vision for UKIP’s future, give any support to the ready-made OUT NOW campaign, failed to connect UKIP with the people who have no voice in politics, failed to change anything: the chairman and the weird Communications Supremo are still in their exceedingly costly posts.
    Now he has earned the reputation of a serial philanderer and made a shameful laughing stock of himself and UKIP. Donkeys and lions come to mind…..cue logo shambles.
    What I am angry about is that hopeless leadership and crony, incompetent management has destroyed a desperately needed third party that should have been able to break the current fake democracy and restore a genuine system post Brexit.
    I was going to wait until my membership expired in March, but the current embarrassment is too much to bear.
    I can only hope a real third party option with a chance to blow the bloody doors off Westmonster, comes forth this year.

    • Tony I agree with 98% of what you say here and share your desperation.
      But please hang on a while yet : there ARE some good people still in UKIP; a week is a long time in politics and all that.
      It could still happen that UKIP revives.
      Please support my campaign to have the next Leadership election under AV or Single Transferable Vote : it is the first step to getting the possibility of a sound decision from the voting membership as to who the next Leader should be ( absent Nigel ~who knows ? he’s had almost two years’ sabbatical……..maybe he’ll return ? Or one of this summer’s candidates who are still in fact active as an earlier commenter pointed out ?

    • Indeed, you can sometimes tell a lot about someone from their clothes. I first smelt a rat from his publicity photo, the one where he is at some meeting with a simultaneous translation headset on wearing…cuban heel boots a la David Brent. They were a wonderful leading indicator….

      • That and the dodgy dinner jacket and Euro -medals. Evidently he was a ‘French Commando’ too.
        Whatever that is. Probably did that after his professional football career and before he was a Colonel in the SBSASAS with Walter Mitty.

    • That’s damn funny Tony and my goodness we need a laugh. I do hope the UKIP ‘management’ (now there’s an oxymoron) read the comments of members, it will make the decision, which should have happened today, so much easier. Obviously there is no hope for this fool. The vetting system that Rob McWhirter speaks of clearly needs chucking in the bin. Can someone tell me what official role McWhirter has? He seems often be close to ‘mistakes’.

      • Unfortunately I think we are now at the point where we are laughing the kind of laugh that people do on a sinking ship when really they are scared and know that their country and everyone they care about is now worse off because of the stupidity of one individual. Was there ever a time that a patriotic, populist party was more needed than now? And is it clearer than ever that UKIP is not that party? And that everything that has been achieved by UKIP has in fact been achieved by individuals acting within UKIP but despite the people at HQ, except for a certain Mr N Farage, who himself could stand it no longer? And that the only way forward for UKIP is to put a gun to its own head, declare bankruptcy, restructure its way out of its loans, start with a new constitution and rulebook, and become a member-led, populist party instead of a reactionary aristocratic chums club???

      • I have nothing to do with candidate vetting, and indeed, publucly backed a rival leadership candidate!

  12. There really is only one possible way out of/ through this mess now and I think we all know what that is don’t we? The question is though, will he come back????

    • How about waiting for the NEC to act?

      If they do, and in the correct manner, there is hope yet: the country is crying out for a Brexit party, and we have many members in public office already. We know just how hard it is starting a party with nothing, so start again with one we already have!

      However, if the NEC don’t act decisively, within the next few days at the very least, there will be no reason for staying, and my suspicions that the Elite are nothing of the sort will be confirmed. They have been a disaster for quite some time, and they know who they are, so should act in the Party’s interests at heart and act accordingly.

      • I see the NEC have stated:
        ‘It was agreed to defer the discussion to a special NEC meeting, which has been called for ten days time.’

        Ten days! It had better be a decisive meeting!

  13. I am so, so disappointed!!! I’ve been a member for 3 years now but really can’t envisage another renewal. How can we find ourselves and the cause let down in this manner? I feel I’ve been taken for a ride. Surely there was a leadership candidate vetting system in place that should have sounded at least a few alarms? And what else is there to come???
    What more can one say? I really can’t spend any more time going over it all. Surely he can’t continue. What a joke he’s made of us all!

  14. There’s no fool like an old fool. We all know how this relationship ends, the only question is when.

    However I don’t actually care who he’s sleeping with and the party won’t survive another change of leadership. If Bolton can start showing results and keeps his private life out of his job then it’ll all be OK.

    • I cannot for the life of me see why he would suddenly ‘start showing results’..

      Silly old Kippers really blew it this time, can’t see a way back from this one, barring the return of Kermit. Even then..

  15. I’d say the reason the man rightly gets the blame in this instance is simply because people put their trust in him, in his words, his promises to members and so on. He offered himself as a Leader to all of us UKIP members at the time. Many believed him, and believed in him, only to find he offered a false prospectus.
    The woman in this particular story promised nothing to anyone (except perhaps the man she is now with) she hasn’t pretended to be anything she wasn’t – she is what she is, and history is littered with many of the same. They try their luck, and sometimes they succeed.
    So I don’t believe it’s anything to do with a feminist agenda, Viv, it’s simply the blame lies with the person,who pretended he was one thing, and turned out to be someone quite different.
    I look forward to tomorrow’s article – perhaps you will shoot me down in flames!

    • I won’t shoot you down inflames, but, having spoken to quite a few people who asked for confidentiality, let me assure you that Ms Jo is not an innocent free spirit who just happened to meet Henry and thus they both fell in luuurrve.
      Some of the comments below have pointers as to why she isn’t just a hapless helpless girl.
      Some of her behaviour shows what she really is like – see the article I linked to and the photos therein.
      Let me make it quite clear, I’m not condoning or even excusing Henry’s despicable behaviour. But it does take two to tango, and someone who’s aim it obviously was to ‘get’ Henry as trophy is not to be excused or pitied.
      Her Facebook entries speak to her character – see the one in the article.

      • All of which makes Henry horribly gullible – not a quality we want in a leader.

        • Gullible – that’s saying it quite mildly and not as I’d put it, but it’s indeed not what we want in a leader (nor what I have in mind).

      • VIV ~whether the Non Madonna with the Big Boobies is or is not to be excused / pitied or whatever is just not relevant to anything important. If I wanted to start defending her the best pitch might be something along the lines of the follies of youth or whatever ~but I don’t ~I’m just not interested in her at all.

        I AM interested in the serial vows denier utter idiot which HB has shown himself to be in this escapade. Talk about being ‘wrong on so many levels ‘ ~ where does one begin ?

        Leave aside for now the issues of morality concerning how a grown man can abandon his home, his breadwinner wife , and worst of all his two preschool age children ……..leave all that aside : how can someone who has shown such grotesque lack of judgement as to believe that this lady will be staying with him for more than a few days after he resigns the Leadership ~ how can such a person possibly be allowed to continue in a Leadership rôle ?

        Recall also that this has all blown up after nearly four months of virtual invisibility as far as the public are concerned : neither they nor we ( UKIP activists ) have had any indication from him that he is up for the fight of advocating WTO terms Brexit / Proportional Representation / severe restrictions on immigration ~ or anything else.

        I recall something about a badger ?

        If he had been active politically even then I would have been unable to support him further ….But he has actually been invisible.

        It absolutely is NOT about the young lady.

      • Yes, Viv, Miss Jo is an obvious publicity seeker who has seen a chance to further her career – nothing to do with lurrve – that was my point – her kind have acted that way since time began. It was Mr Bolton who pinned an Other Bu****s Efforts Medal to his chest, beat aforesaid chest like an Alfa Male, believed his own hype, promised you all that he was the answer to your prayers, and took the prize. Then he couldn’t even be bothered to TRY to live up to his own inflated ego and his promises – which, had he been anything of a man of honour, he would have had a shot at, even if he wasn’t capable. That’s why he deserves the contempt of those who believed in him, imo.
        I probably haven’t the right, as I’m no longer a member, to say this – but maybe people should look at all the events following the Referendum Result and who was involved before rushing to elect another Leader.
        So many valiant foot soldiers need a Leader without baggage – need and deserve, imo.

        • Oh, Henry deserves the contempt, no doubt about it at all! I keep saying that I neither excuse nor condone what he did – but fair is fair, and she deserves at least equal contempt and disdain, she must’ve known that Henry was married with two small kids. No excuse for her for her predatory behaviour!

  16. This is a story that keeps on giving and for some reason Farage today helped extend its life by basically saying he thought it didn’t matter. An interesting photo appeared on NEC member Mick McGough’s facebook:

    If you can’t access the link it is a photo of Henry getting into a taxi that looks like outside Jo Marney’s 79-year old mother’s house (their love nest, where he answered the door in slippers), hilariously he seems to own two green barbour jackets and I wouldn’t be surprised if that suitcase was full of yellow trousers. If he has also been kicked out of his marital home and expelled from the flat for not paying the management fee and these are his wordly posessions then he can always come and surf on my sofa if he wants but I shall have to put the wife – and on second thoughts, my daughters – into their burkas first lest his eyes wander. Actually, I am now starting to understand the logic of burkas, its all starting to make sense now….

    • Graham

      There is an article on Kipper Central about Nigel’s meeting with Barnier today. At the end of the article is a short paragraph which seems to confirm your observation that Nigel thinks the Bolton situation doesn’t matter much.


      • Well…. she’s had a pop at Banks Wigmore Etheridge Kassam Farage AND Kurten. ( Yep, we have the photos! ) She’s shagged old rock stars sons and wannabe rock stars.
        And Bolton
        Sack him. Depose him.

        • That’s why the UKIP Grandees are closing rank, trying to keep everything under the carpet.
          They must pray on their knees that Ms JM isn’t already in negotiations with The Sun or the DM for a well-renumerated kiss-and-tell report.

          • Its no use though, is it? Nearly ALL the commentators today want him gone.
            Why not have a poll?
            Get rid of the idiot. NOW.
            Before the country tell UKIP to go to hell in May.

          • Well, according to that photo, Henry has moved out of her 79-year old mother’s house now (snorts of derision) so they have presumably split, and odds must be that she’ll do an interview, and that it will come in next day or two whilst story still warm and there is competition for the story. In a week nobody will care except the wife and kids who will be abandoned for life.

    • What does the phrase ‘Like Dersen’ which the NEC member has appended to the photo mean, do you know ?

      • May be some variant of Auf Wiedersehen, which is German for goodbye? Henry has served in Germany with the Royal Hussars, so that makes sense?

      • I guess just fat fingers, he meant auf wiedersehn (try typing that in on a phone!)

        • Purple Potty Mouth // January 8, 2018 at 9:16 pm // Reply

          Silly billies – bet it’s bloody predictive text again. Obviously meant to be auf wiedersehn

          • Predictive text, along with automatic spell ‘corrector’, has much to answer for! I tear my hair out at times over some of the things it does to me.

          • The same here, Brenda – with knobs on! And the worst is to re-read and then not having a clue what one was going to write in the first place until spell checker and predictive text messed things up.

          • Oh for decent “preview post” function, here (hint, hint)

  17. Will this be the final own goal which finally sees UKIP United booed off the pitch?

    I mean…. A party that did so well in the 2015 GE and was absolutely pivotal in 2016 – poised, many thought to take up the mantle of a proper opposition party (unlike the lunatic left of Corbyn’s Labour), has worked hard to squander all the political capital gained over those halycon two years, over the last eighteen months.

    Since Nigel’s resignation, (the first blow of the mallet hammering nails into UKIP’s coffin), the fisticuffs in Brussels, farcical Leadership elections, a widely distrusted NEC election – all culminating in the comic farce of the Stoke By-Election! I used to think the Two Ronnies were really funny but the Two Pauls comic skit, even with matching Harris Tweed suits and flat caps failed to raise a smile and led many of us to feed our Membership Cards through the shredder… Membership plummeted… Could it get any worse?

    Enter Bonking Bolton! There to deliver the Coup de Grace…

    If Nigel steered the SS UKIP into the iceberg of hubris, Nuttall and co burnt the lifeboats.. What nobody was expecting was that Henry Bonking Bolton was shagging the Purser!

    • Eh! cumon I used to be a Purser (1950/60)
      Wouldn`t have touched him with yours mate, never mind mine!.

      The rest of your stuff Gerry only too true, for what it is worth he should go – bringing the party into disrepute indeed notoriety, so should Pokeman go pronto – never liked the bloke`s style – he`s as phoney as Bolton.
      Anyway, as I commented after one of the hustings, I didn`t like his (HB) hand movements which reminded of automata – now I know what they were used for.

  18. I agree

  19. My feelings on the ‘Bolton’ Affair’ are a mixture of anger at being so utterly duped and deep regret for any influence I may have had in influencing others to vote for him. If he had not come along I wouldn’t have voted and may already have left UKIP, despite having paid-up membership to 2020.
    I don’t usually believe in conspiracy theories but, at present, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find Bolton has been in the pay of the EU throughout.

    • Hi Marie

      I’m going to be tough and wag a finger here…you are NOT responsible for anyone else’s behaviour.

      Many of us were taken in by the way Bolton presented himself and could never have foreseen how it would turn out. There was a lot of argument going on at the time regarding another candidate and, I guess, Bolton saw his chance to gain from that. He did enter the leadership contest a bit later than some of the others – why?

      I don’t think you need to feel regret for possibly influencing others. To put this in context, I was influenced by a letter, published on UkipDaily, by Liz Phillips….

      However, although the letter (second one down) helped to influence me it was my OWN decision to vote for him. No-one twisted my arm. So, you are in no way to blame if anyone voted on the basis of anything you may have said.

      You are in no way responsible for the mess UKIP is in so STOP BEATING YOURSELF UP.

      Kind regards and best wishes.

      • Thanks Brenda, just re-read the Liz Phillips letter.
        If there`s anybody due to write us a second letter it is that silver tongued lady – a second letter I mean to apologise

        • Roger

          To some extent I agree with what you say. However, I was mainly concerned with making the point that the final decision to vote for him was entirely mine. This to show Marie (above) that she has no need to beat herself up over things.

          Going back to your point about Liz Phillips ‘silver tongue’ I would love to know whether she’s forgotten about that letter or is simply too embarrassed to come on here in light of the backlash Bolton is getting.

          Also, if Liz Phillips knows him as well as she claimed, and outside the political sphere, then surely she must have known that Tatiana was his third wife and not his second, as we had been led to believe.

          Additionally, the timing of her letter, when people were just about to vote, could be open to question. Was it a ‘set-up’ of some sort? It’s human nature to wonder about these things.

          Kind regards.

          • From my talks with those on what was called ‘Team Henry’, I understand that none of them -and therefore also not Liz Phillips – knew about that second wife. They are all more than distraught, they feel a deep personal betrayal, more than we do.
            So I’d ask you to consider if it’s not conceivable that Mr Bolton was a bit selective in giving out his personal information even to them?

          • Hi Viv

            Thank you for your reply to my post. Yes, I agree, it’s entirely conceivable that Bolton wasn’t straightforward with Liz Phillips and others on his campaign team. That being the case I can understand that they would be distraught.

            He has fooled a lot of people so I will say the same to those people on his campaign team who feel betrayed as I’ve said to Marie. There is no need, in my view, to beat themselves up over something they didn’t know or could not have known.

            Perhaps, if and when you have an opportunity, convey that to them. Thank you.

            Kind regards and best wishes.

    • That’s how I feel. Guilty by association. I was a prime Bolton cheerleader. What a mug. But at least I didn’t shag him….

  20. Based on the assumption that we leave the EU in March 2019 and that all our MEPs stand down at that point and furthermore they disappear never to be heard of again Henry Bolton, with no baggage, would have appeared to be the best qualified candidate to sort out the urgent management of the Party and shape us for our post Brexit future. Quietly beavering away (no pun intended)making the party attractive for competent professionals to lead us forward in our challenge to LIB/LAB/CON.
    He made much of AMW bringing the Party into disrepute should she be elected but here he is making a fool of himself and the Party. There is no doubt his actions will lead to many considering this is the last straw for them and they can no longer be a member of the Party and most his actions may lead to more branches closing and no candidates coming forward because they fear the Party executive is not fit for purpose.
    Yes, perhaps the contributor who said he is now a dead man walking is spot on.
    Whatever happens I believe UKIP has a great future under the right talented leader once out of the EU. There is no other Party for me and therefore I will definitely not be resigning.

    • PurplePottymouth // January 8, 2018 at 4:07 pm // Reply

      There is no other party – period. Have just signed up a new member (In spite of Bolton 😆) because he is concerned that the establishment here & abroad simply won’t allow Brexit to happen.
      Honest, loyal, patriotic UKIP members are desperately fighting against the tsunami of incompetence & idiocy from above. We know what our country needs, the frustration is soul destroying, as is the precipitous drop in vote share.
      I can and will vote/stand Independent in local elections UKIP is lost but there is NO credible party for national elections. (Please For Britain aficionados, even if you get accepted as a party this one is not for me)

      • There IS another party. It’s called For Britain. It’s run by a conviction politician who is not afraid of Islam like the rest of you.

        • Not accurate, Gerard Batten, Lord Pearson and Peter Whittle were there YEARS before AMW and are all still in the party.

          • And what have they actually DONE about it, Graham?

          • Reply to Quercus as we have run out of replies again – my contention is that she was not forced out because of her anti-islam views, which are shared by those two grandees I mention and indeed they contested the leadership in 2009. She was forced out because of her social class and her innnate anti-establishment views which our ruling establishment feared they could not contain. Batten has actually taken far more flack than she has, and Pearson has the guts to stand up in front of the whole house of lords and speak on the subject, one against 600. She really should have been more smart and buddied up with those two, but I sense she is not a team player and having a political party formed around the personality of a single individual isn’t a good idea. In my view, her not forging alliances with those two, and the four radical candidates in the election (or at least two of them) not forming a joint campaign were the worst strategic errors made in the election.

          • Replying to Graham:

            But UKIP is built around a single character – Farage. And now, UKIP has gone back to being a single-issue pressure group. But without Nigel, there’s no pressure from anybody, is there.

  21. Most of my comments on UKIPD over the last year have been generally critical of the Elite, who IMHO have helped UKIP get to where it is today. Whether that is by design or just incompetence I as an ex-member am not in a position to know.

    I have generally kept my faith in the membership by looking at UKIPD and reading the articles and comments of people who are so obviously passionate about the party and their country. We don’t all have to agree about everything. I have often disagreed with icini and have said so, but all through his comments one can tell how much he cares for his country and the people he represents.

    Following David Kurten, Gerard Batten and indeed Peter Whittle on Twitter and following links to videos and articles they have written, I feel assured that they are trying to do their best for country and party. David recently sent an email setting out what he has been doing, and included congrats to Sara Hardman who has won first seat on Bingley Town Council for UKIP beating Con, Lab,Green and Ind. candidates. UKIP can do it. Can’t see any congratulatory tweet on HB’s account. Do people in HO even know she won?

    Peter Whittle has been putting the wind up the aptly named head of the MET- Cressida Dick – regarding child grooming:

    Fearless Gerard Batten has been doing his bit in the EU parliament and making courageous tweets like this that received 36 thousand likes:

    and this 5K likes

    Lord Ashcroft and others are saying Conservative Party membership has dropped to a new low of 70K, (although Cons. won’t confirm) from 3 Million under Churchill/125K under Cameroon. There must be thousands of voters and potential activists out there looking for a party that isn’t controlled by big business, unions or ego maniacs. The opportunity is there but the people who have failed UKIP so badly especially over the last year need to realise that they have had their chance, failed spectacularly and go. Let someone else have a try, could they do worse?

    • Hi John

      There is no reply facility to your comment on the Sunday News thread in which you point out that the first comment by Liberas regarding the Liz Phillips letter back in September was also worth referring back to. Therefore I will reply to you here.

      You are quite correct, it might have made a difference had I actually SEEN it. I have read it in the past few minutes. Thing is, it was the last comment not the first (in order of posting times). If you take another look you will clearly see the Liberals comment was posted at 11.13pm – a considerable number of hours AFTER I had cast my vote and sent it off.


    • As between Gerard Batten, David Kurten and Peter Whittle I would love there to now be a contest just between them, and with some version of Alternative Vote instead of running the election again under the absurd FPTP ( and as I have explained in a previous post last year in my view the Constitution does not actually mandate a FPTP system ~though I accept others may disagree. )

      I certainly know for a fact that Peter Whittle would be good in the rôle ( from having heard him speak and seeing him debate on TV ) ~I don’t know enough about the other two and would like to see them in friendly debate with one another and with Peter.

      YOU are absolutely right that there are some excellent people still in UKIP and also that there is a huge gap in the electoral market for a Party that is principled for the poor and the Nation more generally; and that is led by someone who truly, at long long last, speaks up for the have nots in our society from whom what very little they had in the first place is being taken from them by the ongoing catastrophe of MUI ( HB didn’t even major on that issue whilst he had the chance post the Sept. election ).

      I was SO strongly rooting for HB from September on, but now I believe his resignation is a matter of time ~ probably days rather than weeks.

      So here at UKIPD we must prepare for the Leadership Election to come : my vote is that at least as Interim Leader Steve Crowther should step in again.

      And then have an election far quicker and with far fewer candidates,, and under the AV system, not FPTP.
      Not a single post of support so far (44 posts) under Viv’s article. He just cannot survive.

      In fact any Freudian psychoanalist would tell you straight off that his sudden bout of extreme self destructive behaviour ( abandoning his home and wife / mother of his pre school children, even whilst she is the only adult in the marriage with a well paid job ! to go off with the cliché of clichés : an idiot airhead [ the Non~Madonna With the Big Boobies !] he has persuaded himself is attracted to him [ Yeah ! that shows insight ! ] ) is proof positive that ( not very ) deep down HB does not actually WANT the Leadership now he has it.

      If he HAD wanted it he would have done something constructive with it during the three months he was Leader before he embraced the self destruction.

      • why are you dismissing Anne Marie waters who came a respectable second is it because she left the party as indeed she had no other choice of avenue left to her,surely by your reasoning Anne Marie should be asked back to contest again,this should happen if fairness wins the day

        • Anne Marie wouldn’t come back if they asked her, on a point of principle. And I for one don’t blame her.

          She left the party because Henry Who and Nigel made it clear that she was not welcome in UKIP cos she is a racist nazi. She took perhaps thousands of Kippers with her to the new party ForBritain. Including Yours Truly.

          I said before the election that whoever won the leadership, UKIP would be split in two, due to the stark nature of the arguments in play. It was either gonna be AMW or some other person. And if UKIP wanted to be an active relevant force in politics it HAD to be her or else cease to be noteworthy, ie cease to be radical.

          If Anne Marie had won, despite the fact she had a very reasonable set of policies for the party, a huge chunk of members would have left because they were frightened by her courageous stance on islam and its creeping effect on our culture. She didn’t win and I’m wondering how many of the frightened section regret not voting for the one candidate who would in practice have saved UKIP from oblivion.

          I told you so.

  22. Bolton has failed spectacularly and proved once again that there is no fool like an old fool. He has crashed the carcass of UKIP and prevented it becoming a rallying point for the many Patriots (17.4 million for starters) who want Brexit and who are likely, in the main, to be deeply disappointed with May’s incompetence and betrayal of our country.

    Without a smoking email, we may never know if it was the plan all along but questions need to be asked. How did he come from nowhere and get ushered in at the top? Was it terribly wise to pick an engrained establishment candidate to lead a Party that needs to lead a revolution? Macron-like, he appeared with a CV almost tailored to UKIP voters, and then has assisted Westminster with his dynamic inactivity. Why? He mustered enough energy to attack AMW in a deeply unedifying manner but has not attacked any other targets with the same vigour. Was this his only purpose, to head off AMW and quash the question of Islam? Is he really that incompetent and inexperienced, or is his 360 degree inactivity evidence of another agenda? People may decide for themselves. Either way he must go.

    As for the assertion that recent interim leadership has been of value, we should ask for the supporting evidence. Responsibility and leadership from amongst the MEPs and NEC/HQ remains absent. Meanwhile membership drops and branches dissolve or defect. And, most importantly, our country hears nothing from UKIP for another year. Any Cllrs standing under the UKIP banner in May can expect to have much more free time. By any objective measurement of success and achievement this has been a complete and catastrophic failure.

    We have a duty to fight for Britain and our future. However, whilst the Cause remains, this Party is over.

  23. It’s beginning to look like Bolton will be the end of UKIP. Is this the plan?

    Bolton has ties to senior people in the UN, the EU and the UK security services. He has a mysterious Government contract that stopped him standing in GE17. He was selected and groomed for his “security” roles because he was malleable and will do the bidding of his deep state paymasters without question.

    But AMW had to be stopped somehow…

    • And we know that, if necessary as a last resort, he could have strangled her with his bare hands!

      He is increasingly appearing to be a Walter Mitty sort of chap, perhaps in his own mind resembling 007 in which persona he has “seduced” one of the extras in his internal movie.

      It is, indeed, toe-curling. And, sadly as far as UKIP leadership is concerned, it looks as if he is now dead man walking.

    • Purple Potty Mouth // January 8, 2018 at 1:10 pm // Reply

      Nail, head? If I were a plant, how would I do it? Appear to get to grips with the mess left behind by those before me, put in a good media performance when asked (QT good, LBC with Ferrari last week good) then when I couldn’t hang on incomeless for any longer pick a bit of fluff with form, when it came to attention seeking in the media and bringing the party into disrepute social media posts, to hook up with, swearing blind I’m in luurve. I hope I’m wrong

  24. Purple Potty Mouth // January 8, 2018 at 12:49 pm // Reply

    I don’t normally take red tops (or any other paper) at face value, inaccuracies & omissions are the norm but the Mirror article in the link fits best with my knowledge. That party pic is meaningless, could show you plenty just like that on my phone, me & others, arms round David K, Nigel, Henry – there are a few examples on the UKIP Surrey facebook page and let me assure you….. The rest? Tatiana’s timeline fits with what I know from social chat with our man sans culottes and why on earth leave on Christmas eve of all days? We all understood Margot was in charge while he had a much needed break with his family. Orthodox Christmas now, I hope Tatianas’s being well looked after in the bosom of her family – no wonder the Ruskies wouldn’t give him a visa.
    I reserve my disgust however for the other half – and for our lack of party discipline. The much quoted Grenfell tweet was merely stupid, yes we all know it was grounded in fact and I’m always getting flack off my lot for telling them they have to exercise discretion for the party’s reputation; I stand by that & would have read her the riot act for it. But that comment about nurses? Well.. Let me tell YOU Ms Marney, we DO have a shortage – which is why all the hospitals send search parties to the Philippines,India, Portugal and yet scandalously we had over 80,000 UK applicants for 20,000 places – we are not training enough nurses, or medics for that matter.And do not tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about Ms M. I served 4 years on the health scrutiny board of my county council, I was a governor at my local hospital and at St Piers, the Young Epilepsy school and FE college. Had I seen that tweet I’d have comprehensively trolled you and reported you to your branch chairman and head office. Posh cleaner indeed – good mind to send one of my best members, a former nurse and CQC inspector to have a word with you about that. don’t expect to you to come out the other end alive. As for Henry? Should’ve gone to Specsavers darling & didn’t anyone ever teach you how to evade a honeytrap back in your former career?

  25. Well, Rob McW should get some credit for almost predicting this, he carped on so much about the need for a leader to be independently wealthy (or in lieu of this for the party to have some money to pay an Oakden-like salary). What appears to have happened is this. During the leadership election I challenged HB about why he did not stand at the GE17 election, and he replied to me and said it was because he was on a government contract that he could not get out of. I accepted this at face value because he was gracious enough to respond and the snap election made the deadlines ridiculously tight. (I never got an answer about GE15 though when he also didn’t run). But then I was somewhat perturbed to see him running for leader, because surely the same restriction would apply. Seeing the good in people (I know, not my strongpoint) I assumed his contract must have come to an end around the time of election or shortly thereafter, and that he was therefore out of contract and that this UKIP leadership lark would fill the gap nicely. That timing would make sense, because what we now know from the reporting over the weekend is that his wife finished maternity leave then had to move back to Vienna in July (at the OSCE, where they met) to go back to work and earn a salary for the family because he was unpaid by UKIP. So she was supporting him. Combined with his uncontrollable testosterone, this lack of money was clearly a factor in his (and UKIPs) ultimate downfall. Its surprising to me that, when choosing between staying with his young family in Vienna (a city of considerable charm and the source of further employment opportunity) and running for UKIP leader (if ever there was a poisoned chalice, and not something he seems to want to do on ideological grounds) he chose UKIP leader. I guess this is his side of the story, he sacrificed for the party, even causing his marriage to fall apart, etc. So I hold up my hands and bow to the wisdom of our very own Gnome of Zurich.

  26. Here’s another article which I think sums up the situation rather well – albeit sarcastically. Made me chuckle though.


  27. The public wanted Brexit, the “Remain” establishment lied ( especially about us), cheated and spun to win the referendum and failed. Nigel dumped us. May promised all we Ukipers asked for and the Ex Tories gave a sigh of relief and reverted to voting in idiots again because they believed her and Conservatives were respectable and had nice blue rosettes. Many Labour supporters swallowed Corbyn’s ridiculous claimes to be able to spend our way out of trouble, even though I’m personally a bit left wing he’s clearly dangerous and deluded. Now, after May’s stupid and arrogant snap general election, so much for the fixed term Pariament act, the Conservatives will be so terrified of Labour they will vote Tory even in an election for a local dog catcher. We got shafted, that’s politics for you.
    We spent months doing nothing but electing people who did not want the job, had personal motives or who carried baggage. Henry could have made a real difference if the rest of what he told us was true but if I’m honest he was the best of a poor lot, after all who in their right mind, given the attitude of the media, would want to lead us ?
    I just can’t see any viable replacement for him but neither can we expect anything from the MSM except constant snears over his behaviour. It was the last straw, he’s a silly old fool and she should have known better if she’s a genuine Ukiper.
    In short we’ve had our chips and will be unelectable in the near to mid future, so we can have little influence over Brexit or anything much else.
    To be honest I have better things to do with my time than fight battles, with my own money, that I have no chance whatever of winning.
    I’ll be chairing my Parish council tonight. Thankfully I stood as an Independent and in 2019, I expect to try and retain my District seat, no doubt also as an independent this time.
    It’s so sad, we’ve let the country and our few remaining loyal members down. I don’t intend to do that to my residents. Maybe individual branches can survive as independent local units of some sort, perhaps we can revive some time in the future but given the age of many of us, we’ve missed the boat. It was fun whilst it lasted but now it’s just embarrasing.

    • You voted for him icini123

      • I didn’t ( vote for HB ~ he never visited the NorthEast so I had no opportunity to evaluate him or ask questions ).
        HOWEVER, to be fair on all those that did none of them could have imagined his dismal performance since being elected ( going invisible in public on grounds he had to do managerial sorting out stuff ) and now this toe curling embarrassment. No one could have imagined it. Even Paul N’s embarrassing stuff ( and I did vote for Paul ! ) didn’t amount to this level of absurdity / grotesqueness .

        • Thank you for this, Rhys. I was one of those who voted for him but I’m not beating myself up over it. Some people seem to be gloating about the situation but that says more about them than others.

          Kind regards.

      • Yes I did. We were on the ropes once James quit, it’s just gradually deteriorated. What can I say, he seemed the best available and we should have been entitled to assume HQ had carried out due diligence, it was break or bust. Seems it was bust.

        • So did I. Safe pair of hands, impressive list of accomplishments and a FAMILY MAN. Thought he’d appeal to the ordinary everyday voters and perhaps even attract the Christian vote. How wrong can one can be? Very! (Or so it seems right now.)

          Well at least we now know why he has been so eerily quiet of late, politically speaking. He’s been busy.

  28. The Mail’s description of `toe curling fling’ is certainly appropriate:

    It is hard now to escape the feeling that there is something weird about Bolton. One failed marriage is happenstance, two is careless, but three….

    The aura of weirdness is not helped by the feeling that he too easily tells lies, by commission or omission, and so we cannot really trust him anymore.

    I suspect there will not be the votes to remove him at today’s NEC meeting and I doubt if he will resign. So we will have the unedifying spectacle of him clinging on while all around we members jump ship. An inglorious end to a once great party.

    • Somebody correct me if I’m wrong…….. but did not HB promise David Kurten the Deputy Leadership if he was elected and did he not immediately upon election resile from that promise ? Small beer perhaps, but equally, part of a pattern.

      • Not only that, but Henry pulled a very fast one on David during the campaign by announcing during the week or so before the vote that David would be deputy leader. This had the effect of knocking out a lot of support for David. I thought it was one of the most devious things Henry had done (even the fake legal challenge to AMW) but did display a level of animal cunning that would surely be needed for a successful leader, so I got in touch with David and said to him ‘are you happy with this, he is clearly trying to do you over’ but David in his way proclaimed to be relaxed about it. David was wrong not to speak out at the time and say he was running to win and not running to be deputy. A really dirty trick.

    • Stout, check your facts: any vote of no confidence would require 7 days notice, followed by an EGM 🤓

      • Whatever the rules as to formal motions there is nothing in them to stop members of NEC from expressing their views, if they have them. And no EGM would be required if HB just resigns.

        • Several members of the NEC have expressed their views, Bubba Kate Paris being one, check our her facebook page. She seems mouthy so I am sure she will give it some at the meeting.

          • Whilst checking out Bubba’s facebook, do also look at the..ahem…erotic photos of her in her underwear, which are on a par with anything posted by Jo Marney. I suggest gentlemen of a certain age should avoid lest they be overcome with palpitations. Who knew UKIP was bursting at the seams with such talent?

      • I never said otherwise. I say, and still stay, there will not be enough votes at today’s meeting irrespective of whether a vote is actually called. Bolton could try to waive the 7 day period, for example, believing he would win with several people absent perhaps.

        There is nothing to stop the NEC unanimously expressing an opinion that he should resign, recording each vote, even though it had no legal effect. But the political effect would be to make his position even more untenable than it already is.

  29. We appear to be entering another crisis. Thankfully Paul Oakden has guided us through dark days before and hopefully will do so again.

    • This has got to be a sarcastic comment about pilot and Aston Martin owner Oakden, hasn’t it? Mind you if some of the estimates on here about his wage packet courtesy of UKIP are true, he may well have his Aston Martin now, might also be a pilot. If so will he have time to fit in guiding UKIP through more dark days as successfully as he has done so in the past (sarcasm!)

      • Actually it is very creepy even sinister to pretend to be something else on a dating site. If my daughter went along to meet someone who had misrepresented himself in this way I would be afraid he was a sexual predator. What kind of person does this? I’m afraid he and Henry must see kindred spirits in each other, how can anyone stay in a party where these are the top two people??? I have greater self-respect. And this is what I struggle to understand about the kingmakers, why can’t they see this?

        • “I’m afraid he and Henry must see kindred spirits in each other,..” That’s the only thought I had to explain why nothing has been done to change Chairman or explain why the temporary appointment was continuing. Then again Henry has probably had his hands full with a couple of other big things that took his mind off the matter.

          • Not that big, really, going on the photographic evidence …

            (Sorry, couldn’t resist!)

          • “Not that big…” Hadn’t looked that closely Viv. Afraid my interest and unfortunately other things have waned as the years have passed by

  30. Here’s a few questions for Bolton. Everyone feel free to pitch in with your own.
    “Do you agree with your long standing partner of 3 weeks that nurses are not highly skilled and are just posh cleaners”
    ” Has any UKIP sourced money gone to pay for ‘presents’ for your long standing partner of 3 weeks or in ‘entertaining’ her? ”
    ” Just where IS your money coming from ? ”
    ” Have you changed your kids’ nappies lately? ”
    ” Were you in the Rolling Stones with Paul Nuttall ? ”

    Answers on a postcard please

  31. I guess we don’t talk about her much because she isn’t the party leader, and is single, and free to do what she likes. She didn’t take the solemn vows of marriage, or decide to bring two new people into this world. Whilst she is clearly a groupie (I love that that one of her exes is ‘ex-rocker Nigel Mogg, 51’ – this is straight from Spinal Tap!) HB is the one who took the vows, and he could have kept his proverbial in his pants, and he could have not flaunted it in our faces on social media. As I mentioned elsewhere, I believe HB is psychotic in the same way Tony Blair is, he creates an alternative reality to live inside where he is incredibly handsome, clever and generally wonderful, regardless of real-world evidence to the contrary. Apologies for repetition but please view his christmas message, posted on the day he flew back from Vienna after dumping the two young children, where he asks members to ‘bring a little brightness to people’s lives, be nice to a stranger’ – with no apparent sense of guilt or shame.

  32. Bolton is a chancer with a screw loose to boot.

    Someone on here wrote an article titled something along the lines of ‘UKIP’s problem’ or ‘UKIP’s Vice’ – snobbery.

    It was pure snobbery on the part of party officials and some members that they pushed for Bolton rather than the more regular folk amongst the candidates with some ‘politically incorrect’ views. Now that snobbery has come back to bite you on the butt in the shape of Henry Bolton OBE.

  33. I see this for what it is. A vain and rather ordinary man with what proves to be lno charisma, media savvy or guts treat his wife and still-nursing child as disposable items whilst getting sucker-punched by a notorious star- ****** who displays her prizes (presents given to her by idiots like Bolton) all over social media. Apple phones, computers, signed copies of books ‘to the bad girl of Brexit from a bad boy’ —-pass the sick bucket—– (signed by Farage, Banks, Wigmore Kassam) and so on. Pictures of her pouting with Kurten, Wigmore, Etheridge et al. Bolton was not the first target. Bolton was not the first idiot.
    Her game is fame. Celebrity Big Brother, a few grand for kiss-and-tell stories. That sort of thing. And her shelf-life is short. She has but days to spill a ‘fifteen times a night Henry’ story. Bolton does not have the affection fame or skills required for his own political survival, he’s toast. No matter what, he’s gone. Yes he can last a few weeks, yes the NEC can dance around their proverbial handbags and do nothing, but he’s still history. Thousands of UKIP activists, branch leaders included, will simply pack up and leave the party as it’s become embarrassing by association. And no, this is not a conspiracy . Bolton is not a plant. There is no backstory. This story is as old as the oldest profession in the world. If he does not resign, he has to be pushed. As for UKIP? Where should it go? What should it do???

    • Great comment Mr Bav, ‘NEC dancing around their handbags’.

      What a bunch of incompetents. Have any of them ever had proper jobs? Any real measure of success in the private sector, run businesses? Hired and fired, run profitable concerns? Politics attracts some of the worst losers and liars, some make it to the top, like Tony Blair and end up running the country!

    • We are where we are.
      Everything you say is utterly correct.
      I have already had a friend who is not a member but highly supportive ( hitherto) of UKIP ‘phone me to tell me that he would rather vote for Corbyn than any party led by someone who abandons his two pre school children. And for a StarF****r as you rightly put it…. he didn’t do due diligence on how many other men with public profiles she has been ……..let us say………courting ? That alone shows massive massive lack of judgment. When she leaves him in a few weeks ( or days ) what will he have left ?

      Given that HB is toast as you put it then Steve Crowther did a good job as Interim Leader before.
      He was good on TV and in print media.
      I was initially ( having heard him at Conference in Sept. ) strongly supportive of HB, at least of giving him a chance. But his almost invisibility since achieving the Leadership, his vacillation on the need for a Moratorium on all new immigration already started me having doubts. Now this.

  34. Bolton is useless. There, I’ve said it. He is not a leader in any shape or form. He couldn’t win a Parish Council election, never mind lead a party. Many of us could see this from the start, some of you were appalled that we were so negative but events have proved us right BEFORE these latest toe curling revelations showing less maturity about relationships than most teenagers. Bolton doesn’t inspire, cannot lead, had no real plans for UKIP, he’s a 3rd rate admin man at best and now an embarrassment. He was given the benefit of the doubt, given the job and has blown it. There is no going back. He’s done a Gerald Ratner to UKIP…was that the plan all along? After all, in recent times he was standing AGAINST UKIP as a LibDem. But this series of cheesy revelations exposes a much bigger problem: how on earth did those at the top of UKIP, given the job of vetting candidates, fail so dismally? Let’s now hear from Steve Crowther, Paul Oakden, our gravy train MEPs, the NEC and others just how they were duped…or failed to ask some pretty simple questions and VERIFY the key information. There is no patching up that can be done here. We are back to square one, ghastly as that sounds. When you’ve driven down a cul de sac, there’s only one thing to do, stop, face the facts and start again. This is of course TRAGIC when Labour are a sitting duck and the Tories are split from A to elbow, as always.

    • Given the affair started AFTER he was elected, what specifically, should vetting have picked up?

      • All of those charged with assessing Bolton’s suitability for candidacy demonstrably failed to spot a donkey. Why should anyone trust their judgement again? The UKIP management are a bunch of UTTER incompetents.

  35. Such are the dangers of modern social media. Here we are with the country in probably its worst predicament since WW2; and the one party with the mindset and direction to fight on behalf of the people is nailing itself to its own cross. The PTB must be crucifying themselves in laughter. Put not thy faith in mankind, or words to that effect…

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