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Brexit – the Great Betrayal

December 4, 2017 // 9 Comments

I noted with some astonishment that M Barnier’s speech – analysed here, here, and here – has apparently had no impact on the Brexit discourse. After PESCO, with Ms May not having signed on that particular dotted line, people and campaigners simply have left the room … We’ve [...]

Barnier’s Speech to the Germans – the Low-Down – Part Three

December 3, 2017 // 14 Comments

We’ve come to the tail end of M Barnier’s speech. Here he lets the rest of his cats out of his bag. We better scrutinise them carefully because those cats show what Brussels, what M Barnier, what the French really think of us Brits: In a position paper published early September, the United [...]

So now we know!

November 29, 2017 // 17 Comments

Appeaser May has not even been able to appease, she’s simply caving in to EU pressure. We all knew she’s not a reincarnated Margaret Thatcher. And now we know she’s not even an copy of Madame Merkel, who’d simply sit on her behind until everybody else caves in to her, as the current [...]

Dear Prime Minister …

September 23, 2017 // 56 Comments

Dear Prime Minister, who is advising you? Your speech was loyally greeted by your cabinet and politely welcomed by the EU’s Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier and his EU Parliamentary colleague, Guy Verhofstadt. The rest of the country, however, is holding it’s head in its hands and asking [...]

An open letter to my next MP

April 27, 2017 // 6 Comments

Dear (insert name after 8th June 2017 …….…………….) MP, Now that the UK is leaving the European Union, isn’t it about time the  apparently “obsolete” law called Statute of Praemunire (1392), repealed by the Criminal Law Act 1967, be brought back into active legislation [...]

Article 50: chocks away!

March 30, 2017 // 6 Comments

29 March 2017 will go down as one of the most significant days in UK history. In this article I examine three aspects of the way ahead, relating respectively to Article 50, the European Communities Act 1972 (“the ECA), and the negotiations now beginning. A.  The Legal Position Following Article [...]

Letters to the Editor – Thursday 9th February 2017

February 9, 2017 // 5 Comments

As the ‘Article 50 Bill’ now passes to the House of Lords, today’s letters reiterate the call to the Government to repeal the ECA 1972. The first is by ‘Roving Reporter’,our reader and contributor, who has made this call repeatedly here on these pages: Sir, A year ago, the Cameron [...]


January 30, 2017 // 8 Comments

The essence of the judgment of the Supreme Court on 24 January is set out at Paragraph 101 thereof: “101. Accordingly, we consider that, in light of the terms and effect of the 1972 Act, and subject to considering the effect of subsequent legislation and events, the prerogative could not be [...]

Repeal ECA 1972 NOW !

December 13, 2016 // 22 Comments

As Nigel Farage pointed out on Question Time on 8 December, the UK could leave the EU in two weeks. It is neither a complex nor a difficult thing to do.  As he said, we simply tell them we are out, and offer free trade. The way in which this should be done, however, is one of which the High Court [...]

The Mandarins of Whitehall

December 3, 2016 // 22 Comments

Do you remember Sir Humphrey Appleby? If so – do you think this was a very funny, over-the-top portrayal? Think again! Mrs Thatcher thought it was more fact than fiction, and she knew a bit about the inner workings of Whitehall. Do you remember a certain Tony Blair? In his resignation speech [...]
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