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Henry Bolton announces his new team – UPDATE

October 18, 2017 // 106 Comments

—–  U P D A T E —– STATEMENTS BY HENRY BOLTON AND DAVID KURTEN Henry Bolton sent this statement (received yesterday at 22.30 p.m.): I have a great deal of respect for David Kurten. I believe he has a great deal to offer our party and I was looking forward to working with [...]

Heads should roll

October 16, 2017 // 17 Comments

One of the first decisions of Henry Bolton in his position as new leader was to state in the media (e.g. Daily Politics on 12 October) that our policy baseline is now the 2015 General Election Manifesto. The objective of this decision is to discard the Integration Agenda and the 2017 General [...]

The Crowning of Henry. Reflections.

October 14, 2017 // 41 Comments

It has been just two weeks since Henry was crowned. The culmination of three months of umbilicus inspection saw a unique Conference for a rebranded UKIP. A lion was revealed. The leadership election, the third in my time as a UKIP member, started way back on the 9th of June on the resignation of [...]

Letters to the Editor – Friday 13th October 2017

October 13, 2017 // 23 Comments

Today’s edition of “Letters” starts with an excellently timed letter from our correspondent and legal eagle Septimus Octavius. It is an Open Letter to David Davis, whose statement on the current Brexit talks is published here on UKIP Daily for all to read. This Open Letter ought to be handed [...]

Interview with Nigel Farage – Part Two

October 12, 2017 // 4 Comments

Here is the transcript of the second part of the conversation Mark Angelides, UKIP Daily Associate Editor, held with Nigel Farage MEP. Part One was published here on UKIP Daily yesterday. Mark: With Theresa May’s Florence betrayal (the speech in Florence where she announced that Brexit would not [...]

Letters to the Editor – Thursday 12th October 2017

October 12, 2017 // 32 Comments

First up, as many of you asked us to do,  we’re publishing the letter Henry Bolton sent to UKIP members yesterday. It’s because it seems many members haven’t received it and many non-members wonder what was said in the letter when others referred to it. we publish it as we received [...]

David Kurten’s Conference Speech – Part Two

October 12, 2017 // 7 Comments

Ed: here is Part Two of David Kurten’s excellent speech at Conference, given on Saturday 30th September 2017. We have published Part One yesterday. Yesterday (Friday 29th September) at conference was a fantastic day – we have a new leader who will take us on to victory, and a new campaign: [...]
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