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September 19, 2017 // 74 Comments

Since the 7/7 attacks in July 2005, the number of islam-inspired terrorist attacks in the UK have steadily increased. The potential for even greater casualties remains a real threat. It is not enough to demand that we “have difficult conversations”.  As a party and as a country, we [...]

Report of a Q & A Meeting with Henry Bolton OBE

September 10, 2017 // 34 Comments

This meeting was called at short notice because Henry Bolton (HB) was unable to attend the informal Grassroots Hustings in Wales on August 3rd. At that time he’d only just announced his candidacy and was moreover returning that day from his work in Brussels. It was a small audience (ca 20 [...]

Letters to the Editor – Saturday 9th September 2017

September 9, 2017 // 48 Comments

It’s now three weeks and counting until we finally know who the new Leader will be. The ballots have gone out, and since many members are still pondering whom to vote for, we’re publishing two “election” letters today. The first is from our correspondent ‘citizenkain’: Sir, Hey-Ho [...]

UKIP Leadership Contest – a Very Personal Comment

August 31, 2017 // 64 Comments

As so many readers here on UKIP Daily and as so many members across the country, I’ve been following the campaign(s) of the candidates, mostly by reading reports of hustings and by watching the speeches the candidates put up as videos on their facebook pages and websites. Yesterday, the editors [...]

Letters to the Editor – Tuesday 29th August 2017

August 29, 2017 // 34 Comments

Today’s letters are asking the same question on the one issue our government, our politicians and, as it now would seem, our own representatives in UKIP are somewhat fearful to take on – with one exception. The first letter is from our reader and contributor Alan Piper: Sir, Recently I [...]

David Allen Steps Down

August 24, 2017 // 29 Comments

As an activist and local campaigner, having sought elected office unsuccessfully on multiple occasions and not being a part of the party hierarchy, the leadership election was always going to be a step too far. Not because of ability, or experience, or knowledge or innovation, but simply because [...]

Should UKIP Pursue a Policy of Reindustrialisation?

August 14, 2017 // 27 Comments

Introduction Q: Do you – as members and readers alike – want to see an active policy of promoting reindustrialisation? All reasons that contributed to our industrial decline aside, what is undeniable is that when we were a prominent manufacturing nation, the country was more socially balanced. [...]

UKIP Leadership Contest – Informal Hustings, London, 18th July 2017

July 23, 2017 // 64 Comments

[Ed: This synopsis is based on excerpts from a comprehensive report by Helena Windsor, Surrey County Chairman, with additional information by Freddy Vachha, London Regional Chairman] Freddy Vachha, organiser and Chairman, stated it was a ‘make or break’ election and vital to get right. He [...]

Looking back – looking forward: an analysis, Part 2

July 3, 2017 // 5 Comments

[We published Part One here] So, is there a vacancy to be filled in British politics?  Would a large enough number of voters want to be able to consider voting for a party that is: committed to Brexit; have realistic sensible economic policies that will encourage business; committed to reduce [...]

Open Letter to Paul Nuttall – Part II

May 15, 2017 // 39 Comments

[Ed: Part I of Dr Tomasz Slivink’s Open Letter to Paul Nuttall was published yesterday.Part I of Dr Tomasz Slivink’s Open Letter to Paul Nuttall was published yesterday.] When Theresa May called a snap election, we were completely unprepared. What happened to the promise to select our [...]
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