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UKIP and a Second EU Referendum

January 13, 2018 // 22 Comments

I was shocked and appalled, like most UKIPPERs, that Nigel Farage conceded that a second EU Referendum could be held. He made his comments on the Wright Stuff daytime TV show on January 11th 2018, and it caused such a backlash that he spent the rest of the day backtracking on what he had said. [...]

Brexit, the EU and the Breakdown of Society

December 23, 2017 // 17 Comments

Whenever we read about Brexit nowadays in the MSM, it’s about Trade and the economy. Our MSM, especially the BBC, being staunch Remainers (with a very few honourable exceptions), we receive what are patently #fakenews. These news are all based on the long since discredited predictions of [...]

Saturday media – 23 December 2017

December 23, 2017 // 4 Comments

Brexit In a claimed exclusive, the Telegraph reports that Brexit’s financial supporters are being targeted by the taxman. Donors who bankrolled the successful Brexit campaign have accused HM Revenue and Customs of a “political attack” after they were hit with six or seven-figure tax [...]

Theresa  May and the attempted murder of  Brexit – Part Five

December 22, 2017 // 8 Comments

 [Ed: This is the final part of this series by Robert Henderson.] The future If the negotiations continue as they have to date with May conceding ground time and time again the UK will probably be in a  Hotel California situation of booking out but never being able to leave. Politics is a fluid [...]

Theresa May and the attempted murder of Brexit – Part Two

December 19, 2017 // 8 Comments

[Ed: this is the second part of a five-part series which will be published over the coming days here on UKIP Daily. You can read part one here.] It is true that Remainer political and social dominance gives them great opportunity to delay and chip away at the idea of a true Brexit with practices [...]

Theresa May and the attempted murder of Brexit – Part One

December 18, 2017 // 7 Comments

[Ed: this is the first part of a five-part series which will be published over the coming days here on UKIP Daily.] A  transition period lasting at least two years after March 2019 when the UK will have to abide by EU laws including new ones; a massive “divorce  bill” currently slated to be [...]

LINO – Leave In Name Only or: capitulating to the EU

December 9, 2017 // 28 Comments

Twenty-four hours ago the announcement of “a breakthrough” hit our screens and online papers. I cannot remember a time when I felt more ashamed for our political ‘elite’, more angry at the way they’ve sold us out and are continuing to do so, and more disgusted at the Remainers in [...]

10 Steps To Stop Brexit: The Remainer Strategy (Part II)

December 7, 2017 // 20 Comments

[Ed: you can read Part I here] Step 5: Make Brexit guilty by association You’re going to associate Brexit with the far-right. Nothing is off the table – you don’t know this yet, but you’ll be able to blame Nigel Farage for other people’s racist violence (it’ll [...]

Letters to the Editor – Sunday 5th November 2017

November 5, 2017 // 13 Comments

Today’s letters are …. about Brexit! The first is about Brexit, UKIP, and Ms May’s government. It’s by our contributor Mr Punche-Bagge and is a call-to-action for members, branch chairmen and indeed the UKIP HO and leadership: Sir, UKIP has been knocked for six this year – but that [...]

The Brexit General Election – Put Country before Party

April 27, 2017 // 11 Comments

For the committed Brexiteer this election is unlike any other before. We finally have a government committed to the UK leaving the EU and they are seeking a stronger mandate to do just that. The question is what strategy should Brexiteers take – whether they are UKIP members of members of [...]
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