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Party Constitution

Open letter to members from the Returning Officer

September 21, 2017 // 22 Comments

This is the third contested leadership elections in two years, and the second in which I have been appointed as returning officer. The election is again being run by an outside agency, Electoral Reform Services Ltd (“ERS”). I regard ERS highly. They are a respected, independent professional [...]

Open Letter in Support of David Kurten

August 14, 2017 // 30 Comments

To Mr S. Crowther, Mr P. Oakden, Mr P. Wauchope, Mr P. Oakley and all members of the NEC: We the undersigned are shocked, disappointed, and disgusted with the appearance of a letter which has been signed by fellow UKIP members with either an agenda to interfere with candidate selection or just have [...]

Solutions to the current crisis

August 7, 2016 // 66 Comments

In this article I’m going to set out my stall for how the Party should deal with the current situation regarding the National Executive Committee. My vision is to unite the Party rather than divide it, and I’m hoping that this article will provide some initial direction on how we can achieve [...]