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Letters to the Editor – Friday 15th September 2017

September 15, 2017 // 31 Comments

The first letter is by our contributor Stout Yeoman. It is a follow-up to his first letter on FGM which we published here, answering questions raised in the comments: Sir, Thank you for publishing my letter on the statistics about FGM. It was not well received by some of your readers, broadly on [...]

A Personal Report on UKIP Leadership Hustings

September 11, 2017 // 7 Comments

UKIP Leadership Hustings – a personal view by Gerald Gravett I attended the Barking and Dagenham ‘Public Meeting’ back on the 30th July when five of the leadership candidates made an early appearance in their electioneering campaign (watch here and here) Since then, I have been involved with [...]

It Has to be Bolton

September 5, 2017 // 55 Comments

After much consideration and after watching as many hustings and self-promotional videos as time allows, I’m going to give the reason why I’m backing Bolton. UKIP is in a battle for its existence. If it makes a mistake now, the party is finished. The money has run out, the members are not [...]

A hustings report

September 1, 2017 // 2 Comments

An audience of almost 100 people were faced by several of the candidates: Peter Whittle, the establishment candidate Anne-Marie Waters, the Muslim expert Neville Watson for JRE who was unable to attend following the death of his father Aidan Powlesland, the economist Marion Mason, the nurse David [...]

Hustings report: Eastern Region, Monday 21st August

August 23, 2017 // 24 Comments

This was my first time to see the candidates in the flesh. I had been looking forward to this as at one point, all eleven candidates had agreed to come to this event. Sadly, John Rees-Evans’ father passed away last week, so he quite understandably had more important matters to attend to. Peter [...]

Report on Anne Marie Waters’ visit to Newton Aycliffe

August 21, 2017 // 24 Comments

I visited Newton Wycliffe (County Durham, August 16th, 2017) to observe AMW in the wild and was rewarded with a sighting. Stuart Agnew MEP accompanied Anne. I sat in the back row to find out how well AMW voice carried. Her voice carries well and I could hear every word clearly. AMW spoke for maybe [...]

UKIP Leadership Contest – Statements and Hustings

August 20, 2017 // 16 Comments

The leadership contestants Jane Collins MEP and Marion Mason NEC sent us their additional statements which we publish below. There is also an invitation to Hustings from Peter Whittle. Statement from Jane Collins MEP As a leadership candidate I am happy to answer questions about my political and [...]

UKIP – Ten Questions

August 19, 2017 // 13 Comments

Yes, this does refer to Paul Foyster’s list (see “Letters to the Editor”) which he apparently intends to forward to our postulant hustings audience, to fire at whoever of the eleven leadership candidates turn up in their area. I read through his script and I started making mental [...]

UKIP Leadership: Hustings are a Must!

August 12, 2017 // 56 Comments

Eleven candidates. Eleven!! I must admit, when the confirmed applicants for the UKIP leadership post finally appeared in an email yesterday evening, I briefly thought Steve Crowther and Piers Wauchope had accidentally inserted the names of a UKIP charity football team by mistake! In truth, it was a [...]

Meeting Five Candidates

August 10, 2017 // 13 Comments

Last evening (8th August 2017) I had an opportunity with about 80 other people in Dorchester, Dorset to meet five of the contenders for leadership of UKIP.  They were Dave Allen, Dave Kurten, Aidan Powlesland, Ben Walker, and Peter Whittle. All 11 were invited but Anne Marie Waters and John [...]
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