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General Elections

Electoral Reform (Stage 1), The arguments for voting reform. Part 4b.

December 4, 2017 // 6 Comments

[Ed: you can read Part 1 in this series here, part 2 here and part 3 here. You can read Part 4a here.] Weak government can never address fundamental issues. FPTP will always result in weak government when more than two well supported parties contest a general election. In the UK 2017 general [...]

Heads should roll

October 16, 2017 // 19 Comments

One of the first decisions of Henry Bolton in his position as new leader was to state in the media (e.g. Daily Politics on 12 October) that our policy baseline is now the 2015 General Election Manifesto. The objective of this decision is to discard the Integration Agenda and the 2017 General [...]


July 3, 2017 // 57 Comments

Supporting UKIP is a bit like supporting the English national football team – so much promise! You pin your hopes on them because there’s no logical reason why they should fail. Then in every competition they throw away their chances through elementary mistakes and failure to step up to the [...]

UKIP Local Elections – the Post-Mortem

May 6, 2017 // 60 Comments

The results are in. One seat gained, one held, the rest: lost. The MSM are gleefully reporting on the wipe-out of UKIP, aided and abetted by “UKIP’s Biggest Donor”, Arron Banks, who talks about a car-crash and that UKIP has ‘harmed the legacy of Nigel Farage’. Meanwhile, Suzanne Evans in [...]

UKIP Parliamentary Candidates Top 600!

March 21, 2015 // 11 Comments

UKIP has now passed 600 filled Westminster candidate slots, with 601 appointed Parliamentary candidates, at the last count. 18 of our 22 MEPs are standing. 2 of our candidates are defending their seats: Douglas Carswell and Mark Reckless 11% of our candidates are women – admittedly we could [...]

Courant Times – Saturday 21st March 2015

March 21, 2015 // 0 Comments

UKIP:- Nigel Farage calls latest ‘debate’ proposals “An utter farce”  Common Sense:- Prospect Magazine: Nigel Farage “people see UKIP as offering hope“ C4 News: Marmite & Fruitcakes: UKIP activists in their own words North East Chronicle: UKIP to target [...]

Courant Times – Saturday 22nd November

November 22, 2014 // 0 Comments

UKIP:- Douglass Carswell MP: Rochester by-election: If UKIP can win here, UKIP can win anywhere Common Sense:- Yorkshire Post: UKIP’s Yorkshire funder Paul Sykes widens party’s target list News & Star: We can blow battle for Carlisle, claim UKIP Hull Daily Mail: UKIP: We can take [...]