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UKIP Golden Opportunity

December 8, 2017 // 13 Comments

Editor ~ This is a follow-up article to “Beer Tokens” by Flyer which can be read here on UkipDaily. For those of us who voted to leave the EU, we live in troubling times. We are coming to realise that winning the EU Referendum was but a battle; the war is not over. Tony Blair is openly [...]

Electoral Reform (Stage 1), The arguments for voting reform. Part 4c.

December 8, 2017 // 2 Comments

FPTP is unfair and unrepresentative. On 5th May 2011, the UK held a national referendum and the people were asked the following question. At present, the UK uses the “first past the post” system to elect MPs to the House of Commons. Should the “alternative vote” system be [...]

Electoral Reform (Stage 1), The arguments for voting reform. Part 4b.

December 4, 2017 // 6 Comments

[Ed: you can read Part 1 in this series here, part 2 here and part 3 here. You can read Part 4a here.] Weak government can never address fundamental issues. FPTP will always result in weak government when more than two well supported parties contest a general election. In the UK 2017 general [...]

Electoral Reform (Stage 1), The arguments for voting reform. Part 4a.

November 12, 2017 // 7 Comments

[Ed: you can read Part 1 in this series here, part 2 here and part 3 here] Coalition is a good thing. During the ‘This Week’ TV programme (2nd November 2017), Michael Portillo introduced a novel argument against PR. He asserted that it was responsible for the Israeli government’s rather [...]

An Invitation to Hustings in London

August 11, 2017 // 5 Comments

[Ed: we give this invitation such prominence because of the notes attached by the organiser, in the hope that other hustings organisers will feel encouraged to adopt them as well. Members deserve to hear from their candidates ‘in the wild’ rather than ‘tamed’.] EVENT:  UKIP [...]

Leadership through the constitution

July 23, 2017 // 25 Comments

I keep reading that the leadership election is to be held under ‘First Past The Post’ rules.  I find this incomprehensible and hope that  the current leadership / those organising the election will change this assumption. As a party we vigorously oppose the current system of FPTP for [...]

Direct Democracy and how to get there

July 18, 2017 // 50 Comments

On 12th July 2017, I attended an invitation only event organised by John Rees Evans, in which he spoke about his vision of Direct Democracy (DD) for UKIP and for the country. In my view, the event was overly and inappropriately ‘presidential’ in nature and only attended by, perhaps, 80 people. [...]

Dear Diane – an open letter

September 24, 2016 // 4 Comments

Dear Diane, Firstly, may I congratulate you on your election success as leader of our party. I believe that the change of leadership, across the board, creates an opportunity for the party to move forward electorally as a truly viable alternative to the existing political [...]

An Opportunity Arises – Part 2

June 7, 2016 // 0 Comments

This is the second part of a two part article; please read the first part here. A Better System F2PTP How to Achieve the Next Referendum * The 2011 AV referendum was begrudgingly conceded to cement the coalition agreement and keep, by and large, the Liberal Democrats on side. * The 2016 EU [...]

An Opportunity Arises

June 6, 2016 // 4 Comments

I’ve written before on the subject of voting reform but this time I want to focus on a newer form of the argument and some practicalities of achieving a change to our parliamentary selection process. There are two strong arguments that will be made for keeping the FPTP system and denying a [...]
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