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The Brexit Negotiations – a German Perspective (Part 2)

November 15, 2017 // 7 Comments

Editor’s Note ~ This is the second part of an article republished with the kind permission of CIB. You can read the first part here. IV The EU Chicken Game Theory Negotiation Guide The political intention behind the use of these fog grenades is easy to discern and one could even have a certain [...]

Military Unification

November 8, 2017 // 16 Comments

What you were doing on 23rd June, 2016?  That day meant an early start for the Vote Leave team as we delivered one last flyer reminding people to vote to leave the European Union.  Many of us attended the counts up and down the country until the early hours of Friday morning.  It was hard to [...]

Notes on Article 50

November 1, 2017 // 11 Comments

Leaving the EU At midnight on 28th March 2019 the United Kingdom will become the second sovereign state to leave the EEC/EU. The first state to leave was the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, in 1962. It is often forgotten that Algeria was not a French colony, but an integral part of [...]

The European Islamic Union and “The Art of War”

September 22, 2017 // 24 Comments

In my last article: Nazi Eugenics, the Master Race and the European Union, I talked about The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan, the Barcelona Agreement, and the Union for the Mediterranean. This is all very reminiscent of how the European Union was formed and the United Kingdom was dragged in. An agreement [...]

News review – Thursday 16 February 2017

February 16, 2017 // 3 Comments

Brexit Express BRUSSELS was plunged into Brexit turmoil today as the EU parliament vowed to override Jean-Claude Juncker’s hand-picked negotiator and seek its own talks with Britain. Scorned MEPs said Frenchman Michel Barnier has “no mandate” to make a bargain with the UK on their behalf and [...]

News review – Friday 10 February 2017

February 10, 2017 // 2 Comments

Brexit Express MINISTERS have provoked fury for trying to put through a treaty “under the radar” which will keep Britain tied to the EU after Brexit. An early day motion (EDM) will today be put down by Ukip MP Douglas Carswell objecting to the Unitary Patent Court Agreement (UPCA). The deal, [...]

News review – Monday 6 February 2017

February 6, 2017 // 4 Comments

NHS Times Hospitals will be legally obliged to charge migrants and other foreign patients before they are treated in an attempt to curb health tourism in the NHS. The Department of Health will announce regulations today under which patients will be refused treatment if they fail to provide proof of [...]

News review – 2 February 2017

February 2, 2017 // 12 Comments

Brexit Bill Telegraph Boris Johnson said that “history has been made” after MPs voted overwhelmingly on Wednesday night in favour of triggering Brexit negotiations and beginning the process of leaving the EU. The Foreign Secretary called it a “momentous” night as MPs voted four to one in [...]

News review – Wednesday 1 February 2017

February 1, 2017 // 5 Comments

Brexit Express A NEW Remoaner plot to give MPs the chance to veto Brexit at the end of the negotiations with Brussels has emerged as MPs vote on triggering the Leave process. The threat provoked a stark warning from Tory veteran MP Sir Bill Cash that Remoaners “will be committing political [...]

News review – Tuesday 31 January 2017

January 31, 2017 // 1 Comment

Brexit Telegraph David Davis has accused Europhile MPs who are plotting to frustrate Theresa May’s plans for a clean Brexit of abusing trust of the British people. The Exiting the European Union secretary said that MPs who vote against triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty are showing [...]
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