Terror alert

August 31, 2014 // 1 Comment

The people of the UK have now been officially warned that we are risk of attacks from Al Qaeda and jihadists returning from war in Iraq and Syria. The timing of this announcement just bothers me.  Probably because I am a classic UKIP-type person, a baby boomer who failed the eleven plus but [...]

Sunday news round-up – August 31 2014

August 31, 2014 // 1 Comment

Conservative defections The Express reports further defections from Conservative to UKIP EIGHT more Tory MPs are believed to have held secret talks with Ukip in the wake of the shock defection of Douglas Carswell. The exiting member for Clacton threatened to re-open a rift in the Conservative party [...]

Securing Identity is the Solution

August 30, 2014 // 1 Comment

On 2 May 2014 I wrote an article “Ethnic Identity is the Problem”. You can still look at it in the UKIP Daily archive. I still stand by everything written in the article but as an Engineer my purpose in life is to first identify the problem or a need and then find a solution. What [...]

EU sucks Vacuum Cleaners out of The Market

August 22, 2014 // 8 Comments

There is not a lot to like about the EU, but the one thing about the monstrosity that really cheers me up from time to time is the inevitable appearance of an idiotic directive that serves as the perfect UKIP recruiter. Today I have just read about the latest UKIP vote winner – the EU is about to [...]

It is the economy, stupid!

August 21, 2014 // 1 Comment

There are rumblings within the EU indicating that perhaps, just perhaps, EU leaders are starting to put the economy of their own countries before the united front against Russia, which made for such impressive political show a few months ago – impressive that is before Russia imposed her own [...]

Courant Times – Tuesday 19th August 2014

August 19, 2014 // 0 Comments

UKIP:- UKIP-Daily: The lies and delusions of 1975. Epsom Guardian: Former RA Councillor selected as UKIP candidate for Epsom & Ewell. Common Sense:- Gloucestershire Echo: Nigel Farage wades in to boutique hotel planning row. Pendle Today: Paul Nuttall says, Spend money on day care, not fat cat [...]

The Lies and Delusions of 1975

August 18, 2014 // 12 Comments

This morning I received a limited eMail circulation from Iain Mckie, who is UKIP’s PPC for the Isle of Wight next year, which contained the two flyers you can see in the article’s headline picture. As someone who had voted in 1975, 39 years ago, it brought back some memories of a dim and [...]

Sunday papers – 17 August 2014

August 17, 2014 // 0 Comments

Energy bills soar The Independent reports that Labour is attacking the Coalition as the UK’s energy bills soar 21 per cent in three years Britain’s household energy bills are rising faster than in most countries in the developed world, according to new research carried out by the House [...]

Courant Times, Thursday 14th August 2014

August 14, 2014 // 0 Comments

UKIP: -Roger Helmer says EU energy policy helps put 1.5 million UK jobs at risk and has cost the economy £93.2 billion.   Common Sense: - UKIP big hitter hoping to be selected as PPC for Cambridge. -Hull Daily Mail: UKIP set sights on Hull seats in General Election. -The Gazette: Former Tory [...]

The Biter Bit?

August 14, 2014 // 1 Comment

A little while ago, the EU, in concert with the USA, imposed sanctions on Russia. Many EU countries had been very insistent that such sanctions be imposed, and many politicians in various EU countries assured their citizens that these sanctions would only hurt Russia, but not their own countries. [...]
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