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Stop Whingeing and Back Brexit

It amazes me how Remainers are allowed to constantly challenge and pressurise Brexiteers as the UK takes its bold step towards independence, and yet are never required to provide answers to the problems that would face us if we remained part of the EU. Anyone would think that staying in the EU represents some kind of status quo that involves no risk whatsoever. In reality, remaining in the EU means being on a slippery slope towards a United States of Europe. Remainers are so bought into the idealistic utopian European project, where the UK would become a mere European region, that they are blind to the risks of EU membership.

The EU project frequently has treaties, each of which has, in the past, seriously eroded national sovereignty, taking us further towards the ultimate goal of federalism. But this European project is not based on fair, democratic principles.

Take the distribution of MEPs. The Minimum number of MEPs for each EU member state is 6. So that means that a country like Luxembourg, which has a population of 576 thousand, has the same number of MEPs as the whole of Yorkshire, which has a population of 5.3 million. Also, the Council of Ministers provides an equal say for each one of the 28 member states, even though many states (small and large) contribute very little towards the EU’s growing budget. With each treaty Qualified Majority Voting (QMV) is introduced for more issues, which means that small countries and net recipients of EU funding can outvote the major contributors. The UK is the second biggest contributor. This is effectively the tail wagging the dog – it’s completely undemocratic and unacceptable.

Furthermore the EU parliament, made up from the undemocratically allocated MEPs, is not like a normal parliament. It can only rubber stamp legislation, and it is very rare that it blocks any directive. The directives come from the European Commission, which comprises political appointees from each country, who we cannot vote out. These Commissioners have included such failed UK politicians as Mandelson and Kinnock.

It is high time that Remainers are put under more pressure to explain how we would, for instance, protect our environment and protect our security, while allowing freedom of movement. Freedom of movement means more immigration and more pressure on our infrastructure and public services.

One argument used often by Remainers is that the referendum campaign was based on distortions. In fact, if you want to see evidence of distortions and downright blackmail, you need look no further that the costly state funded remain campaign, which told us that the world would end the minute we voted to leave. The establishment, including presidents and many leading financial institutions, told us there would be a mass exodus from the UK and individual trade deals would be impossible. The reality is proving to be quite different.

Then, there is the supposedly inaccurate claim that we pay £350 million a week to the EU. In fact that figure is broadly correct. The full membership fee (which the EU can enforce), in 2015, was £17.8 Billion.That is about £350 million a week. Yes, we do get a rebate (obtained by Margaret Thatcher), but that is not guaranteed. Many countries don’t think we should have that rebate. The rebate could easily be removed, at some point in the future, by a majority vote of the Council of Ministers. Our contributions could, in any case, be increased by the EU. Given the undemocratic structures I have set out, and the state of EU finances, such an increase is highly likely. For instance, we had a one off demand for 2 billion in 2015, which was paid in full without question by Cameron. Yes, some EU money comes back as grants, but that’s our own money that we should be free to spend ourselves, on projects we believe to be worthwhile.

Clearly, as members of the EU, we are trapped within an undemocratic system that can make demands on us that we have no way of rejecting. It therefore makes sense, to most patriotically minded people, to get out.

Other Remainer arguments have included the idea that the utopian EU project improves peace and stability. I don’t think that’s true. In fact, with the security implications of freedom of movement and the financial straightjacket of the Euro – the EU could well introduce widespread instability on the Continent before long. NATO will be the guarantor of peace.

Another argument used by the Remainers is that we’re losing access to Europe for travel and employment opportunities. This is just nonsense.

I have worked in Europe myself (in IT) and I don’t believe that Brexit will make working in Europe less likely. If you have the right skills, and they want you, then you’ll get the job and any visa or work permit will be made available. The obstacle you are more likely to face is that firstly there aren’t many jobs in the EU (which is why so many want to come here) because the Eurozone economy is such a basket case. Secondly, you probably won’t have the language skills (I remember being interviewed for one job via skpye and it was obvious my French wasn’t up to scratch in that case). You apply via the internet these days for jobs – you don’t need freedom of movement.

We won’t lose anything when we leave. We’ve everything to gain. We have every chance of securing some method of continuing to trade with EU countries, even if it means using WTO tariffs. What we will be gaining is the ability to trade with all our commonwealth partners, and other countries, across the world. Far from being inward looking, Brexit is positively internationalist in its outlook. The UK commands influence at a worldwide level by virtue of English being so widely spoken as well as its enduring colonial connections and history.

It’s time for everyone to get behind this bold move, to stop whingeing, to stop stabbing their own country in the back, to support Brexit and help make it a success.



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About Tim Hunter (4 Articles)
Tim Hunter is UKIP Candidate for Knaresborough in the forthcoming North Yorkshire County Council Elections.

10 Comments on Stop Whingeing and Back Brexit

  1. Hey, Tim, the PM must have seen the title of your article yesterday, thought to herself, “Yes, I’m absolutlely sick to the back teeth of all those whingeing Remainers” and decided to call an election!!

    Good luck next month.

  2. Thanks for your comments. Obviously I’m preaching to the converted a little. But let’s sharpen up our arguments a bit. Too many people still seem to believe in the utopian fluffy European dream.

    Everyone who stands is helping and providing a democratic option for people. Hopefully we will win some seats, but even if we have some disappointments, we’re still making those Remainer b*stards work a bit harder. Look the odious Lib Dems, for instance (who, unfortunately, are quite big where I live). There’s only so many liberal/loony leftie guardian reading do-gooders to go round in any constituency, and it’s a crowded market on that side of things. Green Evangelists, Labour and LDs are all struggling to get that vote. All three of those parties are going to struggle to retain any working class vote, that’s for sure.

    • Thank you for this article and I wish you every success in your bid to be elected in the council elections in May. On the subject of the £350 million per week which, if I remember correctly, Boris Johnson and Vote Leave said COULD be spent on the NHS, it puzzled me that so many people seemed to begrudge that money going to the NHS. One would have thought they would have been delighted that the NHS would get a financial boost, given its alleged parlous state.

  3. When you look back over the events of the last couple of years and remember Cameron & Co’s antics, what they were allowed to get away with was undemocratic and outrageous.

    The PM announces a referendum will be held and tries desperately to get the kind of deal from the EU that will help the Remainers win a majority vote. He fails miserably and humiliatingly, yet tries to pass off the non-event as ‘a deal’ before anouncing the actual date of the referendum.
    He tells the electorate that this is their choice, a once-only, once-in a lifetime opportunity to decide Britain’s future, but what he doesn’t do is immediately step back and take no further part in the debate.

    No, instead, Cameron hammers home the Remain message day after day, up and down the country, on the radio, on TV, in factories, workplaces, business parks, town centres and in Parliament. His Chancellor and those of his Cabinet keen to keep on the right side of their boss do the same. Cameron authorises the spending of millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money to print and distribute a lengthy Remain pamphlet to every household. He even uses his power as PM to recruit the USA President to urge the electorate to vote Remain.
    Meanwhile, he lays no contingency plans whatsoever to cope with the eventuality of a majority Leave vote – how would he have the time to do that anyway when he was scurrying here, there and everywhere campaigning for Remain?

    I believe Cameron’s and his colleagues’ behaviour has been criticised by a post-referendum inquiry, and rightly so. Imagine him as the headmaster of a school (Private Eye did in every issue during his tenure of No 10) who says he will allow the students to decide a very important policy for the future running of the school. There will be a school-wide debate on the pros and cons, followed by a democratic vote which will determine the matter. But instead of letting the students get on with their debate, the Head insists on interfering, pushing his message vociferously and press-ganging most of the teachers into supporting his campaign. The teachers who want to keep out of it or support the other side are persona non grata.
    How many students would believe that the Head was being open, transparent, fair, even-handed, sincere and truly democratic in his actions? Only the ones who sided with the outcome desired by the Head. The rest would be disgusted and angry.

    Ten months after the Referendum, disgust and anger are the only possible reactions toward those bad losers who persist, openly or underhandedly, in complaining about the result and working to overturn it. But they weren’t set an outstanding example by the leaders of this country in practising and honouring true democracy, were they?

    • I still believe that there was a fall back plan in case the unbelievable happened, it did,the farce ie the orchestrated ascension of may to number 10
      was triggered,the only thing that was for 9 months.

  4. Not only remainers whinging, a good many so called Brexiteers did / do so.
    Domestic problems many inserted from outside of the party plus some domestic which can and will be sorted did not in my book warrant the continuing cry “start another party” work with what has been successfully established and make the May elections a success.

  5. Yes Tim, the more we step on it the more the worm turns. I see it as an invitation to step on it even harder! In so doing we should never forget that it is the worm we are stepping on, not the people that have been duped by the worm, it’s hapless victims.

    It is instructive to see what is happening across the pond, where their worm is writhing even more franticly in what is hopefully it’s death throws. The link below features something of a first. Paul Joseph Watson outside.

    PS Good luck and Godspeed in the council elections.

  6. The remainiacs keep on moaning that the voters did not know what they were voting for. Nonsense, both sides had many months to put their arguments.

    Or that we must have another referendum after the negotiations. Again nonsense. David Cameron spent quite a few months trying to get a deal before the referendum. He had his chance for all that faffing around. Now we must just get on with leaving.

  7. Keep up the good work Tim and very good luck in Knaresborough in May.

  8. Bang on. The media is failing all “leavers” in its inability to challenge “remainers”. However, ardent “remainers”, the ones that believe in an united states of Europe are a minority. There are many who voted “remain” because of project fear and the status quo position. Now that project fear has proved to be an utter lie the percentage voting “leave” would be much greater.

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