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Statement by the Interim Chairman Paul Oakden


At an NEC meeting today members discussed the recent press coverage of our Leader, Henry Bolton. Both the committee and the Leader understand the strength of feeling on this coverage and are keen to work collectively in finding a resolution that best protects the future prospects of UKIP.

Due to the short time between the publishing of these reports and our meeting today, the committee agreed that it was not in a position to fully discuss all the evidence and appropriately agree on a way forward. Further investigation of these matters is required.

It was agreed to defer the discussion to a special NEC meeting, which has been called for ten days time.

No further comment will be made on this issue by the central party, or any NEC member until that meeting has concluded.

Kind Regards
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57 Comments on Statement by the Interim Chairman Paul Oakden

  1. The public memory is very short for this kind of stuff. UKIP’s problem is the lack of a coherent and radical stance to excite people again like it did over Brexit.

  2. I don’t like this affair and it ls will probably result in my leaving the party, one new leader too far.
    It’s worth remembering that the media are determined to ignore UKIP unless there is a chance to smear us. It’s not Henry that failed to get publicity, it’s all of us. As for AMW, thankfully I’ve not seen a word about her or her new party since she left us. Brits just don’t like the agenda she is pushing.
    There is no conspiracy here, unless it’s between the two principal characters, just a silly old fool and possibly a young lady who needs publicity….and got it in spades.
    No one has any idea what went on in Henry’s marriage. It looks like he is selfish idiot but a woman scorned is a horrible thing. My problem is his judgement, his honesty and the shambles at the top in general.
    Maybe now the referendum is over we are all too different to stay in the same party. The established ones can get away with being divided, we’re too small to do so.
    Best bet? Fold up UKIP and start again from scratch as the UK Independent Party.

    • AMW has been interviewed many times by YouTubers and bloggers, grass root people, with views racking up in the tens of thousands and gaining more support all the time. Henry put out some odd looking message on his iPhone.

    • The only woman scorned was his (third) wife, why are you referring to her as a ‘horrible thing’? She is left breastfeeding their child!!!! How come he is just a selfish idiot but she is a ‘horrible thing’? She went back to work to pay for him to indulge his fantasy job of leading UKIP! If anyone is a ‘horrible thing’ it is him!

      But I do agree with your last statement. Do a pre-pack insolvency arrangement, clear out the nest of donors and ‘central party’ management and start again with new constitution.

      • I wonder if icini might have meant that it’s a horrible thing to be a scorned woman?

        Incidentally, if newspaper reports are anything to be believed then she wasn’t quite the only woman scorned. His second wife claims that he left her as a result of an affair he was having with the woman who became his third and current abandoned wife.

        The situation gets messier and messier. I wonder how much more there is to come.


    • “Brits just don’t like the agenda she is pushing.”

      This Brit, along with many others I know, welcome the anti Islam agenda. It and its followers have no place in our country. The failure of UKIP to address it lost any chance of my becoming a member.

    • You were quite happy for others to leave, Icini, so perhaps it’s as well. Your advice in the leadership election has ended in even more disaster for the Party.

      There are 2 competing strains in UKIP, and now neither are resolved. The one that concerns Icini is the one that hardly dare speak its name in his world, yet is also the one that is changing our country beyond recognition.

      The other has had hardly any recognition, although it is the only means to allow any progress against the main problem. We have to understand that we need the votes of working people, but we’re not going to get them unless we offer them economic and educational policies they agree with.

      Until we get that into our heads no amount of civil war will make any difference.

      • Do you mean in the way Margaret Thatcher captured so many working class votes by offering to support their aims of self-reliance, self- respect, and a clamp down on scroungers or do you mean the Corbyn magic money tree.

        • This isn’t the 1980s, Stout – working class patriots won’t be fooled again.

          And ‘austerity’ is Neandertal economics. See my articles of a year ago. We need to be revolutionary far beyond your Toryist reference to money trees.

  3. Of course Bolton has to go as leader. Whatever the reasons for his actions (in his personal life) or his inaction (in his role as UKIP leader), he has no credibility left and it looks like he even mislead those who supported him during the leadership election. It is very unfortunate that UKIP seem unable to find an effective leader and regular leadership contests reflect very badly on the Party. However, continuing the search to find the right person as leader, is the only option for the Party, no matter what the cost. UKIP cannot under any circumstances put up with the wrong person at the helm, just for appearance sake.
    Who should the next leader be?
    UKIP has to go back to it’s roots. The Party is at it’s best when it is fighting causes. Issues that unite the many different strata’s of our society. Mass immigration, the Islamification of the U.K., MSM bias, especially the BBC. Our broken health and welfare systems. Defence, Foreign Aid. An Education system that has been for far too long in the control of cultural Marxists and people who hate Britain.
    UKIP needs a leader who would be passionate about these (and other) issues.
    I get the impression that Bolton was elected by members who saw him as a safe pair of hands. Someone who could present a moderate, acceptable face to front the Party. How that image and impression has been shattered.
    UKIP (through it’s members) needs to be bold. The Party needs to reach out to the voters of this Country, show them passion on important issues.
    Doing so might alienate some, more cautious folk, but I think it would enthuse and garner support from very many more people than it turned off. UKIP needs to once again become the Party of the people.
    In the last leadership election, I voted for the excellent David Kurten. I would think that he would still be an excellent candidate for the role of UKIP leader. However, we should not be fearful of electing a firebrand to lead the Party. Someone like AMW would I believe, galvanise UKIP and enthuse a large number potential voters.

  4. How much will it cost to get rid of him.
    I assume he has a contract.
    I see he says he wont resign makes me think he is hanging out for a pay off package! A lot less messy all round as long as the members are not required to pay for it
    10 days gives a period to get the ducks in order.

    • Pretty certain he has no contract and bo salary.

      • So there are no financial come backs anywhere if “we” (Head Office Officials/NEC/Organised Grass Roots pressure group members or whoever with a bit of guts ); bites the bullet at last and simply chucks the rotter/cad/dissembler/pantaloons/chancer;
        OUT OUT “damned blot on the landscape”

        • Costs of an EGM…

          • ooow have we got to go through that business again.
            The last preliminary I went to apparently didn`t reach the required number and fizzled out before it got to EGM stage.
            And then I seem to remember the theme – regionalisation of the NEC got shot down at the next party conference – I think it was engineered by a certain Mr.Agnew – darling of the crowd (party establishment?)

          • No need for preliminaries, it would be automatic:

            6.23.4 In the event of a motion of no confidence in the Party Leader being passed by the NEC, the Party Secretary shall call an EGM of members of the Party, such EGM to be held within 28 days of the passing of the motion. The NEC may from time to time make Rules as to the conduct of such an EGM. The EGM shall have as its only business a motion to endorse or to reject the vote of no confidence in the Leader by the NEC.

    • There are two ways an incumbent Leader can cease being Leader: either he goes of his own accord, or via a motion of no confidence. Only the NEC can pass the latter, under Article 6.23.1 of the Party Constitution. Under Article 6.23.2, this can only be done at an NEC meeting for which the Leader was given at least 7 days’ notice that such a motion would be on the agenda of the said meeting. So, there wasn’t enough time between the time the scandal broke and yesterday’s NEC meeting to give such notice, but there theoretically could be enough notice to discuss such a motion at the upcoming emergency NEC meeting and my suspicion is that this is what the emergency NEC meeting is all about.

      I’m sure he has no pay package from the Party (neither the Constitution nor the Party finances allow it) and the financial cost of him leaving will be zero (not considering the effect on donations). There will be a political cost of him leaving, particularly if he is forced out rather than resigning, as there is a political cost to him staying, and I think the latter now exceeds the former.

      • So if no one on the NEC has given him notice of the fact of a Motion of No Confidence by the end of today / tomorrow then no such Motion can be entertained anyway .
        Surely one, at least, member of the NEC has the percipience to see the absolute necessity of tabling such a Motion ?
        If it doesn’t pass fair enough, but if it is not even discussed because of lack of foresight to table it in time………just adds to the shambles.
        Where you say ‘latter now exceeds ‘ I would only say I fear you understate the reality : the latter in fact now massively exceeds the former.
        Him staying is terminal for UKIP.
        Are you able to email all the NEC members with a link to the articles on here so they can see for themselves that amongst activists / loyal members / grassroots there is just zero ( or almost ) desire for him to stay ?

  5. I hope this delay will give time for David Kurten to prepare to be the new leader. He obtained, after all, the third highest vote in the leadership election and came very close to AMW who has now gone to other places. There can be no justification for another election and so David Kurten can be appointed the new leader with a simple coronation. Of course whether that will satisfy the cabal that currently runs UKIP is another matter. There is no need for a severance package as the position is unpaid or so we are told.

    • The constitution, approved by the members, requires an election if multiple candidates are determined to stand. No getting round that.

    • I hope the party does its diligence on David. It is not secret that he is part of the Christian People’s Alliance team, led by Alan Craig, who ran his campaign for him and is a tireless cheerleader. For members living around the country you may not be familiar with them, they are a rival political party that still exists, but their leader Alan Craig and a group of his followers joined UKIP a few years back with Nigel’s blessing. Ours was one of the branches that a significant group of them joined, and they formed a branch within a branch. When they stood for UKIP as councillors or MP then UKIP activists would be pushed out of the way and a whole team of CPA people would appear and work exclusively with the ex-CPA candidates. A bit like militant tendency in labour. I was even called up by one such person during the last leadership contest who explained that in fact Alan should be standing instead of David but because Alan lives in a rough part of London and has teenage children at school then it wouldn’t be fair on them to put them in spotlight, so David was standing in his place. I actually like David and what he says but my experience with the CPA tells me that the party should be very careful and members should vote with full knowledge of this association.

    • Those who backed other candidates might now unite against David. Victory is by no means a given… 🤓

  6. Pay peanuts for a leader and you get a Knob head.In this case with an OBE!
    As usual any perceived bargain usually has a flaw,and if it is free is has a big flaw and possibly a useless waste of space. The establishment must be overjoyed

  7. The country is crying out for an anti mass immigration, anti-Islam party. UKIP, get your act together for God’s sake and ditch Bolton.

  8. Don’t knock the 10 days – much as we want closure it buys them the required time to conduct the research & call for a no confidence vote.
    A sad marriage breakdown & meeting someone new is one thing but, however rampant the raging bull between the legs anyone in his position of responsibility with nous would have checked up on her past first & then either resigned to be with her or passed up the offer

  9. The traditional way to the top of a political party is to hide and deny wanting it, but then be in a key position until there’s no other choice.

  10. WEASEL WORDS – note Oakden’s statement refers to ‘strength of feeling on this coverage’ – NO! We don’t object to the coverage, in fact we are glad of the coverage and revelations. What we object to is the LEADER’S BEHAVIOUR!!!! The words in this statement are written carefully so as not to actually say anything about Bolton’s behaviour. Betrayal coming up!!!!

  11. To my mind the party is the prime issue in this affair, whether this be another carswell set up or not I would still like to see a membership build up of like minded people then add a leader from within,There are good people going to waste internally.
    As for a laughing stock which we have been since the creation of UKIP enforced by the ongoing hate / smear campaign driven by establishments fear of UKIPs potential.
    Two wrongs do not make a right I know but this is a mere bagatelle conpared to the three wrongs mis-leading the lab/lib/con coalition party.
    Paedophilia cover ups long term in one , in tother ongoing treachery, the third being out and out an eu asset.
    The answer now is 17.4 million new UKIP members today, tomorrow the return of sanity to these Isles.
    A big enough force under one banner of independent like minded thinkers would certainly create many a U turn in westminster.

  12. Just seen this, if true then Bolton is psychotic and as such makes him very dangerous

  13. What a load of b*******

  14. Hang on, I thought the word Interim had been dropped from Oakden’s title, is it back again?

  15. Being an old-fashioned sort of person, I always thought ‘Leaders’ – whether political leaders, family leaders, religious leaders, military leaders etc – were people you could respect, follow and trust.

    Can I respect Henry Bolton for abandoning his wife and children (including his newborne baby) ? Should I perhaps follow Henry Bolton and shack up with a male model half my age ? And can I really trust Henry Bolton to do what’s right by UKIP and all its members ?

    NO, NO and NO !

    If Henry can do such things to his family then why would he hesitate to betray UKIP supporters who he has no emotional ties to ?

    This man’s CV was very impressive and I wasn’t too put out when he became leader – but I would sooner he now go – and go quickly.

    I don’t want him as the UKIP leader.

    UKIP is better than that.

    I bet there’s a queue of paparazzi behind her – drooling at the mouth waiting for her story.

    And when it’s splashed all over the front pages, She’ll look like a professional femme fatale and he’ll look like a sad, pathetic, middle-age loser.

    In what way can that exalt, uplift and magnify UKIP ?

    Both Henry and UKIP will be a laughing stock.

  16. I think he’s done well. He appears to have no other ideas. No such thing as bad publicity. At last a few people know the name now. The NEC response is funny. Anybody would think it never happened. Unbelievably prudish. Let’s hope he follows on with something worth while.

  17. I think they should have postponed till this Thurs or Friday, not dragged it out for ten days.

    I am not aware of any other mechanism for activists / members to express their views other than this website UKIPD.

    Surely someone here has access to the NEC members’ email addresses and can send them a link to today’s comments ?

    So far the comments from members are running at something like 97 or 98 percent urging him to go : not because we relish yet another election ( though please please this time will some others support my argument that it needs to be by way of Transferable Vote or Alternative Vote – NOT FPTP ) but because the alternative of him staying on is just intolerable to contemplate, let alone endure.

    He will never ever ever be taken seriously again.
    He will be laughed off any panel programme like Question Time.
    It’s just not possible for him to continue. It really is not.
    Steve Crowther get your media togs out of the closet you’re needed back on Interim Leader duties ( and shove HB inside it and lock the door ! ).

    • Ten days, as I have posted elsewhere, is a specific term from the constitution… 🤓

      • Ten days? Please elaborate. I can’t find any reference to ten days in the Constitution, but I can find a reference to seven days as in “no less than seven days’ notice” …?

        • 6.23.3 If the Party Leader cannot attend the meeting, he must be given a reasonable opportunity to attend on a subsequent occasion to take place within ten days. Provided that he has been given reasonable notice of such rearranged meeting, the NEC may proceed to deal with the matter in his absence if the NEC is of the opinion that, in all the circumstances, it would be fair, reasonable and just to do so and that he has had reasonable opportunity to attend.

  18. The fact that Henry Bolton has let the little head do the thinking is regrettable. However, this should not affect his ability to lead the party too much in the long run. The very last thing we need at the moment is another leadership election, which would make the party a laughing stock. What is needed is a damage limitation exercise, and getting back to business as usual as soon as possible.

    • But Phillip Bolton has absolutely nothing to offer, nothing.

      From a purely selfish point of view I would like him to remain so more Kippers would eventually move over to For Britain who want to tackle the number one issue of the day, Islam.

      Many of us knew he was a chancer from the start it’s just that many Kippers don’t have the street smarts to spot one.

    • Philip ~ if he had shown any evidence whatever during the last 4 months since his election that he actually HAD any ability to lead the party there might just be something in what you say ( actually, no there wouldn’t. Not something this spectacularly stupid. ).

      But he has spent four months doing management tidying up stuff ( surely that is what the Chairman is for, given overall direction by the Leader ? ) apparently as a displacement activity to avoid getting to grips with proclaiming loud and clear UKIP’s arguments in favour of WTO Brexit / Moratorium on all new Immigration / in favour of Proportional Representation.
      He has shown no ability to give a political lead whatsoever.
      I truly believe that deep down ( tho’ not v deep in his case ) he has realized that he has nothing to offer as Leader ~he is an empty vessel ~ and this spectacular embrace of woeful stupidity is a kind of mechanism to force the Leadership to be taken away from him. He doesn’t want to be Leader but can’t bring himself to say those words of resignation out loud.

    • Do you honestly think that UKIP is not a complete and utter laughing stock after the last year? Or indeed to many members and supporters a source of great sadness. Anyone who has such poor judgement, lack of consideration for his wife and children and has been so spectacularly invisible since being voted to lead the one political party that is completely in favour of Brexit during the negotiations, is surely unfit to lead UKIP.

    • Sadly, the Party is already a laughing stock – to the utter disgust of those who have been trying to keep things together. Henry has well and truly blown it – who can now have any confidence in his judgement and leadership?

  19. “fully discuss all the evidence”? What evidence needs discussing? This is either a cover for triggering a vote of no-confidence with due notice or is a fudge in which they wait to see if it dies down.

    It may well die down because there will be no members left.

    Jo M will almost certainly see the writing on the wall better than he does and will soon prepare a story to sell the Sundays. He will be an even bigger fool for having tried to hang on.

  20. Sounds like they are hoping the coverage will die down and members will just shrug their shoulders and put up with Bolton. It’s obvious Bolton doesn’t want to resign as it would mean his image of his own self-importance would be shattered. I can see a nervous breakdown on the horizon.

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