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Further statement from the Interim Chairman Paul Oakden

Ed: it gives me great pleasure to publish this update or ‘further statement’ by Paul Oakden, which some but not all members received a short while ago. we recall his statement on Monday which we published that same evening here

From that statement it was obvious to us that the special meeting was supposed to take place on Thursday, Jan 18th 2018. We also were told in no uncertain terms that nobody of the ‘central party’ would speak about this or anything related to it to anyone. 

I shall refrain from mentioning that the leader, Henry Bolton, broke this rule himself by giving a videoed interview for ‘Westmonster’ which most of you will have seen, so I won’t link to it here. Yesterday morning, one member of the NEC posted the following on his Facebook page:

Henry Bolton gave an interview yesterday to Westmonster declaring his refusal to resign.This was despite the NEC agreeing to give no interviews until our next meeting to discuss him. We,including him were bound by NEC confidentiality.

He has spoken, he will cling to his job whatever.

i now openly call for him to resign as so many members wish and to save the party money. To force him to leave needs a vote of nine NEC members with seven days plus notice followed by a members EGM

There seems to have been at least one other person involved who broke the NEC Omertà – because earlier today the link to this report made the rounds which said that the NEC meeting was being postponed. The report mentioned their evidence came from ’email chains’ which they had seen. Upon inquiring, I also was made aware of such emails. These emails had been sent to single members. No general statement of this postponement to all of us however … until now. Furthermore, in the last couple of days I was made aware of rumours hinting at this postponement, but was told not to mention it for fear of retribution. 

I think we can conclude that Orwell was right: some animals are indeed more equal than others, or: some leakers are more equal than others. I accept that the leak about this postponement was due more to ineptitude than malice, but the fact remains: some who knew were not allowed to speak out while others who knew wrote emails with the postponement date stated baldly.

Thus the statement below, half a day after the first leak was published:

Dear ….

On Monday, you received an email from me giving notice that a meeting had been called to discuss the recent press coverage of our Leader, Henry Bolton.

At the time of drafting the statement, the NEC had intended holding this special meeting ten days later. However, in order to ensure maximum attendance it has been agreed that the meeting should be held at a weekend so as to ensure all NEC members have their opportunity to be present to represent your views.

As a result, the meeting will take place on Sunday. 21st January.

I will report back to members after the meeting on its outcome.

Kind Regards 

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35 Comments on Further statement from the Interim Chairman Paul Oakden

    • Indeed, it has to be!

    • Oh ! SomeonesomewheregiveourHenrywhiskeyandatrigger
      Cos’ ‘is tart called Meghan Markle ‘common little n*****’
      UKIP better realise or the country’s gonna figure…….
      SomeonesomewheregiveourHenrywhiskeyandatrigger !


      Although I is a fool to Tweet

      And I is just a lass

      Me Henry gives me nose a tweak
      And pats me pretty ass

      But then one day I learned a word
That saved me achin’ nose

      The BIGGEST word you EVER ‘eard

      And this is ‘ow it goes…

      Oh ! SomeonesomewheregiveourHenrywhiskeyandatrigger
      Cos’ ‘is tart called Meghan Markle ‘common little n*****’
      UKIP better realise or the country’s gonna figure…….
      SomeonesomewheregiveourHenrywhiskeyandatrigger !


      With acknowledgements and apologies to Julie Andrews / Dick Van Dyke /-Mary Poppins- ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’

    • I do have a theory that Nick Clegg has always been a Tory and was sent on a mission to destroy the Lib Dems. His knighthood really being for services to the Conservatives. He was a member of the Conservatives as a student. Denied of course – no honesty.

      I wonder whether Bolton was in the Lib Dems to help Clegg with his mission?
      Once the job was making good progress Bolton was inserted into UKIP to undermine it.

      Clegg rose without trace, and so has Bolton. Did nobody in either party think this was odd?

      A safe pair of hands, but for whom? Who is paying the piper?

      I do not normally subscribe to conspiracy theories, however some very odd circumstances have happened in recent years in politics. Who really is behind Corbyn for example? Whoever would have thought that an MP who never had a front bench role would be the leader of Labour, and come quite close to being PM?

      • Clarification – my comment is speculation, you can take it or leave it as you wish. However there is a feeling that strange things are happening in politics.

        Why was Bolton so desperate to block Anne Marie Waters? Perhaps that was his main mission. Now that his mission is complete he is creating a situation where he has to go.

        • I never understood the financial angle with Henry Bolton.
          The strange comment, made by him, that he would sell the “family” home to help pay for his UKIP leadership. What mess of a political party, has a central governance, which allows UKIP to be part funded on that basis ?

          The latest publicity linking UKIP leadership with racism strengthens the notion of a disruption strategy in play. Especially, as you indicate, he has split the party by labelling AMW and her supporters rather than seeking to heal party divisions after his coronation.

          And yes I also believed that Henry Bolton was a grey safe pair of hands.

    • It has to be otherwise it is the end for our party and we cannot let that happen. If Bolton was an honourable man he would have resigned already.

    • Why was he on the Daily Politics on Friday giving another interview? Suspend him immediately.

  1. Isn’t it impressive what can be achieved in a few short months by a ‘safe pair of hands’?

  2. It’s a bit rich for Bonking Bolton to stand there (in the Westmonster video) and say ‘for the record… the marriage was in serious trouble… for some years…) when one of his apparent selling points when he was standing for leader was the fact that he was a ‘stable family man’! A stable family man that abandoned his young family just before Christmas Eve!

    Mr Bav.. Modern Major General contains three long and three short verses – so I think some more effort on your part is needed 🙂 Can I humbly submit a couple to add to your brilliant ones:

    I am the very model of a UKIP Party Leader
    I do what Oakden tells me though he’s an annoying little bleeder
    He says that if I’m good that I will rise and rise still higher
    Providing I stay off Dating Sites using names like errmmm ‘Lone Flyer’!

    I’m very good at handling both the Mass and Social Media
    I know more about politics than that marvellous Wikipedia
    I’ve rearranged the deckchairs and I’ve started many committees
    And when Oakden comes, and seating’s short, I crouch and let him sit on me


    Doesn’t ‘Interim Chairman’ sound a bit North Korean.. ‘Interim Chairman Kim Jong Oakden.. What’s next? Beloved Leader Bolton???

    • I still have the edition of the UKIP Magazine with all the candidates’ pitches in it. To be fair, Henry Bolton didn’t mention his family in that, though he did elsewhere.

      What’s really noticeable on re-reading it is the long list of ways he was going to reorganise the party, almost all of which show no sign of even starting to happen after four months.

      “2a. Better select, train, prepare and support candidates, councillors, other elected representatives and staff”
      “2c. Improve internal communications, appoint a Director of Communications, have regional representation on the governing body and establish transparent communication systems”
      “2e. Give members a chance to shape party policy”
      “2f. Allow branches to retain a significant proportion of the subscription renewal fees”.

      So many promises, so little achieved. Maybe that’s why he was able to list so many police and security roles: he has always moved on before having time to deliver anything.

      • But you know he can’t make those reforms without NEC approval. And the NEC is flummoxed by the chairman, who represents the people who think they own the party. When Diane James quit, this is what she meant when she said “they won’t let me do anything”. I’d like to know was it that Henry didn’t try, or that someone stopped him?

        • That’s a fair point Graham, though some of the things on Henry’s to-do list shouldn’t have needed NEC approval, such as improving candidate selection and training, sorting out the membership email list and giving some of the re-subscription monies to branches.

          Since no NEC minutes have been released in the last six months (so much for “transparent communications”), we’ll probably never know.

          • Toby Micklethwait // January 14, 2018 at 10:10 am //

            Dear Keith,

            I think one of the things Henry should do, soon, is to get a message to Newton Abbot (perhaps indirectly via the chairman) as follows:

            “It’s your job to get emails to all party members who have email addresses. I call on you to do your job”.

            “Our database of members is on Subscriber. Can Subscriber do the job? If so, why are you not using Subscriber for this purpose?”

            “If you don’t have time to get the invalid email addresses corrected, why don’t you allocate the task to the regions, counties and branches?”

            Regards, Toby, 01932-873557

          • Hi Toby,
            Branch and regional officers have been complaining about the inaccurate email and membership lists at least since I joined in 2010. I don’t expect Henry will fix it in whatever time he has left any more than his predecessors did. There is evidently no appetite in the central party for doing so.

  3. Since i’ve decided not to renew perhaps I should stop posting but I am still a member for the time being. My branch is entitled to have a chance to find a new chairman and not just be dumped. The sad thing is I fully support Brexit and all that should come with it and most of the other present UKIP policies, as far as I now actually know what they are.
    Whilst I’m pleased that soon I won’t have to worry about or deal with the fallout of my party’s managerial ineptitude I hope this latest debacle gets sorted. vUnfortunatly it looks like the usual delay, infighting at the top and poor quality, half-hearted leadership will continue for some time yet.
    The existing structure does not work. It seems to me that the best way forward for the party is to start again, reorganising from the branches up rather than from the top down. The NEC could consist of area chairmen, (maybe choosing a smaller inner circle or committee from amongst themselves to handle day to day matters), an MEP representative and a few others, with county chairmen, chosen by branch chairmen, providing a second layer of routine imput from members when necessary.
    The Area chairmen NEC would have to approve, by voting, all prospective leadership candidates or interim leaders and could themselves be removed by their county chairmen at the request of the majority of their branches. The members would thus have control of the party without national EGMs. Individual members could still vote for approved candidates for leader as now and on whatever at conference, by selecting delegates or attending in person. It may sound cumbersome but the whole structure could in fact make decisions quite quickly. Another advantage is that the way to climb the party ladder would start at Branch officer, through, county, area and with a second route up for people who get elected to public office. No more unknown outsiders appearing from the mists to become leader. Members who do get elected to public office would pay a small but not insignificant proportion of their pay or allowance to the party funds.

    • Please keep posting, icini – UKIP Daily is not a closed shop, there’s no face control at the entrance.
      All must be heard, especially the critical voices of those who’ve held a stake in UKIP for such a long time, such as you have.

    • Icini, I know that we have not always been in agreement, however I have appreciated your comments.

      What will you do now? Are you giving up on politics entirely?

      I have helped a friend delivering leaflets for her start-up cleaning business. It felt quite different to delivering UKIP leaflets – knowing that at any moment someone could start shouting at us, calling us a racist Nazi etc. She now has a full set of customers, and the business is expanding.

      I have told the branch that I am happy to help with any Brexit related campaigning, but not UKIP campaigning.

  4. > Interim Chairman

    ? Paul is the Chairman.

    It says so in the latest copy of Independence, the Party bulletin, and it does so on the NEC list at

    I know it says “Interim” on some e-headers and at – but variety is the spice of life.

  5. This is like the backstage shenanigans at a third rate theatre. It just gets worse the longer you watch. And we’re not even halfway through January.

  6. After Bolton’s dismal showing on Friday’s Daily Politics, i am convinced that he must resign or be sacked as UKIP leader.
    He gave a lacklustre performance under a Jo Cockburn barrage (what an odious woman she is!). Hesitant and seemingly unsure at every question, i longed for a referee to stop the contest early to save Bolton from further punishment and UKIP from further embarrassment.
    During the strange disappearance of MrBolton during the early days of his leadership, i was prepared to believe that he was busy, beavering away in the background, i apologise if anyone finds that an unfortunate phrase under the circumstances!
    However, given that his personal behaviour will mean that like Paul Nuttall before him, he will have no credibility with the wider public and that he will be an open goal for the MSM to hit upon, he has to go.
    Mr Bolton sadly does not appear to be cut out to be the inspiring UKIP figurehead that the Party so desperately needs.

  7. I find it extraordinary that at a time when it is vital for members to be able to reach out to the NEC, and two months since I reported this problem and had it acknowledged, and two days since the party Treasurer also acknowledged it, there is still no correct list of NEC members on the website!

    In case anyone was wondering how difficult this is to do, you simply add a couple of photos and names into the powerpoint slide, save it as HTML, and voila it is done. MAXIMUM 10 minutes work. About the same amount of time it takes to write a post on this site.

    Its not like things aren’t being done on, four articles were posted in last couple of days which have to go through basically the same process. The UKIP Daily team seem to be able to get this done without any drama, and I repeat my call for the party to outsource the production of to UKIP Daily!!!

  8. A weekend makes sense to me – we should be doing 3veryth8ng possible to ensure maximum NEC ability to attend, discuss an£ vote…

  9. They want you to pay £35 a year each so they can pay this idiot £120,000 a year for this garbage.

  10. There must be loads of people who, like me, are loyal to UKIP, all that it stands for and all that it has done. It is very disappointing that some of the party bosses are obviously not as loyal to we footsoldiers.

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