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Spot the Nazi

According to a recent article in The Telegraph by Ambrose Evans Pritchard:

Triumphant Brussels likens Brexit to the Third Reich.” 

It was one of the proudest moments of my life when the United Kingdom democratically voted to leave the European Union. In spite of Operation Fear and the many millions of Euros that must have been spent on propaganda, my fellow countrymen saw through it all and decided they wanted their country back.

We were assured that if we voted to leave, Article 50 would be triggered immediately and we would be out of the EU, well over a year later and we’re presented with an ongoing pantomime. A weak Prime-Minister has fudged Brexit, allowing herself to be bullied by remainers, having had very little commitment in the first place and we’re a long way from being free if ever. Perhaps it’s time for an exercise called: Spot the Nazis.

Since Genghis Khan, Attila the Hun, Stalin, Hitler and a multitude of other tyrants and dictators, now including the likes of Merkel and Junker, they’ve all been good at one thing: appealing to and utilising the emotions of disaffected people.

It’s not that we shouldn’t feel sorry for disaffected people, but they are the way of the world, the poor and needy have been here since before Biblical times and if I were to be able to return in a thousand years, they would still be here. Help these people, yes, allow them to drag us into Perdition, no. Life is unfortunately a game of winners and losers.

Merkel’s disaffected minions are the millions of hostile African, Middle Eastern and East Asian so called refugees, that she has allowed along with tens of thousands of Jihadis and economic migrants, into Europe. These people are a proxy army being used against us, we’ve had a few bombs and bullets, but you’ve seen nothing yet.

Hitler is often called a Far Right Fascist, but he and his party’s roots were in National Socialism and I’ve often heard this discussed. Was Hitler Far Left or Far Right? It doesn’t matter, many extremest regimes whether Left or Right have attempted to use Totalitarianism as a means of control and so I find it easier to refer to them all as just Totalitarian regimes: this includes the European Union.

It would be hard to imagine anything more Totalitarian than Political Correctness. We’re being expected to tolerate the loss of our democracy, one of the oldest in the world, our invasion by hostile cultures and subservience to the European Union. From Genghis Khan to Hitler, the murdering tyrants of history would have been proud of Angela Merkel et al.

Nigel Farage said: “the European Union only cares about its dream, it doesn’t care how many people it hurts in pursuit of this dream.” I can’t find a link to the quote at the moment but this video of his recent speech to the AfD in Berlin is worth watch.

We’ve seen the European Union hurt many people. The people of the Ukraine are one example, the EU tried to usurp the government and Putin very wisely decided he didn’t want the EU on his doorstep. It’s an ongoing crisis to this day. The Greek people too have suffered enormously, along with Southern Europeans in general.

The European Union is a dangerous expansionist dictatorship that has nothing to do with the altruism that it espouses: the world has seen this strategy from power crazed dictators before. It amazes me that Tony Blair was never the President of the EU: a power crazed dictatorship led by a war criminal would have been a perfect match.

As Ambrose Evans Pritchard says:

The EU priesthood has certainly acquired a habit of overturning referenda by fair means or foul.  We have instruments of torture in the basement,” in the immortal words of Jean-Claude Juncker, the grand inquisitor. They reversed the Danish ‘No’ to Maastricht, and the Irish ‘No’ to Nice and Lisbon, and Dutch and French ‘No’ to the European Constitution (reinvented as Lisbon), and the Greek ‘Oxi’ in 2015.

Now at last they face a referendum to be reckoned with. The old guard in Brussels is having great difficulty coming to terms with this novel experience. They will.’

The difficulty will come when the EU finally faces the fact that we’re leaving. When we finally leave the EU (we must ensure that this happens), do we really think that we’ll all live happily ever after? Having , to quote our Prime-Minister: “ a deep meaningful relationship.” This is just my opinion, but I really don’t think so. I really don’t believe the EU has any intention of letting us go and it can’t afford to.

Nigel Farage said he thinks that in a few years time, Italy will be the next country to leave the EU. The Visegrad countries too are coming under duress from the EU. These countries will continue to refuse Islamification via immigration and so will have to question their EU membership.

It is said that history doesn’t repeat but it rhymes. Well think about this; an isolated Britain, standing on the edge of Europe, at loggerheads with Germany by proxy of the European Union, to be joined by Italy and the Visegrad countries in a few years as they too try and break free.

All of this at a time when the world seems to be aligning for another World War, with flashpoints in the Middle East and Asia (China, India, Pakistan, North and South Korea and others). Surely history is rhyming, there are some very eerie parallels here.

Our country has never been in more danger, UKIP’s job is far from over, indeed it has probably only just started. UKIP mustn’t let down the people that so magnificently and proudly voted for their country last year and it will need the right leader: this is not a job for the faint hearted. I’ll be getting back to this shortly.

In the meantime: have you spotted the Nazis yet? Here’s a hint: I don’t think it’s we Brexiteers.


Photo by Adam Jones, Ph.D. – Global Photo Archive

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27 Comments on Spot the Nazi

  1. Eliza re: your post at 2.40. Reference your three-pronged approach: 1. Brexit/EU
    2. Cultural Marxism, 3. Islamification/ third world immigration. As I see it, the root cause of the status quo – that’s latin for the mess we are in, is pur own effete, spineless political caste.
    I suggest we concentrate on putting the blame where it lies in all three cases.

    • Well, Tony, what you say is very true and I have in the past made just this point
      but have we worked out yet whether the political caste is indeed just effete and spineless or is something else, as some suspect, at play here?

      All western governments are near synchronised in their capitulation apart from, notably, formerly communist controlled EU member states. A particularly dangerous zeitgeist has caught hold.

      If there is a possibility of any hidden collusion whether with banking systems or covert cabals with global governing aspirations, then we have to tear at and dismantle the ideologies which will in turn bring down the powers that supported them.

  2. Eliza

    Specifically your post at 2.40 I meant.

  3. Eliza

    Absolutely correct

  4. “We are reasonable, nice people, but we have to accept that the Left/Remainiacs are not. Attempting to reason with them or win an argument with facts is an utter waste of our time.”

    Quite correct Gary.

    One cannot reason with the unreasonable, nor, should one tolerate the intolerable.

    With regards the EU’s origins/plans this is an interesting interview by Campaign for Independent Britain, pretty much a must see video.

  5. I beg your pardon, Flyer. Of course your article is very good and I completely acknowledge what you say. It is staggering to read of the morphing and twisting of interests, power and money, that arrived in the place that is the EU.

  6. I couldn’t agree more with every single one of these comments so far.

    The Party should be homing in on a three pronged approach:

    Brexit/EU –
    Marxism/Cultural Marxism –
    Islam/third world immigration –

    (not necessarily in that order) and joining up some simple dots between the three.

    It has been observed on here that most people don’t know what Cultural Marxism means. That may be very true but they know an example of it when they see it. The hard part is undoing the decades of brainwashing among the under thirty fives (and older!) by showing them a true reality.

    The message needs to be simple; repetition, repetition, repetition, substantiated by irrefutable facts.

    Listening to two powerful speakers at the moment, I see how they repeat and repeat, their message. They do not waver or change their message.

    A novel that draws you in powerfully will repeat a scenario or set of events over and over until you are inside that character, living their life.
    It is a fascinating technique.

    We need to turn around the received wisdoms of multi culturalism, immigration is necessary, immigration is a net benefit (without producing correct analyses), colonial guilt, ethnic minority and religious cultural norms as preference, diminishment of our history and own cultural practices pushed at us over the years, by using this technique and pushing it through every medium possible.

  7. I like this article. It must be useful to revisit our understanding of the events and remind ourselves that the ultimate objectives have not yet been achieved. What a deceitful comeback for the power grabbers. It won’t be over until it has been defeated on the continent.

    But hasn’t UKIP always been a single issue party but we have been too close to ‘see the wood for the trees’? Surely UKIP has been fighting a single issue battle against ideology, that bright light, or mist, that distorts peoples judgement. Ideology that creates hatred, righteousness and lust for power. There are three I can see, the EU, Islam and Globalization, but I am sure there are others. I am quite happy with single issue, as long as we do not forget democracy, independence and freedom on the way.

    Perhaps we should play, spot the manipulators, the control freaks, the ideologists.

  8. “… the ‘Brexit effect’ …one of the most spectacular own-goals of European history, on a par with Germany’s Third Reich or the Russian Revolution.”

    The origin of that bizarre quote is a website called “Friends of Europe” which claims it “is a leading think-tank that connects people, stimulates debate and triggers change to create a more inclusive, sustainable and forward-looking Europe.”

    A think tank that publishes the idea that a country leaving the EU is on par with the two most murderous regimes in modern times.

    Now we know: Everyone is a Nazi, everyone is a homicidal tyrant and you have to point them all out.

    Brexit is literally Hitler.

    is this why candidates for leadership of UKIP are being similarly associated with murderous tyrannical parties?

    (If you have not seen it here is a song about punching nazis that may make you smile… )

    • @ Liberas
      ‘Punch a Nazi’ and ‘Come be PC’ are sooo funny and clever! Loved them enough to bookmark.
      Tell you what though, I’m becoming seriously concerned about the mental health of young people, especially in America. Something is driving them over the edge ….
      Early onset dementia?

  9. Incidentally the “hackenkreuz” in the illustrative picture is facing in the wrong direction! How many other readers noticed that? 🤓

  10. Rodney Atkinson, who almost won the leadership once, writes a lot about this:

    “The book demonstrates how European continental politics has gone “full circle”. Direct parallels are drawn between the words and actions of fascist Europe of the 1930s and 1940s and the European Union of the 1980s and 1990s. In particular the parallels between the activities of Germany in Yugoslavia and Kosovo today and Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy in Yugoslavia in the 1940s and the break up of that country into many racial and religious ethnic statelets.
    It is shown how American and German companies supported the Nazi war machine and led the founding of the new Europe. The role of the Bilderberg Group its role in founding the European Union and its dangerous founders is described. The book shows how left wing Socialism and right wing corporatism were at the root of both 1940s fascism and the foundation of the nation-destroying European Union.
    Important figures in this process are analysed – Joseph Retinger, Arnold Toynbee, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, Edward Heath and others.”

  11. ll the above is true and we are in a fight but we do not set the rules of engagement, they are set out by the opposition and without adequate representation, we can’t change them. Whilst universal suffrage, votes for women and the rise of the Trades Union movement were all brought about by huge public protest. it would be difficult to see that working these days. You only have to look at the establishment’s response to the Countryside alliance protest march.
    The only way to get things done is to have elected representatives and put those in power in fear of losing their seats and jobs. Whilst we did manage to get over half the voting public to support Brexit, it was not easy.

    A raft of a few simple popular polices could do the job. A single main issue won’t, however strongly we feel about it.

    • “A raft of a few simple popular polices could do the job. A single main issue won’t, however strongly we feel about it.”

      UKIP fought the general election with a “raft of simple, popular policies” – cut foreign aid, billions more NHS funding, no HS2, no tax on the minimum wage etc etc. Policies that command huge public support and had Labour or the Tories run with them they would have won a landlside.

      Result? Nobody voted for them. The raft sank. There were no survivors.

      Why? Because we had lost ownership of the single issue that gave people a reason to vote UKIP over the other parties – Brexit.

      Having that unique single issue gave us a foot in the door. But Brexit is now a busted flush for UKIP. Obviously it will always be top of our agenda, but it is no longer a vote winner.

      So many people in UKIP fail to appreciate the position the party is now in. We are no longer a major party with 4million voters looking to kick on and broaden our appeal.

      We have regressed at least a decade. We have no MPs, we will soon have no MEPs, we have few Councillors and won’t be competing in, let alone winning, any elections any time soon.

      The fight we fought over the past 20 years to establish ourselves needs fighting again. We are pretty much back to square one. Our challenge in the year or two ahead is first to come up with a reason for our existence, to attract enough support to survive at all, and then to build on that support and try to get back to where we were 2 or 3 years ago.

      This will take years of hard slog. There is no easy option. No formula of policies that with a few tweaks will turn UKIP as it is currently constituted into a vote winner in our post-Brexit vote political environment. The party is on life support and needs major surgery if it is to survive to fight another day.

      We have to find something to replace Brexit as that foot in the door. We have to offer something that no other party will offer, that no other party will even talk about, that people feel passionate enough about for them to switch their support from the major parties, or to take an interest in politics.

      Twenty years ago the idea of leaving the EU gave us that foot in the door. Now, and over the next twenty years, that something is Islam. Or more accurately, defending British and Western civilisation against the numerous threats that Islam poses to our democracy, law and order, human rights and safety. Far from a single issue, it is the battering ram that’s needed to grab people’s attention and offers a cohesive framework for policies on everything from immigration to education.

      Without it, we could come up with the best possible policies, we could find a fully costed way to double NHS spending while wiping out the national debt, and nobody will vote for it because nobody is listening.

      • Couldn’t agree more, Gary. islam is the issue and the first target of the battering ram is sharia councils and their funding arrangements. Not everyone knows about this islamist power base and it’s our job to inform them. It’s the same process as shining a light on the iniquities of the EU.

  12. Thanks flyer; more need to be awakened to what is in store for them unless they fight against it. I used to think that many people were aware of the Nazi origins of the EU dream but was left wondering by the number of remainers and the volumes of protest at our leaving.

  13. Fair enough, if we’re responsible for all the ills that Empire led to, can we be given credit for the things we have done as a kingdom which have made the world a better place?

    Let’s see…

    Slavery, the UK was a great force in the fight to end that. Of course the job’s not finished yet, but those who protest against Rhodes don’t seem to care.

    Closing down the greatest empire the world has ever seen, giving countries back to their inhabitants with, considering the difficulties, surprisingly little friction. India was the closest we came to failure in that process, but the responsibility for the division after independence cannot be laid solely at the door of those who walked away. Countries without resources, infrastructure or any politics other than the rule of might were handed over in a much better condition.

    Standing with the Empire and Commonwealth against the Nazis when the rest of the world looked away until the threat became obvious and the world woke to the task.

    Standing shoulder to shoulder with the USA against the USSR’s expansionist dreams while the left-wing parties in Europe failed to pull their weight for decades. Together we carried out the task which was, to borrow a quote, to keep the Russians out, the Germans down and the Americans in. Even Russia and its downtrodden millions benefited from that victory.

    The Enlightenment.

    Played a large part in the establishment and ethos of the world’s greatest democracy.

    I leave other examples to the interested commentator..


  14. Nazis… Nazis… Refresh my memory? They were the chaps who wanted to “unify” Europe under one law, run by an unelected, authoritarian ruler…

    Remember when Boris, quite rightly, compared the EU project with Hitler, Napoleon and Charlemagne during the EU referendum campaign, and the torrent of outrage that followed?

    Yet when the EU or some Remainiac casually brands Brexit or Brexiteers as Nazis or a throwback to the 1930s not an eyebrow is raised. This requires utter historical illiteracy, but shows how convincingly the left dictate the terms and framework of our political debate.

    The EU is delivering Hitler’s vision without a shot being fired (yet); Europe under one law, one unelected government, dominated by Germany. All cheered on by so-called “anti” fascists who dress in black, tell others what to do and think, and get violent if you disagree.

    We need to stop tiptoeing around all of this, stop trying to please or appease a hostile media and establishment who push this rubbish, and fight fire with fire. We are reasonable, nice people, but we have to accept that the Left/Remainiacs are not. Attempting to reason with them or win an argument with facts is an utter waste of our time.

    We must say what needs saying without the self-censorship that comes from having one eye on the media reaction and we will cut through to the public. We must call a spade a spade, and we must call Remainiacs the bigoted, prejudiced, nasty, lying fascists that they demonstrably are.

    • Quite agree, Gary. It looks like Europe is heading for the fourth Reich under the German Chancellor. What Hitler failed to do the EU is accomplishing.

      • The Nazis never went away – they just re-grouped. One wonders why our Governments have so entheuiastically supported them – of course I firmly believe that Heath was blackmailed – how many others?

        • Spot on Dee. The Second World War never finished, we’ve just been in a nearly eighty year ceasefire. Hitler has gone but the Nazis just re-branded and adopted new tactics, but we’ll soon be back to the same old: war and genocide.
          As far as I’m concerned if people have to die I’d rather it wasn’t us.
          I was just about to write something about this but you beat me to it.

          Heath blackmailed, highly likely, that’s why pedophiles and perverts are so popular with The Powers That Be, they’re easily blackmailed and manipulated. Loads of these in Westminster.

          • And unfortunately, Flyer, they may have had a few willing Muslim helpers last time – this time Merkel, under orders, is bringing in as many millions as she can before the inevitable revolt begins. We may not think so, but this is far more serious, and may well be far more deadly than the Second World War. Not only is there a malleable fighting force with a usefully low IQ and hatred in their hearts, but our own Governments this time are not on our side.
            Add to that the rush to ‘dis-gender’ all males, which is being done enthusiastically by the Cultural arm of the Communist Marxists, plus the brainwashing I have described today on the other article, White Guilt (please read it, Flyer) and we are in a real mess.

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