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Separating truth from fiction

The race for number 10 Downing Street is now under way: this means a gradual ramp up of the volume exerted on the nation by the Media and the Establishment that they actually represent.

From now expect a barrage of confusing, sometimes spiteful, undeniably questionable interviews and news scoops from Media hacks, TV celebrities, and Politicians from the old parties particularly when it comes to discussing UKIP.

If you look back in history it is always the same, the moment something comes along that looks if it might undermine the direction they (The Establishment) want to take the country/society going they react in concert with the powerful, pervasive media machine.

Examples of this are increasing, like the terror threat level to red alert during the UKIP party conference, stuffing certain TV shows with guests and audiences that will extol the virtues of the current Establishment direction and denigrate any person who has the temerity to suggest that Britain should forge a path other than the steady trudge towards an EU super state.

You see, whether we know it or not, we have been the subject of a steady erosion of our ability to form our own opinions (independent of what our parents taught us) as to what is right or wrong, good or bad for us.

This again has been achieved through the media in the form of soap operas, news outlets, schools, universities and even the established church. They have in place people whose views mirror the big picture of how they believe we should think and act and where we should be heading (as a society); what is acceptable and what isn’t. Woe betide you if you step out of line because the law has also changed to stop you putting into words dissent to this political and social indoctrination.


In wartime it was discovered that it is a difficult and time consuming task to get a soldier to change allegiance without undergoing a complex set of psychological alterations and adjustments.  During the Korean War they found that to subvert a highly trained soldier’s manner of thinking you have to start by getting him to question his own belief systems and to look for any inconsistencies with reality as he perceives it.

Torture may get answers but it doesn’t win hearts and minds.  You can’t really change psychology through torture as that just reinforces the reasons why you might fight an enemy.

Instead, slowly over months and starting from the premise that something of their belief system is not perfect, a way into a persons deep psyche is forged. The process of thought modification is started that eventually culminates with a rejection of the original set principles and beliefs – a tipping point is reached where a conversion is made.

Can anyone think of a better medium to practise this dark art than television?  Whatever set of ideas or moral code you want to install you play them out in front of an audience in a myriad of different ways without inviting any form of critical analysis regarding the offering.  Thereafter, as in Korea, after a few months or years, behaviour is shaped within the audience and the job is done.  This becomes even more effective when it is reinforced by other media e.g. the press, community leaders, teachers, clergy and very importantly our peers who are also undergoing this process of thought correction or indoctrination, a sort of mutually self-reinforcing societal hypnosis.

Children are particularly vulnerable to this type of conditioning as they are usually anxious to fit in to society and to some extent taught that you shouldn’t question figures in authority particularly when it pertains social conformity.  Teenagers and young adults also become very passionate about what they’re taught and indoctrinated with as they begin reflect on the obvious inequalities of the world without necessarily exploring why they exist and continue to exist (regardless of what is done to remedy them) and instead fall into line behind Cultural Marxism and Cultural Relativity due to the perceived egalitarian nature of these ideologies.

I gave up watching MSM a long time ago when, like Neo in The Matrix film, I took the red pill and watched the illusion weaved by the MSM dissolve around me.  Now I know what is happening, there is little that can be done to make me conform at the deep uncritical level required to join something like Unite Against Fascism. So heavily indoctrinated, that even the irony of their own actions these metaphorically lobotomised individuals have in fact become Fascists.

Cognitive Dissonance

However, another psychological principle comes into play when a set of ideals, moral framework or code of conduct is so far removed from our basic understanding of what’s right and wrong that it causes distress trying to reconcile it to an opposing reality.  Put rather more simply the story doesn’t; fit the picture.  This is sometimes referred to as cognitive dissonance, which is:

the mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual who holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values at the same time, or is confronted by new information that conflicts with existing beliefs, ideas, or values.[1][2]

Leon Festinger‘s theory of cognitive dissonance focuses on how humans strive for internal consistency. When inconsistency (dissonance) is experienced, individuals tend to become psychologically uncomfortable and are motivated to attempt to reduce this dissonance…[1]

This is rather difficult for the MSM and Establishment to navigate as they have to try to get you lie to yourself in order that what is portrayed to you doesn’t come into conflict with your reality.

The last part of the synopsis on cognitive dissonance is where I have to question the theory as espoused by Festinger, as I believe that whilst it may be initially true that people avoid the painful truths, eventually humans cannot carry indefinitely holding a set of beliefs that is at odds with there physical environment or is contradictory to basic logic.

It’s this magical moment of cognitive awakening that sits behind the phenomenon of vast swathes of the population starting to reject the voice of the Establishment, the MSM and influential people etc, and explains in a large part the meteoric rise of UKIP.

Make no mistake, we still have a long way to go as many of the younger more impressionable minds are still hopelessly sold on the message that if they act in any other way than the one they are told about they will be socially ostracised and they are being selfish, hateful and disobedient.

With regard to these young people we need to remove the yoke of guilt that has been placed around their necks and let them know that as long as their feeling and newly emerging thought processes are not born out of hate or prejudice, then other notions, ideas and values are perfectly acceptable and should at the very least be explored.

So what’s the point of this piece? It boils down to 4 simple points:

(1) Be critical of the MSM when looking at or listening to TV, the press, radio etc.

(2) Be aware you are being indoctrinated and manipulated, depending on source (e.g. The Guardian = Pro-Marxist)

(3) Learn to think and evaluate for yourself: become a free thinker

(4) Vote UKIP.

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4 Comments on Separating truth from fiction

  1. Excellent article that succinctly describes how one may “wake up” to the truth politically. So many thanks for writing it. Being a Christian I appreciate the phrase from Jesus, “the truth will make you free”, and although from the Bible this phrase can be used with profit by anybody, regardless of their faith or none. Yes, if we see and recognise reality, and truth, the evidence around us, we will begin to be free. Believe the hard evidence of your own eyes before the ever more shameful spin of the MS media who merely, cravenly serve their masters, the exploitative establishment. The early days, the early struggles of the English press, was all about holding the corruption of the then establishment to account. But sadly, with a few notable and honourable exceptions, todays’ media lamentably fail to live up to the glorious ideals of their originators. Trust them not and you will prosper in your pursuit of truth….

  2. I experienced cognitive dissonance in the 80s when Ray Honeyford, a primary school headteacher in Bradford was relentlessly excoriated for expressing certain views about the education of children in his school. Eventually, he was forced to resign. His crime? Challenging the sacred concepts of multiculturalism that insisted children of Pakistani/Indian immigrants should be taught Urdu, Punjabi or whatever the language of their original country was, at school. Honeyford argued that if these children were to be integrated into British society, they should be formally educated in nothing but English in an English school. If they spoke the language of their parents or grandparents at home, that was entirely their family’s business, but this should not be extended to state school teaching because of some questionable political ideology. The problem here was that the libleft kneejerk idealogues did not regard multiculturalism as ‘questionable’, but treated it as holy writ. I knew Honeyford was right, but in the college I worked in at the time everyone around me emoted shock and dismay at Honeyford’s apostasy. I did not debate the matter; I simply held on to my own analysis of the situation and smiled years later when one politician after another began to question, undermine or attack multiculturalism as leading to the lack of integration and social cohesion in our country. Poor old Ray Honeyford.

  3. Very interesting, cogent and necessary.
    In my opinion we have an instance of “mind over matter” conduct in the very interesting outcome of this last EU heads conference.

    Call me Dave has problem – UKIP – Reckless by election.
    What to do about it?
    Conjure up an event to demonstrate his absolute scepticism.
    What better than a ginormous bill – from the aparachicks of the EU presented a few days before his appearance – opportunity to demonstrate his intense personal anger, particularly in the name of the British electorate who he is charged with stewardship to look after their affairs and British interests.
    Just as their are crocodile tears
    also there is feigned “crocodile” anger.
    What a wonderful show we have had – I`ll bet UKIP didn`t buy it
    but…………….will the rest of the sheeple?

    • Anthony Alexander Richards // October 25, 2014 at 4:24 pm //

      there are many now not so stupid has them,George and Dave are two peas in a pod,so in my own honest opinion and others my be like me he did not tell Dave for two days,reminds me of the 2 Ronnies,rehearsing there scripts,Did Dave in rage make a Cleopatra entrance, like TWO humped camels in a rage to up stage the two Ronnies to steal the show are we amazed NOT ONE BIT DOES NOT FOOL ME AND OTHERS,AND SHOULD TAKE NOTE IE STAGED FOR MAX ATTENTSION SEEKERS.CO.LTD LOL

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